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  1. I chased my HIV load and never taken meds since I got infected. It’s on my Grindr that “I’m HIV Poz Detectable, no meds for me since I got pozzed” Proud owner of detectable HIV here. My choice to be toxic and proudly staying off meds coz I chased my HIV, don’t wanna take meds to suppress it and I breed guys too. So I’m happy living with HIV and don’t care if my VL goes high, it’s what I want.
  2. Prep never interested me. I’m a cumdump bottom who only takes raw loads. My goal was to get HIV and proud to say I’m HIV Poz with no regrets at all! I could have done prep but I was happy getting pozzed up and rather not spend money on prep, just let HIV infect me. When I got told I was poz i told the doctor I wasn’t surprised coz I hated condoms, fucked raw only, and let a couple of guys with detectable loads fuck me at a chill out. I let them coz I refuse to have safe sex with condoms they feel shit inside me, and I wanted them to fuck me coz hot as fuck so just went for it and cool about getting HIV from them, was expecting it To this day, I regret nothing! I told the guys to pound their toxic HIV cum deep into my hole, I fully enjoyed taking their loads over and over again, we all fully enjoyed fucking knowing I was getting pozzed up from their HIV loads. I don’t have any shame in taking detectable poz loads, I’m proud I repeatedly took HIV POZ loads so I could also become poz. It felt amazing, we met up regularly after that to continue loading me up with HIV and as a proud barebacking bottom I loved knowing that I was being knocked up by hot poz guys and as a bottom cumdump I was finally getting what I set out to get when I decided to fuck raw, poz status Today, I’m not taken meds, much rather enjoy the feeling of dirty cum shooting from my cock. It’s made me proper sleazy and yeh I proudly help gays who wanna poz up. I never force my loads onto anyone who doesn’t want it. I’m happy to help any gay guy who wants to poz up and enjoy sleazy, dirty, filthy poz on poz sex. Proudly happy living with detectable HIV in my cock, not ashamed to tell people I’m poz, if I took prep I wouldn’t have become poz and you might hate my behaviour but I’m an out and proud gay man, living with detectable HIV and think I’ve fully enjoyed life as a bottom, I’ve been healthy, enjoy taking risks, and I feel great.
  3. Great choice mate! Stay off meds for good! I’m planning I’m giving my HIV full rule over my faggot bod! If I get AIDS then I’ll be proud I enjoyed sex to the max with HIV and AIDS doing its thing along the way. 

    I’ve been freed with my HIV infection to fuck around with toxic poz cum, it’s horny as fuck being sleazy, filthy and proper dirty without limits! Since I pozzed up Im fucking proudly open with anyone that I’m HIV Poz detectable. If anyone asks about not being on meds I tell them I never cared about catching HIV, why should I care now, I don’t wanna take tablets every day, and I’ve only fucked raw so was expecting HIV, so I’m being honest and staying poz detectable for a good while yet, I fuck fellow poz guys only and they don’t care coz they either take meds or like me don’t take them. Poz on poz detectable gays can’t spread HIV coz we already joined the club. And I’m really proud I joined the club, sex is fucking amazing and proud I got pozzed for the sleazy fucks with other poz guys, totally worth getting it and happy to admit i don’t regret any fuck ever! It’s only HIV, I’m not scared of it one fucking bit! 

    1. Pozfaggot80


      Totally agree with you about being proud positive faggot stating off meds 😈☣️😈☣️

    2. Lndpozboi


      It's fucking great breeding more negs with my poz cock, wish I got HIV at 18 years old


