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    South Bend, IN
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    No limits pig. If I'm on, I'm at home waiting for a sicko top to come and use me. I enjoy being bound tight and fucked. I keep my hole tight waiting for the rare guy who wants to rape a hole until it bleeds. Total submission. I want to scream into a gag. Consider yourself an abuse artist and me your canvas.

    Also into beat-off chat at SickoFag on Wickr. No limits chat. Haven't heard the sick fantasy yet that turns me off.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    57, 6', 275#, light brown hair, green eyes, temperamental
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    Chat buddies, RL. Will consider permanent ownership for the right sadist. If I'm online, I'm open for anything right now. Wickr SickoFag, Grindr

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    Wickr SickoFag Grindr SenorHorrible2

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  1. I'll tell you what I'd like to happen tonight. I'd like somebody cruel to come to my darkened house in NC Indiana. I open the door, looking down so I do not meet his gaze. I lead him to my bed, where he blindfolds me tightly, painfully. He takes my arms behind my back and ties them together as far back as he can, as tightly as he can. He throws me face down and spreads my legs wide apart, shoving my ass up so he can plant his meat against my super-tight hole. Grabbing my hair for balance, he doesn't just thrust his cock in, he has to hammer it in because I keep my hole tight on purpose. It's like that just for this night, so that his toxic semen can mix with my blood when it rips apart. He punishes me with his cock, then flips me over, jams his shit-and-blood-covered cock down my throat, and throat-fucks me while I gag and blow snot out my nose. He jams it so deep that I can't breathe, he has my nose covered, his cock is blocking my throat, things get dizzy, ad I pass out. When I wake up I am on my stomach and he is ramming his cock into my ruined ass again. At last he cums, blasting his thick, infested seed into my torn and bloody ass, and as he makes his last thrust, he hisses in my ear, "Enjoy your AIDS, motherfucker!" A girl can dream. Wickr sickofagvictim.
  2. Hosting. If I'm on, I'm looking. Total masochist. Will obey any command. Taking any and all abuse. Will travel relatively nearby. In NC Indiana. No load refused. Happy to take poz cum. Answer to fag, pig, perv, cumdump, whore, or anything else you want to call me. Will make one-way trip if that's what happens. Wickr sickofagvictim Grindr SenorHorrible2 574 222 4731
  3. I now have the capability of traveling nationwide to become someone's permanent pozz cumdump, no-limits whore, pain pig, filth pig, fuck pig, canvas for body mods, toilet. Wickr sickofagvictim Grindr SenorHorrible2 I will last as long as I am kept, and accept whatever disposal awaits. I am also open most days and nights for anyone in or passing through the NC Indiana area. No load refused.
  4. I'm in the mood to be somebody's toilet. Will agree to anything, but thinking of that most. Waiting for eager sadist. Poz loads welcome. Answer to fag, pig, faggot, cumdump, shitboy, or whatever you like. Northern Indiana. Wickr sickofagvictim.
  5. To the anonymous, no caller ID guy who called the other night: we got interrupted because while I was setting up for you to come over that night, my cat knocked over my drink, it splashed perilously near my computer, and I had to frantically hang up and clean before it ruined my computer. You were going to blindfold me, put me on my face, and fuck my ass bloody. If you want to try again, get ahold of me soon.
  6. No limits masochist. Will be in Detroit area Thursday 3/14 and need a place to stay overnight. Will accept any and all treatment in exchange for a place to crash. Would be happy to take my first toxic load. No load refused. Wickr sickofagvictim Grindr senorhorrible2 Will be your willing slave overnight or however long you keep me.
  7. First name you'll respond to: Faggot, Fag, Pig, Cunt, Slut, Whore, Trash, Filth, Fatty, Fatso, Fat Pig Cell/text: 574-222-4731 Location: 46613 Times generally not available: weekdays 3-5:30 Age: 47 Height: 6' Weight: 270 Ethnicity: White Wickr: sickofagvictim Grindr: SenorHorrible2 Position: bottom, total masochist Seeking: no limits usage, pozzing, force, pain, toilet, red red flow
  8. NC Indiana here. No limits bottom looking for the sadist of his screams. My favorite fantasy is to drive to some truck stop somewhere between cities, meet my sadist, get into his trunk, and then be driven somewhere unknown. After I'm let out of the trunk, in the middle of nowhere and far from being heard, in a barn, in a farmhouse, in the middle of the woods, wherever, I submit myself to my sadist. From then on, my fate is in his hands. Whether I last an hour or a month, it's up to him. Pain pig, filth pig, cumdump, whipping post, whatever, it's all him. It's a one-way trip. Please, no bottoms. I don't like whacking off with similar minds. If a sadist wants to talk to me, I'm open to possibilities. Grindr SenorHorrible2 Wickr sickofagvictim
  9. Hey. Total masochist. My favorite fantasy is to drive to a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, meet up with a complete stranger, get into his trunk, and be driven on a one-way trip to a place no one knows, with no one around to hear or see a thing. After that, what happens to me is up to him. I expect to totally submit to any kind of treatment or abuse with no limits and no expectation of returning. How long I last is up to him. Wickr me and tell me what you want to do. If you're in the US, maybe fantasies can come true. Wickr sickofagvictim.
  10. Still looking for an owner. Total masochism. Chat with me and turn it into reality. Wickr sickofagvictim No limits.
  11. Chat leading to reality. Total masochism. Favorite scenario: the one-way trip into redneck country. No limits. Wickr sickofagvictim Grindr Senorhorrible2
  12. Hey. Up and looking for a no-limits sadist. One session and done. Come here or will travel a reasonable distance. No load or situation refused. Wickr sickofagvictim.
  13. Always open to no-limits sadism chat. Will always play victim. Get to know your future victim. Wickr sickofagvictim
  14. Any no-limits sadists in the mood for a trip to South Bend tonight?

  15. Sick no limits chat, hoping for a psycho sadist visitor who likes the color red...chat about things that scare normal people age/rape/torture/snuff Wickr SickoFagVictim

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