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  1. Never really talked about it but what other place to do it then on this thread. I had just got my license, so it was a month before my 17th birthday. It aaa Halloween and it was a Friday night. My friends all went to a party and I didn’t want to go just yet. I had been talking to a blank Grindr profile that only really sent me dick and body pics. Fair sized dick and a really nice body. I didn’t really care. I just wanted to be fucked. He ended up being in town at a hotel and I drove over. He told me what room he was in so I went directly there. The door was cracked and he told me to climb on the bed. I climbed right on top of him and we started making out in the pitch black. We was already naked and I could feel that his body probably resembled the pics and his cock too. After a bit of kissing he flipped me around and spit on his cock. He threw my legs over his shoulders and started fucking me. He didn’t last very long and told me that he “forgot to pull out.” I’ve always blamed him and this encounter for my cumdump tendencies.
  2. I used to refuse having sex with married men cause I hate cheaters. Recently though I’ve developed a rather shitty mindset of “I’m single, I don’t owe anyone any loyalty. “ I totally agree with the statement. I’ve had some of the roughest dirtiest sex with married men. None of them ever asked about or used condoms. I especially love seeing wedding rings through the gloryhole before I take anon loads in my ass.
  3. I recently finished my first degree. (Associates in nursing, still in school for a bachelors in psych. ) i also FINALLY moved out of my parents house into my own place. I was able to land a pretty sweet new job at the hospital here too. On with the story, I moved into an apartment complex targeted for young/single professionals. There’s no age limit, but they’re all luxury studios so they’re targeted for single people and about 95% of us are in the 20-26 age range. The apartment complex is in the middle of a suburban type neighborhood. White picket fences, minivans, all that. Both my parents still work, so they weren’t able to help me much with my move. Luckily, this older (probably late 30s early 40s) neighbor introduced himself and helped out. I was going to wait until a friend was off work to move the heavy stuff but I didn’t have to. “We got this.” said my new neighbor. We ended up getting everything inside my apartment. We were both pretty sweaty and it was extremely hot from all the moving. I didn’t have much groceries but I did have a few bottled teas and some leftover chicken that I offered. He took me up on both. I get to chatting with this sexy new neighbor of mine, finally getting the chance to see just how sexy this dude is. He’s got a nice set of pecs and a bit of a hairy dad bod that I can barely see through his sweat soaked shirt, he’s about 6ft, not too much taller than me but still noticeabley taller, his hair has little specks of grey in it, but otherwise black. He’s wearing some grey running shorts and some running shoes. We get to talking and he tells me that he’s married to a “crazy fucking chick” as he says and then gives me a pat of approval on my chest and says “bet a stud like you has tons of crazy chicks.” To which I respond “nah man, I like dick. “ with a chuckle. He smiled at me and says “hey even better.” Followed by a quick “hey I gotta go, but we should hang again.” I agree and thank him for the help. Still the same day, I’m putting stuff where it belongs and here a knock on the door. It’s my upstairs neighbor. He’s a geeky type, chubby, glasses, somewhat awkward and even has a Star Wars shirt on. He had brought a plant to put in my house as a gift. I offer him the standard chicken and tea and he also accepts. We chat a little bit and me being the whore I am, and never (knowingly ) getting fucked by a “nerd” start craving this dudes cock. I don’t wanna be known as a creepy neighbor, but I want his load. My cock grows hard st the kitchen island and he notices. He starts rubbing my cock and I do the same. I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth. He’s pretty fucking thick which makes me want him inside my hole even more. I always keep lube in my car