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  1. By some maybe. But not by me. I have lots of republican friends, lovers, and family. You are a little too emotional about all of this. Deep breaths.
  2. Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, and the pig enjoys it.
  3. Thanks! And wow I haven’t had crabs since college. But every other bug has been had. Not sure I would enjoy crabs again.
  4. Totally know what you're saying. I will always bare back, it give me SO MUCH PLEASURE, but I also want to go about it as healthy as possible. I am on the road a lot and will sometimes get tested at local LGBT testing places but they miss things alot of the times. I'm sure my own doctor thinks I'm a total slut! lol.
  5. Right?! Hid ass in that video is just perfect for fucking. I want that frothy foam shooting up my back like in that video. It's HOT AF! This guys videos are the only video I have ever purchased on Xtube. Jesus they are got. Expensive though. yikes.
  6. I am super turned on by those videos where someone is getting fucked and the cum in their ass is getting churned and it turns all white and foamy. How the fuck can I make that happen in my ass. I have had several loads in my ass while getting fucked but I never seems to get it to foam up like that. How are those guys doing that. I have linked a video below so you know exactly what I'm talking about. [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/taking-anonymous-dick-in-the-dmv-30533381
  7. I was actually pretty safe and quite honestly pretty boring before I became POZ and then I turned into and absolutely sexual freak. Having that fear gone from my brain has been life changing VERY sexual liberating. I guess prep kinda does that for guys these days. I do wish prep was around before I converted, but oh well, life is pretty good these days.
  8. What I mean by this question is, do your friends and family know how often you are ass up looking for loads or is this something you do in secrecy? I, for one, live a pretty conservative life and NOONE would ever assume I take about 10 loads a week. Was just curious what other peoples stories/lives are like in here. Are you open with your friends, family, therapist about taking as many loads as you do or does this community thrive in darkness, behind closed doors? Wasn't sure where to to post this question, but thought this might be an ok place to put it.
  9. I’ve have some big cock pass through the second hole and it’s always a little uncomfortable. Are there any tips on how to enjoy second hole penetration? Exercises?
  10. Do prolapse heal on their own or is it once you have a floppy prolapse that falls out of your hole it’s always gonna be there? They are hot but I wouldn’t want it all the time.
  11. What do you mean you don’t have to even go in? He just writes you a prescription when you tell him? That would be nice. I got 6 loads in me last night making my total to about 13 this week. I hooked up wish shady DL folk, who are also the ones to give you something. Lol. I need to get checked soo.
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