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  1. Loaded up (Part 2: The raunch continues-) I held that monster cock head in my mouth and kept my eyes on the black face of the dude who was glaring down at me. He kept a firm tension on the belt leash he held me by, as Joe fuckin’ raped my hole. "That's a pretty good whore we got here- looks like you can definitely take some cock." The mean fucker holding my leash said. "But, do you got you staying power, bitch? Huh? Can you take all these mother-fuckin’ cocks? I count three worthy cocks in this room right now, and you never know who might walk in. I got a little time. My girls back home asleep an I don’t need to be nowhere- so let’s ride, boy." He tugged on my leash and then leaned down, took my chin in his hand and fed me some more poppers. Gotta say- his dominant, Dom attitude and him looking down at me on my knees kinda freaked me the fuck out for a second. With that nasty grin on his face, there was absolutely no doubt who was in charge and how this was gonna play out- I was gonna be doing whatever he wanted me to and it sounded like I was gonna be taking all the dicks in this place- Hell fuckin” YEAH! Now, I gotta thing for dominant black men (especially the ones with huge cocks). It feels super degrading (and really right) for me to be servicing them. I kept staring up at him as I was getting fucked and he looked me in the eye, took a huge hit of poppers, put the bottle under my nose for a hit and then handed them back over to Joe. Then the ugly fucker pulled his gnarly cock out of my mouth with a pop. My mouth felt frozen in that position. I wanted to look up and beg him to put it back in, but I couldn't get my mouth to work for a second. I made a gurgling sound as I leaned forward to grab onto the back of his thighs and pull him towards me. The poppers had me flushed and my heart was pounding- and I needed that thick fuckin’ cock. He knelt down on one knee and slapped me hard across the face. Then he grabbed my jaw and held it tight, his eyes lookin’ straight to mine. I realized there was light on his face and wondered where it came from and then realized it was the light from my Iphone. I was so glad that Joe was still filming this shit. "It ain’t up to you, ya fuckin’ cunt. If I wanna rape your throat with my cock or piss in your ass or make out with you- it's up to me. I'm your Master at this moment and anytime I see your slut ass in this theater from now on, so you better just take what’s comin’ to ya, ya cunt." Then he pushed his thick black lips to mine and rammed his nasty tongue down my throat. He tasted like cigars and greasy food. Oh hell yeah! "That's right, baby bro, make out with your Black Master." I heard from the man filming and fucking behind me, then, to the other guys crowded around, he said "Damn, my little bro has a hot fucking hole. You guys are in for a treat. This whore has a velvet fucking pussy and I can feel the cum from the last guy still up in there." He had been pounding my stretched cunt without stopping the whole time and continued. "You guys see wanna see how hard he can take it? I want you all to fuck him- however you want, hard or soft, beat that cunt up or make love to it- I don't give a fuck as long as long you fuck my baby brother and give him what he needs." He was still filming the fuck and I noticed that the light on my Iphone cam was now on. "Look at that pussy stretch, man….", he said as rammed his fat cock in and out without mercy. I took my cue and tightened and released my hole a few times around his cock, moaning into the thick black lips and relentless tongue of the ugly fucker kissing me. "Let me get at that, puto pussy, man." I heard the latin guy say. "Either shoot your wad in the slut or get out of the way. If he's your brother you can fuck him any time you want. Hell, you can fuck him when ya get home- after we all got our piece-." This seemed to make sense to Joe, ‘cause he slowly pulled his slimy cock outta my ass as the cum ran down my hole. Man, I fucking love that, the way a really big cock feels when it's sliding out of you- still hard like that. I heard the other guys watching us moan and outta the corner of my eye saw a few of them jerking their cocks and shuffling their feet. My brother pulled out of me. "No." I said into the mouth of the black man as I felt my ass slowly empty out. "It's okay baby, we gonna get you some more cock. He's right- your brother can fuck you anytime. Tonight you belong to us. There are three worthy cocks in here right now and they all gonna get inside you before we done. And then you gonna get raped by this big motherfucker of mine before I leave." I realized he know what I needed and though it sounded like it was gonna get rough- I was gonna get the cock I needed. While I was kissing him I felt some hands on my ass, a few of the guys reaching down to feel my stretched pussy before the next guy fucked me. Check out the merchandise, I guess. I made out with my master and heard them behind me talking about that "Hot sloppy cunt" and talking about how good I tightened it around their fingers when they each shoved a couple or three in. I massaged their fingers with my cunt lips and made out with my ugly Black Master, while Joe came around and started whispering in my ear. "Damn so lucky we got together tonight, bro. You're the best little brother ever. That's right baby, suck on those big, black lips, feel the hands of the men that are about to use your pussy for what it was made for, your gonna get fucked all over the place in the back of a sleazy adult theatre, bro. I'm so proud of you taking all this anonymous dick." Joe really knew how to keep my motor running. "You ready to get fucked some more, you puta?" I heard from behind me as the fingers were pulled outta my ass and a hard slap smacked down on my hairy ass. I grunted into my Master's mouth as I felt the head of the latin guys big meat rub around my hole then it popped in and slid slowly all the way- stretching my ring and going deeper that any cock that night had. After a few seconds, he bottomed out and I could hear him cooing behind me as he started to fuck me hard with merciless long deep strokes that left me breathless. Joe went back to filming my pussy taking that big cock. "He's trying to hold back, bro, but it looks like this fucker is about to shoot his mexican babies up inside of you." Joe said with a smile from behind me. “Wha…- Fuck you” the latin guy said to Joe. “I’m Puerto Rican, ya racist fuck. Only Puerto Rican men gut cocks like this.” He grabbed my hips hard and said to me “ Toma esa polla grande que puta,” (Take that big dick, you fucking whore.) Joe laughed at this and the Puerto Rican guy started to ram his cock into me hard and after a few minutes, I could tell he was about to give me his load. Suddenly the guy grunted and yelled out “vas a tomar un poco de sucio cum esta noche!” (You're going to take some dirty cum tonight!). I felt his cock swell up and start to spasm in my guts and I clenched my muscles to milk out each drop. Fuck, yeah, I thought as he ripped his slimy cock out, pulling up his pants and stepping away. I don't even know who was next guy was- maybe that younger kid with the Target work shirt? All I know is it was immediately replaced with a long skinny cock. Must be the younger guy, I thought. He seemed to be young- maybe about 20 or so and he fucked like a jackrabbit. The Puerto Rican guy came around to stand in front of me and asked my Master if he could use my mouth for a minute. My master stopped suckin’ on my neck (where I'm sure he was leaving a huge, red hickey) and stood up. "Yeah, awright, man." he said and tugged my head up with the leash “Clean this dude’s cock off so his wife don't smell your pussy on it." I went to work cleaning the softening cock and could smell the cum from one of the earlier loads clinging to it as well as my ass juices and some lube. I cleaned it good and then looked up at the Puerto Rican guy with his uncut cock head still in my mouth. "You gotta piss, Jose? Wanna feed my bro a load of hot spic piss before you go? He loves that shit." Joe said from behind me where he was filming the fast, hard fuck I was getting from the kid with the Target shirt on. It was like he was reading my mind again. "My name aint Jose, ya fuckwad." The Puerto Rican guy said and started to piss down my throat. I'm proud to say I swallowed every drop