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    Alpha men, the hairier the better (can't be TOO hairy), big dick, ROUGH sex, bareback, gangbangs, and mpreg (male pregnancy). Also DannyBoyCMH on Wickr, if you want to chat. Even though I am married, Riverfk is my favorite person on here, and we will meet one of these days.
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    Athletic, muscular, bottom guy.
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    An Alpha that wants to use me for ANYTHING he wants.

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  1. I know people are giving you shit for this post, but not me. As a bottom, I have to concur from my side. That's my personal perspective, and I am entitled to that.
  2. Works for me without fail at gyms and restaurants. At gyms, people expect you to look at them anyway, so holding eye contact longer is an instant confirmation.
  3. For me, it's always been about eye contact. What has worked most of the time is a slightly long look at them in the face, look down to their crotch, look back up and smile. Then I usually turn around and look back. Sounds simple, but it really works. It's also subtle enough around other people that it's not really noticeable by anyone except the two of you.
  4. Check out @wood_and_rust on TikTok. I got pregnant just listening to him. You're welcome.
  5. My husband is an Alpha in the bedroom and outside the bedroom. My responsibilities outside the bedroom are mostly things I like to do anyway, and I love serving him. I do most of the cooking, laundry, and cleaning. He does some though. I also do our yardwork and outdoor duties. He is handy, so he fixes stuff. If he asks me to do something though, I am happy to serve him.
  6. Thanks for the follow, sexy

    1. chipygmalion80


      I had to after reading what you post here 🙂

    2. DannyBoyCMH


      😈 always happy to share and chat

  7. Not to sound insensitive, but you just need to take it. Practice will help, but don't put the responsibility on the top to ease you into it. If you're going to be a good bottom, you have to learn to take tops however they wish.
  8. That getting a man's seed inside me is a gift, and it's what I am meant for. Also that it's full of sperm that I wish could get me pregnant with his babies.
  9. Quite a few actually. Starts with eye contact, usually. It is certainly easier if alcohol is involved. Inhibitions are lowered with a few drinks. I can usually read guys pretty well, but I have gotten a few punches over the years. Proceed with caution. I love a big load from a straight guy though.
  10. Because I learned early on that it was what I was meant to be. I love it.
  11. I love hairy Alpha Top men. The more hair the better. Even so much hair that you can't even seen skin underneath. Nothing like taking a load from men that hairy. I can feel myself getting impregnated. 🙂
  12. Definitely hairy. No amount of hair is too much. I have been with men so hairy you can’t even see skin underneath. It’s such a HUGE turn on for me!!
  13. We will only watch bareback porn. Even if the guys are totally gorgeous and built, if they use condoms, we won't watch. Breeding only. Even with bareback, we are not a fan of pulling out. Balls pumping breeding inside is the way to go.
  14. We discovered Seth Santoro in Seth Santoro's gang bang not too long ago. He is perfect. Being a bottom myself, I admired what he could handle. 🙂
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