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    A 27 year old from the UK who recently started to engage in bareback sex.
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    Any UK tops, please message me if you have KIK! :)

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  1. It's not like I've been against the idea of topping, I've just always been bottom, so I was a little unsure about toping someone simply because I'd never done it before 😝 But I did enjoy it and after having had round 2 this afternoon, I may be topping him very regularly 😁
  2. I think you're right, being less rigid in whether I'm bottom or verse will likely be great for improving the amount of sex j get 😊 plus, I really enjoyed the experience and I'm counting down the days until next weekend to do it again!
  3. Throughout all of my sexual experiences with men, I've always been bottom, I love being the one taking a nice thick dick inside my little tight boypussy. However, yesterday afternoon, I got to top for the first time and breed a slutty bottom bitch, I now see just how good it is for the top to unleash his seed into a young, willing hole! A few weeks ago, whilst out with a few friends, I got chatting to a younger guy who was very, very flirty. He's 22, a little chubby, blonde hair and as I now know, has a smooth curvy bum perfect for breeding. After I gave him my number, we began chatting about general stuff before moving onto meeting up for sex. Originally, I was disappointed when he said he was bottom only, as this meant I wasn't going to be taking any dick. I'd never really been interested in topping, but I really wanted to have sex with him. I explained to him I'd never topped before, that this would be a new experience for me but I was keen to try it. I also explained to him, in the last 5-6 months I have switched to bareback sex only, I had not been tested and that there would be an element of risk if I was to fuck him. The message I received back was as follows - 'Loool that's fine babes, I haven't been tested recently myself ... I don't mind, if it's your first time being top, you'll wanna fill my cunt up trust me 😝'. Needless to say, after reading that, I was quite keen to do exactly as he said. We agreed to meet up yesterday afternoon at his place, fortunately, he didn't live too far away which was a pleasant change! He lived on the second floor of some apartments, as he opened the door he was half stood behind it, as I walked in, he was completely naked and he took my hand and guided me to his bedroom. I like this guy, no messing about, wants my dick and is happy to get straight down to it! As we got to his bed he bent over on all fours and I latched straight on to his gorgeous, pink, smooth boypussy. I'd never eaten a guys arse before but my oh my how I have been missing out. I lived listening to him groan and feeling his legs twitch as I buried my tongue in his little cunt as deep as I could. It wasn't long before I was naked, with his mouth worshipping my cock like nobody else had ever done before him, whilst I fingered his pussy and sucked his cute little cock in return. After opening him up and he'd slobbered all over my dick, I told him to lay down and open his legs. I ate his pussy a little more, before moving my way up to kiss him and slide inside his gorgeous arse. My first thoughts as I got nice and deep in this boy was 'holy fuck! This feels amazing! I'm not going to be able to stop myself from cumming!'. I started out slow and deep, whilst I kissed him passionately, before I really began to pound that filthy little bitch like the whore he is. As we kissed, I could hear him moan with each thrust, his legs were wrapped tightly around my waist and I could feel his fingernails digging into my back and scratching me playfully. I see why so many men love topping young guys! I didn't want to cum too quickly, so I asked him to bend over for me so I could eat his pussy a little more to let me calm myself down (I didn't want him to think I had no stamina!). After licking every millimeter of his pussy I slid my dick back inside of him reached round to his dick which was still hard. I spat into my hand and began to stroke his dick whilst I slowly fucked his arse from behind. All of a sudden, I could hear his breathing getting deeper, his arse started to contract around my dick so tight, this must be what all tops feel when they fuck the other guy into cumming, I carried on sliding in and out of his tight pussy and he began shooting his load all over his bed sheets. He moaned loudly and I began to fuck him as rough as I could, his arse was so damn tight right now! I couldn't last any longer, I grabbed his hips and began fucking him as hard as I could and he begged for me to fill him up and cum deep inside him. I felt my dick erupt inside this little slag, shooting rope after rope into him, as he threw his arse back onto my dick like his life depended on it. I couldn't believe I'd actually bred him. All I wanted to do was eat his arse and taste my cum. I happily obliged by staying on all fours whilst I got a good taste of what I'd left in him. Afterwards, we lay there kissing and chatting for a little bit, he asked me if I would enjoy topping him more often as we're local and he craves a bum full of cum just as much as I do! I think I shall be spending more and more time as a top with this young little slag. I agreed to meet up with him again next Saturday, for round 2! 😁