of that piss- didn’t miss a drop. He pulled his cock out, stepped away and that's the last I saw of him. My Master leaned forward and shook his rock hard cock at my mouth. I leaned forward, licked the pre cum drooling down the side of his cock and groaned as he started to push that ridiculously fat and knobby cock deeper into my mouth- pushing it down my already raw throat. After a few seconds, suddenly the back of my throat opened up- taking both of us by surprise- as I felt that fat fuckin’ dick go deeper and deeper until it was as far as it would go. There were still a couple of inches left and I could feel my throat stretched to capacity. It felt like his cock was in my rib cage. "Holy fuck, that's some tight cunt mouth right there." My Master said from above me as the kid rabbit fucking me shoved deep and came in my ass and then was replaced by another cock. I was expecting one of the old men- but it was another long, fat cock that started to push in and split me open. The first 6 or 7 inches seemed to slide right in- but the last few inches of the cock got really thick and I could feel my ass struggling to adjust to the sudden thickness. I started to pull away, but he just kept the pressure up and after a few seconds he ended up balls deep. At first it was kinda sore, but my Master had that bottle of poppers under my nose and after a few (fuckin’ BIG) hits- I felt may face flush and the pig in me stepped up to the challenge! "Getting spit roasted by two black dicks brother." Joe whispered in my ear. "Two big black cocks in your pussy holes, brother. That's what you wanted and now you got it, don't you bro? Push that ass back on that fuck stick, bro- show him how grateful you are for his black cock." Fuck yeah, I thought. A cock in my mouth and another ripping me open- now this right here- this is what I needed. I threw my ass back without any hesitation and felt that cock opening me wider then I think I’d ever been stretched before and fucked myself on that cock. The guy fucking me got into a brutal rhythm- pulling his cock all the way out till just the tip was inside me before slamming it back in- raping that hairy hole of mine. Finally, he started to pick up the pace and grabbed my hips hard as he roared and started to shoot his load deep up my ass, to join the four loads already in there. He let me milk his cock with my pussy for a minute before he pulled out and then was replaced with a tiny cock that had to be one of the trolls from before. My master had said I had to take every cock- so I kept slurping on his fat cock while the guy behind me jack hammered my ass. Didn’t take more then a minute or 2 before the guy behind me pulled out and with a groan he shot all over my lower back. For the first time in awhile, my cunt was empty. My master started to slide his cock out of my throat, real slow-like, but after pulling out a couple of inches he would ram it back in, just to fuck with me. After a few minutes of this, I was able to catch a couple of breaths, and he eventually pulled it almost all the way out. "You a good little fuckhole, boy. Look at that wide fuckin’ open hole drippin’ loads all over the cement floor here and- it’s still twitchin’ for more cock- ain’t it, boy.” He said with a nasty grin. “ Now, I’m abouta stretch that cunt out even more, bitch." He said looking down at me as I smiled around his huge cock head. "That's right, bitch. You getting what you deserve tonight." I felt Joe moving around to my backside again. I thought he was going to fuck me, but instead he just wanted to film my wide-open cunt and all the cum dripping out of it. "Push some of that cum out of your ass, bro, I wanna get a good creampie shot of that hole.” I did what he asked while still licking my Master's knob and snorting the poppers he was holding under my nose. Joe cooed and kept saying things about” all of the dirty fuckers that come into a place like this” and” what a whore I was to be takin’ all this anonymous cock. " Yeah." My Master grunted in approval, watching as the cum dribbled out of my ruined ass and leaked out onto the floor. "All lubed up and ready to fuck now, ain't you baby? You all greased up and ready for a real black mans cock now, aintcha, boy. Once I start, baby, I ain’t stopping till I knock ya up with my dirty seed-you hear me boy?" He pulled out of my mouth and went around the back. I stayed there on my hands and knees wondering if, after all the cock I had taken tonight, I was stretched enough to take his monster fuck stick. Still filming, Joe came around to hold me while my Master slid his cock up to my battered hole. "One more big black cock for you tonight, bro." Joe said holding me and looking into my eyes. "Take this black fucker’s cock- you know how much you wanted to be here on the floor in some nasty, fuckin’ porn theater. This is what you’ve jerked off to- you know you have. You like havin’ the leash around your neck and takin’ any fuckin’ dick – hell, takin’ ALL the fuckin’ dicks around, man. After this, ain’t no goin’ back, bro- not for that stretched out hole. Now take that mother-fuckin’ cock…” Here I was a 40 year old, 6'2", hairy as fuck, normally super masculine man- on my knees in a porn theater, five loads up my ass, a load of piss in my belly and about to get fucked by the meanest looking cock I had ever seen (which was at this moment sliding around my crack gathering up as much dripping cum as he could to lube up his monster cock) while Joe was filming the whole thing. Gotta admit- this was not how I thought I’d be spending my night. I was hoping for maybe a bit of raunch, but this- this was fuckin’ PIG heaven, man! Right about then, Master started to fuck me like the devil himself. He forced that thick fuckin’ cock up into me in one slam and he fucked me for nearly 20 minutes- sweat dripping on us both, till I was just about begging him to stop. Now, 20 minutes probably don’t sound all that long to you- but for me it felt like an hour. This thick monster cock was hittin’ my prostate just right and I could smell the stink of sweaty sex comin’ off my master as he kept sayin’ over and over “yeah, white boy- take that fuckin’ cock. Ya know you needa get fucked hard, boy. I’m gonna fill that cunt up till my seed’s runnin’ down both your legs.” 20 minutes of being stretched by a monster cock that just kept goin’- deeper and deeper – without any mercy. Heaven, man- pure mother-fuckin' HEAVEN! He finally started grunting and fucked his monster load up into me and then, as he slowed down, I felt a warmth in my gut as he started to piss up my ass with his still hard cock. Right about then, Joe stepped away while I was getting my piss enema. I kinda wondered where he went, but he was back a few minutes later with a small bag and as soon as that black cock slithered it's long way out of my ass, Joe reached down and shoved a thick black rubber butt plug up in me. I almost screamed it was so wide- but I guess he had to use a big one cause my whore hole was so stretched already. After a minute, my black Master came to stand in front of me (as I was exhausted, sweating and still on all fours on the floor) and as he took the belt from around my neck, he said ”You’re a good fuckin’ whore, boy- better then alotta the bitches I’ve fucked on the street. My girl can’t even take a fuck like I gave ya without screamin’… and, ya took all those dicks like I told ya- without stoppin’ and without cryin’ or nothing. Now, you keep that party piss up in you for awhile- you hear me?” "Yes Sir." I said meekly looking up at his towering, blackness. He pulled up his pants, gave Joe a nod and turned around and left. I slowly got up, feeling a little unsteady on my feet. My knees were rubbed raw and there was dried cum all over my back and ass and that “smaller” tear in the back of my short had grown until the shorts looked like they were more “hole” then actual fabric. Joe smiled at me, said “ Ya did good, bro- real good” and led me out to the toilet and walked me over to the bathroom stall. He walked in the handicap stall with me and waited while I removed the plug and pushed out all that piss and cum. Then he reached around me and shoved the plug back in before leading me out to the van I’d come in… (Jesus fuckin’ Christ- was it really only 2 hours ago I parked this thing in front of the store?) and said he’d be following up with me later this week about havin’ some more fun… To be continued….
