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    I am horny anal sex lover, VERS, more bottom. Looking for the HEALTHY SKINNY BOY for BREEDING & FISTING.
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    More interested in guys who are looking for couple creation, But I am interested to meed fisting PIGs as well for the FISTING FUN.

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  1. I love when toxic gays do not hide they are with bugs. This guy have definitely clear tattoo about STDs in his body. Those bio-hazard guys are much better that stupid freaks who do stealth deliberately infecting of gay people. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/toxic-bugs-tattooed-gay-masturbate-and-unload-his-spunk-39824961
  2. I love to be shaved and prefer shaved bottoms. For gays is better to be shaved is you plan to visit some sort of gay parties.
  3. Very kinky video from sex club. Hungry raw top Knocking out & mixing sperm inside bottom's hole. Real Cream pie well done! Latino gay sex club performance https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/knocking-out-sperm-from-passive-sasshole-after-9-cum-loads-39751071
  4. Two horny Russian gays have sex at home. Horny gay couple witch love BB sex & breeding. Probably guys are not from Russian Federation, but from Kazakhstan. Because gay's porn making in Russian Federation it is criminal offense. This is the reason why you do not see Russian gay porn at all. Russians gays are very horny, but they are under pressure of discrimination from Russian government & Russian laws https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/russian-gay-couple-zhenja-amp-sasha-barebakack-each-other-39750721
  5. This is absolutely useless website Breeding.Zone. Only one thing now i know - that POZ &  another STDs owners have fetish to infect healthy gays. And this site not about breeding, but about sharing & spreading STDs & HIV. 

    1. Read1



      Some barebackers on Breeding Zone care about their health, get tested regularly, and, if they have any STDs, they get their antibiotics and stay off sex for a while. Others, as you may have read on here, love to collect STDS and/or chase to become poz. Gay men make choices appropriate to their situation and current state of health. Please don't lump every barebacker on BZ into ONLY one group. I find your above comment insulting. 

    2. SpermaFF


      It's my opinion.  May be for guys in USA it is not useless.... I don't know about USA. But I see that gays in "country of freedom" do not show here their faces. USA is anti-freedom country

  6. This is one of my favorite porn of breeding. Hot & kinky bottom, big dick, double fucking, sperm in ass! Fantastic sex! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/very-kinky-breeding-with-double-penetration-great-bareback-39720221
  7. Slutty cum dump fucked in his cunt bareback. All sperm loads are welcumed! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/cum-whore-slut-fucked-bareback-bb-cumdump-39700481
  8. Guys, you from Mars? We have PREPS now and the submissive bottom should take peels, STAY HEALTHY & HAPPY & FULL OF CUM! This topic is absolute propaganda of unhealthy & stupid bottom's behavior model. POZ guys deliberately spread this information for 2 reasons: 1. To justify yourself 2. To involve into HIV another people
  9. I am very wonder each time reading those absurd questions about STDs. The only true way is create couple for breeding in love. NOT "ultimate goal of a submissive bottom is getting HIV"... Fuck! Absolutely crazy & stupid goal. Personally my goal as FF bottom is anal acrobatic, ass stretching & making huge anal prolapse of my gay cunt. This FF plays gives great emotion and is very healthy.
  10. Young & older gay guys have sex party with cum breeding raw. BB orgy group sex. I love to watch this king of gay porn, but probably it is STDs & HIV guys party. They share & mix their sperm loads in bottoms holes. Kinky, but dangerous for the health https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/gay-breeding-barebacking-party-raw-cum-inside-39680081
  11. I am looking for gay love and breeding in couple. Breeding is the part of love, not the part of fucking STDs bugs search for me. What i have red here in Breeding.zone? POZ guys & other sick people deliberately infecting people who don’t want it. Yes, I understand that not all such crazy to make this biological terrorism, but anyway. Now I understand that POZ can infect me deliberately & stealthy against my will. Thank you Breeding.zone for the information!
  12. Deliberately infecting people who don’t want it is is absolute crime! There can be no double opinion in this question.
  13. In Latvia there are may be 10 gays who use Preps :))) May be more, but they are invisible for me in Internet. Funny story, I know!
  14. Love to watch this crazy BB orgy. Love this barebacking fucking freedom. This is STDs party. When gays fuck each other as they want & mixing their sperm loads inside assholes of bottoms. I prefer to stay healthy. PREPS now resolve the problem with HIV transmissions. Probably all guys here using drugs and are HI.... https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/toxic-std-bareback-group-orgy-fantactic-kinky-fucking-39679851
  15. Hey! Just wanted to say Hi and THANKS for The Follow! :) 

    1. SpermaFF


      Welcum! Interesting to follow such pervert breeding pig!

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