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  1. I have always been against it from fear of getting caught. I had been caught with a guy in a car when I was 18 by the police. Luckily the cops were cool about it, but I've always had a fear since. But I was so horny I couldn't resist.
  2. Super horny I let a top fuck me In a park. I had been searching recently for a regular top as I have been horny and needing dick. BBRT was not working as I currently can't host and no tops could that I found ether A few nights a go I was talking to a married top and he really wanted some ass, only fucking a few guys before he was really begging for the ass. He couldn't host but said he had a place we could go and not get caught. It took a lot of convincing but finally super horny me agreed. I meet him at his place outside and we talked and walked to a park with a covered picnic area it had a wall that faced the road and was tucked away. I got to work on his cock scared I would get caught but super horny. His cock was nice and he was really enjoying the BJ. He then had me stop and turned me around pulling my shorts off me he tossed them on the table and bent me over it. A rough breeding followed, going balls deep hard and fast he stretched my ass no warm up just a little spit left from me sucking his dick. He had me moaning not caring about getting caught. He then shot his load deep in my ass pumping it in slowly but with a hard push back in. I cleaned his dick off and we left.
  3. This is the story of when I tried to top and get the pounding of a life time. I found an add on Craigslist for a cumdump I had never topped anything in my life and wanted to try it. I answered the add and the bottom replied giving his address and telling me others might be there. I drove over to his apartment complex and walked to the building. I noticed someone else going in his apartment so I waited I was too nervous to go in. About 15 minutes later the guy came out tall lean guy dress nice. I walked in and the bottom was waiting ready and lube. I was nervous. Almost left but I pulled my pants off and started to get hard. My little dick was barely hard I was extremely nervous. I hard the front door open and an older top guy came in her noticed me and started to wait his turn I awkwardly told him to go ahead. He look down at my flaccid cock and laughed a little. He took out his dick big and thick and I looked at it in awe. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to suck it before he fucked the bottom. I got on my knees and worked it till it got hard. He thanked me and proceed to roughly fuck the bottom for a awhile. He pulled out and asked me if I wanted a turn. I shook my head. He then said I know what you want. He approached me and told me to bend over. I did, he fucked me hard and fast. Another top entered and the other top started to fuck the main bottom. He had a smallish cock but fucked him pretty rough and enjoyed looking at us. He came and then left. The top fucking me came in my ass and left as well. I started to get up and leave and the cumdump bottom rolled over. He told me to stay and that it was hot. He pulled off his jock to revile a big cock. He pushed my head down and made me suck it. He then put me on my back and fucked me super hard. My cock was rock hard and it was evident I was no top. Cumming deep in my ass he sent me away. Not realizing I had to go to work in about a half hour my sore little ass was leaking and throbbing
  4. I do it a lot, they ether cum in my ass or pull it out and cum down my throat. I don't mind it my ass is clean and I've never had an issue. It's hot in the heat of the moment too
  5. My first cock with the hot daddy down the street. I grew up in a well off neighborhood lots of fancy houses and cars trophy wives and bored people with nothing better to do. I was in high school and didn't know much about sex. I had kissed a few girls but nothing more. I didn't know I was gay yet. Around the corner from my house lived a young daddy early thirties and his big titties trophy wife. He was thick muscular hairy chested and all man. He would wash his car every Saturday morning, I was always walking by to take a look. He was shirtless this day and looking fine, I stopped and gazed at him. He caught me looking, he waved me over. I walked across the street nervous as can be thinking he he thought I was gay, but I wasn't right.... He quickly said so I caught you looking after a slight pause I said yeah your car is nice. He laughed he knew but I didn't think he knew. He talked about the care for a moment then invited me in to show me something. I followed. He took me into a spare bedroom shutting the door behind him. He told me he saw me look at him every week and he knew what I wanted. He pulled his pants down his thick cock bounced out. I instantly looked at. I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was soo good looking. I felt a feeling I had never felt, he approached me. He took me in his big arms and kissed me. I felt a feeling I had never felt with a girl. He pushed my head down and I started to put his cock in my mouth awkwardly sucking it. He gave me pointers as his dick got hard. He stood me up and undressed me, I was short and skinny with a little cock standing hard from playing with his. He laughed a little and said you're definitely going to be a bottom. He went over to the night stand and got a bottle of lube he put me on my back and lubed my hole heavily pushing it in with his fingers. He put lots of lube on his cock and then pushed it in. It hurt tears went down my face as he pushed it in all the way. He leaned over and kissed me as he slowly fucked me. I loosened up and I enjoyed kissing him. He fucked me for a little awhile telling me how tight it was. He started to jerk my cock as he fucked me. I shot my load in 30 seconds. He pulled out and shot his load on me. All night my ass ached all I could think about was the pain. I never wanted to feel that again or so I told myself.... I was back next Saturday
  6. My older brother has taken my ass several times, no one else in the family but my oldest brother can fuck my tight ass anytime
  7. I have semi good luck with it, unfortunately as a total bottom I find it hard to find tops in my area
  8. If I know I'm going to have sex it's cleaned. Sometimes passion will take over and I won't have time, however I guess im lucky I have never had any accidents or mess on my end.