  2. Loaded Up: PART 1: At the theater It was late Friday night and I needed some cock. I took a Lyft home and logged onto BBRT to see who was online. After a few minutes of scrolling, I saw this hot daddy: mid-40’s, muscled up, scruffy, biohazard tattoo on his left pec. We started chatting and he sent over some fuckin’ HOT dick pics. Said he was lookin’ to plow a tight ass and that his name was Joe. Asked me what I was lookin’ for. “Loads, man. It’s been a long shitty week in the office and I need a cock to stretch me out and load me up.” I said. He said he couldn’t host, but he knew a place here in the SOMA district here in San Francisco called Folsom Gulch. “Its pretty run down” he said “but it gets a pretty diverse group of guys and it can get pretty hot- always guys raw fuckin’ there. You can get as much dick as you need there, especially if you like men of color.” “Yeah, man that’s just what I need, man. I love riding cock- especially black cock and think it’d be hot to try some D/s race play” I said. He got quiet for a second, so when I asked him what made his cock start leaking- he started talkin’ about how hot incest was and how he’d always wanted a brother or cousin to fuck. Hell, he even liked the idea of finding a hot little fucker to pimp out and, if people asked who he was fuckin’- he wanted to tell them it was his “little brother”. “Works for me, man” I said, my asshole starting to twitch. “Let’s do this”. I gave him my cell number and we decided to meet up in an hour at the Gulch- see if we could make both our fantasies work. About 45 minutes later, I was lubed up (I like using t-lube- makes me even more hungry) and in my favorite drawstring sweat shorts (they actually had a tear in the back for easy access). As I headed over to Folsom Gulch in my beat up van to see if my “big brother” had made it to the store., I lit up a t-laced blunt and smiled thinking about all the anon loads I was hopin’ to get. By now it was about 2 am and I easily found parking outside the shop. There were 4-5 cars parked on the street- looks like it had some potential for a hot night. I grabbed my poppers, killed the last of the joint and headed into the store. Typical sex shop- dvd’s, didlo’s in the front, theater screening porn with a few seats in the back of the shop- you know what I’m talkin’ about. I looked around and saw a few guys lingering around inside the store- but didn’t spot Joe. I started walking back toward the theater with my sweat shorts hanging low- making sure everyone knew I wasn’t wearing underwear. There was a really tall fuckin’ black dude looking at the dvd rentals when I walked through the back area of the store. He looked at me outta the corner of his eye- so I slowed down a bit, nodded to him and took a huge hit off my poppers (making sure to make eye contact) and stepped into the theater. Now, although it was pretty dark in the theater, the first thing I noticed was a hairy guy in a construction vest on his knees sucking my "big brother's" fat fucking cock while Joe leaned up against a wall. Fuck, yeah! I started taking off my shirt and threw it on the nearest chair as I walked over and started to make out with Joe and rubbing my hard fucking bulge on the side of the face of the construction dude who was on his knees servicing him. Construction guy leaned over, pulled my cock out to suck and immediately reached up the leg of my loose shorts and started to stroke my ass. I started chewing on Joe’s big nips, while he talked all kinds of nasty shit into my ear. Damn, this guy had some serious cock sucking skills. After a few minutes, construction guy realized that I was all lubed up and immediately shoved two fingers up my hungry cunt while he kept deep throating my cock. I finally had to shove his mouth over to my Joe's dick to keep from shooting my load. He just turned and quickly swallowed my buddy's fat fucker while- without skipping a beat- he added a third finger to my wet, hole. At this point, the construction guy started to stand up and Joe smiled and said “baby bro- it’s on, now!”. He turned around and leaned me over a padded chair. He stood there for a second with his hard cock in front of my mouth as the construction guy lined up his long cock with my ass. I took out my poppers and took a big fuckin’ hit right before Joe slid that fat dick of his down my throat and then he took the poppers and handed them to the construction guy- who took a big hit as his cock sunk all the way into my hole in one shove. I sucked my shit-talking “bro’s” cock while this hairy construction dude pounded my hole and twisted my nips while he kept telling me he was gonna “knock me up” and if I was ready for his “hot” load. After a few minutes, he started breathing faster- really slamming it deep up in my guts and then he pulled out and made a groaning sound as he shot all over my back and ass….. and then he pulled up his pants and was gone. It was just Joe and me there, now in the theater. “So- was that what you wanted, fucker?” he asked me? Right about then, the tall black guy I had seen in the back of the store came in. My buddy immediately started saying shit in my ear like, "Oh- fuck yeah, man! This ones for you, bro. I wanna see you get fucked by some black cock. This one's gonna really fucking stretch that sloppy cunt of yours like you need. Go on, fucker- offer your fuckin’ pussy to him, bro." I looked him in the eye for a second and leaned forward on the chair and started to suck on Joe’s cock again, real slow-like, while turning my head a bit to make eye contact with the black guy who had sat down near us. He looked over and started rubbing on his crotch as Joe started talking to him. "Hey man, how you doing? Horny? Wanna get some of this? My little brother here sucks dick like a champ, man. Take your cock out, bro- you’ll like it. Here- c’mon, man- look how much he’s loving this- he’ll swallow that load for you. You should check out how good this feels- look at it stretching his throat, man." I kept watching the black guy without slowing down. Now, this guy was really tall- maybe 6’4- built thick and muscular and I honestly, was a little afraid of him. Seemed like he was starting to get into it, though as he started rubbing his dick in his baggy jeans and watching us. His eyes got a little bigger when my bro told him about how we were “brother's out on the prowl”. “Fo’ real, man? Your brothers?! Nah- c’mon, that’s bullshit…” he said "Dude” Joe said “My brothers been suckin’ cock since we were kids. Hell, by the time he was 10, he was taking more cocks then most cracked out whores workin’ the street. Seriously, man” The guys eyes got real big right about then and he leaned forward to watch me a bit- So I just kept sucking Joes cock- from the head all the way to the balls and waited to see what would happen. I shifted my ass a bit, as my mouth slid up and down that cock, so he could see the ripped hole in the back of my shorts and he finally spoke. "He really is a fucking whore isn't he?" He sounded pissed off. "Yep" Joe responded with a big smile. With that the black guy pulled out his huge fucking uncut, hard as a steel, cock. I was amazed at how fucking THICK and hard the dude was- I mean his cock actually made a “smacking” sound when it flew up against his abs. It must have been about 9 inches long, but around 8 inches around- a real ass stretcher. He just stroked it, his hand starting at the base and giving a little swirl at the head as Joe spewed his incest shit. "My brother wants some black cock, man. He loves sucking it and getting fucked by it." – you know, shit like that. The black guy leaned forward and ran his finger down the crack of my hairy ass. His finger reached through the tear in the back of my shorts and he started playing with my lubed up hole. He had long skinny fingers and he pushed his finger in deep. "Shit man" he said to my bud, "Your brothers fucking pussy, man- it’s wet and wide open… it’s like a fucking hairy snatch." He sounded like he was hypnotized. Like all the hot talking that my "bro" was doing had put him in some kind of trance. He had added a second long finger and was grinding my hole, not really finger fucking it, but just grinding in and twisting in and out an inch or so. It felt so fucking hot. My brother pushed me off of his cock and told me it was time to stretch my mouth and show my skills on some black dick. The black dude just ripped his fingers out of my ass, sat back and pulled his jeans all the way down to his knees. He reached over, grabbed my head and rammed it down on his fucking monster cock. He face fucked me (with some help from my bro's big, beefy hands that kept pushing my head down on his meat) for the next five minutes or so. Joe kept on talking nasty while that fat cock tore up my throat- making my eyes water and stretching my throat to its limit. I was right about the black guy, he was a mean fucker. He enjoyed forcing his cock deeper that I could take it. Now, I've taken some huge cocks down my throat over the years- hell some of ‘em longer than this kids- but the thickness and amazing hardness of his black pole eluded me- but even though I kept trying, I couldn't get it all the way down my throat- it was just too damn fat. But we kept trying- Joe seemed to had made it his mission. He was saying things like "I wanna see your lips all the way down on his pubes, you fuckin’ whore” and then he would lean down to my ear and say quietly "Swallow that mother-fuckin’ cock, bro. If my brother wants a thick load of cum from a black fucker in his throat and hole, I'm gonna get it for him. Ya know I love watching you slobber on a mans cock, baby bro and I want you to have what you want- hell, what you fucking NEED!. Yeah, baby-You feel how hard that fuckin’ cock is, that's because your a hot, nasty whore and this man loves to fuck hot, nasty whores like you." He would ram his fingers in me to punctuate his dirty talk and..... fuck… that was like a drug to me. He pulled me up off my knees and pushed me back over one of the cheap plastic chairs and handed the black guy a condom. "Wait.. a fucking condom? What the fuck?" I thought "Fuck my whore brother, man. Give it to him hard. He aint no soft little bitch, he can take a beating." The guy ripped open the condom - like he was in a trance and rolled it down his black cock- stretching that fucking rubber to capacity. I was a little scared of the shit Joe was saying to the guy, but honestly-it was exactly what I wanted and had jerked off to for years. It was like Joe could read my dirtiest fantasies and speak them out loud. I opened my bottle of poppers and held it under my nose. I was gonna need a steady stream of vapors to take what this fucker was about to slam up my hole and I planned on throwing my horny cunt right back at him. The guy stood up and as I looked back at him over my shoulder, he stared me in the eye while that rock hard black cock started zeroing in on my already cum filled hole Right about then someone came in (a latin guy, in dirty jeans and a work shirt- looked like a mechanic, maybe) and we both slowed for a second to look at him. I was bent over a seat, facing the door with a young black fucker with his pants around his ankles about to breed me and this guy just acted like nothing special was going on. Fucking hot! The latin guy sat down a couple of chairs over from the one I was bent over and fished out a nice, veiny, uncut cock- semi hard, but pretty big already. Right then my fucker found the mark and sank in all the way- with an extra slam of force on the last couple of inches that made me gasp. I could feel every inch of that thick fuck stick in my guts. Joe kept talking to the guy stretching my cunt, encouraging him to “fuck me with everything he had” and “to really make me remember the night that I got fucked by a real man that knew what to do with a white boy”. This guy fucked me so hard and deep he was almost knocking me off the chair. Finally Joe came around to the front of me so he could slide his slimy cock down my throat and giving me something to lean against so that I wouldn't fall over from the vicious fuck that was being served to me. After about ten minutes of deep pounding the guys breathing quickened and he grabbed my hips tight- seemed like he was about to shoot his load when all of a sudden he pulled nearly all the way out. “Fuck” he said. