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    Sydney Australia
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    BB bttm recently turned on by the idea of toxic cock/cum in my cunt
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    None, want to be filmed when I get blasted and pozzed
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    poz cum, toxic cum

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  1. Really keen to find pierced cock to roughup my hole, any in sydney?
  2. dump your toxic seeds in me

  3. Will be here all night taking loads stop by
  4. Love your hot cock, wish you were closer I will take your toxic too!

    1. Saturn1


      Awww, thank you! If I were closer, well, in Australia; I would totally fuck you! Happy New Year, btw!!! :) 

    2. sydnegbttm4poz


      Happy New Year to you too!

      where are you based?

    3. Saturn1


      Thank you! I am in Canada! :) 

  5. Waterloo neg bttm here kik/wickr: drippingass
  6. hey mate, in sydney chasing

    wickr me - drippingass

    1. Seed_lover


      keen to meet you asap..am near syd airport southside

    2. sydnegbttm4poz


      not far, u travel or host

  7. hey mate, is your ex still in sydney neg asian cum dump here

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