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    Gay guy that loves BB
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    Looking for horny tops in my area with the gift.

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  1. Mine do the same thing...my cock gets soft real fast after cumming, too.
  2. Mine are tight hangers like yours, tallslenderguy.
  3. I wasn't a bottom at first - then came to like it...still switch. But it is fun to give myself to a total top.
  4. A sweet way to cum, a cock in your ass and he is cumming.
  5. Nice account of CumUnion visit...
  6. Hot pic of cum and cockhead, you know just how that cochead felt sqirting that load.
  7. No, just around my cock & balls
  8. Mine is fairly thick - salty - a little bitter.
  9. Thanks for the follow!


  10. Bet you look nice, too. I love the look of a semi-erect cock, sweet hanging balls.
  11. In a sauna my tight hangers drop down a good bit...
  12. Yes, nothing wrong with starting with fantasy and moving to the real adventure.

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