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  1. Loaded up (Part 2: The raunch continues-) I held that monster cock head in my mouth and kept my eyes on the black face of the dude who was glaring down at me. He kept a firm tension on the belt leash he held me by, as Joe fuckin’ raped my hole. "That's a pretty good whore we got here- looks like you can definitely take some cock." The mean fucker holding my leash said. "But, do you got you staying power, bitch? Huh? Can you take all these mother-fuckin’ cocks? I count three worthy cocks in this room right now, and you never know who might walk in. I got a little time. My girls b
  2. Loaded Up: PART 1: At the theater It was late Friday night and I needed some cock. I took a Lyft home and logged onto BBRT to see who was online. After a few minutes of scrolling, I saw this hot daddy: mid-40’s, muscled up, scruffy, biohazard tattoo on his left pec. We started chatting and he sent over some fuckin’ HOT dick pics. Said he was lookin’ to plow a tight ass and that his name was Joe. Asked me what I was lookin’ for. “Loads, man. It’s been a long shitty week in the office and I need a cock to stretch me out and load me up.” I said. He said he couldn’t host, but
  3. This is a multiple part story. Little bit of sex in part 1- lots more in part 2 and 3. Lemme know your thoughts. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Fuckin’ Road Trip. (Part 1- the hotel). The weather had looked clear this morning when we left San Francisco on a road trip and to get up to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see my girlfriend, Andrea’s, family. Airline prices had gotten kinda crazy recently- so we decided to drive up with her niec
  4. Part 5. (The ride begins...) So- yeah. When you got a nice thick cock sliding over your tongue and you breathe in and smell a set of sweaty balls…. yeah- that’s when you can relax and let your inner pig out. I closed my eyes and just focused on taking that cock- deep and running my tongue around the head every so often. Man, this shit was good. After a few seconds, I heard a rustle and opened my eyes a bit. The kid was a few feet away watching me take that monster cock all the way to the root – spit dripping from my lips. His eyes were huge, his shirt pulled up and tucked under his c
  5. Part 4. (Looks like we got a neighbor) Yeah- now this was fuckin’ what I needed. A little slutty boy on his knees, suckin’ on my cock real slow like….. yeah, strokin’ my cock- with his eyes closed. A man could get used to this- Right about then 2 things happened about the same time: we heard the door to the bathroom open and we realized the door to the handicap stall we were in was still wide open. Now although I didn’t think you could see the handicap stall from the front of the bathroom- I only had a second to lean forward to close the stall door with a "thud". Now this had th
  6. Part 3. It was like someone cut the strings on a puppet. He suddenly slumped forward limply and pushed me away sayin’ “Sensitive-mister, it 's sore..”. I stood up and stroked my cock a bit (jesus- the pre-cum was really flowin’ at this point and I needed to bust soon). The kid looked down and said ”Thanks, mister… ummm, should I help you, ummm…?” I kept stroking and smiled at him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “I’m really close, buddy and it would really help me out if you could maybe just…” as I slowly applied pressure down on his shoulder pushing him
  7. Part 2. Yeah- the guy seemed to really like that- he let out a breath and his shoulders relaxed. He leaned into me a bit and looked up at me. I smiled again (didn’t want him bolting before the fun began) and made sure the hand strokin’ my dick rubbed up against the edge of his hand. I gave my foreskin a little tug which brought his eyes back down to where they should be – on my cock. I brought my cock closer to his hand and he looked up at me again. I said those famous words used since time immorial- “It’s alright- go ahead- touch it”. That seemed to be all he needed to hear. He reached o
  8. Moderator's Note: To calm the nerves of those who reported it, the "kid" is over 18. He just seems like a kid to these older guys. It was November and I was driving from San Francisco to Seattle to see some family. I was hauling ass to get across the Cascade mountains over Oregon before the snow started and was ready for a break. It had been a rough last few weeks. My partner and I had recently broken up after a few years and I wanted to see some friends up in Washington and let off some steam. Up ahead I saw a sign for a rest stop about a mile ahead by a school- just in time (as the cof
  9. Some places to get loaded on SF: - Buena Vista park (by the tennis courts at night (note: this area is pretty dark). Especially busy when the weathers warm. - GG park out by the windmills. Lots of trails over here that guys fuck on. - Folsom Gulch. Basic raunch video store. $15 gets you in/ out privellages. Booths/ small theater in the back. - Powerhouse (out back/ smoking area). Gets busy on weekends out back/ smoking area. Not unusual as the night goes on to have a few men sucking cocks or getting fucked in the public area out back.
  10. Glad your posting stories again, man. Your series "Young Naive and ovulating" is one of the best on here!!
  11. Was driving late Saturday night during Folsom weekend here in San Francisco. Night was busy, picking up/ dropping off sexy men going to the pre- Folsom parties. Around 2 hours into the shift, it began to slow down a bit and I figured I'd take a break. Just then, the Lyft app let me know I had a ride. I picked up a guy at Mezzanine (the Deviants party) around 1:30 am. He was tall, sexy, scruffy and a bit drunk. As we were driving, I asked how his night was going. He said he was on his way to meet a friend at the Travel Lodge on Valencia (a notorious fuck hotel in SF). I asked him- "you excited
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