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    No limits pig. If I'm on, I'm at home waiting for a sicko top to come and use me. I enjoy being bound tight and fucked. I keep my hole tight waiting for the rare guy who wants to rape a hole until it bleeds. Total submission. I want to scream into a gag. Consider yourself an abuse artist and me your canvas.

    Also into beat-off chat at hurtmebaddd on Wickr. No limits chat. Haven't heard the sick fantasy yet that turns me off.
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    57, 6', 275#, light brown hair, green eyes, temperamental
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    Chat buddies, RL. Will consider permanent ownership for the right sadist. If I'm online, I'm open for anything right now. Wickr SickoFag, Grindr

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    Wickr hurtmebaddd

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  1. I am SO in the mood for IRL tonight. Would love for somebody evil and sadistic to drop by. Could travel in a little while for the right offer. Would love to get knocked up. Tight cunt, love the feeling when it tears and raw cock feels like my ass is on fire. Promise a wild night. Open to any and all suggestions. HMU Wickr hurtmebaddd. If you're just looking for chat, forget it. And NO bottoms.
  2. Need a horny connection tonight. Let's chat if you like to talk with a stranger you'd do awful, evil things to. No limits, no safe words. I know full well what I am asking. We can just chat (not if you're a bottom, sorry), make contact, maybe make plans. I wonder what it's like to be bound and hatefucked, and the last thing you feel as your torn, bloody ass is filled with jets of cum, is thin, sharp steel cutting through your carotid artery.
  3. Damn. I been up all night doing nothing and I want some action. What are the chances of anyone coming by at all, much less to do all the things I want? Make you a deal--you show up, do what you want, and leave. No limits, no safe words. Yes, I know what I am asking. Offer me a space relatively local that I can reach and maybe I'll come to you. 

  4. Shut down my Wickr account a week or so ago. Too much annoying bullshit, too many guys wanting someone "generous." It's good to start over once in a while. Rather than put it out here where the hoes can get it. message me if you're interested and I'll send you the Wickr I am in the middle of creating now. I'm in NC Indiana and don't mind traveling a *short* distance. (Met a guy on a different site, got me to drive 75 miles to meet him...and he wasn't even home. I don't need that shit. If you're that far away, we will confirm you're real. I'm not doing this for wanking material. If I've put this up, I'm genuine.

    This is the one thing I love. I get it so rarely that when I do get fucked, this is guaranteed. I keep my hole tight. Yes, most men like a sloppy hole, and yes, I do have to be lubed to start, but if I love one thing it's being fucked hard enough to rip my anus. Yeah, there will be blood. Plenty of it. And as you hatefuck me, hopefully with my hands bound behind me, you grab my hair and use my head as your punching bag. After you've exploded your hot, toxic cum deep in me where it will mix with my blood and ensure pregnancy, you yank out your cum and shove it down my throat to clean off the blood and shit. You treat my hair like a rag and wipe it clean. 


    But my biggest fantasy is to meet someone in the middle of nowhere. Say, SW Michigan, where there are great spans of land where no one could hear you scream. We'd meet at a rest area on one of the interstates. We'd park far away from the lights. I'd get into his trunk, he'd slam it shut, and drive off. And after that, I'd never be seen again. What would happen after we leave would be up to the driver. I'd be his toy for as long as he wants, and then when he's tired of me...whatever.

    Wickr hurtmebaddd

    1. Psspgprvtbh


      Ur asking a dark world to do what it will with you.... u have balls. For now..

    2. SenorHorrible


      I'm aware. The last couple of days have brought some brightening into my world and I've reconsidered it. At least for now. 

  5. I keep my hole tight so there WILL be blood. The feeling of a hot, hateful cock ripping your anus apart...nothing like it in the world. Screaming in pain and pleasure at the same time is amazing. Then have it yanked out, your hair grabbed, and a bloody, shitty cock being jammed down your throat... Throw in some binder twine, bind it tight, and I'm yours.
  6. Damn, sitting here whacking off and thinking how hot it would be for some hot, fucking mean, unpleasant poz stud to hatefuck me bloody, and just as he cums in me, out comes the knife, he grabs my balls, and...I get a toxic trophy and he gets a bloody full sac trophy!

