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    Btm for dudes, bi and into pussy. Grp, outdoors, kink, ruff. Older/yngr, creampie, nudist, nasty
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    If a guy, to be used like a fag, if a pussy, to breed hard, deep anal

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  1. Live in SF, don’t know best hotels in NYC for anon group loading. Advice please guys. Thanks
  2. sfoutdoors

    Palm Springs - best resort?

    Going to be PS for Pride -will hit CCBC but also wondering if anyone’s interested in hosting something at a house. I’d love to ganged in someone’s back yard, as many men as host ok with, ruffer is good, kink, all daddy loads accepted stuff.
  3. sfoutdoors

    Palm Springs - best resort?

    Good advice thanks, I take hotel anon loads a lot in SF but havenrt in Palm Springs, only ccbc and private homes
  4. sfoutdoors

    Fuck a guy who passed out?

    Same, I tell them to use times like that to take the session to the next level, like start fisting or much ruffer dp
  5. sfoutdoors

    Do You Get Into Nudism?

    Nude for a lo,g time, always at home, as much as i can outside. Been to nude resorts in Europe and Us and Latin America, now looking for nudist groups - want to spend time with other nude gay men or bis.
  6. sfoutdoors

    breeding sydney group

    From Sydney, visits often, very keen to be involved please
  7. Good boy, Thanks for the follow 

    1. AZRawPig


      LET'S SHARE THAT TOGETHER.  The nastiest fuck gets RAPED by everyone watching Us.


  8. Thanks for the follow 

  9. sfoutdoors

    Sub Twink bttm boy

    SF area here
  10. sfoutdoors

    Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    Do you know if he’s poz?
  11. From moment I was started I was put on my hands and knees doggy and plowed. Took all other positions of course but I’d always be arse up to be loaded. I don’t too guys, but use pussy/arse a lot, expect same, like a dog in front me, cunt/shitter up, ready.
  12. sfoutdoors


    Trying to find any Bay Area make nudists or nudist groups. Any ages, very open. Outdoors, in homes, farms, whatever just need to be naked with other men. It’s a big part of who I’ve alwsy been, haven’t found much Bay Area. Or any info on groups elsewhere in Cali or US, can travel.
  13. sfoutdoors

    Establishing a Breeding Group

    Love to join. Was in a good breeding group back in Australia. It’s a good good thing 🙂
  14. sfoutdoors

    Farming for condoms

    Been playing with used rubbers since shortly after my first fuck. One of the couple who I was with back then got off on it big time. Had dudes from all over his network dropping them off to them, fresh or some were days old. I either drank them or more often the contents would be pooled and then inserted up me before we’d fuck. Lol, pigs. Never looked back lol
  15. sfoutdoors

    Hotel or apartment

    Hotel for sure. My first gang bang was in a motel. Have always loved being anon bred in them since. Have had session go a full weekend.

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