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  1. A little, yes. He was from the country and would show up when he could not stand it down there!!
  2. If you have a girl’s ass, like an I Love Lucy heart upside down, girl jeans will show it off well. Be advised the waist is lower and the pockets are uselessly small. I would stick to the mens , but take a hot shower with them on when brand new and do stretch exersizes to fit them to you.
  3. I used to have a collection, washed, after I’d send someone home with a clean pair of mine. My underwear drawer had all different kinds.
  4. If he has any kind of viral load above “undetectable”, you will eventually get infected if he keeps shooting loads in your ass. The higher the VL the less it will take.
  5. Interesting. I asked my Care Coordinator and she said that she could get Travuda at “little or no cost” through the manufacturer, though, like there, it is not technically available as an “HIV med” with Government assistance. These are political issues, the perogative of the giver being able to try and steer the recipient’s actions . Originally food assistance was required to have ”some” preparation, I.E. raw potatoes and hamburger but no TV dinners, biscuit mix but no “biscuits in a can” - to “make them bastards WORK for their food” LOL. This is being relaxed in the USA and as far as I know McDonalds cannot be purchased with SNAP (“food stamps”) but Pizza Hut is OK if you pick it up yourself and don’t have it delivered. There is a very political, moralistic, anti-sex pushback against the new PrEP, Descovey, that is easier on your kidneys, by our FDA, even though all the trials have been over for months. The same FDA that lets Monsanto feed us weed killer in children’s cereal. I was speaking more philosophically if that is the right word. To me, it’s the smug sense of superiority that PrEP could give people that will bite them in the ass as sure as calling a ship “unsinkable” or a brand new aircraft “perfectly safe”. My opinion on this could be reasonably argued, but my M.O. of never trying to either catch or avoid STD’s has left me with no regrets.
  6. It’s his decision but I’m with him on this. The meds are basically the same and he might as well go ahead and get it.
  7. Creepy? A guy wanted me to put on a blindfold and let him fuck me in his work van. Yeah there’s a risk/reward ratio but I couldn’t see a good ending to that story
  8. Only time my ass ever bled was when a dentist put me on Loritabs. I was getting concerned until I read the side effects. I got more than concerned when I ate some hot peppers in some tacos. Coulda run a four minute mile I think
  9. There’s an old saying “third time’s a charm”. Like “he had me over a barrel”, people say this without realizing it’s about sex. Usually by the third time you have settled in on what you are going to do from then on. I’ve seen it happen with a month between hookups. It’s always great getting a new regular though.
  10. Keep having to sign in and then get locked out. I know my user name and my password. I’m also having issues with NKP....are you the same company?
  11. Yes I have felt it shoot way up in there, I have had others cum the whole time and just get wetter and wetter. A very softspoken Black gentleman would lay still and just pour out a huge amount.
  12. I never criticize people for wanting HIV or other STD’s. If that’s what you want I support your quest. I never criticize anyone for taking multiple anon loads if that’s what you want to do. I do try to discourage stealthing and taking loads just to feel worthless. What has worked for me is to have sex with interesting guys, even anon, without even considering HIV or any other STD’s they might have.
  13. I think you should accept it as inevitable but not care either way.

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