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    Staying mostly in hostels and travelling mostly around Europe for now, so NO I cannot host, but would love to visit you for a hot and steamy date...
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    50+ kinky, slutty bottom, professional with tendency for more slutty gay sex.
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    Older smooth tops who like to rim and suck and fuck, and like to get sucked... gangbangs in gay saunas and getting used.
    I'm still looking for initial hygiene but after things get hot and steamy, I just love the juices... love getting the cumm dripping out my ass. Love big dildo's and other tools as well as fisting. Would love to try out electro sex. Love to be used as a bottom cumpig.

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  1. I have taken photos with my own camera - after asking - while getting fucked in the ass. No faces visible and the top asked to see it if I didn't accidently took one with his face. But I would love to be used in a gangbang with a hoodie/mask - getting filmed how I get load after load and show me being the cumpig I want to be but receive a copy though. I don't need or want to be recognized.
  2. I agree, that is why I love saunas... No endless discussions... I go to the darkroom section or steambath, go on my knees and ass up and basically 'say'; if you like my ass and my hole, just fuck me... I sometimes get ridiculed by guys that are new to scene and laughed at... like; okay that's clear... hahahaha... But I don't care. I want t be used, I want to be fucked and loaded. Don't like my ass or anything? then just move on. I see a lot of dickheads just standing around and I just don't get it. What the fuck are they want? What are they waiting for? Sometimes they are with frie
  3. Remember this... Once you go raw and take a load in your ass - you will never want a condom again... trust me. Many like me have gone there and tell you the same. Raw loads are addictive... Yes, it is scary as hell and you will be for a while as you take bare loads... This will slowly eb, since the craving is to great... One way to reduce this scare is to go take PrEP... search this site for PrEP and what it will and won't do. I use PrEP and my craving of bare loads hasn't diminished a bit and I go total cumslut - no loads refused - and loving it.
  4. I was always a bare backer but now I am a truly fearless insatiable cumslut bottom because of PrEP, so yes I can completely agree.
  5. Uruguay was very good in my humble opinion. Had good luck in Montevideo sauna...
  6. I guess I was extremely lucky yesterday when I hit the almost empty sauna in Porto [Portugal]... first I had an old guy fuck me nicely what I later found was bare and he seem to cum maybe even twice. Later a younger gent - found out he was from Barcelona on business - fucked me nicely but he wanted to wait... So I waited too... eventually he came back to me and gave me a huge load nice and deep in my ass... But that was all there was to it. Steambath and sauna were closed and only one tv room with some condom sex showing.
  7. Not a chaser myself and on PrEP... This is so hot... I love it when I get used like this like a true cumslut.... Best sex ever... This was my Poz top too long ago. A private plane pilot from Switzerland I found on Grindr. I hope I can meet him again.
  8. Last night in the hostel... my second roommate was noticeable gay and I thought I recognized him on Grindr so started a conversation with. The other roommate I knew wasn't coming back until late... so I quickly let the gay guy know in not misunderstanding terms where my interests lied... he wasn't stupid either, so I asked him if he was a bottom and to my joy he told me he was a top and would not mind some fun... so I suggested a shower together... So we did and under the streaming water he quickly gave me his load... That was a nice ending of my stay in Amsterdam.
  9. Kind of agree with above poster... I recently received my Prep again and I was so horny to be able to get all in Cumpig Slut again and the last week has been great... taking all loads and even crossing some bucket-list items of that list... in a couple of hours I go again to Amsterdams' NZ Sauna and again hope to get used in all holes and receive a lot of loads... But I know myself... once I run out of Prep, I'll still be extremely horny to the point I get less and less inhibited and fearless to take all loads...
  10. Tonight Aug.8th 19:00 at NZ Sauna. No loads refused. Clean + Prep. Fill me and use me as a cumpig whore.

  11. Aug. 8th 2020: Tonight at 19:00 hrs.  again at NZ Sauna... ass up - no loads refused... come and use me, fill me up - tell me you found me through BZ...
    I'm clean and on Prep and love to be used as a cumpig whore...

  12. I can't wait for the Fickstutenmarkets or Meatmarket parties to get going again... I visit the NZ Sauna almost every second evening now but the going is sometimes slow and not as I want it...
  13. Like I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I could have never imagined what I would have become from an earlier age. And when I wrote that I was already sure I would still have much further to go sexually. And writing this day, I can tell you I already have again evolved... And still haven't reached my fullest sexual height I think I might go or even can't imagine yet. Recently I obtained some more bottles of Prep and now that I am back in one of Europe's major center of gay live, again I am going full blast towards my sexual desires without any hesitation or boundaries. Getting gang
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