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    Staying mostly in hostels and travelling mostly around Europe for now, so NO I cannot host, but would love to visit you for a hot and steamy date...
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    50+ kinky, slutty bottom, professional with tendency for more slutty gay sex.
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    Older smooth tops who like to rim and suck and fuck, and like to get sucked... gangbangs in gay saunas and getting used.
    I'm still looking for initial hygiene but after things get hot and steamy, I just love the juices... love getting the cumm dripping out my ass. Love big dildo's and other tools as well as fisting. Would love to try out electro sex. Love to be used as a bottom cumpig.

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  1. What I once did with a bottom who liked to suck and felch for long lengths... after we played around for a while, we would go separate ways in the Amsterdam NZ Sauna and when he and I were both used and filled with some loads, we meet again. I would stuck my ass way up high and open my hole with my both hands fingers and he would straddle above me with his asshole above mine and pushout the cumloads straight into my asshole... very nice... He played around with my asshole for a while and then he laid down and I would straddle above his mouth and he would felch my hole... getting his
  2. I want to go there one day but first to Berlin when it opens again.
  3. On my knees - so I can get fucked from behind... Or on my back, lying down with my legs up in the air so I can get fucked and while I suck, making sure that when the guy comes I get the full load dripping down in my mouth. A slight variation on this position is my back propped up as well so my whole ass is up in the air and the cum deposited in my ass is surely to go flowing real deep into my guts and doesn't flow out again.... down inside to make room for the next one of course... Can you picture this...? No rocket science.
  4. I want to be respectful, but you love to bareback... though you don't want to be lied to? Sorry but in my humble opinion that's a fantasy... I think you have to consider that nobody can be trusted - except for the extreme rare exception... Even your spouse or lover will lie to you in certain extend given the right circumstance. It's human behaviour.
  5. Although there is some beauty in it to see the face in ecstasy of a top ready to explode in you... Being ass up and just letting it happen - and preferably multiple times - feeling the hands on your ass, the fingers exploring my hole and eventually feeling the tip of their dick and then the whole rhythmically pounding your ass and exploding with a nice load deep inside, gives me my perfect feeling of just being the cumslut hole that I am. Magic... nature at its best... raw and uncomplicated. Next please...
  6. Poz or negative, I don't care as long as I get the load deep inside of me. And yes if he tells me what's going to happen, I'll can adjust my ass muscles a wee bit to make sure he will explode... It will turn on the edge on myself as well. Always a beautiful sight to look someone in the face when they're about to cum too. Nature at its best. Raw and uncomplicated.
  7. Though I love being a dominated cumslut - I don't like spitting.... I actually don't like kissing either. My main objective is getting fucked in the ass and receive a cumload i my ass... secondly sucking a dick, making it ready to fuck me and thirdly if needed or desired by the top take the cum in my mouth and swallow it. I don't mind the occasional slap on my ass either but I once was hit so hard repeatedly by a guy who started to slap my ass so hard just being a fucking aggressive jerk, that I kicked him off and out of my hole and told him to fuck off. I'm a human being - not a punch bag
  8. Probably by accident I have learned to use my ass muscles and I can squeeze in a pulsatile manner so it feels like I am milking the tops' dick like you would mlk a cows' teet... When I was once inside a womans' vagina she started coughing and the feeling was just great because it would spasm and contract her vagina - so next I will try this with a top inside my ass as well... I just love to get fucked and filled, although I don't necessarily feel the ejaculation of the top, but I would know he has cum inside of me and then I can't wait for the next top to take his turn to fuck and load me
  9. I have taken photos with my own camera - after asking - while getting fucked in the ass. No faces visible and the top asked to see it if I didn't accidently took one with his face. But I would love to be used in a gangbang with a hoodie/mask - getting filmed how I get load after load and show me being the cumpig I want to be but receive a copy though. I don't need or want to be recognized.
  10. I agree, that is why I love saunas... No endless discussions... I go to the darkroom section or steambath, go on my knees and ass up and basically 'say'; if you like my ass and my hole, just fuck me... I sometimes get ridiculed by guys that are new to scene and laughed at... like; okay that's clear... hahahaha... But I don't care. I want t be used, I want to be fucked and loaded. Don't like my ass or anything? then just move on. I see a lot of dickheads just standing around and I just don't get it. What the fuck are they want? What are they waiting for? Sometimes they are with frie
  11. Remember this... Once you go raw and take a load in your ass - you will never want a condom again... trust me. Many like me have gone there and tell you the same. Raw loads are addictive... Yes, it is scary as hell and you will be for a while as you take bare loads... This will slowly eb, since the craving is to great... One way to reduce this scare is to go take PrEP... search this site for PrEP and what it will and won't do. I use PrEP and my craving of bare loads hasn't diminished a bit and I go total cumslut - no loads refused - and loving it.
  12. I was always a bare backer but now I am a truly fearless insatiable cumslut bottom because of PrEP, so yes I can completely agree.
  13. Uruguay was very good in my humble opinion. Had good luck in Montevideo sauna...
  14. I guess I was extremely lucky yesterday when I hit the almost empty sauna in Porto [Portugal]... first I had an old guy fuck me nicely what I later found was bare and he seem to cum maybe even twice. Later a younger gent - found out he was from Barcelona on business - fucked me nicely but he wanted to wait... So I waited too... eventually he came back to me and gave me a huge load nice and deep in my ass... But that was all there was to it. Steambath and sauna were closed and only one tv room with some condom sex showing.
  15. Not a chaser myself and on PrEP... This is so hot... I love it when I get used like this like a true cumslut.... Best sex ever... This was my Poz top too long ago. A private plane pilot from Switzerland I found on Grindr. I hope I can meet him again.
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