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    50+ kinky, slutty bottom, professional with tendency for more slutty gay sex.
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    Older smooth tops who like to rim and suck and fuck, and like to get sucked... gangbangs in gay saunas and getting used.
    I'm still looking for initial hygiene but after things get hot and steamy, I just love the juices... love getting the cumm dripping out my ass. Love big dildo's and other tools as well as fisting. Would love to try out electro sex. Love to be used as a bottom cumpig.

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  1. Yesterday I went to another Sauna in Seville - Spain. This one is not so old and very modern, could even smell the fresh paint. It is very big with lots of dark areas, even a piss cellar with gratings above... lots of cages, a sling but also private cabins, a small gym. The steam room wasn't working. At first I was the only one and a soon a younger Spanish guy came in, but he started to solicit for money. I immediately made a point of it at the bar with an attendant. I hate these kind of practises, maybe he tried because he noticed I was a foreigner, but I sure find this kind of thing bringing down the quality of the establishment. Although the place was beautiful, new and very clean, I did not have a good time. Place: The Cube Urban, Seville.
  2. The day before yesterday I was in a cubicle of a sauna - ass up and a slightly younger verso bear comes in... I suck a bit and then he orders me to follow him. We end up at the bar and with the sauna attendant grinning and watching, I get positioned bent over a bar stool and the young bear starts to fuck me. Now the sauna attendant can't hold it anymore and joins the fun and starts to fuck the younger guy who is still fucking me. A small train as such and I start to suck another dick from an other older guy who I had the pleasure of having serviced by before... Love the "public" display of such debauchery and perversion.
  3. Today I arrived in Seville, Spain and thought I needed a break, so looked online where the closest sauna was in town. It was very slow but got a nice fuck from an older gent... Later on a younger bear - versatile wanted to take me at the bar in front of the attendant who got really hot so he joined the party. While I got fucked the younger bear got fucked by the attendant so we had a little train going... very hot. Later I got fucked by this huge big fat bear and while I jerked myself and came at the same time... A good afternoon.
  4. Went last week to the Cage and it was dark, not very clean but there was action going on so I got right to it... The public was all a little older but that is what I want anyway... I have run out of Prep so I was hoping for some safe action [this means condoms, which I am not fond off]. Eventually I got fucked in a sling three times with condom and it hurt... but better than nothing... Overall, the sex and sauna in Amsterdam is way better...
  5. I just want to place a link about the health benefits of Cannabis for HIV positive people... https://news.weedmaps.com/2019/07/how-medical-cannabis-eases-hiv-symptoms-reduces-disease-progression/
  6. yesterday back in the Amsterdam NZ-Sauna... I am pretty much an exhibitionist and don't mind an audience [only] in the Sauna... unfortunately it is pretty dark. I wouldn't mind more light... On the one hand the darkness and a little red light adds to the forbidden dark sleaziness, but for me the kick of being used in "public" with enough light to see all the dicks going inside of me is also extremely kinky... Unfortunately the action wasn't as good as a couple of days earlier... but the few times I did get banged, in the NZ-Sauna you're bound to get an audience... it helps that I am pretty loud when fucked with some large and/or fat dicks and there is a lot of those...
  7. Two nights ago I had more than just a couple of really fat and big dicks that plowed my ass - sometimes I was in a sling, some while on a bench and some standing bend over ass open for loads... slow, hard and then slow again, but definitely wrecking my ass... I lost count but I think I had a little over 10 guys fuck me and maybe 6 or so dumped their loads... The thing is that when I get fucked I start to produce a lot of fluid myself which will leak from my ass, so you can't often tell if it's cumm at he moment. Sometimes I go fucked with a condom and some tops don't even change their rubber in between going from one bottom to the other, so from a hygienic perspective this is not very good but I couldn't care less. With one I managed to retrieve the full condom and pushed the cumm in my ass after I got hies rubber. By then I was so wet and lubricated but also so wide and open; condom or not I wouldn't feel the difference any more.
  8. Yesterday in Amsterdam NZSauna... I lost count but got fucked by at least 10 men... Don't remember how many loads but I was leaking... After some I was exhausted when I got pounded by some really big fat dicks... I had a great time...
  9. I'm in Amsterdam but getting Prep is a disaster... I don't live here but I need a doctor to write me a prescription so I can go to the pharmacy to get my 30 pills prescription. Dynamix can't send you in the Netherlands, so that is a fail too... Anybody has any ideas please...?
  10. Yeah when I was in Santiago, Chile in a bathhouse... after I had a load in my ass, all of the sudden I felt two hands on my thighs and a tongue between my ass cheeks... It was wonderful... Very hot.
  11. Looking forward going to Madrid this summer and wil definitely visit The Cage... sounds hot...
  12. Last weekend I was in the NZ-Sauna in Amsterdam but the trend is very similar... A lot of guys are walking around but only look and I found the action very slow, although the sauna was packed... So reflecting this to hook-up websites; you get a lot of lurkers and then only once in a while you get some serious action... I tried to hook-up with plenty of guys on BBRT but after a lot of "oinks" and watching and when you send them a message you get blocked... ah well.
  13. Just about 4 hours ago in NZ-Sauna in Amsterdam. Was a slow night... however; I got fucked 4 times - 1st with condom [grrrr] couldn't retrieve load. 2nd short moment, no cum. 3rd big Asian with fat long dick with condom [grrr] pumped me hard and deep while in a sling, when he came I asked for his condom and he watched interested when I emptied his cum into my ass... 4th again the same Asian guy... went straight to business and after about 3 or 4 minutes I saw him cramping and shuddering... unfortunately couldn't retrieve the cum this time...
  14. Don't really get the question... I was BB for over 25 or even longer years. Always scared but always so horny that I took my chances. I guess I must have been extremely lucky. Now I have PrEP and now I can still have my cumpig mind satisfied by taking any loads without the stress... I never refused a dick unless it was full of warts and puss. Didn't care what age or looks the guy had. If he was hygienically kinda clean and had/has a hard-on, I would let him gladly come inside my ass.

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