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    memphis tn
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    Raw is law. Enjoy love, intimacy, golden nectar. Rough, hard pounding by a firm powerful top is highly enjoyable and sought after. Can get into extreme breeding sessions resulting in pregnancy. I do seek a future as a stepford wife. Enjoy control, ownership and some abuse. Kissing is a must. Deep, wet, sloppy kissing and making out is a must. Enjoy baths, saunas and ABS.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    A wide phat booty crossdressing/sissy bottom Fag. NO safe sex ever—only bareback. Can enjoy kink and fetish from mild to wild. I have met the man of my dreams who shares me; who sets me up on dates with anon men. Chasing love, marriage BBC and life’s only truly lasting bond. My husband and I both use this site and this profile. Feel free to contact him here. He is a stud; educated; professional and a gentleman who supports my desire to be POZ and UD, and my desire for other STIs.
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    My husband will document my pregnancy.
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    Mild to wild. Enjoy MOC and have a desire to be a QoS. NO rubbers ever; unsafe always. Anonymous hookups; willing to discuss ur fetishes snd desires. raw nasty sex love all kinks and fetishes. I will take all loads. I am owned and controlled. He is my husband and I’m his trophy. I am not on meds. And my Daddy will video me getting impregnated poz!!!!!

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  1. Im now proudly engaged to a man who owns and controls me

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