  4. It's baffling to think how we both wasted so many years having safe sex πŸ˜‚ bareback only these days!
  5. Yep, I know the feeling, once you've had it raw, condom's are no more 😝
  6. A few weeks ago, a guy I got chatting to on KIK was telling me about his experience with dogging, I'd had no real experience with it and as I'd hit a slight dry patch (lol), I decided to take him up on his offer. I asked him about bareback only sex to which he was fine with, he told me he was unaware of his status and I explained that this was also the same for myself. At first, I was a little unsure about outdoor sex, not that I don't like the idea of it, more I just couldn't be arsed with getting caught by people who don't wish to indulge in the fun. We chatted for a few days and he then picked me up late on a Friday evening and we drove around 40 minutes away. Luckily for me, he was very chatty and a nice guy, made the journey much quicker! Although we pretty much just chatted about sex, it was good that the journey to getting some raw dick wasn't too dull. He told me the place was always 50/50 for whether there were many other men there. As we arrived and parked up, I slid my jeans off and climbed into the back of his car, lubing my tight little hole up ready for him. He didn't waste any time, spitting on his dick and teasing my pussy straight away. I pulled him in closer and felt him push deep inside me. As he picked up speed and began to get more forceful whilst pounding me, I was a little more conscious of the car moving. Somebody tapped on the window and asked I he could have next, this filled me with such lust for cum, I begged the my current man to fill me deep with his seed, which he obliged with and shot deep into me. As he pulled out, he got into the driver seat and unlocked the car as the other man got into the back, undone his trousers and very roughly rammed his dick into me. He was very rough, with some light choking, slapping and really squeezing my dick and balls. It felt like he'd been starved of sex for years and was now using me as his personal sex toy. He didn't last long and came inside me within minutes. He got out the car and wandered off. I lay there, waiting for my next guy, but unfortunately there were no more offers, despite the 2 of us waiting some time. Before we left, the guy who brought me to this lovely little secluded area climbed into the back seat, I rode him like I was his wife, milking his cock dry of every last drop to get his babies inside me. We drove back and chatted a little more. It was at this point he told me about his girlfriend, how she was dull in bed and didn't do anal etc. I hope she enjoyed sucking his cock after it had been in my arse 😈
  7. For me, I just want to serve my little butt up to as many men as I can! 😊 I expect to get pozzed up, I'm taking raw loads, without asking questions and I do think letting someone poz me would be incredibly intimate. I haven't been tested recently, so who knows, I may already have it! But whether I'm neg or poz, it won't stop me actively seeking out bareback sex with plenty of men!
  8. I agree, I don't expect a guy to tell me if he's clean or has HIV/Aids, I think all bottoms should have raw sex, without prep and should embrace what real gay sex is 😊
  9. I will definitely go on meds, I want to enjoy myself as much as possible 😊 I'm not really what you'd call a 'chaser', I'm more just fully accepting that the bareback sex will likely lead to catching various STI's and HIV, which I'm fine with!
  10. I couldn't agree more, if a man tells me his status, he can cum inside me, if he doesn't tell me his status, he can still cum inside me
  11. Aww I wish I was able to let you fill me up with that big load babes
  12. Having had a very very busy time over Christmas and New Year, it had completely reduced my chances of getting any dick whatsoever. Naturally, my little butt has been very keen to get some action and I had really struggled to find local men who were up for bareback sex. Most guys seem to just want their dick sucking, which I still enjoy, who turns down a throat full of cum? But, a guy has needs and I was getting very impatient. I delved into the world of Kik for the first time, as I'd heard a lot of negative comments about it being full of people who were only looking for phone fun and generally it could be a bit of a waste of time. I started using it and the first few days lived up to the negative feedback, guys asking for pics, phone sex and videos of me fingering myself. I'm not against that stuff as long as there is a legit meet at the end of it all. A few people I chatted too were actually decent guys, but, none were too local. One guy in particular was an hour away by train, owned his own pub and was very much a real bareback only top. After we'd exchanged a few videos and chatted for a couple of days, I offered to travel to him on the Friday night and have a little fun. It meant getting there quite late after he had shut the pub, but having not had any sex for a few weeks, I was willing to agree to anything! Before we met, he asked if he could call me, just for general chit chat which was actually quite nice and it made me feel as though he would be a genuine person with similar interests. We also discussed whether we were both clean or not, I openly admitted I hadn't been tested recently and I'd had sex with men who were unclear as to whether they had any STI's. He had no issue with this and told me that he hasn't been tested for nearly a year, I explained I had no problems with that risk and still wanted to meet. I finished work on the Friday and got ready, before jumping the train and heading to his pub. I got the latest train possible and didn't get to the pub until close to 1am as I had to wait for all the other guys to leave the pub. I rang him to tell him I was outside and he let me in and then locked the door so nobody could interrupt us. Straight away he kissed me and I began rubbing his dick through his jeans, feeling him grow and begin to throb. I sat him down on one of the couches in his pub and dropped to my knees and unfastened his jeans, revealing his gorgeous, rock hard trimmed dick. I kissed it gently and began to massage his balls whilst I began to suck him slowly and deeply, listening to him moan and tell me that I was a good lad. I stood up and stripped in front of him and pushed my arse into his face, feeling him spread my little butt and begin tonguing my little pink hole. I wanted to show him how appreciative I was, so I walked away to the bar, asking