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  1. Looking to get used tonight to prove my worth to Master Jerry. If you’re in the LA area, text the number for more information! Looking for all loads, none refused. Fill me up! ?
  2. Well put! I have nothing but admiration for my Bud/Sir and his dominant, yet passionate, side over me. My main importance is always to please him and follow his order. Nothing makes me happier or hornier to see him using me or making men line up to use my hole while he watches. He’s amazing and I’m very lucky.
  3. Woof! Yes, please! I’m there often visiting family. Would love to have your deep load inside me.
  4. Woof! I’m in ATL quiet a bit. Let’s meet up sometime.
  5. A hot buddy of mine wants to whore me out at Slammer tonight. He wants to train my slutty hole to take multiple loads. And I say, Yes Sir! He says I should be getting a minimum of 6 loads without spilling but I think we can do better than that. So lets aim for more gents. Will be at Slammer at 10pm rotating between a sling and the bench. Will be in a harness, jock, and military boots. Come by and load me up. My hole will be hungry and no loads ref used.

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