  9. I crave it, cock and cum. Not sure what causes it but I have almost a need for it like to eat or drink lol I need cum I need cock
  10. I think im addicted to my brothers cock now, it feels soo good fucking my tight ass.
  11. Back in the days of Craigslist I had an anon encounter with a very large dick that left me ruined. I posted an add for anon cock and breezing it was a weekday after noon, so I didn't think I would get anyone. I got a couple answers, one form a guy who just sent a dick pick no text just a very large dick. Shaved bald and bigger than anything my tight 20 year old ass had taken. I was intrigued and carious. I sent him an email back and got a response, he wanted me bent over my couch pre lubed and ready I was scared but really wanted his dick, he said it was 9 inches and I could see it was thick. I gave him my address he said he would email from the parking lot and once he did to bend over and be ready. He warned me he was rough. He emailed about 30 minutes later and I got in postion I waited and heard the door open a few minutes later. He complimented my ass, calling it girly and smacking it. He fingered my ass making sure it was lubed, pumping his large fingers making me moan a bit. I had the bottle of lube near by and I heard him grab it and open it, the fingers came out and bam my ass felt a large dick pushing against it. It wouldn't fit, he slapped my ass with his cock a few times and then pour some lube over my hole pushing his cock in with the lube. I felt a rush of pain as the large dick entered my ass. He didn't hesitate to go balls deep, I pulled up my head to tell him it hurt and he pushed it back down. I said it hurt as mu face went into the cushion. He said don't worry it will start to feel good. He slowly pumped it moving it only a little. He pushed my legs apart more and pulled my ass up awkwardly. He started to use more of his dick, my ass started to get used to it and it felt good. He started using it all and it hurt for a moment then felt amazing he picked up the pace pulling my hips with each thrust, I felt every inch of his big hard cock. He smacked my ass and pulled out he pushed my hoodie over my had pulling it over my face. He moved me on my back putting his dick back in. He put his hand on my throat asking if I liked it. The big dick felt great so I told him yeah. He started fucking me really hard, going deep. I could hear a hard slapping and felt my ass getting worked over, but it felt soo good. He asked if he could cum on my face I told him yes. He told me to close my eyes I did and got on my knees he pulled my hoodie off leaving my completely naked. I felt his dick slapping on my face and could hear him jerking off. I reached out my hand and took over, I got super close to his cock and he came moaning loudly. He cover my face and chest. He told me to keep my eyes closed and pushed the cum all over my face rubbing it in and making me eat some it was cover my eyes. I heard him quickly get dressed he left in a hurry. I grabbed my hoodie and wiped my face, hurrying to the window I wanted to see the big dick that fucked me. I say a fat old man walking away I was shocked but could see his smile and bulge. Grandpa had a huge meaty cock. My ass was sore for several days
  12. I decided to be very bad. I have a cousin who doesn't know I'm gay and he's the super asshole anti gay religious type. Sooo I let a bunch of men fuck my ass in his house. I was house sitting for a couple days and I literally invited every top I could think of. prepped myself and once the tops started responding my ass was getting pounded. I heard a knock at the door and an older fuckbuddy was there he didn't hesitate to strip me down and force me to my knees. I pulled down his pants to revile his big daddy dick. I started sucking it nice and slow going balls deep until it grew to its full size and barely fit in my mouth. Once he was hard daddy fucked me, bent over the couch. Nice and hard braking my ass in for what was to cum. Pumping a load into my ass he left letting another man in behind him, a guy from grindr. Superised he showed. He wouldn't go bare but I figured fuck it and let him go to town using the other guys cum as lube. He came pretty quick. Added twsit he made me get on my knees and dumped the load on my face, I guess begging for it worked out. No other tops till that night. The rest showed up all at 8pm, I let them in, just in a thong I lead them to the bed room. I got in doggy position and bam a nice cock was fucking me, then a second in my mouth. I could see the third jerking. The guy in my mouth told the other to come and share it. He came over and I was switching between the two cocks I loves this. Two big thick white cocks one happy mouth. The guy fucking me started to moan and dropped his load he switch with the first guy he was spit roasting me with. I cleaned his thin short little cock, he was super chubby and great full. The other guy took over using my mouth and he started to moan he pushed my head down and came down my throat. The other guy got so turned on he wanted to do the same. I prefer it in the ass but the top was so excited I figured it would be hot. I got on my knees and his hard cock filled my mouth he started pumping his hips and moaning. He pulled out and covered my face with a big load. Fuck yeah I hope they go out of town again so I can take more loads in there house for revenge
  13. Looking to be a cumdump tomorrow, let me know if you're interested in dropping a load
  14. First I wish they all were like this everything about this makes me sad that I havnt come close. I made a grindr profile, added a pic, and started looking. I couldn't find anyone the rumors were true lol. I went to the gym and worked out got home and got onto the app to look. I had a message a sexy top his abs. I messaged back I told him I just got back from the gym and needed to shower, he said same than asked me to come over to his place to shower with him. I figured fine he was close sounds hot. I went over he answered the door shirtless and sexy, basketball shorts muscles tall atheltic black top. I came in he instantly took control and kissed me, then pushed me down I started sucking his fat cock, it was thick and long and I could smell he had been working out. He stood me up and stripped me down. He took me to the shower. We got soapy then he started to make me suck him again, I wanted his dick so bad in my ass I stopped sucking and turned around bending down towards the little bench in the shower he fucked me hard. I moaned like a girl in a porno, fuck it felt soo damn good. He stopped turned me around put me on my knees and came on my face. I washed the cum off we finished showering. Then I got out dryed off and his dick looked so good I got on my knees and started sucking it. He told me if it got hard again he would fuck me again. A few minutes later he went north and pulled me up, he took me into the bedroom put me on my back and fucked me. I came very fast, my limp dick was left bouncing there as he fucked me hard. He started to feel like the most intense pleasure ever, he was moaning he kept it deep and went fast my soft dick came, I felt a deep pleasure deep inside me, my hips my stomach my everything through my legs. He loaded my ass. I left and I was sore for the next day but it was worth it.

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