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  1. Went to signal club nudest night in sydney. Partying stripped got on this fuck bench ass towards door luded for couple hours breed by 4 to 6 guys then went to glory hole put ass at the hole got ass fuck again . then opened the door for anyone. couple more loads. then went to the den got in sling got 1st bbc plus couple other big cocks . Was fucked so hard had bruised tail bone couldn't sit down for couple weeks
  2. Ohh Wow IMG_E1603.thumb.jpg.1bbc12a2c2e8e585c2539456b0356f95.jpgow need hard cock to fill this is


  3. Wow where's all the cock when ass needs filling ??


  4. WOW 1st for ages that my ass needs cock extra help 


  5. WOW  now my ass needs lots of cock!!


    1st BBC.JPG

  6. At the den wired for anyone hard Go home sloppy and leaking
  7. Has anyone heard when Trade > Sydney sauna or AArows are opening ?
  8. How's things going in Sydney? You staying locked down or still getting some action.

  9. 2 load for Easter. He rail my ass in park in the near the beach hopefully get more on way home nice slim 8 inch
  10. Had a top round he rail my ass from 10.00 till 4.09am grindr hook up round he lied about his size, not as big as my pinkie
  11. Going Mona Vale to city sometime early between now and 6.00 Any want a slut to use, Beat park I will bend over wherever you want me to?
  12. Going Mona Vale to city sometime early between now and 6.00 Any want a slut to use, Beat park I will bend over wherever you want me to?
  13. Top coming to fuck me all night?

  14. If you got Ideas of city's ,venues, hotels to stay and events that will get a mature slut ca get fucked? Let me know Thankyou
  15. I am going to the same as most people go out in my own town and get filled with the help of poppers and other letters, also going to travel interstate in Australia and do same thing. Also plan trips to America, Canada, Europe ,England and Ireland. To Experience MAL or IML and bend over for any hard cock that I can take in either end.
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