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  1. arseontap

    Gatehouse Hotel

    Love to know how you go...I am staying there for the first time for a couple of nights next month.
  2. Thanks for following me man :)

  3. arseontap

    brisbane locals

    Moving back to Redcliffe in July. Neg bottom here.
  4. arseontap

    Anon btms wanted

    Staying in Collingwood for 2 nights in March. I'll happily take your loads.
  5. arseontap

    Melbourne For Business

    Update: Will be in Melbourne for 13th and 14th March. Staying at the Gatehouse in a room with its own fuck bench and sling. Where are all the local verbal poz tops? Let's organize for you to cum breed me with your poz loads.
  6. arseontap

    Melbourne For Business

    Will be in Melbourne for business in the next month (just confirming the dates). Looking for best place to get anonymous loads. Also up for anyone from here with a few mates interested in dropping by my hotel and gang banging me. Really need to be bred something bad after almost 6 months in the country.
  7. Fuck it is hard to get bred in AUS. While not actively chasing, I would welcome a guy with a high VL fucking me if it meant he fucked me like he meant it and was trying to give me something lol.

  8. arseontap

    Flakes, no shows

    Same experience as I travel a bit and it's nice to set some play up. I have had 15 accept party invites and none turn up or even message to say anything.
  9. arseontap

    Shadows Of Regret

    Awesome story and writing!
  10. arseontap

    MOST PUBLIC location?

    I want a BF like that
  11. arseontap

    The One

    Thanks man. Maybe I do one more chapter I love a good fuck and breeding, but thought be nice to throw some romance in there I can dream bahah
  12. arseontap

