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    Rip off the jocKsTrap and make me your piG
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Versatile Bottom
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Exhibitionist
    100% Degradee
    100% Voyeur
    100% Rope bunny
    97% Slave
    97% Submissive
    92% Masochist
    85% Non-monogamist
    84% Primal (Prey)
    75% Boy/Girl
    75% Experimentalist
    75% Pet
    54% Ageplayer
    36% Brat
    31% Switch
    25% Vanilla
    11% Primal (Hunter)
    10% Dominant
    4% Daddy/Mommy
    2% Rigger
    2% Master/Mistress
    2% Brat tamer
    1% Degrader
    1% Owner
    0% Sadist
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    Couple of lengthy unedited vids.
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    Merciless guys who don't want to listen to any suggestions from bottoms.

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  1. You and your friend are always more than welcome to rearrange my internal furniture ...
  2. I'm coming to the States later this year ...
  3. Agreed. Wonder if they even have anyone monitoring their website anymore.
  4. That's how my chemdaddy started me off. I called my parents and told them that I'd had a little too much to drink (even though I hadn't drunk anything) and that I wanted to be responsible ...
  5. Strip, get hard, add lube, push it in, lose a load, zip up, and leave.
  6. There's another one - but it's not even 1/5 as good ...
  7. @Gymguy8 - I think you may have posted this in the wrong forum.
  8. Have you ever read "Ethics in a Permissive Society"?
  9. I had anal sex with a former gf in the middle of a decent-sized public park in the middle of summer in broad daylight.
  10. Clinton will get the nomination from the floor of the DNC as a compromise candidate (and she STILL believes that they owe her).
  11. I'm due to get a .3 this weekend, whereas I've usually taken a .2 - how much of a difference is there between the two (apart from the obvious percentage)?
  12. I wouldn't mind both the slam AND the cock.

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