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that the condom had broken- ¾ of the condom had rolled all the way down to the base of his cock when he was fucking me. He got sheepish all of the sudden and just stood there with the head of his cock at the edge of my hole and said, "It broke". I responded by looking him straight in the eyes as I slid my ass back down on his cock to the base in one smooth stroke. I moaned around Joe’s cock- which he immediately shoved balls deep down my throat and growled, "Atta boy, bro, get that black nut." I started to fuck back on the guy and he grabbed my hips and murmured "ah...Fuck it" and started to brutally pound my hole again. My "brother" was still talking as they spit roasted me. "Beat that pussy up, man. Give my whore little brother what he needs. He loves taking seed from the black man. Fill his whore ass with your load, man. Knock his fuck-hole up." I was transfixed. Half hypnotized and half fucked into submission. I just took it- just let my body get thrown back and forth between these to forceful fuckers. The black dude started talking now too (as guys will when they are getting close to shooting) saying "Goddamn I love me some sloppy, slut’s hole." He smacked the back of my head. "I wish you could see your bitch cunt being stretched out by my fuckin’ cock, you whore. You like it don't you? You love a hard cock in your hot fucking cunt, don't you?" When I heard that, I reached down to where my shorts were around my ankles and grabbed my phone. Without taking my buddy's cock out of my mouth I opened the video app and handed it up to Joe. He took the hint and started filming. I found out later that he filmed everything. He even handed the camera to guys that were fucking me so that they could get close-ups of my pussy getting slammed and the creampies that occurred between fuckings. I still love that fucking video! I groaned again around the long cock in my throat and was starting to get dizzy from lack of oxygen and the constant head smacking. I think Joe sensed it and pulled out, kneeling in front of me, looking directly in my eyes, telling me that he loved watching me get fucked by all that hard black meat. He also kept encouraging the guy to “fuck me harder” while he kept feeding me poppers. After a few minutes, he turned to the latin guy two seats away, watching the whole thing and beating off his now huge, veiny cock. Damn- that dude had a bigger cock that the fucker wrecking my hole! Joe saw me looking and, as the black dude started to tell me that he was getting ready to load my stretched cunt with cum, Joe started talking to the other guy, asking him if he wanted to fuck me. After a minute or so- Joe stood up again and shoved his cock back into my throat right about the time the black guy started calling out, "Take it, you fucking cunt! Ima make you pregnant, bitch!" and shoved his whole fat fuckin’ cock up into my guts as he shoved my head down onto my Joe's thick, white meat, and I felt shot after shot warming up my guts. The black guy reached forward and wrapped his long ass fingers around my throat and started to choke me- harder and harder as he continued to spasm in my ass. I was just starting to panic when he let go, and eased his softening cock out of me, it seemed to take a full minute to slide out of my slick pussy, finally popping out with a wet sound and falling down to slap against the dudes naked thigh. I was in ecstasy, moaning like a contented whore. Joe pulled his still hard cock out of my mouth and told me to "turn your ass around and clean that black cock up, bitch." I did. I took that softening black snake in my mouth and swallowed it whole. I managed to latch onto the ring of the rubber that remained around the base of his softening cock and pulled it off with my tongue and lips. I spit it aside and looking up into the guy's eyes as he took my head gently in his hands and pulled me back, deep onto his cock and just held me there- fully impaled on his cock as it leaked the last few drops into my throat. Now, I usually like to apply suction and run my tongue up the underside of a cock after it shoots, all the way up to the tip so that I can get that last glob of cum still in the tube. I sucked the last of the nut out and smiled up at the guy. He winked at me and pulled away, pulling up his pants and turned away- reminding me that I was just a cock-sucking faggot and he was done with me. I sighed contentedly and turned around, noticing that my "brother" was no longer talking. He couldn't talk cause he was being fed that monster latin meat. He was on his knees and the latin guy had his head in a hard grip with one hand, fucking his throat, while reaching forward and torturing one of his nips with his other callused, grease-stained hands. Joe was moaning and taking that big dick like a champ. I looked around and noticed that quite a few guys had entered while I was getting loaded. There was another smaller black guy in the corner, a couple of old trolls and a skinny, younger guy with a Target work shirt on the other side. I was naked and on my knees with cum dripping outta my obviously stretched ass. All of these guys had just seen me get fucked like a whore and filled with sperm. I looked back to the new smaller black dude who about 45, ripped/ wiry body and had a wedding ring on his finger. He was an ugly fucker. Dark as coal and a big scar on the side of his face. He had a huge flat nose and looked back at me with a look of disgust. I kneeled there- not ten feet away from him- dripping cum from my hole. My cock was hard as a rock- this all turned me THE FUCK on. He reached down and started to undo his belt, which he then pulled all the way off- laying it over his thighs as he started to pop the buttons on his jeans. I watched him as I took my poppers from off the floor, took a really deep hit in each nostril and then tucked them back into the elastic of my shorts. I dropped to my hands and knees and started to crawl toward him. I heard Joe, behind me whisper "that's right bro go get that fuckin’ black dick, man- you know how much you need it." I stayed focused on the black man's big hands as they unbuttoned the final metal buttons and he reached into the fly of his boxers with his wedding ring hand and started to pull out a massive, ridiculously long slab of black meat. I love it when the hand around a cock being offered to me has a wedding ring around it. It means that I'm going to get a chance to show this married guy all the things his wife wasn’t giving him. As I got close to him he sneered at me, his hard, knotted, veiny, log of a cock pointing right at me and then he stood up. He held the belt in one hand and for a moment I thought he was going to hit me with it- but he didn't. He just leaned over and wrapped the belt around my neck. As he did, I noticed that it had holes all the way from the end of the buckle. He secured it at the tightest buckle that wouldn't be choking me and then tugged on it a couple of times. He seemed satisfied and then he spoke. His voice was deep and evil sounding. It sent shivers through me and made my hole throb as it leaked sperm onto the cement. He said. "Look at me, bitch" My gaze had fixated back on that ebony ass wrecker sticking out of his fly. It was so dark black, not even seeming to have any brown in it, just slick, coal black. The skin on it was mesmerizing. "Look at me!" he said again- with authority and depth, more than volume. I looked up into his eyes and he looked down at me with a cold, dark stare. "Good boy. Here’s what’s gonna happen: You’ll take any cock in your cunt or throat that wants to feed or fuck you and then- after you’ve takin’ ‘em all- I’ll wreck your fuckin’ hole with this." He tugged me closer and- never taking my eyes off of his- I crawled over to him. He took his cock in his hand again and he started to smack that fucker against the side of my face hard- holding me in place with the belt leash. He stopped after a few slaps and then he fed me just the tip of his cock and -with a grunt and a solid push- the head popped past my stretched lips. "That's it, faggot. Hold your black master's cock head in your little slut mouth. Ah… yeah, baby,,, work your lips and tongue but don't you worry about trying to take more of it just now. Just suck on the tip , cunt." I did- looking up at him the whole time. "That's a good bitch, keep looking at me, I want to see all the pain and how good it feels as these guys fuck you.” I felt a hand on my ass, then more hands all over my back and shoulders and ass- while I still held the huge, black cock head in my mouth, "Ready to get fucked some more, bro? You know ya need more cock." I heard from behind me as I felt what had to be Joe’s fleshy cock at the entrance to my slick hole. The dude holding the leash held out his hand and told me to give him my poppers. I immediately handed them to him and he opened the bottle holding it under my nostrils till my head was spinning. I passed ‘em back, heard him taking a few huffs and passing them around as Joe (who I had only met a couple of hours ago) shoved his meaty rod into my hungry cum-hole. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Be a good whore and give every guy that comes into this theater tonight. You're my slut brother now. Let your black master pimp your ass all night, cunt." Then he stood back up, pulled his rock hard cock almost out of my ass and without even a beat, rammed it raw back in as hard as he could and proceeded to fuck me like a demon, forcing me further onto my black master's cock, stretching me so that I thought my lips would rip at the corners. My master quickly pulled my face off of his cock with a loud pop and said. "I tole you not to take more than the head, you stupid slut" and pulled the leather belt around my neck hard a couple of times while Joe raped my ass. After a few seconds, he jammed the head back in my mouth and said, "You better hold it there, bitch or I will beat your motherfuckin ass….."
