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  1. Yes, it is a turn on. Kind of in a different way than a gay guy. Married guys, in my experience, are more hard up. They cum faster and seem more desperate. I like that they chase me so intently. From my own perspective, because of my mpreg interest, I love getting fucked by real Dads. Men that actually have made babies, then cumming inside me, to try and knock me up too. Some get off on me saying that too.
  2. Fuck yes. The natural musky smell though, not dirty.
  3. Sometimes. Most of the time with my husband, he knows exactly where to hit. If I don't cum that way, I don't cum at all. It's all about the top's pleasure.
  4. Be whatever he tells you to be and do whatever he tells you to do.
  5. I am super attracted to thick beards and goatees. So... HOT. 🙂
  6. Thanks for the follow! 🙂

    1. fskn


      Thank you, sexy! I think we have some interests in common. Inspiring! 😉

    2. DannyBoyCMH


      Do we?  That's great! 🙂


  7. What has worked for me before is to get him worked up to the point that there is no turning back for him. He has to cum and wants to cum. You stop and say that you don't want to do it anymore unless it's bare. They never want to walk away when they are that worked up. In the moment, they decide to bareback so they can cum instead of having to walk away.
  8. When I worked for a landscaping company, there were three guys there that I had regular sex with. We could only do it on jobs. Sometimes it would be in the work truck, but many times it was outside. Sometimes not too far from people being able to find us or see us. The sex never lasted long, as these were married guys and they would practically cum in their pants as soon as they knew they were getting ass.
  9. For my mouth, yes there can be too big. For my ass, I can take anything so far, but it doesn't mean it's always easy. Sometimes the top makes me take it more when I am not ready, but it's not my choice.
  10. Always, always, always deep breeding. Pulling out to cum and shoving back in is just for porn, for guys that think they need to see the cum to make sure it really happened.
  11. I love sucking my husband's big hairy toes. He loves it too. Size 16 feet. Not as good as his fingers, armpits, or his cock, but still sexy.
  12. I stare at bulges constantly. Especially at the gym. For those of you that cruise, that's a good way to get some action. Simple... stare at his big bulge, then look up to his eyes, then look back at his bulge again. He'll try to get in your ass in no time.
  13. A long time ago, someone hooked me up to a modified cow milker. Modified for humans (real milking machines for cows could cause damage to your cock!). It was incredible! I must have cum six or seven times in less than 10 minutes. I have not seen one since, but I have seen videos before. So hot to milk loads of cum out of a guy. I just wonder where it all goes after it's collected. I want it.

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