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    Bareback Sex; Taking Loads; Eating Ass
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    My first was with an alpha male black guy. He was bi and got married and we were off and on for 10 years. I have sex with white men as well, but my 1st preference is for dominant black men. I’m sexy, masculine, and muscular. I have a phat ass that most black guys at the bathhouse have fucked at some point and continue fucking whenever they see me there.
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    none unfortunately
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    Tops who ensure I get a nice load, and especially tops who give me multiple loads, and tops that know how to eat ass

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  1. Friday night got fucked by 5 black guys and 1 white guy. Slow night. Usually get 10-15. I’d be most happy with 25 to 30 in one night. The 25 happened once and I left feeling like I could easily take another 25 more. BodyZone has a lot of black guys in their 20s late Friday and Saturday night. And there are a lot of bottoms. The guys seem to prefer sample tasting, fucking every hole they can before cumming. Lots of one time and done cummers there. Not complaining, I get lots of raw dick, but the load count seems to be going down. Used to be 75% of the guys would give me their load. Now seems to be under 50%. Anyway, I love black dick and black guys seem to love my Phat ass, so I’m happy to live not too far from BZ so I can always get some raw BBC any weekend I want and maintain anonymity. For my fellow BBC lovers, BZ has changed management and what was before as nasty as Mans Country is now slowly becoming a mini version of Chicago steamworks. I have been going to BZ for 19 years since it opened in 2000. From a ‘hot black guys’ only guy requiring condoms, to a ‘hot black guys only’’ guy allowing raw fucking to no cumming in me, to a ‘hot black guys only” guy who started allowing breedings after the first one felt too good to let it end there, to a ‘all black guys welcome to breed me’, to a ‘all men are welcome to breed my hole’. I’ve progressed over the years to be BZ and possibly Detroit’s most well known cumdump.
  2. I work downtown. Would love to join you as another bottom with those two tops. Mostly get fucked by bbc because they go for my phat ass
  3. BZ for BBC is only Good Friday and saturdays after 11pm, peaking at 3am. Easily over 30 black guys there on a friday or saturday night. I’ve had as many as 15 in one night. Don’t waste your time during the week though. And stay until 7am or 8am when black guys are about to leave and want one last nutt. There was a time between 6 and 8am I was fucked by 8 black guys after only getting a few between 2 and 6am. They would hear me getting fucked and when a guy would leave, there was already another at the door waiting. I used to love being an exhibitionist, but now I just like one guy in my room at a time only focused on me and giving me that nutt. A lot of black guys just want some good ass. I get in a doggystyle position with my phat ass toward the door and they come in a just start pumping me raw. 80 to 90% automatically fuck raw. For the rest I take the cum out of the condom and swallow it or insert it in my hole.
  4. I estimate I’ve had sex with well over a 1000 men. I can’t even guess sometimes at the bathhouse I get fuck by less than 5 guys, other times 15 guys. Some breed me multiple times, some save it because they cum once and leave. With repeats I’ve probably taken well over 2500 loads. Never enough. I got fucked by 25 guys once in a 12 hour stay and craved dick more after 25 than when I started. Would love 50 guys in one day.
  5. Boring is when a guy only gets semi hard and thinks he is giving you the fuck of a lifetime and then doesn’t even finish with giving me a load.
  6. When a guy pisses his dick usually pulsates more than when he cums. I love taking piss because I love feeling raw cock pulsate in my sweet hole.
  7. One time I had to pee bad while laying naked on my bed. I just let it go with the warm piss running up my chest, tingling my nipples, and running off my body. Now I take pleasure pissing on myself. I have plastic protection to protect my mattress. Anyone else like to purposely pee on themselves in bed, or am I just a freak.

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