for when I go cruising. But I hadn’t bought any “house lube” I keep suckin his cock and make sure it’s nice and wet. I slowly stand and turn. I start backing my unslicked hole into him. “Condom?” He says. “Don’t have one.” I replied. He didn’t care. I feel the sting of his head popping through my hole. Then part of his shaft, and finally the base of his cock. He keeps himself balls deep for awhile. He had already came. “Sorry I’ve never fucked raw before, I’m still rock hard too.” “That’s okay, I got your load.” I said. I start grinding on his cock and he grabs hold of my hips. He starts fucking into me, slowly. He picks up his pace. “Fuck I’m gonna cum again” and that he did. I clean his cock off and he’s on his way. I kept his loads in me. I always do but but felt especially obligated in this case. It’s the next day and I can feel him leaking out of my hole. I clench to keep his load in and hear a knock on the door. It’s my friend from before. The daddy. He’s all sweaty from a morning run, I invite him in and his slight BO has my hole twitching and oozing stranger cum. We are having a friendly chat but I noticed he’s wearing the same shorts from the day before, only this time he’s freeballing. I can see his bulge and this drives me to the edge. He inches closer to me and grabs my hand, he puts it in his shorts. I can feel how sweaty his bush is and his dick is leaking Precum. He tells me how him and his uncle are faggot fuckers. They always have been but they’re both married now and haven’t lived up to their title lately. That’s enough for me to drop and start sucking. He holds my face in his pubes while his cock is jammed in my throat. He face fucks me for awhile. I can’t take it anymore. I beg him to fuck me. He thinks this is a great idea. I’m on my kitchen floor in all fours. He plunges his cock into my hole and absolutely wrecks my hole. He grunts loud and says “take my fucking load bitch.” And I do. I feel him pull out his softening cock and hear him snap a picture. He asks if i thinks I can handle another load. I obviously say yes and he leaves. I’m confused for a bit until about 20 minutes later he’s back with another guy. Turns out, his uncle is the ER night doctor who’s also my boss. (Always thought he was at least curious, he’s always winking at me.) he doesn’t say a word, he has a second go at my hole while I prep Dr daddy’s cock with my mouth. Nephew loads my hole again, and I turn around so doctor can have a turn and I can clean his nephew. Dr gives me a huge load and they both leave. I was on call tonight and ended up going in. Doctor daddy always works weekends, after a team huddle he calmly asked for my help with something. We went to 3rd floor admissions (which is closed at night) and he bent me over in the supply closet. Spit on my his cock, and shoved into my hole. He came buckets in under 2 minutes. Told me he’s gonna stop whenever he wants to get drained, and he’s gonna fill me when he pleases. Yes please sir.
  4. Fuck. You sound like my kind of top.
  5. Hot story man! I miss when I worked construction. Would work out of town for weeks sometimes. Guys from other companies as well as guys from my crew craved to cum and didn’t care how. I’ve been loaded up with construction cum so many times. Only reason I would go back!!
  6. Hot story man! I work in the mental health field now but I still do some PRN at my hospital. (I’m an LPN) and I always play with one of the ER doctors. His wife has no idea, and she’s a doctor there as well!
  7. Older doesn’t mean ugly, I guess by “ugly” what I mean, is stereotypically someone who wouldn’t be deemed “attractive” by social “standards.”
  8. I’m also strictly bottom, but I do love a nice ass. When a guy walks past I’ll always look.
  9. Me too man!
  10. I’ve never really thought of it like that but can see that as a possibility. I don’t try to hook up with anyone who I think is more atttractive than me, I usually go for guys “in my league. “
  11. Was just curious if there’s any other bottoms out there (like myself) that find themselves more “attracted” to older, “ugly” men. I find myself way more turned on if I’m taking the load of some older, odd looking, raunchy man. It makes me pig hole twitch with joy and I cum in buckets.
