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    philadelphia, pa, usa
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    highly toxic unmedicated couple looking to hookup and exchange aids and stds. hung versatile top husband, hot cd bottom whore wife.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    ameteur videos
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    depravity, perversions, taboo of any kind... hardcore fucking, groups, gangbangs, taboo

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  1. you are SO fucking hot!

    1. kevy1109


      Please give me your AIDS! Kevin 603-410-7622

  2. i want you to be my AIDS boy

    1. LittleCumSewer


      i want you to fuck me full of your dirty toxic cum. i love taking unmedicated loads with vL in the million. love getting infected with new strains os hiv and STDs to prove what a whore i am

    2. toxicaidscouple


      i have what you want and i would love to give it to you

    3. kevy1109


      I need AIDS! Kevin              603-410-7622

  3. looking to hookup with other hardcore, toxic fuckpigs on visits to nyc...

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