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  1. Yes I rarely need imodium on Biktarvy and I still get the great dreams. I recommend it.
  2. There’s a doc on television in the Third Reich. The picture quality was equal to our current shows due to a complex system of film and immediate transfer to video. Only in black and white of course. A few of the original films survived. The 1936 Olympics were televised to “viewing rooms” where thousands watched and small wood cabinet TV’s for the masses were being mass produced until the British declared war. There was a German station broadcasting from the Eiffel Tower for occupying Germans. The shows were exactly like ours. Cooking shows, instructional videos on how to be a good citizen, hi
  3. A Crowley / Aziraphale ticket would be better. But we gotta work with the fictional candidate we have, not the fictional candidate we want.
  4. Yes that is a fact. Your reward is based on how much money you can make them. I don’t see a logical alternative to this.
  5. I am well aware that Trump was given a book of Hitler speeches years ago and, although I don’t have that book I recognize vague platitudes like “the forgotten man will be forgotten no longer” and the scapegoating of a powerless minority (illegals in this case, but any outsider will do). I just believe the Agenda 21 vision of the future proudly promoted by the other side is far worse. To me the concept of incompetent Governmental Elites who live like kings pushing the equality of poverty on the masses is a recipe for the collapse of a civilization. Corporate Elites are not more generous b
  6. I support him over the other side, but I don’t have the hat. That little skit where he said Guido is the rightful President of Venezuela tells me he’s still The Banker’s Pageboy, and not the outsider he claims to be. Don’t you find it even a little odd that our attempted illegal coup was cheered by the same opponents and media that repeats “we have to get rid of Trump” every day like a tape loop?
  7. Did you catch the State Of The Union where he said he will “end the AIDS epidemic by the end of the decade”......makes me think of VERIFIABLE HISTORICAL FACTS like: Injecting Syphillis into Black sharecroppers in the Tuskeegee Experiment (1932-1972) Serratia Marcescens being sprayed into the fog in SF (1950) Zinc calcium sulfide sprayed over the Pruitt-Igoe housing projects (1955, and again in 1965) I am on here to support people with HIV and Herpes, which have no cure, and your right to make choices. My only advice is to stay alert.
  8. I have a Tumblir account where I post what I find attractive. No nudity, just hot guys. I never post photos that are obviously under age. Just because guys are young doesn’t make them hot, but some are. A 21 year old can be real iffy. If they have tats I feel pretty sure that they are at least 18.
  9. The man who adopted him at age 12 after he was removed from an alcoholic family in Russia was Christopher Wheeler, headmaster of the prestigious Tower Hill School. He was convicted in 2015 for child porn and given 50 years. The search warrant was issued because of rape allegations by his adopted son. The conviction was overturned the next year because of unconstitutional improprieties involving the search warrant. I wish Jordan (Nikolai) well and extend sorrow for bad experiences in a sick sick world.
  10. In 1975 I had just moved back from Florida after the “gas shortage” ruined their once booming economy. I had found a fairly good gig driving a cab on Friday and Saturday night. If I watched my money I had the rest of the week free. I had a small apartment in the Gaslit St. James Court in Old Louisville. $35 a week. It was still the Gayborhood and had not been gentrified yet. But I couldn’t seem to meet anybody. One night a nice Black guy waved me down. He had like a 1969 Olds 98. We stuffed my Raleigh bike in the back seat and went to my place. He was a real sweetheart. He became a regular. I
  11. Deregulation has worked. It just hasn’t gone far enough yet. There’s no way Fred’s Oatmeal Factory can compete with General Foods, because GF has conspired to make the complex regulations that only they can comply with. Does the FDA actually regulate Monsanto - or does Monsanto regulate the FDA? Used to be you graduate college or trade school and open a shop. Now your only option is to go to work for a huge conglomerate. Translated into something you might agree with, more production should be local to avoid excessive burning of fossil fuels. A person lacking the brainwashing by cor
  12. If I try I can remember everyone I have had sex with. (Not every time for regulars). I should write them down someplace but I don’t have names on a lot of them. “Blew a Mexican in an ABS”.... I can place the year but not the month LOL
  13. This site is the last bastion of nearly pure freedom on the internet. So far there is no one approved agenda we have to goose step in line with. As long as that continues we should be willing to put up with rules designed to keep it from being shut down. Of course the future is enshrouded in mystery, and a Surveillance State with a Social Score could result in admitted stealthers losing access to the sunshine at some point.
  14. This is a factor. So is unfounded hatred of Latino culture and an Anglocentric view of the history of the Americas. But there are more reasonable reasons to at least like what Trump pretends to be. The US Constitution was the 1976 Cadillac of limited Government and personal freedom evolving from the 1901 Curve Dash Oldsmobile of the Magna Carta. They had multinational corporations in the form of churches and banks back then, and, once loosed, they have created the modern world by issuing rewards based on benefit to society. The ones that prosper can be trusted to make decisions based
  15. Still reading? Nobody I know pays $100 per pill. Insurance plus Copay Assistance for people who have good jobs, ADAP in most states and State programs in others for people making under a certain amount. But you can be sure that number is collected, or written off taxes. We are a cash cow, a license to print money, for some people with some pull. This is the only reason we are not bulldozed into ditches (yet).
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