  3. This is a multiple part story. Little bit of sex in part 1- lots more in part 2 and 3. Lemme know your thoughts. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Fuckin’ Road Trip. (Part 1- the hotel). The weather had looked clear this morning when we left San Francisco on a road trip and to get up to Seattle for Thanksgiving to see my girlfriend, Andrea’s, family. Airline prices had gotten kinda crazy recently- so we decided to drive up with her niece Jodi (- a young kid still in school) and save some money. Seems like the fates were fuckin’ with us though, ‘cause as we were goin’ over the Cascade Mountains, a storm blew in that dropped about 10 inches of snow and had visibility down to nothin’. Instead of driving on through as we had hoped, we started looking for a hotel for the 3 of us. We drove around for a bit, but there weren’t alot of options in the area. We tried a Motel 6 (booked solid), the Holiday Inn (nope- no rooms here, either) and even a sleazy little hotel a few blocks away- but no luck. Everything was full. While we were talkin’ to the guy at the front desk of the sleazy joint, he kept lookin’ at Jodi and kinda lickin’ his lips. He said he knew of a place nearby that might have a room or 2 about 10 miles down the road and he could maybe call his buddy that worked the night shift and see if they might have a room available. At this point we were just looking to get off the road and grab some sleep (and I just wanted to maybe smoke a blunt with my girl for a bit- you know “relieve” some stress), so 10 miles away seemed doable. Seems the gods finally smiled down on us ‘cause we were in luck- they had 2 rooms left when we got there and it didn’t sound like it would break the bank. Now, it may have been just 10 miles away, but it took us about 40 minutes to drive to the place- which ended up being a dingy looking truck stop/ motel. If the last place was kinda sleazy- this place was a real dump- you know the kinda place: a shithole that hasn’t been updated since the early 60’s, metal bars on the windows of the rooms, the sign outside advertised porn and it even shared a parking lot with a small adult video store. The guy behind the desk was a big black guy- hell, it looked like he was straight out of prison, maybe 6’3 or 6’4, lots of tattoos and he looked like he coulda maybe benched my car. He said that his buddy Roy at the hotel a few miles away had called earlier and that he had 2 rooms avail for the night. He said that they weren’t next to each other but that they were on the same floor and at the price he quoted we snagged both of ‘em quick. He mentioned that there was free HBO and free porn (he winked at me as he said it) if we needed it. I thanked him and took the keys and headed over to the rooms. They were both on the ground floor at the back of the hotel (actually not far from the porn store). Andrea and I got Jodi settled in the smaller of the 2 rooms and Andrea helped her unpack a bit. I made sure they new that the other room was 2 doors down and that I was gonna grab the rest of our stuff from the car and start to unpack. Andrea gave me a quick kiss (with a quick bit of tongue) said she’d be over in a minute- she just wanted to make sure the shower worked in Jodi’s room and that I should go relax (i.e: grab a shower and light up the joint). Although the unexpected side trip had started out kinda fucked- I could see that it might have some possibilities now that we were gonna be alone in the room. When I got back to the room I lit up the joint, took a few hits and flipped thru the porn channels a bit. There was a hot porn with a few guys goin’ to town on a younger lookin’ girl and man, she was really getting into it. Cocks in every hole and she was managing to jerk off 2 other guys while getting dp’d (this girl seemed to have some serious skills). I took a few more hits and started rubbing my crotch- thinkin’ how HOT that looked. Figured I’d maybe try watching a bit with Andrea and maybe she’d get some ideas… A few minutes later she came in and smiled when she saw me strokin’ my cock. “Hmmmm- that sure looks nice, baby- but I’m pretty tired. All this driving and well- we have to see my family tomorrow. I really need a l-o-ng hot shower right now, honey. I promise we’ll have some sexy fun, soon- just not tonight. Why don’t you see if you can find some beers while I clean up?” F-U-C-K I thought. God dammit! Blue balls, again. I stepped outside and looked around- not seein’ much in site but the video store next door. Figured I’d poke my head inside and maybe see if whoever was working there might point me in the right direction for some beers. As I stepped in the shop, it seemed pretty quiet. There was a TV behind the counter with some tiny blond girl getting dp’d by a bunch of guys- but no clerk in site. Hell, there didn’t seem to be anybody in the store. “Hello” I said pretty loud “Anybody here”? Nope- no response. Figured I’d look around- see if maybe they were restocking the shelves, maybe. As I was walking around, I started looking at the videos- flipping the cases over (damn, there were some HOT chicks on these things). There was a pre-teen lookin’ girl with pig tails and a woman in a leather skirt getting’ it on. Sexy as fuck. I heard a groan towards the back of the store and started heading that direction. Seemed to be a hallway- kinda dark- towards the back. I heard some more groans and as I entered the hallway, I realized this was one of them arcades I’d heard about where you drop some coins in and watch a porn in one of the booths. Hmmmm- my dick was still pretty hard from strokin’ in the room and checkin’ out the DVD boxes. Couldn’t hurt to just slip in the booth and see what they were playing. The booth was dark and had kind of a bleachy smell. I fed a dollar in the slot and the video came to life of a big Latin guy slowly fucking this hairless little blondes mouth. Yeah- now this was hot. I unzipped and pulled out my cock. F-u-c-k yeah! My eyes were locked on the screen watching his super thick cock slide in and outta her little mouth. She wrapped her hand around the guys cock as she sucked him picking up some speed. Yeah- this girl had some techniques- you could see the guy was really getting into it. As I was stroking my cock, I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye to my left. Yeah- there was a slender finger circling around the inside of a hole that had been cut in the wall. Now, I’d heard about these things- aw, hell, who am I foolin’ -I’d seen a few videos with a hot girl behind the gloryhole going to town on some guys cock. I’d always wanted to try it and after taking a few hits off that joint a few minutes ago I was like “fuck, why not”? I could see a little through the hole and the girl seemed to want it and my cock was so hard it wouldn’t take more then a minute or 2 before I shot my load and could get back to Andrea. Actually, I was helping Andrea out by doing this- she’d said she was too tired and would probably just pass out anyway when I got back leaving me with a hard cock. Yeah, well- might as well just slip it through this… …and a wet mouth sucked me all the way down to the root. Like ALL the way down and then that throat started squeezing and working on my cock. FUCK! This was the kind of blowjob you saw in porn but I’d never had a girl take me all the way down to the root like this. I started to slowly go back and forth- picking up a little speed. Yeah- whoever this girl was, she was doing that thing where they start using their hand and fuck that shit was GOOD! Yeah, if she kept this up I was gonna shoot- …and then she squeezed the head of my cock- right as I was gonna fuckin’ cum. “Awwww….C’mon, baby” I said” just a little bit more and….” Right about then, the door to the booth I was in creaked open a bit and fuck- it was the big guy from the hotel next door- the guy that had checked us in. I kinda freaked out a bit and stepped back a bit to tuck my cock away , but he just stood there with a little smile on his face. “Yeah- she’s got a sweet mouth on her, huh, man”? he said. Okay, soI had no clue what the “protocol” is for when a guy walks into your booth when your getting your cock sucked in a porn store was- but makin’ conversation, well that was not what was on my mind at the moment. Not when she had me right on the edge. E took a step into the booth and started to unzip. Now this was feelin’ a little weird and hell, the booth was kinda small for 2 guys, but he was between ma and the door. Suddenly, he reached in his pants and pulled out the biggest fuckin’ cock I’d ever seen. I mean it was fat AND it was long. It had a mean lookin’ bend and a thick vein running from the head to the base. He stepped forward and said with a smile ” I’m on my break for a few and usually come over here to drop off the kids. I usually only got a few minutes and this booth is where the actions at. Mind if I…” he let his voice trail off and used his cock to motion toward the hole. End part 1- more to follow (and you know the ladies at the hotel are gonna be getting loaded up pretty damn soon).
