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  1. Damn ... That's a most wrong things about criminalize HIV. It's actually provides only a defamation and discrimination against people who're living with HIV. Well, I guess nobody wants to dispute that's fuck it's about 2 old mutual people. Everyone is knows about condoms, HIV, Hepatitis and other STD's. So, even if one person didn't talk to his sex partner anything about HIV then where was a brain of another one? Everyone have a rights to not getting fucked without condoms, isn't? So, why someone should be spreading to the jail if nobody's would't care about his health and life? Especially if we're talking about gay people. Let's be honest, we're a faggots/cocksuckers/perv/exhibit/ffisters/slamers etc. And most of us are prefer to raw bb fuck. What's wrong?
  2. Hey. We have the same taste. Let's talk on Wickr. My username is the same there as it is here.

  3. Perving Taboo Hung Dad TOP in Manhattan looking to connect with fellow pervs 

  4. Just wanted to say Hi AND 



  5. Same here. Addicted pervy sick masturbator here. Let’s chat about our perversions
  6. Glory Hole cocksucker here. Love playing with loads, suck dick from straight married guys. I’m in BK
  7. I was 9 for the first time and it was a close friend of my family

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