  12. Been awhile since my last post, work and school have had me stressed and booked but I finally got some free time this weekend. Drive up to the gloryhole booths in just some running shorts, a tank, and an all white jock. Got on my knees and waited for cocks to poke through. I sucked a few loads out of a few cocks and then my (w)horemones kicked in. I wanted loads in my ass. I stayed on my knees and sucked the next cock that came through. Pulled out the lube I brought (although I was prelubed.) and started massaging it on his cock, I continued to suck for another 2 minutes, and then I stood up, turned around and backed on to his dick. He pulled away, and offered a quick “married bro, only head. “ I went back to work on his cock. Knowing that I wanted him in my ass even more than before. He’s moaning pretty loud so I decided to try again. Back on my feet, I turn around, bend over, and slide his head in my hole. “I can’t man.” He says. I would’ve slid his head out of me but I could feel him slowly inching himself further down my hole. I push back. “She’s gonna smell sex on me. “ he says while still going deeper in my hole. I offer to clean him up afterwards, to which he says “that won’t work.” All still while fucking going deeper inside me hole. He starts thrusting in me, very very slowly. Moaning and groaning louder with each thrust. He’s still hesitating. But We both know I’m satisfying a need his wife isn’t. “You’ll clean my dick off after?” He asks. I reassure him. He starts fucking into me harder, I can tell he’s getting close. He tells me he’s about to pull out, being the little slut I am I beg him not to. He floods me with his cum. And then pulls out. His dick is still in the gloryhole. So I drop to my knees and clean him off like I said. He goes on his way when his dick is clean. We were the only two left in the book store. So I gave him a few minutes to get to his car and then I left. I texted a fuck buddy of mine and told him that I had a sloppy pussy. Those are his favorite. I get to his house and his roommate is there. He has me sneak around back, we finally make it to his room and he’s already in my hole. He’s fucking me hard and fast. It’s funny how guys kind of stop caring who hears once they get over it. He slams into my hole hard as his balls empty his seed inside me. His roommate heard it all, and comes to his room. Dick in hand, and replaces him. His roommate didn’t last long. But nonetheless I got another load. I decide to drive back home, and another fuck buddy from a different town invites me over. I warn him that I’m full of cum but down to take his load as well and he doesn’t care. I drive the extra hour to his house and I’m greeted with a long hug and deep kiss. Before I know it, his dick is in my hand and our clothes are off. He hikes my legs over my shoulders, and starts in on my hole. He fucks me hard and deep for about an hour. I came all over my stomach. He took my cum puddle and transferred it onto his dick and plundged back in. My hole is making that wet squishy sound that all good pussies make, and a puddle of stranger loads is soaking his sheets. He tells me that I’m a whore, and then he moans loud and hard. “Fuck. I just came in you. “ “thank you. “ I said. And then I was dressed and out of his hair.
  13. I’ve had another anon experience and I thought I would share. I had to go to Denver for a work training and I was put up in a hotel because I live 4 hours away. I had gone to dinner and a movie with my friend and her boyfriend but I was free for the night after that. I decided to hit up a few fuck buds I’ve acquired over the year. (My best friend and I are super close, I visit pretty much bimonthly. ) unfortunately they were all busy, or couldn’t stop by until the next day. I decided that since I enjoyed my anon adventure the first time I would do it again. I showered, pulled on a hoodie, got into my mesh jock, and hit up some blank profiles on Grindr. I had a few responses right away. First of the night was a father who was visiting from California. He was staying at the same hotel a couple rooms down. Told his wife and kids he had to meet up with an old friend. I placed some lube next to me but no condoms. I wanted loads. He sticks a finger in my eager hole and it greedily engulfs it. I hear him grab the bottle of lube and I feel the all too familiar coldness of silicone lube coating your pucker. I reach back and glide his cock inside me, I couldn’t even wait for him to lube himself up. He was fair sized but it took my walls awhile to get used to it. “Where do you want me to finish?” He asked. “Breed me please.” I begged. He happily obliged. He let out a roar when he filled me, and was quickly on his way. I got another message and he notfied me that he was downstairs. I told him to come up and he did. I hear the door push open and I’m told to pull my hoodie over my face and get on my back legs up. I did. I feel him tease my hole a bit, he drove me insane with teasing, so much so that as soon as his head was in, I came. He wiped my cum from my sweater and used it as lube to fuck me with, I was rock hard again. He didn’t last long, which was okay because I had tops all night. He gave me 6 ropes of cum. I took 7 more loads in my ass after this. My 10th load of the night was very interesting. I wanna start this by saying I’m not actually or actively “chasing.” However I am aware that this is a very risky sex practice. My next top came in, and I was propped on all 4s. He teased and traced my hole and asked me if I was ready for some more cock. I always am. He starts fucking me long and slow. I’m in ecstasy. His cock is perfect. I feel him picking up his pace, and he tells me he’s about to shoot. He slams hard into me and let’s me know that he just filled me with poz cum. Again, I’m not chasing, but this drove me kind of wild. I ended up cumming hands free again, and my heart was racing. