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  1. I'm a proud nigger coon slave who really love's White Supremacy ruling the world and I live to support it. To all White Master & Mistress I am loyally at your service. I'm very submissive to White's Dominating me as I feel good under their control here are some suggestions for how I can serve White People who want a slave • your personal Supreme White Dick sucking nigger slave. Just let me know when you want my nigger lip's on your Superior White Dick and I'll be there. Ready to suck every White in sight. I can suck for hours so don't worry about me getting tired. • A nigger slave to serve food and drinks at a kinky party. •. Use me in a porn as a black bitch getting used by a White Dick or Dick's. I'll let my White Ruler's use me in born for free. I'm at your nigger slave bitch a Happy to be. • a nigger slave to help out at a kinky party serve drinks, clean up, do dishes, worshipping White Dick's. Again I work for free. I'm your nigger slave bitch at your service. •. A submissive nigger slave bitch to use as house maid and personal Supreme White Dick taking sex slave. •. Need a coon nigger slave bitch to gangbang by White Dick's •. A coon nigger slave bitch to keep as a house slave. Train me serve 24/7 as a maid and a 24/7 White Dick serving horny black anal slut. Submitted to being totally powerless and having every aspect of my life under the complete control of my Supreme White Master. These are just a few ways I'm here to serve the Superior White Leaders of humanity. Remember I work for free so you never have to worry about paying me anything. I'm your coon nigger slave who just wants to be in service to the Master Race to show my appreciation for the leaders and greatness of the Supreme White Race.
  2. RaceplayCoon

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Best thing ever.
  3. RaceplayCoon

    Do you ever get bored suckling dick?

    I seem to never get tired if I'm sucking a White Dick because I get so horny doing it. I've loyal suck White Dick Only for the last year but when I was sucking other cock's I got bored a few minutes into it. Give me a Almighty White Dick and I'll lose track of reality sucking aimlessly for hours showing that Superior White Dick the appreciation it deserves from a coon nigger bitch
  4. Had to be close to 8 hours and I was sober doing it. Something about sucking a White Dick turns me on so much it seems like my mouth never gets tired.
  5. RaceplayCoon

    nigger slave 4 White Master raceplay

    Fuck me in my inferior black ass with your Supreme White Dick
  6. I'm a into raceplay. Basically I'm an inferior nigger coon bitch and I love being dominated by White Supremacy. I love being a Supreme White Man's submissive black slave bitch. I'm here in Los Angeles serving Supreme White Man only. I'm looking to submit my nigger lip's and inferior black ass to a racist White Master who is looking for a nigger slave bitch to serve his White Dick for as long as he wants. I can suck White Dick literally for hours. I love being stripped butt naked and kneeling on the floor in front of a Supreme White Man to suck his Holy White Dick.

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