  4. Part 5. (The ride begins...) So- yeah. When you got a nice thick cock sliding over your tongue and you breathe in and smell a set of sweaty balls…. yeah- that’s when you can relax and let your inner pig out. I closed my eyes and just focused on taking that cock- deep and running my tongue around the head every so often. Man, this shit was good. After a few seconds, I heard a rustle and opened my eyes a bit. The kid was a few feet away watching me take that monster cock all the way to the root – spit dripping from my lips. His eyes were huge, his shirt pulled up and tucked under his chin while he was strokin’ his cock (jesus- you woulda think he hadn’t just shot a huge load about 5 minutes ago….). Without skippin’ a beat, I waved the kid over and made hand motions to get him on his knees (while the other hand followed my mouth up and down that dripping cock). Took him a second, but the kid dropped down to his knees right next to me and put his face near mine- watching that bloated cock head go in and outta my mouth. I let the cock pop out of my mouth for a second, put my hand on the back of his head and applied a little pressure- steering him towards the cock. His eyes got a little big and he said “wait.. I” and then the cock was at his lips. It didn’t go in his mouth at first- just kinda rested at his lips for a second. It was rock hard and sticky and long and…then his tongue snaked out. Just the tip- but it grazed the underside of the head for a second and was gone. A second later, that tongue was back, licking a bit more of the cock, scooping up some of that thick cock- snot - and then back in his mouth. From the next stall there was an exhale- like the guy had been holding his breath. The kids mouth opened and he slowly took the tip of the fat cock in his mouth- an inch at a time. Getting used to it and then going a bit deeper every few seconds, stretching his mouth a little wider each time. “No teeth” said the gruff voice from the next booth. The kids eyes flew open and he started to pull away. Nu-uh” I said and leaned forward and took the cock in my mouth for a second, getting it nice and slick. As I pulled away, I softly whispered to the kid” Listen buddy, nothing you don’t want to will happen in this stall. If you wanna suck on this cock, open your throat a bit and breathe through your nose. Roll your lips over your teeth a bit and use your hand on his cock if you need to …” The kids eyes lit up and he leaned forward again, taking the first inch or two of the head back in his mouth. He started slow, but you could see as his head bobbed up and down that he was focusing on breathing thru his nose and opening his throat up. Fuck this was hot! I started stroking his cock with one hand and reached around and played with his ass a bit. Nope- he didn’t pull away at all- in fact he kind of leaned forward a bit allowing me a bit more access. I stroked him slow and kept wetting my finger and running it around the edges of his hole…. Eventually his breathing started to quicken a bit. I reached down and gave his balls a gentle squeeze (not lookin’ to have this kid finish quite yet..). He paused for a second and then slowly began going down on the cock (shit- the kid had about 4, maybe 5 inches in his mouth), I slipped one finger in his ass. He made a humming sound and pushed his ass back a bit. I stroked the finger slowly in and out- matching the pace of my hand going up and down his cock. He seemed into it- so after a minute or so, I pulled my finger out, licked 2 fingers and slipped ‘em back in. He kinda jolted for a second and then seemed to relax a bit and went back to sucking that cock. Yeah- the kid was into it- still making that humming noise and showing no stopping when it came to suckin’ on that monster. After a minute or 2 I got up and pulled the boy off the cock and to a standing position. Quick as a wink, I bent him over at the waist and steered his mouth back to where it needed to go- sliding up and down on that cock. After a second, the kid relaxed again and closed his eyes, running his hand up and down the cock while he sucked. I leaned forward and slowly ran my tongue over his little pucker. Yeah- the kid really liked that! He pushed his ass back at me, his pants falling to the floor and started to speed up his sucking (causing another moan from the neighbor getting sucked). I started strokin’ my own cock and swiping my tongue across that pucker, pushing spit in a little bit at a time. Damn- this kid was pushing his ass back hard on my stubble, wanting more. I looked up and saw a long string of drool hanging from the kids mouth (he had to have about 6 inches of cock slowly sliding into his throat at this point, breathin’ through his nose like a pro). I slowly pulled my fingers outta his ass (the humming seemed to stop at this point) and he pulled off the cock looked back at me. “Did I do something wrong?” he asked. “Nope- just moving things along, stud” I said. The kid smiled at that- think he might of liked bein’ called stud. I pushed his face to the side and started sucking that cock- tasting the pre-cum on my tongue and getting that cock wet. After a minute, I spun around, kicked my pants off and lined the head up with my ass. The kids eyes were huge as he watched my slowly slide the head up my ass. Now our neighbor sure seemed to like this as we heard a low “Fuck, yeah man- fuck yourself on my cock” from the next stall. A set of black hands grabbed the top of the stall between us and... As I felt it slowly open me up I reached forward, spun the kid around and pulled the kid towards me by his hips. My tongue was back at his little pucker- still slick with spit and it slid in about an inch or two. Man- this cock up inside me was huge- tearing me up and pushing deep. I reached down and started strokin’ my cock real slow, pulling the foreskin over the head every few swipes as I rode that raw fuck stick. The kid kept backing up on my tongue- pushing deeper each time and my tongue kept greasin’ up his hole with more spit. Deeper ... and deeper Feels like I had about all of that fuck stick in my guts- slowly pulling out inch by inch and then starting to slide back in while my tongue did the same to the smooth kid’s hole in font of me. Fuck- between the cock fuckin’ me, the kids ass on my face and my hand strokin’- we were gonna have “lift off” any second. I pushed my ass harder back against the wall and started chanting “fuck me……… FUCK me… FUCK ME!” louder each time. Thrusting back Shoving my tongue in deeper. I could feel the cum starting to race up from my balls. Right before I was ready to shoot. I reached down and gave my balls a firm squeeze- stopping me from shooting all over. I paused for a second and started again- sliding up and down the rock hard cock ripping me up, rimming the kids ass (which was now taking my whole tongue )and he was making that humming noise, again. Kid seemed to know what he liked. I figured- hell lets try this and stood up a bit, spit a few times on my cock and pulled the kids ass back towards me. He looked over his shoulder at me. I reached around and tugged on his cock a few times as I lined the head of my cock with his ass.