    The One

    Part 3: We stand out on the balcony and enjoy our coffee as we watch the traffic pass by below us. Lukas takes every opportunity to stand behind me and put his arms around me as he grinds his crotch against my arse. By the time we have finished our coffee he is getting hard again and he whispers in my ear, "I know your probably tired, but it's been 5 days and I really need to let another load go. My balls are full and I don't want to waste a drop." He kisses my neck and slides his hand down the front of my pants and starts to play with my hard, wet and dripping cock. Just his feel on my body gets me hard. Without any encouragement needed I just slip my pants down to just above my knees and Lukas needs no further hint. He releases my cock and and pulls his jeans down as he kisses my neck. I feel his rock hard cock hit my arse as it is freed from the confinement of his jeans. He reaches down and slides the plug out really slowly to make sure no cum drips out. My arse is still wet with his first loads as he leans back slightly and slides right in. This time is less aggressive and Lukas is slow and passionate as he starts to fuck me out in the open on his balcony. His cock is hitting my prostate so softly that my own cock is rock hard and strings of precum are linking my cock to the top of my pants at my knees. He constantly kisses my neck with soft nibbles this time as he slowly fucks my wet hole. "I want to enjoy this more this time. It is so wet in there and it is so warm. It feels so good inside you". He has been fucking me slowly and kissing me on the balcony for almost 10 minutes now and I am completely on another planet when I am jolted back to reality at the sound of another voice from our right. "Is this him Lukas". I look to my right while Lukas is still deep inside me and see a hot 20's guys poking his head around the balcony partition from the next unit. He has dark hair that is tied back in a short pony tail and deep blue eyes and a trim beard. He is the godlike dark haired equivalent of Lukas. Lukas looks at him as he is kissing my neck and still slowly fucking me. "Yep this is Colin. Colin meet Sam my neighbour". I am a little confused for a second, but Lukas makes no effort to stop fucking me, so I figure this must be no surprise. "Hi Sam" I say with a cheeky grin on my face as Lukas bottoms out inside me. "Fuck that's a nice piece of arse Lukas. Any chance I can have some of that later"? Asks Sam. "Sorry Sam, Colin is staying with me for the week and I have promised I would get him pregnant. He wants my babies, so it has to just be my DNA this week. But if Colin gets pregnant from this week and then comes back, and I really hope he does, then you are welcome to get some of this if he wants you too." The conversation is like they are standing there having a coffee, only I am leaning against the balcony with my pants around my knees and Lukas' rock hard cock is planted deep inside me. Sam disappears back behind the partition and Lukas picks up the pace before he grunts and suddenly floods me with his second load. This time he stays inside me until he slowly goes soft and eases out of my arse before sliding the plug back in. We go back inside and we snuggle on the couch watching TV and exhausted I fall asleep in his arms. Clearly the jet lag has set in. I wake up and it is clearly night time as the city lights are streaming through the window. Last I remember I was on the couch with Lukas. Now I am in his bed and I feel his breath on my neck as he snores lightly. His arms are wrapped around me and we are both naked. He must have carried me to bed when it got late. I feel the best I have felt in a long time in the arms of a beautiful man. I lay there caressing the fine hairs on his forearms when I feel him stir and feel his lips kiss my neck. He hugs me tighter and intertwines his fingers in mine against my chest. I notice the butt plug is gone and my arse still feels wet. He snuggles against me tighter as he kisses me and his hard cock just slides right into me. He doesn't so much fuck me but only slides inside me. We lay there and we are truly connected as I hear him doze off to sleep again still inside me. I grip his fingers tightly and fall asleep in his embrace with his cock still inside me. This is how almost every day goes for the entire week. We do a lot of site seeing and almost every place we go Lukas finds a public toilet and fucks me. "I want you to remember every place we go with a part of me left inside you at them all". We talk a lot and fuck a lot. By day 5 I am starting to struggle with the situation. The passion is getting greater with every fuck and I want Lukas to be touching me every chance I get. He seems to reciprocate by making sure we are touching, hugging, kissing every chance he gets. Having never had a boyfriend I am getting to experience falling asleep in the arms of a beautiful man every night and waking up the same way. On the evening of the 5th day we are on the couch watching a movie till late and I doze off for a moment in Lukas' arms. I start to rouse to his voice whispering. He is speaking to me, but he clearly thinks I am still asleep. "I wanted to give you my seed. I wanted you to have my HIV baby and I know that's what you want too. But after the last 5 days, I am starting to think I may want more. I am starting to think I may want more than to get you pregnant." He kisses my head "After this week I think I want to be with you as my DNA grows inside you. If I get you pregnant babe, I want to be there for you to raise this together. How do I tell you this?" He kisses my head again and I doze off again without him knowing I was ever awake. Day 6 is the second last day with Lukas and I am starting to struggle with the concept that I will need to leave him tomorrow. I can tell something is off with him as well, but he doesn't say anything about it all day. We fuck and play most of the day. On the final day it is clear he is down about something and I am struggling with the thought of having to get through my days without him. I am already questioning what I heard the other night, and am starting to think I dreamt it. On the way to the airport he never lets go of my hand and his hold is tight. As we get out of the truck at the airport he stops me and has a tear in his eye. "I need to say something before we go into the airport. I know the whole purpose was to share my tainted DNA with you. To give you my gift and something or some part of me that will stay with you forever, but after this week, I am not sure it is enough." "What do you mean not enough?" I say. "I am sorry if this isn't what you planned on or what you were after, but I need to be up-front with you. When you get home, if you do get pregnant from this week, from me, will you tell me straight away?" "Of course I will babe." I say. "The plan was to do this and pretty much leave it at that. But something happened this week I hadn't planned on. Being with you, inside you and part of you for this week felt so good for me. I really enjoyed the fucking, but I also enjoyed having you around. If you are pregnant, then I want to be there for you." "What do you mean" I ask. "I don't want you to leave babe. I know you have too, but I want you to know I don't want you too. I want more of this week." "Me too babe". We go into the terminal and I check in. Before I go through the gate Lukas drags me into the bathroom and fucks me one last time before I leave. He floods my arse with his load one last time and as he stays inside me heavily breathing from trying to impregnate me one last time, he leans in kisses me on my neck and whispers "I love you". "I love you too" I say in return as we clean up and kiss the hardest we have kissed all week. This time I am looking him in the eyes when I say "I really think I have fallen for you babe - I want your babies and you to be part of me forever. But I think I want you to be part of my life forever too". I sit on the plane as it leaves the airport and I have Lukas' load still fresh inside me, yet I feel like my heart is being stretched with every mile I fly further away. It is the most empty and long flight I have ever had to make. When I land my mobile beeps with a text message. "COME BACK - I LOVE YOU" 3 weeks later I get a bad flu and it is confirmed. I will have Lukas' DNA in me forever. I text him to let him know and I get a single text back. "Marry Me!"
  13. Thanks for following me man :)

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      Fuck yeah!!!! Spend all night breeding and filling my hole

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      Be hot love to flip breed 

    4. arseontap


      not all the experienced as a top but would give it a shot to get your loads :)

  14. A seriously gorgeous man on every level :)

  15. Meant to say "quite HUMEROUS" from my standpoint lol.

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