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  1. Couldn’t agree more, gorgeous!
  2. Was on your Twitter earlier. Beautiful thick ass and sexy pussy; tits are so amazing. Love your hair and the images of you with hoop earrings—always get my attention.
  3. You are a sweet, sexy beautiful Faggot who, I imagine, has a beautiful pussy.
  4. You are such a sexy bottom. 

  5. You have the most amazing legs. 

  6. Great pics, gorgeous pussy. Would love to see it in panties. 

  7. Love to eat your ass when it’s full…

    1. cosmaz


      Anytime!  You are more than welcome.  Just let me know when and what you want it filled with. 

    2. bigbootybottom4u


      Email me and I’ll tell you. 

  8. Sharing that together would be an amazing journey. Watching your body change and knowing that life was growing inside you would be something to celebrate everyday—whether you were a surrogate or carrying for you and your man would be amazing.
  9. Pierced navels and nipples are very sexy and attractive to me. I also like bangles and chokers, or collars. No issues with rings on fingers or toes; anklets.
  10. Love to eat anon loads from your pregnant pussy. Neg Daddy here who owns a sissy bottom gurl.
  11. …and does that master reside in LA and still own your pregnant pussy?
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