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time as I don’t really ask anyone’s status, but this was the first time I was aware of it. I have been tested since, this was about 3 months ago, and I’m neg. (and plan on staying that way) but there was something about it that made my heart race and my cock throb
  14. Another update on me taking loads. I was super horny after sucking off an older gent in a busy parking lot this morning. I’m so much of a cumdump that I can’t even get hard unless a dick is in my home now. Nothing to exciting. I just got in his car and sucked him off. Load number 1 down my throat. I was horned up so I hit up a fuck bud who is an hour away and asked if he wanted my hole, he said yeah so I took the drive over to his apartment. I got on my knees and got him all nice and wet. I lubed the both of us up and he fucked me long and deep for an hour before giving me his load. I head out the door and onto my college campus. There was a frat guy who I’ve hooked up with in the past. I couldn’t fit him inside my hole last time we tried (which was before I was an absolute whore) but I was determined this time. He had me come into the frat house, and we chilled with his brothers for awhile before we went to “smoke weed” I don’t smoke but that was his excuse. We went into his room and locked the door behind us. “Don’t moan cause everyone is still here. “ that’s all he said before spitting on his cock and sliding into me. I let out a gasp so he covered my mouth. He only got a few pumps in before telling me he’s gonna cum. He blew his load deep into me and then fucked it in deeper. I had wanted to take a different fuck buddys load before heading out. But he wasn’t available. I’m not satisfied with just being bred twice so I head to the local ABS. I put my money in the machine and waited for cock. I came at the right time because guys were just starting to get off work. I quickly had two cocks slide in from both sides of my booth. I started sucking on the biggest one so I can prepare his cock for my ass. Once he was all nice and wet I stood up and slowly slid onto his cock. He pulled away from my hole at first. I sucked him some more and then tried again. This time he stayed put. I plop his shaft into my slick hole and fuck myself using his babymaker. It’s not long before I hear him quietly grunt and his thick cock spasm. He pulls out and zips up. Leaves in a hurry. I turn and back up on the other cock that’s stikl patiently waiting. This fuckerr doesn’t hesitate. He’s there to get some hole and I’m there to take his load. He pumps into me for about 5 minutes before loudly announcing that “he’s breeding my slutty hole.” He pulls out and I clean him off. I’m waiting for more cocks to poke through when I see a married hand. I notice the ring. I peek through and all I can see is a wrong, a name tag, slacks and a hard cock. I suck him for a bit. Hesitant to back onto his dick thinking he’ll pull away. But when I finally do, he pushes himself deep. He gives me a good fuck. And his married cock spasms as he fills me with his seed. He throws on his jacket and is out of there. I’m getting ready to pull my pants up when another cock comes through. Probably 8 inches and thick. I wrap my mouth around but he pulls away. “I don’t want head. I wanna cum in some hole. “ he says. I recognized the voice. I love anon loads but the curiosity got the better of me, a sit down so I can see more upwards, and I reliaze that I used to work with this dude. He is one of those “straight” dudes who talks about how much pussy he gets 24/7. I was always turned off by it but now that he wants some hole, who am I to deprive him of it? I slide on to his cock and he’s pretty verbal. Telling me that i feel better than pussy (confirming that it was in fact who I thought it was. ) and how he’s gonna get my boy pussy pregnant. He grunts. Cums inside my hole. Says “fuck thanks bud.” And leaves. I walk all out of the abs. Happy and full of cum. I leak onto my seat my entire drive home.
  15. I’m pretty decently hung myself. I’ve only ever topped once because quite frankly it doesn’t do anything for me and I can’t really stay hard. When I’m taking dick though I’m hard as rock. Guys always want me to fuck them or suck me off but I only cum while getting fucked. I’m not interested in other bottoms. At all.

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