  5. Part 4. (Looks like we got a neighbor) Yeah- now this was fuckin’ what I needed. A little slutty boy on his knees, suckin’ on my cock real slow like….. yeah, strokin’ my cock- with his eyes closed. A man could get used to this- Right about then 2 things happened about the same time: we heard the door to the bathroom open and we realized the door to the handicap stall we were in was still wide open. Now although I didn’t think you could see the handicap stall from the front of the bathroom- I only had a second to lean forward to close the stall door with a "thud". Now this had the (unfortunate/ fortunate) effect of shoving another 2-3 inches of my cock down the kids throat which made his eyes fly open in fear and start to tear up. I pulled my rock hard cock out of the kids mouth, spun the kid around and pulled him farther back into the stall as I sat on the toilet. Wasn’t sure who the fuck this was and didn’t really wanna get caught in the bathroom stall with a kid suckin’ my cock, so I made eye contact with the kid and put my finger to my lips in the classic “shut the fuck up” signal. His eyes were huge- I think he might have been more scared then I was. We heard someone step up to the urinal and a heavy stream of piss start flowing. Seemed like the guy was part camel- ‘cause he just kept right on pissing for about a minute or two. Finally, he zipped up and the water started running in the sink. My cock was rubbing against the kids back as he looked up at me and we both kinda smiled a bit- looks like the guy was about done and we could get back to it. Out of the corner of my eye, about 3 inches from where we were sitting, I noticed a hole in the – wait, this place had a fuckin’ glory hole in the stall?!? It was not really well lit in the stall and only noticeable at first if you kinda looked for it a bit. Fuck, the glory hole was one of the bigger ones I’d seen. I looked down and saw the kids cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. I reached down and started to stroke his cock. He looked at me real scared and tried to get up/ push my hand away. I put my hand on his shoulder and kept him in place while I stroked his hard little nail with one hand and reached down and played with his balls as we listened to the sink up front turn off. Sounds like the guy was about done. Suddenly, just as the kid was starting to relax a bit we heard steps walking back towards our stall. The guy wasn’t trying to be quiet and from the sound of his boots on the cement floor, he sounded like a big guy. Right about then, the boots entered the stall next to us and the door closed. We could hear someone fumbling with his zipper and then the pants fell to the floor. Shit- the boots were big- maybe a size 13 or 14? I’m not real good at guessin’ these things but they were definitely some big damn biker boots. We sat there real quiet like waiting for the guy to do his business and hopefully leave. After a second, it got real quiet in the next stall. I gave it a minute- both of us kinda holding our breath. Suddenly, one of the boots made a tapping sound. Wait- what the fuck…? Sure enough, a dark colored eye looked quickly thru the glory hole at me and then was gone. The boot tapped again and the eye was back. The kid had gone dead quiet and still in my lap. I leaned to the side a bit and put my eye kinda near the glory hole (which made the kid have to lean forward for balance and grinding his exposed ass on my crotch). Yep- the guy in the next booth was leaning back a bit- couldn’t see much of him but a pair jeans pushed all the way down, a shirt pulled up a bit and a long thick black cock being stroked. Couldn’t see a face- just the hand stroking from the tip down to what looked like they might be a pretty huge set of balls. Now, I’m not a size queen or anything but this cock was long – the kind of dick that starts out with a thick mushroom head and just gets so much fatter as it goes to the base- I mean like one of those kinda fat cocks you see in porn. Its not often that I get fucked, but my balls were still full to bustin’ and well- it’d been awhile since I had that particular “itch” scratched, if you know what I’m sayin’. The hand kept goin’ up and down real slow like on that cock in the next stall and I just- …. fuckin’ tapped my foot back. I had a kid in my lap and a cock in the next stall. One way or another, these balls needed to be fuckin’ emptied now! Seems like that tap was what the guy was waiting for. Suddenly he stood up real quick like and the head of that monster started to slide a few inches thru the gloryhole. At this point, I thought the kid might fall right outta my lap, so I shifted him over to the side a bit and leaned forward to run a hand down the shaft of this fucker from the thick head towards the base. Yeah- this was a thick, monster fuck-stick. I leaned forward a bit more and ran my tongue along the under side from the base to the head. Yep- there was pre-cum leakin’ right outta the tap. I went right into cock sucker mode and shifted the kid off my lap and dropped to my knees as that cock started to slide real slow-like down my gullet. Now there I was, pants at my knees, cock and ass hangin out there and the kids eyes as big as saucers watching me suck on that big ol’ fuckin’ cock. More to cum- someones gonna be loud and gettin' bred soon
  6. Part 3. It was like someone cut the strings on a puppet. He suddenly slumped forward limply and pushed me away sayin’ “Sensitive-mister, it 's sore..”. I stood up and stroked my cock a bit (jesus- the pre-cum was really flowin’ at this point and I needed to bust soon). The kid looked down and said ”Thanks, mister… ummm, should I help you, ummm…?” I kept stroking and smiled at him and put my hand on his shoulder and said “I’m really close, buddy and it would really help me out if you could maybe just…” as I slowly applied pressure down on his shoulder pushing him to his knees. Around this point, I think he realized he was in a handicap stall with a guy he didn’t know and his pants were still tucked under his cock. He looked like he was unsure but… he slowly bent forward at the waist and he looked up and said” I… ummm… I haven’t really done this before- I mean- um, I wanna do this… I mean something like this, but all I’ve done is see it in porn and I haven’t ever… you know” as he looked down at my cock. Now after fuckin’ around with men over the years, a guy learns when someone is on the fence and just needs a little- let’s call it encouragement- to take the next step and do what we both know they want. I said “It’s alright- I like what you were doing with your hand- it made me feel real nice- real sexy. Now I just want you to stick out your tongue and do what you want to- maybe stroke my cock a bit and ….” I let my voice trail off. He leaned forward so that he was at eye level with my cock and started to slowly stroke my cock again- real slow. He seemed to really focus on it- how the cock felt in his hands, how the foreskin stretched over the head and then slid back a bit with his hand movement. The tip of his tongue poked out of the side of his mouth a bit – like he was really focusing on getting the wrist action right. I gently leaned down and put my hand on the back of his head and slowly pushed him closer to the thick head of my cock. He seemed hesitant at first and then he looked up at me- locking eyes and slowly leaned forward- sticking his pink tongue out and licking the underside of the head and sliding it under the hood of my cock. He seemed to slow down for a second and then he closed his eyes and leaned forward a bit more- sliding just the tip into his mouth. Up and down, real slow, like- stroking that hand of his up and down the shaft as he took a bit more in his mouth. At this point I was so fuckin’ horned up, I wanted to grab the back of his head and ram the entire thing down his throat till I fuckin’ blew my load- but I slowed it down a bit and let him explore it- let him feel the hardness, taste the precum, feel the foreskin sliding back and forth in his mouth. Yeah- the kid seemed to relax a bit as he knelt in front of me and inhaled deeply while sucking my cock. He was now bobbing up and down on the thick head and breathing thru his nose- time to shift into 2nd gear….. (End part 3- more to cum, ya horny fuckers)
