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    Breeding sessions with endless tops dumping load after load in me.
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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Been on Prep for a few years and reading these stories before bed and while not bug chasing, I'm no longer on PreP and looking to take my chances.
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    I NEED tops - preferably poz to breed me. Either be verbal and tell me your gunna breed me with dirty seed the whole time or just grunt and unload in me and with your cock still plugging the hole lean in and kiss me and whisper in my ear that your poz and you just deposited a dirty seed in me :)

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  1. arseontap

    Fucked Through A Glory Hole

    Best fucks ever. I totally agree with you man. The feeling of just a cock and not knowing anything else is just heaven. I have been lucky to get that a few times, and when you feel the thrusts get deeper and them push against the wall and your arse so hard and you know they are flooding you, it is awesome.
  2. arseontap

    Last Load

    I live in an outback country town for the last 6 months and until next June. There is literally nothing out here but a few young time wasters. So I need to travel to get any action, and when I do I try to make up for lost loads. Took off to a town 2.5hrs drive away last Saturday. Got on Grindr and it started going off as soon as I was within a couple of kilometres of the place (probably triple the size of where I am stuck). I have booked the cheapest and nastiest hotel ensuring it had ground floor rooms with street access. Within 10mins of checking in I had a nice young asian guy bending me over the end of the bed giving me my first load. I am a total bottom, but this guy had a rock hard arse. Grabbing it as he was blowing in my arse was like grabbing a rock and it was fucking hot. Then it was quiet for a few hours and then another 20 something guy came over and quickly blew a load in me before going to a party. Shortly after him a sucked off a slightly bigger guy (who just wouldn't fuck) and he blew one of the biggest loads I have seen in mouth and all over my face. I was so pissed I didn't get it in my arse. Then about an hour later a hot older asian dropped by for what he insisted was only going to be a blow job. But after sucking him off and him fingering my arse I just turned around and backed on to his cock. He gave in and just fucked me hard and came inside me. I could tell he was annoyed with himself for fucking a guy bareback, but I didn't care - it was what I wanted lol. So that's what ended up being my last load/s. I expect it may be a few months again until my next. I am trying to convince a dominant top in a major town 5hrs away to pimp me out for a weekend. I come down and grab a hotel room and he advertises my arse for two day and two nights straight and I have to take any load he says. I will keep you posted.
  3. arseontap

    Home June 2019

    Hey guys, I have been in the outback with work for a bit and returning home to Brisbane area (Redcliffe) next June (2019). Currently 43 & single. Avg build but working hard on that and bulking up as I start power lifting. Wondering if there are any top/vers guys in Brisbane interested in an open relationship where I am you BF, but at the same time, you own my arse. So, if you have mates that need to breed, I have to be there to breed. Take me out to a club or sauna and whore my hole out to whomever you like. You decide who breeds me and I can't refuse a load. The take me home and care for me and be the last to breed me In the absence of a relationship I'd love to meet a confident/dominant top who wants a bottom to own. No load refused Neg/+U or poz - I'll take my chances. Actually if your poz, don't tell me, fuck and breed me and after you've pumped your poz load in me, keep your cock in me and kiss me and whisper "You just took a dirty load boy - now let it soak in". Happy to be a bottom at a breeding party too. Open to almost anything. Send me a message if you want to play on any level.
  4. arseontap

    Breeding Needed

    Currently in the outback of NSW looking to travel to Adelaide for a weekend of breeding. Recently off Prep and looking to book a hotel for 2 nights and just have as many guys dump a load in me. There will be a book at the door. No names, just indicate if you gave me a Poz or neg load. Or fulfil the fantasy for me and after breeding me - with your cock still in me lean in and whisper "I just gave you a dirty load" and then replace your cock with my plug.

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