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    Perv mates, nasty chat sessions, taboo. Nothing to swap so please don't ask or offer.
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    Looking for pervs with imagination and a filthy, twisted mind. Wanna blow loads talkin about taboo.

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  1. Been away for FAR too long and need to drain while chattin to likeminded twisted pervs. Only limits are violence and scat, anything else is good...real good. No trades, just chat, and maybe if we really get on - cam and mic to get us really pumping. Wickr is pervsquirter.
  2. Thanks for the follow.   Good to see fellow Aussies in here gettin twisted.

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  5. Thanks for the follow....sweet lookin cock btw!

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  7. I'm new to these forums, and I'm amazed at how almost everyone is on Wickr. I've used Wickr in the past and found it difficult to get chats going because you never know who is online. Now I don't know if things have changed in that regard, but if they haven't, it can be a real obstacle to pervs hooking up for whatever they want to do. What I have found to be a lot better for hooking up is a program called Tox, either qtox or utox. Fully encrypted but with the benefits of knowing who is online, file transfer, vid and mike sessions, and group chat capability. You have to know the ID of the guy you want to add to your friends list, which is a string of alphanumeric characters. Having browsed the darkweb, the TorChat directories in there are full of pervs using Tox that want to hook up, so it's popular where it counts. The toxme.io site enables you to also peruse who are looking for friends - there's all sorts of tastes on there. Just thought guys here would like to know that there's an alternative to Wickr out there that is easier to use and offers more features, yet is still fully encrypted. Wickr certainly has its place, don't get me wrong, but I reckon Tox gives it a run for its money.

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