  7. Part 2. Yeah- the guy seemed to really like that- he let out a breath and his shoulders relaxed. He leaned into me a bit and looked up at me. I smiled again (didn’t want him bolting before the fun began) and made sure the hand strokin’ my dick rubbed up against the edge of his hand. I gave my foreskin a little tug which brought his eyes back down to where they should be – on my cock. I brought my cock closer to his hand and he looked up at me again. I said those famous words used since time immorial- “It’s alright- go ahead- touch it”. That seemed to be all he needed to hear. He reached out and wrapped his hand slowly around my cock (right above mine) and allowed me to guide both our hands as they slowly stroked me- up and down. I leaned forward and dropped some spit on our hands as they glided up and down. He looked up all shy- like and then smiled. I took my hand away (that made him stop for a second) but then he looked up and saw me smiling and he continued stroking me again- just his hand and like he had seen me do with a lot of wrist and tugging on the foreskin. I leaned back to let the kid get into it- fuck he was good! And FUCK I needed this! I let him stroke it a bit and then leaned forward and rubbed his cock thru his jeans. He slowed down and asked “ummm… should I take it out?” “Hell, yeah I want you to take your cock out, boy” I said. He slowed stroking my cock and used both hands to quickly pull his pants down and tuck ‘em under his balls. His cock was about 5” and skinny with smooth balls. Not bad for a young’un. I spit on my hand and reached down and started jackin’ his cock. He exhaled loud, leaned into my body and started stroking me again. His breathing started to pick up (the randy little fucker) and I decided to edge the kid a bit. I increased the grip and started cork-screwing my fist up and down his cock- you know, really getting into it. I could see his shoulders start to tense and hear his breathing pick up- yeah, the kid was close- almost there. As he was almost there, I reached down and gave his balls a little squeeze. Not to hard- just enuff to slow his roll a bit. His eyes popped open “Did I do something wrong?” he asked me looking like he might bolt, again. “Nope- ur doin’ just fine, kiddo. Just want this to last a bit longer- you know what I mean?” He smiled timidly (fuck- was I ever this shy? I thought). I stroked him again a few times and then bent forward and took his cock in my mouth. His eyes flew open and he said “ummm… I’m not gonna…gonna … mister ya better stop or I’m gonna.. ughhhhh” as he shot his thick load down my gullet. Shot after shot… damn, to be young and full of cum is a fuckin’ great thought as my throat swallowed it all… (End part 2- more to cum)
  8. Moderator's Note: To calm the nerves of those who reported it, the "kid" is over 18. He just seems like a kid to these older guys. It was November and I was driving from San Francisco to Seattle to see some family. I was hauling ass to get across the Cascade mountains over Oregon before the snow started and was ready for a break. It had been a rough last few weeks. My partner and I had recently broken up after a few years and I wanted to see some friends up in Washington and let off some steam. Up ahead I saw a sign for a rest stop about a mile ahead by a school- just in time (as the coffee I had been guzzling was making me need to take leak, asap). I pulled into the rest stop and parked. Seemed like there were a few cars in the lot- a family with a few loud teen kids, a guy on a motorcycle just pulling out of the lot and a dark skinned man in a U-Haul passed out in the driver seat. I tossed the coffee cup in the trash and headed into the men’s room to take a leak. As I walked into the rest room, there was a kid at the sink washing his hands and checking his hair in the mirror. I stepped up to the urinal and unleashed a solid stream of piss- (fuck I needed this) and noticed the young guy had slowed down washing his hands and seemed to step back a bit from the sink (to check out my cock, maybe?). As the torrent of piss slowed down, I reached down and stroked my cock a bit to get out those last few drops and… Yep- that got his attention, quick. He didn’t even pretend he wasn’t looking at my cock. Right about then I realized it’d been a few days since I had dropped a load and my cock got rock hard thinkin’ about maybe getting’ this youngin’s mouth on my rock hard cock. I gave it a few strokes and stepped back from the urinal so he could see how long and thick it was. Yep- he sure liked that- though he seemed to suddenly get nervous. I smiled at him, tucked it back in my jeans and headed back to the handicap stall in the back. I made sure to leave the door open a bit as I unzipped my jeans and started to stroke. Sure enough, a second later I could see the kids white sneakers right outside the door as he tried to look through the crack between the door. I made a show of spitting on my cock and stroking real slow – from the head all the way to the base. You know what I mean- when you really want to put on a show for a guy- corkscrewing your fist as it slides down your cock and showin’ off that long foreskin. It was quiet in the bathroom- just the 2 of us and you could hear the kids breathing pick up a bit. I stroked my cock real slow a few times and then reached over and grabbed the top of the door and yanked it open. There was the kid just 2 feet away from me- his eyes huge looking like he was gonna bolt any second. I smiled at him and looked down at my cock and stroked it a few more times r-e-a-l slow-like. That seemed to stop him in his tracks for a moment. He watched me…. and the pre-cum oozing out of my cock and dripping from my hand. He reached down and started running his hand over the small bulge in his pants. I smiled at him again and nodded my head a bit as I stepped forward- closing those 2 feet between us and the toes of my boots touching the tips of his white sneakers. I reached down and rubbed the front of his pants- right about where you could see his little nail sticking straight out. (End part 1- more to cum)
  9. Some places to get loaded on SF: - Buena Vista park (by the tennis courts at night (note: this area is pretty dark). Especially busy when the weathers warm. - GG park out by the windmills. Lots of trails over here that guys fuck on. - Folsom Gulch. Basic raunch video store. $15 gets you in/ out privellages. Booths/ small theater in the back. - Powerhouse (out back/ smoking area). Gets busy on weekends out back/ smoking area. Not unusual as the night goes on to have a few men sucking cocks or getting fucked in the public area out back.
  10. Glad your posting stories again, man. Your series "Young Naive and ovulating" is one of the best on here!!
  11. Was driving late Saturday night during Folsom weekend here in San Francisco. Night was busy, picking up/ dropping off sexy men going to the pre- Folsom parties. Around 2 hours into the shift, it began to slow down a bit and I figured I'd take a break. Just then, the Lyft app let me know I had a ride. I picked up a guy at Mezzanine (the Deviants party) around 1:30 am. He was tall, sexy, scruffy and a bit drunk. As we were driving, I asked how his night was going. He said he was on his way to meet a friend at the Travel Lodge on Valencia (a notorious fuck hotel in SF). I asked him- "you excited to meet this friend" and looked in the rear view mirror to see how he'd answer. He looked up from his phone, smiled and said "yeah- it's a group thing and there's gonna be a few sexy men there." "Right on- Sounds like a fuckin' good night, man. Is he sexy?" I asked. "Yeah- and he's taking loads. Seems pretty hungry" he said with a smile. "Right on" I said. "Think theres room for another Top at this party?" That got his attention quick. He looked up from his phone and said "yeah, man- you should join". When we got there, I parked the car in the lot and we went up to the 2nd floor. The passenger (let's call him Mike) knocked on the door and we went into the room. There were 2 queen size beds- each with a bottom on it getting railed and 5-6 more guys waiting to fuck. We stripped off our clothes and Mike started to stroke my cock as he watched this muscle latin guy getting spit- roasted. I asked him if he'd ever done that and he said "No- I'm just visiting SF and kinda new to all this". I smiled at him, put my hand on his shoulder and slowly pushed him to his knees. He sucked my cock like a champ, getting it really hard. After a few minutes, this younger black guy with a super fat cock came over looking to share Mikes mouth. As Mike went between our cocks, I stood him up and began to play with his hole. He started to really get into it, so I leaned down and started rimming his ass. Yep- it was tight and rimming seemed to really get him going. A few minutes into it, the black guy that was getting his cock sucked spun Mike around so that he could blow me and started rimming Mike. Next thing I know, the black guys slowly sliding his thick cock in Mike (and I'm reminding Mike "No teeth, fucker"). A few minutes later, the black guys drops a load inside Mike. I spin him around and start fucking him. A tall muscle bear comes over towards us and Mike grabs onto his legs and starts getting loud (Gotta say- for someone new to this- he was taking cock like a pro). I moved him over to one of the beds that had become empty and laid down on my back. He got up, straddled my cock and slammed his ass down on it. Fuck his ass was tight! A few minutes later, the muscle bear gets on the bed and starts to try to slide his cock alongside mine. You can see Mike become aware of the other guy on the bed with us as he slowed down riding my cock and his eyes got big as he looked over his shoulder. Let it happen" I tell him. He looked down at me and leaned closer to my chest. I made eye contact with the muscle bear over his shoulder and nodded my head. Mikes eyes got big again and I told him"breathe, baby and push out". Just like that, I felt it- that amazing feeling of another cock sliding up next to yours. We both started to move while Mike just laid there. I love the feeling of another cock head rubbing alongside mine in a tight hole- nothing better then that. Pretty soon Mike started to move back and forth again and really get into it. A few minutes of this and I was getting ready to breed his fuckin' hole. He opened his eyes just as I started to shoot and that seemed to set off the muscle bear who dropped his load in Mikes stretched out hole. I climbed out from under him and the bear and went to get my clothes. More guys had shown up while I was fuckin'. Mike stayed on the bed. I'm hopin' that stretched fuck hole his ended up getting a few more loads. Love driving for Lyft ?

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