  7. how far from Crown Point?

  8. Last week I posted my favorite fantasy again...about meeting someone at a truck stop, getting in their trunk, and going on a one-way trip. Someone responded but hung up apparently when he was done whacking off. I'd still like to talk to someone about that. I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance. Wickr sickofagvictim
  9. Open to all sorts of chat, no limit but one--and I'll tell you that later. Awake and would love to talk to someone about doing nasty dirty things to victims small of stature and bereft of hair. Wickr sickofagvictim
  10. Yet another someone who read my favorite fantasy, about a one-way trip to nowheresville, called me up to offer it to me--and then hung up when he got his rocks off. If you want to call me and wank, just say so. Don't pretend you're actually going to follow through with it. Will be alone today and wouldn't mind some chat about brutal acts against the small and helpless. And if you're LEA, don't bother. I can sniff you out way ahead of time.
  11. Normally I try to troll for real people who do real things in real time, and that's never worked out, but I was just thinking of this scene from an episode of "The Walking Dead" a few years ago where they had people tied up, gagged, on their knees, in front of a trench, and someone would come up behind them, whack them in the back of the head with a baseball bat, and an accomplice would then slit their throat and they'd bleed out into the trench. That gave me a hell of a stiffie, and I was just thinking of how much fun that would be with someone smaller but no body hair. So now I am in the mood to whack off over fantasies like that. As always, no limits, and open to a visitor with a really bad sadistic streak. Wickr sickofagvictim
  12. Sitting around with my hand on my dick, looking at porn and wishing I'd finally meet the psycho sadist of my nightmares. If I can't find him here, I don't know where I would. If I can't make my one-way trip, I'm open to having some enthusiastic, AIDS-ridden fucker pump me full of toxic cum. Anyone who wonders if I am real can try me. I've driven to meet supposed partners only to get stood up. If I'm going to drive again, I'm going to want some kind of assurance that the deed is going to be done. Wickr sickofagvictim

    1. PDXpissdrinker


      I’ve tried to get you on Wickr twice. Find me pdxpervert 

    2. SenorHorrible


      I can't find you on Wickr either. Weird.

  13. Currently about 3pm EST, will probably be on for a while. Been trolling for a while and have had several nibbles that all turned out to be dead fish when it came time to reel them in. Here we go again: I am a total masochist *except when it comes to the small and hairless.* Then I am a total sadist. We can text on Wickr and share fantasies, but if that is as far as you go, SAY SO. Don't fucking string me along. My favorite fantasy is to drive somewhere, meet a psycho sadist at a truck stop or something, get in his trunk, and never be seen again. I will submit to anything, no limits, no safe words, but don't fucking make me drive somewhere just because you think that's fucking funny. If you want to fantasize, we can do that, but be clear if we're never gonna meet. Bottoms: don't EVEN fucking text me. It really pisses me off when some fucking bottom asshole wants to tell me all about how HE wants to get hurt. I'm not a top and I don't want to hear you ask me what sort of things I want to do to you, and I don't CARE what you want done to you. Yeah, I am in a bad mood, and what would be really great would be to have it beaten out of me. I only have ONE limit: I don't want to hear about bbyz or tddlrz. I don't fucking get it and don't want to. So, after all this ranting, if you want to talk really, really severe fantasies, we can do that. I hope it leads to real. Wickr sickofagvictim The word VICTIM should tell you all you need to know. And if you're going to text me just to tell me what a jerk I am, don't bother. I already know.
  14. If I drive down there, will you make sure I get the fuck flu?

  15. Someone called the other night after I went to sleep. I couldn't get to the phone in time. What did I miss? Try me again. 574-222-4731. Will travel for the right situation.

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