    3. edward21uk
  4. Everyone starts barebacking coz it’s horny as fuck! I’m proud owner of a detectable HIV load. And I started barebacking to get my sluts Medal of Honor, HIV. I wanted to be sleazy, dirty, filthy, hot and cool as fuck! So HIV was calling me to get infected. So I barebacked for my HIV poz life, very out and proud with my status, and strongly advise all gay men to do the same. It’s hot as fuck taking raw poz loads! Barebacking gave me sleazy freedom to enjoy real sex with the normal STDs included. I’m currently infected with chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hep C and HIV, happy to carry them and give them to others coz I bareback only. Its apparently a risk having HIV and other STDs but proudly never started HIV meds coz it’s a big turn on for me. Condoms, prep and pep destroys my mission of having raw sex! Safe sex is fake sex! Bareback only and never use condoms. Tell guys to fuck off if they want safe. It’s not worth fucking safe when I could be feeling a guys raw toxic cum. Basically barebacking is awesome. I’m infected with HIV coz I barebacked, and found it horny as fucking as a toxic Poz gay man. That’s why I started, to get pozzed up and proudly encourage anyone to do the same. HIV is not scary one bit, you get freedom to enjoy anything sex wise, and barebacking was the start of my HIV life.
  5. None, you've just basically cleaned and then cut your ass. They need to be detectable to be able to pass on the virus. Undetectable means that they are on meds which surpasses the virus, meaning it cannot be detectable in a HIV+ persons blood or seman. If you want HIV, you need someone who's not on medication, depending on how long they have been off their meds, will depend how affective they will be at giving you the virus. For example, if someone who's been taking their meds for a while, stops taking them for a day or two, the likely hood of transmission is low. But for someone who's been off meds for a couple of years, their viral load will be high enough to infect a persons body. If you want someone to infect you with HIV, look out for things like Breeder or breeding, the biohazard symbol on here/apps/as a tattoo, or places like a sex club/saunas etc. In terms of the toothbrush, I don't think it's worth it really coz you can proper damage your anal passage, partially if you high and not paying proper attention. See link below, up to you I guess.
  6. yeh my answer still stands, my life has improved from HIV, STDs life stays the same. In terms of prep, I was shown to fuck bareback, from 16 I knew HIV would happen, the idea of a condom inside of me instead of the skin and cum I felt already, I stuck to barebacking, knowing HIV was on the cards. Prep, I heard about but didn't look into it. I know people think its a fucked up choice, but like I said before, at a young age HIV on the TV was talked about with gay men. So when the guy told me bareback is better but I could get HIV, obvs went for bareback. As the years went on, started on the chemsex scene and prep came out. Chems obvs way better than prep, had massive blow outs this summer, started fetishising HIV and being poz. Then I tried injecting meth, and that was the best chem I tried while on the scene, instantly bent over and told the room to pound some HIV in my cunt. Did the same every weekend for a month, then got the fuck flu where HIV coverts your body with its virus, then BOOM, was diagnosed poz. 4 months on and today I have no regrets. The first injection of meth pushed me into a sleazy, dirty headspace where I can chase HIV down. Still injecting meth with big sex sessions, Never done the healthy options in life, barebacking and HIV clearly won for me. Had my HIV 4 months now, full list below, but basically I enjoy sex more as a poz gay man, than a neg.
  7. Congrats on barebacking! Ive never used condoms, but my advice, bareback every time and you'll be pozzed up before you know it! And if you get a bad flu 2 weeks post barebacking, that's probs HIV converting your body, just rest if you can, or do what I did and get your breeder dumping more toxic loads in your hole! for 3 weeks I was in bed, getting fucked 5 times a day. it was fucking awful on my body, but at the same time horny as fuck!
  8. Yes, and once the bttm has pozzed up, keep taking as much raw poz loads as he can get! Fully vers, but once I got pozzed I craved for more dirty toxic HIV cum deep in my hole. Love begging for more toxic poz cum, if I bottomed only I'd hunt out toxic loads to push my HIV viral load high and my CD4 down.
  9. Always wanted HIV coz growing up I knew it was something gay men had. Today, got the lot! HIV and most STDs, and hopefully picked up Hep C this weekend too! The worse for me is not having anything! But if I had to pick one the worse is STDs! HIV is fucking me up for good, my Grindr and Scruff tribes are poz, plus its the big one (I wanted), STDs are fixed and gone! STDs are the worse, HIV is the best! Had HIV since August this year, and it's been great! sex with my fellow poz pigs is fucking sleazy as fuck! the poz status means you can bareback worry free (I proudly fucked raw since my first fuck), being poz has given me freedom to enjoy sex without fear of the big HIV, used to fear it so much but now I'm poz it's given me freedom! And the best thing since getting HIV is my sex drive, I'm going to saunas every day, HnH chill outs on weekends, sex in public places, I basically think about sex every fucking minute of the day now. I've changed into a proud sleazy poz pig with no regrets
  10. Spot on! My first time the guy told me to forget condoms, fuck raw, so never used one! For me it's bareback or nothing! I always knew HIV was a risk, and today I'm proudly HIV POZ with no regrets! I knew I was getting poz loads and wanted to join the HIV POZ club anyway, so I bent over and took his HIV cum, we both wanted it to happen and it worked for me. Barebacking is just a no brainer, do it and enjoy, forget about the risks, you could get Poz cum or not. Just enjoy and I'd hope for HIV one day.
  11. Of course! I was total bttm before getting HIV, took Poz loads raw and fucking loved it! If your a bttm you should be taking all loads raw to increase the chance of getting HIV! You might get it at 22 or 62, but bottoms should prepare to join the Poz club at anytime. Safe sex with rubbers isn't real sex, its pointless, give me skin on skin and cum in holes any day! if your a true bttm, accept all Poz loads, raw, and deep inside ya! Then you'll one day get HIV!
  12. Using Tina is why I'm Poz! I generally use Tina every month, and not on meds. Still happy to use it and not do meds. If Tina helps my HIV advance, then I'll do it more! I don't see myself doing meds at all! Breeding is what I love doing, and fucking need HIV to do it's thing. I don't care when I get AIDS, I'll still try and escort and breed more Poz gays with AIDS cum! Happy to die with AIDS if I have too!
  13. Thanks for this man! I also never did safe sex, tried it, didn’t enjoy it. I’m a vers bttm, and really love raw skin and cum deep inside of me. I’ve been at parties where guys fuck me who were poz undetectable, found it really horny, even though they couldn’t pass it onto me. 4 months ago I did my first meth slam. It gave me a new outlook on chasing, just be a BBttm slut and refuse no loads. Yesterday I was told I’m HIV+ and today I’ve been playing with my poz mate, was sleazy as hell having him beg me for my toxic poz load and dumping deep inside his hole. Plus begging my mate for his load was and end up feeling amazing! Totally get why poz guys say poz on poz play is the best! We have invited more poz guys over now and cracking on with the meth pipe. So far on poz day 2, from the options in the poll above? If the sex is always this sleazy and cums with these chefs then I’ll LOVE Being POZ!!!
  14. I’m new to the poz club, yesterday they said my viral load was just over a million, but my CD4 was good. Reading this thread I don’t wanna take the first dose of meds now. They said my viral load will drop because I tested straight after having the fuck flu. Right now I’d rather take more poz loads up my hole than taking tablets.
  15. I live in London, don’t know the stats, but I was neg and went chasing for just under 4 months, never refused a load, went to saunas, chill outs, hook ups, Hampstead Heath, even one at work turned into a proper BBttm slut. Yesterday I was diagnosed HIV+ with a viral load over a million. I’d say if you wanted HIV just what I did and take all loads raw and enjoy it

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