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    Raw is law. Enjoy love, intimacy, golden nectar. Rough, hard pounding by a firm powerful top is highly enjoyable and sought after. Can get into extreme breeding sessions resulting in pregnancy. I do seek a future as a stepford wife. Enjoy control, ownership and some abuse. Kissing is a must. Deep, wet, sloppy kissing and making out is a must. Enjoy baths, saunas and ABS.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    A wide phat booty crossdressing/sissy bottom Fag. NO safe sex ever—only bareback. Can enjoy kink and fetish from mild to wild. I have met the man of my dreams who shares me; who sets me up on dates with anon men. Chasing love, marriage BBC and life’s only truly lasting bond. My husband and I both use this site and this profile. Feel free to contact him here. He is a stud; educated; professional and a gentleman who supports my desire to be POZ and UD, and my desire for other STIs.
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    My husband will document my pregnancy.
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    Mild to wild. Enjoy MOC and have a desire to be a QoS. NO rubbers ever; unsafe always. Anonymous hookups; willing to discuss ur fetishes snd desires. raw nasty sex love all kinks and fetishes. I will take all loads. I am owned and controlled. He is my husband and I’m his trophy. I am not on meds. And my Daddy will video me getting impregnated poz!!!!!

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  1. Im now engaged to be married to my loving owner and want everyone to know he uses my account as well as me!!!

  2. Im now proudly engaged to a man who owns and controls me

  3. Last year early in the pandemic i did my usual visit on saturday to local adult store gave maybe ten blojobs by sun nite i was so sick flu like symtoms got so excited iv been chasin for years even dating viral poz men only!!! All test stayed neg. Cudnt wait to test at my docs office next day was so excited id been pozed test came back neg for hiv and poz for covid so damit if poz flu is anything like covid its a bitch to get over
  4. Well i started exploring huge toys and fisting at 15/16 by time i was 18 my hole had been torn sev times and huge im pushing 50 now thru time my toys have gotten much more extreem in size and yes to no surprize im gaped open full time due to damaged muscles so i have to keep a plug in me 24,7 to avoid accidents im used to it and feel naked without plug no regrets at all i find men are fasinated playing in my huge hole and they enjoy watching monster objects go inside me i enjoy it as well. So fact is i enjoy having a extreem sized hole and wudnt want tite one
  5. I always lick it up never waist cum!!! I also never waist my piss wat i dont drink goes into the fridge for filling ice treys,cooking, and making coffie and mixed drinks
  6. Iv seriously been wanting my balls removed then maybe full sex change i want a vagina not a penis!!!! Its totally useless to me and since i dress female they are in my way
  7. Well this wasnt the last time but most remembered! I met a blk man on cl several years ago he came to my home i was dressed in full female slut mode lingerie n all he told me to walk out in my drive meet him at his car i live on very busy road so this had me very nervous id be seen by everyone in town lol. But i wanted to obey his orders so i did. This was my first time in full public like this and i think he knew it. He spun me around in my drive so my ass showed to cars passing by we must have kissed for wat seemed like an hour as his hands all in my ass and cars honkin even turning round to pass by again lol. Omg i was a nervious wreck but i was set on obeying him. I realized he must be testing me and i felt i had to do this!!! He walked me towards front porch i thought cool were going inside but nope he unzipped and ordered me on knees for bj my ass still facing traffic after again wat seemed eternity as he let me get up to fuk i figured we goin to bedroom nope walked me in front yard grab bird bath bend over spread legs and we fuked in wide open veiw as cars passed by honking n yelling lol. I cudnt believe i was doing this but by now im very very turned on!!! At this point i no longer cared wat took place hell all my neighbors n half the town know wat i am now! I will never forget that day my neighbors wont neither lol but i passed his test
  8. Im the ultimate sub fag slut slave needing a very demanding master
  9. Well since my hole is huge i wear plugs 24/7 no lube to help hold em in place but before i go out for sex i lube up with silicone based and wear plug until sex rhen quikly put back in to keep cum inside me so all that day and nite im sloppy wet and ready for the next encounter!!! Even if its a fisting my hole is ready!!!
  10. I was 11 and sucked both my older brothers off daily and loved it i find it funny that men will suck n swallow strangers and condemn insest sex??? Sex is sex regaurdless who its with
  11. It always amazes me when i here men say omg they cant kiss another man thats nasty but same men just sucked a dick licked an asshole even drank piss now the way i see it i do all the above myself so if a man wants to kiss me or spit in my mouth whats the issue ? he has already degraded me plenty by having me lick his dirty ass drink his piss swallow his cum even if poz so he knows most bottoms are shameless in private!!!!
  12. I have huge hole loves rough fistings
  13. Last sat i went to the adult video store as i do most wkends usually i stay few hours suck few men get fucked few times omg i was in heaven this time!!!! Horny tops were everywhere seems i was only bitch there!! I stayed for nearly 8 hours they just kept showing up wow!! I cant know how many men i sucked nor how many fucked me all i can say is was best saturday of my life i felt so sick and nasty when i got home besides being totally wet in sticky stinking cum i got sick n threw up a belly full of cum that was another first lol! Just proves too much cum can upset your tummy!!! Surely out of all those men i took some poz cum
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