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    getting fucked, being slut, gang bang, anon , sauna , gloryhole, chemsex , (get me wired and have fun)
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    Top to give me a working over, and for me to let them enjoy themselves as much as possible.

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  1. Sorry I meant say a good place this afternoon where everyone can have a go at me?
  2. Going to Sauna or sex club in Sydney this afternoon loads as I can get, so the pants of my pants look and smell of cum Can anyone recommend a place that is good on a Saturday afternoon?
  3. Just got some more T.

    Was told this was great stuff. Did .2 and it went straight the metal tyaste in my and a great tingling ass!

  4. And so another bottom Slut is born!! Everything you said is true it feels great !! Also the 1st guy is special, Congradulations!!
  5. Going to Trade this afternoon at 4.00

    Going wear a jock strap and take as I can.


    All welcome Please help to fill my ass


  6. 1st chem sex 1st 2 loads 

    Amazing got fucked for 4 hours one guy




  7. sorrry gonna can hav yo cancel drug dealer has fucked me over, should know bettere than have a female drug dealer \]]
  8. Hi going to trade on Sunday 24th from 4.00 to be bent over and used !! Or get in the sling and get cock, any top. Want cum seeping through pants on the bus home. Please help me
  9. Hi gabb, just shooting out a 'hello' :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JockstrappedSlut


      Now your just teasing, my ass is pulsing !!


    3. soulpioneer


      lol, yeah....i can be a 'teaser' at times, but hey...prolly beats being without 'eye-candy'? :) - was just looking and see there is 500 mb limit for your attachements. Hmmm...I wonder how that works when u reach that limit...cant post any more pics? or is there a paid level membership that can expand your storage space? 

    4. JockstrappedSlut


      Not sure haven't got the skills you have!

      I know a few people over here who want to wear you out, me included !!

  10. Slammed bottom here looking for cock. Live on Northern Beaches of Sydney, is there anyone who can fill a hole ?
  11. Sydney Northern Beaches here Keen for tops to leave cum in my hole
  12. is this like a video conferencing program?
  13. My elder brother taught me when I was 10 !!! Multiple times

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