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  1. sfoutdoors

    Farming for condoms

    Been playing with used rubbers since shortly after my first fuck. One of the couple who I was with back then got off on it big time. Had dudes from all over his network dropping them off to them, fresh or some were days old. I either drank them or more often the contents would be pooled and then inserted up me before we’d fuck. Lol, pigs. Never looked back lol
  2. sfoutdoors

    Hotel or apartment

    Hotel for sure. My first gang bang was in a motel. Have always loved being anon bred in them since. Have had session go a full weekend.
  3. For sure - get tested, if you want to be sure don't load bare between the test and him arriving, then seed him 5x a day when he's with you!
  4. sfoutdoors

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    I would like to. Aussie guy here, based in SF now, very keen to plug in with men like all you.
  5. sfoutdoors

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I took 6 loads last night. Regular bud organises new guys each time. The regular bud has been at me since he dicked me at a big group a few years back. All anon guys, came to my place. All on Zoom, went for 5 hours. I'm literally leaking seed, but have plugged my hole so it really gets up me. Totally obsessed with being seeded, always have been.

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