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  1. WOOOF 😉  would love for u to slide ur cock in my poz ass 😉 

  2. @justsexnowatlyou and me need to get together soon 😉 Ill makes sure to be filled with a few loads before u slide in my slutty hole 😉 Nothing turns me on more than being the nasty cumdump I am UR HOTT btw 😉
  3. Guess my fuck hole is a "nasty slutty fuck hole" nothing hotter than being a cumdump love it when a guy shows up to breed me and slides In my hole to be surprised with warm cum. Most of the time drives the top crazy to fuck my cummy hole 😃
  4. Got a nice warm load this early morning 😉 Got on grinder and a guy was just around the block. Hot white country boy. He walked into my unlocked my apartment and walked into my dark room where I laid ass up in my jock. Started sucking him off got him really hard and then got on my bed where he then slide his raw cock in me. Didn't last too long but dam he sure busted a huge load in me all while I was sniffed my poppers. I can still feel his cum in my ass and man it taste real good. #piglife #cumdump
  5. I must have been barebacking for 10 years before I got pozzed up
  6. Pretty much the same. I never really chased to become poz but was always barebacking and taking raw dick. No regrets here, never got the fuck flu either. Was a lil surprised when I tested poz but not shocked as I knew that barebacking would eventually poz me sooner than later and after several years of taking raw cock it sure did. Guess its more of a relief now.
  7. mmmmm I would. So much. Seriously! xx


  8. Love to play with u stud 

    1. Bearmanpig


      I have to say I am more than impressed with you because you clearly know what you wanted and you took a very definitive steps and you were very solid and getting direction of what you wanted very impressive. I have to say I am more than impressed with you because you clearly know what you wanted and you took a very definitive steps and you were very solid in getting direction of what you wanted very impressive

      This is just something to add it’s not specific to you it’s just in general unfortunately I was exposed to someone who actually did this as a game he literally would beg for me to POZ him all the while he was on prep all the while he had absolutely no intentions of ever following through  

      This person caused such extremely pain. The word love with used on both sides and I honestly believed we were going to share and then be bonded for life he even communicated very specific scenarios or fantasies on exactly how we wanted it to play out. The amount of pain it actually caused me when the truth was eventually revealed after nine months was so immense and intense the only way to describe this behavior of this person is either sadistic egotistic or just plain fucked up. 

  9. Same here Don't know who posed me. I have a slight clue of a a few guys who it coulda been but I was being a big cumdump slut the summer of 2013 that when I found out in Feb 2014 it was more a relief that I can finally bareback freely knowing that I don't have to worry anymore and embrace my positive status as a bareback poz pig 😃
  10. A bareback bottom (not on prep) should take all loads and know that eventually you will get pozzed 😉 Which is what happened to me. I loved barebacking way to much and knew the consequences. I knew taking poz loads would eventually poz me which it did but I couldn't help it the idea of a poz man breeding his poz seed in gets me soo wild and turned on. Poz loads def make it alot more exciting hehe
  11. I agree CUM SLUT pig here. Best part is when the guy shoots his load in you knowing u have his seed. DEF a gift
  12. Couldn't agree more. Didn't chase either but knew one day I become poz since I love barebacking. Nothing has changed now I take a pill one a day and can be the poz cum pig I was meant to be
  13. My favorite things to wear when im being a no load refused cumdump 😉

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