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    Alpha men, the hairier the better (can't be TOO hairy), big dick, ROUGH sex, bareback, gangbangs, and mpreg (male pregnancy).
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    Athletic, muscular, bottom guy.
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  1. When an Alpha top is cumming, his cock expands and then pulses the cum out when he shoots. My hole is tight enough around his cock that I feel that happening. If he has lower hanging balls, I can feel those pull up close to my hole too.
  2. Sometimes, especially the big, warm loads. Most of the time though, it's his cock swelling and pulsing that I can feel.
  3. I have been with some Spanish guys, but I understood enough to know what they were saying.
  4. I don't even have any dick pics. Being a total bottom, it's about my holes, and my body that will be used. Plus, my cock is larger than average and I don't want anyone thinking I will even consider being a top.
  5. Bald guys are hot, as long as the rest of them is hairy. 🙂
  6. I like to freeball in my basketball shorts. My ass gets noticed, but so do my cock and balls, and I am all bottom. Sometimes I will wear a jock that contains my cock and balls more but keeps my ass very noticeable. It all works for me. Easy to get shorts and a jock off too, if I need fucked quick.
  7. Hairy, hairy, hairy. Not just pubes, but everywhere. Can't have too much hair. Huge turn on for me.
  8. No. Don't start with a condom and there is nothing to take off. If he wants to wear one, we don't even get started until it's off.
  9. Warehouse Supervisor, but I do a lot of landscaping jobs on the side.
  10. Just further confirmation that we are a match. Time to get me pregnant.🙂
  11. I do say thank you. It's my honor to take an Alpha's load, so I show my appreciation.
  12. 100% bottom. Always have been, always will be. It is what I was meant to do.

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