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  1. There is a commercially available kit to freeze warts off. Dr. Scholls Freeze Away. $25 for 7 applications. You spray this really cold stuff on the applicator and hold the tip on the wart. Doing it 2 or 3 times won’t hurt but makes a larger wound. Disclaimer: read the directions. It still has to scab up and heal.
  2. I rarely got names so the first one I swallowed I was 21 I think, the first stranger to breed me was later. I did get his first name does that count?
  3. A lot of bizarre behavior comes from guys who are insatiable on Meth but celibate without it.
  4. I was at a truck stop in Pennsylvania that was recommended to me by a fellow driver, a girl. It looked like a gay bar inside, with a fairly dark TV room and tasteful decór. A strikingly attractive angelic lad caught my eye and then I noticed his handler or owner. Apparently hustling. Back in the truck I heard an offer for a BJ. We arranged a meeting in the front parking lot. He was driving a black Ford Explorer - he was a local daytime truck driver he said - we went to a secluded spot where he sucked my dick and spit it out. Not my proudest moment.
  5. Update: the fiasco in Venezuela, continued idiocy in Syria and a failure to screen the hordes of illegal immigrants for those brave souls we want and need, have solidified my feeling that Trump is just another shill, NOT the “financial wizard outsider” that he was advertised as. Anybody who says they are a “Stable Genius” is, well, NEITHER. Unfortunately I see nobody any different coming down the pike. I do sense imminent doom and feel that is the root cause of most HIV chasing and “no status refused” sex. And why I agree with those priorities. One other thing: This is a REPUBLIC, which protects the rights of minorities. Not a DEMOCRACY which has mob rule like Nixon’s “Moral Majority”.
  6. Yes he’s a doll and he is or will be be one of Us. There’s Dirty Girl and Slutty Sarah too I love their attitude.
  7. Labs are expensive. The CD4 is fairly cheap but the VL is more. Short story: they charge insurance about $500 for a full panel. I had some done one time with NO insurance. $1700. (I paid $100 a month to keep good credit). Kentucky ”KADAP” pays for pills but not for labs. It’s on Ryan White Title 3 in Louisville and Lexington and maybe some other large HIV areas. . You pay on a sliding scale based on income. I barely qualified for the meds because I made “so much money” LOL had to pay full boat list price for labs.
  8. They don’t have those powers they just take them. But yes. Sometimes the Fed steps in and tells them they can’t make a law. On the theory that the “one world Government” might be a “one world Corporation” (imagine a Disney, Google and Monsanto merger) it’s possible that Governments will actually PROTECT the people in some places.
  9. Like antibiotic resistant Gono and insecticide resistant mosquitos, it’s not “evolution” per se but everything adapts as only survivors live to reproduce.
  10. That putz has no ideology or moral center. Mentored by Roy Cohn on the art of failing and blaming others. Kept in the public consciousness with outlandish business deals by the Rothschilds/Rockefeller banking cartel (who always baled him out). Kept a book of Hitler’s speeches translated to English by his bedside and used the same exact complements, patriotic hokum and scapegoating to attract crowds of 20,000, the formulaic number at which the sum becomes greater than its parts and the crowd takes on a persona of its own. An equally scripted ”opposition” provides false hope and diverts attention from the Plan. Don’t worry about Iran, Economic collapse or his re-election (as long as he stays on script). Liberals will applaud the debt - free “Currency Reset” and Conservatives will beg for a “Positive ID to prove Citizenship”. Jared Kushner and Lucent Technologies already have your Microchip, ready to implant “by popular demand”.
  11. You are correct about the law. I am more of a strict Constitutionalist and do not recognize Government Authority to “license” BUSINESSES, PETS, GUNS, MOTOR VEHICLES, MARRIAGES, HOME CONSTRUCTION, REMODELING, etc etc etc I.E NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. Just fix the fucking pot holes secure THIS COUNTRY’S border and leave us the fuck alone, THE ONLY THREE THINGS THEY HAVE NO INTEREST IN DOING
  12. I’d say you are likely poz now or will be soon. We are here for support when that happens.
  13. You owe him nada. Ghost and when he comes around tell him honestly that you do not want to pay for company. If he threatens you to collect for past events call the cops. Yes even in Dallas. Be honest with them. Likely they already know him and will talk to him. Oh and buy a fucking gun.
  14. The origin of the word is a fabric that is easily torn or unraveled. I’d say some straight touch - me - not that would have a mental crisis if they woke up in a cumdump’s bed fits that concept more than the cumdump next to him who is comfortable with who they are

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