what drink he'd like, before I poured and served it to him as his personal little whore. He sat there enjoying a hard earned drink whilst I sucked his dick again and I began fingering myself and getting ready to take his dick inside me. Once I'd given him a sloppy blowjob and his cock was dripping, I got on top and straddled him, guiding his dick to my twitching cum dump. As he slid inside me I sat my arse down on him as deep as possible and listened to him moan in pure ecstasy. I started riding him and kissed him passionately whilst he caressed my arse and forced me to take his dick as deep as I physically could. As we picked up the pace and I began moaning more, he started to get very verbal in telling me how bad he wanted to cum inside my pussy and get me pregnant. I'd never really thought of that in any way, but it began to really turn me on so I just embraced it, asking him to put his babies in my tummy and give me everything that he had. He told me to get on the pool table and bend over and present my pussy to him so he could impregnate me, I did exactly as I was told and he began fucking me quite rough. I threw my arse back onto his dick as hard as I could, begging for him to get me pregnant and I could tell by his movements he was getting very close to cumming and I started to moan louder. He leaned down to me and asked me 'Do you want me to knock you up?'. I begged for him to impregnate me and put his babies in me, to which he answered with 'You'll get more than babies inside you, I'm going to knock you up properly' and I begged for his dirty load to get me pregnant. He moaned loudly and pushed in as deep as possible before unloading into my pussy and telling me that I was such a good boy for taking his cum inside my breeding hole. Afterwards, we headed straight up to the flat above the pub and we began chatting. He asked me about how I'd feel if I caught something from him, I told him I was more than happy to have that happen and asked if he had passed stuff onto other men in the past. He told me he had done this a few times and quite honestly, I wanted to spend the weekend with him. We discussed his pregnancy fetish and I really got into it. I spent the evening there and let him impregnate me again and the next morning before leaving. When on the train home, I started reading up on mpreg as it was new and I found myself enjoying our experience even more. I will hopefully be spending another night with him in a few weeks, taking even more of his potent cum! :)
  13. Haha why thank you! I'm angry with myself as for years I've been missing out on bareback sex! But I've learnt the error of my ways! Raw is the only way from now on
  14. My first story on here involved my first experience barebacking. This happened about 2 months ago now, it has stuck in my mind since. The whole thrill of not knowing the men who used my tight little arse and not knowing what they gave me has been by far one of the most intense experiences of my life! This next experience happened this past weekend in Manchester. Through browsing on various gay hookup sites over the week I came across a post advertising a hotel room in Manchester with 2 other men for the Friday night/Saturday morning. It was quite vague really, but I messaged away and I got a very positive response. The man I was speaking to explained they were not local, they were work colleagues in Manchester on a site visit and were meant to be traveling travelling back down south on Saturday. We exchanged a few messages and pictures, I asked them if they were okay with bareback only, to my surprise, they were only interested in bareback! I was so happy! They asked me of my status and I told them that I recently started barebacking, I had taken multiple anonymous loads in a sauna and I'd not been tested. The response back read as follows - 'You are a fuckin slut arent ya, still, dont matter, neither of us hav been tested recently so youll get what your fuckin given'. I have quite literally never been so turned on from a WhatsApp message! Lol! Needless to say, I made my travel plans, finished work early on the Friday and jumped the train to Manchester. They were staying very close to Manchester Piccadilly, one of them met me outside the hotel and we headed straight up the room. Not much in the way of chit chat on the way to the room, once inside, they barely spoke to me at all, which, I didn't mind really. They both got naked on the bed and I stripped down myself before bending over so one could eat my arse and I could suck the other guys dick. They switched places often complimented my round little butt. It wasn't long before I could feel my tight arse being invaded, with 2 huge hands holding my hips and pounding the fucking life out of me whilst I tried to suck the other man's dick. Before I knew it, the first guy was pushing as deep inside me as possible and flooding my arse with his cum, he pulled out, slapped my arse and said to his friend 'your turn to knock him up'. Before he swiftly shoved his dick in my mouth, whilst his friend got to know my arse a little better. I spent most of the evening on all 4's, they really didn't speak to me at all, just kept putting their loads inside me. In many ways, it was refreshing really. I didn't need the false questions or them wanting to get to know me. I wanted their cum, they wanted my arse, why ask anything? Just fuck me! It went on into the early hours and eventually I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning before they did, I made sure my butt was ready for another ride, before grabbing them both by their dicks to wake them up. One of them was very ratty and pissed off at being woken up, before he could really complain, I started to give him head to shut him up. His friend however, spat on my arsehole and just rammed his dick in me. It was actually painful and I really yelped out loud. I was told to shut up because I was a useless slag and I should be grateful to be getting their loads. It worked, it just made me even more full of lust for their cum. Finally, they bred me, told me to get dressed and go. I put my boxers on and I could feel their cum running down my leg as I walked to the train station. I got home and I was so horny, I just had had to wank at the thought of what they did to me. I could have caught anything off them, I don't even know if the names they gave are their real names. I'll likely never see them again, but I shall always remember the time I became a cum bucket in Manchester :)

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