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    Breeding sessions with endless tops dumping load after load in me. Love bears and facial hair. Piercings and tattoos. Smokers. Being the only bottom in a room of tops and not knowing their status and just taking load after load. Looking to get into leather. Recently ordered a leather kilt. Want to go to a leather event/party in kilt and have random tops just lift the back of my kilt and deposit a load and move on :)
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Been on Prep for a few years and reading these stories before bed and while not bug chasing, I'm no longer on PreP and am happy to take my chances.
    There is not enough cum in the world to satisfy me.
    KIK: medvak
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    I NEED tops - preferably poz to breed me. Either be verbal and tell me your gunna breed me with dirty seed the whole time or just grunt and unload in me and with your cock still plugging the hole lean in and kiss me and whisper in my ear that your poz and you just deposited a dirty seed in me :)

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  1. Thanks for following me @barebackbuddy😍

    1. barebackbuddy


      My pleasure, man--you're a BB Rockstar! 🙂

  2. Thanks for following me man :)

    1. Dane


      My pleasure 😉

  3. Hey thanks for following me @Ratty2002 x

  4. arseontap

    Piss up the ass

    One of the guys who will be breeding me each of the 3 nights when in Sydney next month loves to piss up an arse and is going to do this to me every night. Will be a first for me and can't wait for that glorious warms feeling
  5. arseontap

    A Daddy Finds his Ideal 'Son'

    Outstanding story. Was hard the whole time and lost a load over that. Keep it up!
  6. thanks for following me mate :)

  7. arseontap

    Work Trip & Bred

    Wish I was in it with you man
  8. arseontap

    Work Trip & Bred

    Thanks man - glad you enjoyed it
  9. G'day arseontap, thanks very much for following me. Nice profile 😊

    1. arseontap


      Hey buddy,

      You welcome :) Hot profile yourself man!

    2. Dane


      Thanks 😊

  10. I'll ask this guy if he's interested in the Ozzie outback 😉

    sink selfie.jpg

    1. arseontap


      LOL you bugger. You have no idea how far I would go to host someone like that ;)

  11. If I ever found out who this was - fucking marry me!!


  12. Not me but how I like to spend my weekends. Well actually every waking moment of my life :)



  13. arseontap

    Slut Night

    I'm hearing you @LittleCumSewer It is funny I tend to find guy polarised on this. I have had some almost disgusted at the thought of a used hole and then the others worship it lol. I have had guys refuse to play unless I have at least one load in and I am like "man! someone has to be the first lol"
  14. I am with LVBG00 - I would happily be groaning to take your load :)

  15. arseontap

    Breeding A French Angel

    Lucky boy!

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