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    Bottom. Hoping to collect some loads
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    Very new to this. I enjoy thick cum. . 5-4 fit.. virgin ass
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    to receive loads orally or anal with condom

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  1. sometimes i go to video x tra to look in the trash cans but don't find much... not many at avn either but I haven't tried the bath house across the street yet? I plan on going to adult video and news this weekend to put my ass up at the glory hole and hope a few fill some condoms up my ass! never tried that yet. Any other ideas out there??
  2. Funtaker


    Can't wait to see what it feels like to get a few loads on my face!
  3. Funtaker

    Used condom/cum givers

    Love finding used condoms filled with a healthy load!
  4. Funtaker

    Used condom/cum givers

    I would love to receive some filled condoms from a few doners! Please message me..

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