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    New York City, Manhattan
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    cum, sweat, socks, dirty jocks, bondage, anon, hoods, bath houses, sex cubs, dark rooms, groups, piss, pits, chastity, roleplay, FF newbie
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Partner left claiming I was a sex addict, now I am out to prove him right!
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    Brad Ramsey- Hairy and Raw, Deviant Men, TIM SUCK (unreleased)
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    breeders, men who don't pull out. Men who like to use a hole for their needs, and not bother with what I want. Pump, dump and go. Anon, bath house hook ups get me most excited.

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  1. Club Philly is one of my favorite places, I always have a good time when I go. One Cum Union I took 13 loads in the maze, sling room, and from 1 on 1's in my room.
  2. How was your stay here? I'm looking at booking a stay there and want to know what people think.
  3. hot fucker!  nothing says BOTTOM better than a jockstrap in a sex club and nothing says cocksucker better than a BACKWARDS baseball cap  - hot look slut! wish I'd find you cruising for loads near me!  

    1. RawSexAddict


      You got that right man!! That is my "cumdump" uniform!  Travel a lot - never know when I will end up in your city, and always looking for loads 

    2. justsexnowatl


      definitely hit me up here or bbrt (atlken) if you come to Atlanta.  I'll meet you out at the sex club or bathhouse and get a few loads myself while I'm waiting to be 10th or 15th on your ass - love knowing I'm fucking a slut!!

  4. I'm curious if there are any of Master Jerry's cumdumps, or MJ himself, on BZ. I am interested to hear about some of your experiences are like.
  5. I don't count the cocks - just the loads. That is what really matters to me. 22 loads in a breeding session (about 6 hours) is my record right now
  6. Oink.  Love seeing your sexy self!  Hope you're doing better, stud!

    1. RawSexAddict


      thanks buddy - doing ok, getting better with time ?

  7. I also suggest taking an Imodium or Anti Diarrheal before you start to clean out. it helps soak up any extra water you haven't expelled, thus making you feel more confidant! My other tricks - small food day before, liquid diet day of and daily fiber tablets. And if you don't feel confidant in the midst of a marathon breeding session, excuse yourself and clean out a little more. The top will understand. Steamworks has those cleaning stations in the stalls too, buy a hose and bring it with for a quick refresh!
  8. Add me to the list as well. Poppers make me enough of a pig, i don't need to add anything else. I have seen Meth ruin too many people. As a matter of fact, I had to be the adult a few weeks ago and send an ex partner to rehab for Meth addiction. I won't touch the stuff, and will not be around those that are using it. Thats a hard line for me.
  9. not backwards buddy - just helps to keep you comfortable with who you share them with is all.
  10. Yes i put face pics online - like you say, if someone you know finds you there, they are there for the same reason! I never hookup without a face pic, so i make sure to provide one myself. Keep it locked if you don't want just anyone to see it.
  11. Customized my bath house jock - what do you think?  


    1. PupLucca
    2. Cubd


      Fucking love it.   Can't wait till I can get one of my own.

  12. dirty socks sweaty pits body hair big furry asses anon breeding cum stained jocks/underwear used gear of all kinds feeling used and of course, taking loads
  13. THis weekend at the Ball Buster party in NYC. Late 20's cubish guy pounding my hole leans forward and says: Are you SURE you want my load? Of course I begged him to breed me. He shot his load and I could feel his cock pulse as he unloaded his balls inside. FUCK, I love that feeling!

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