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    Rip off the jocKsTrap and make me your piG
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Exhibitionist
    100% Degradee
    100% Voyeur
    100% Rope bunny
    97% Slave
    97% Submissive
    92% Masochist
    85% Non-monogamist
    84% Primal (Prey)
    75% Boy/Girl
    75% Experimentalist
    75% Pet
    54% Ageplayer
    36% Brat
    31% Switch
    25% Vanilla
    11% Primal (Hunter)
    10% Dominant
    4% Daddy/Mommy
    2% Rigger
    2% Master/Mistress
    2% Brat tamer
    1% Degrader
    1% Owner
    0% Sadist
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    Couple of lengthy unedited vids.
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    Merciless guys who don't want to listen to any suggestions from bottoms.

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  1. Someone was desperately searching for this story. Bumping it so that more members will get to enjoy it all over again!
  2. I reckon that's the one - and it was written by one of the top authors on this site ( @pervinmt )
  3. Do you still have copies floating around? I'd love to read them.
  4. It's a buyer's market - and unfortunately unless you are ripe you get discarded. Fortunately, there are still a few who pick us.
  5. @wonderboy - eagerly awaiting the next instalment.
  6. Would have gone back to 1985, and told myself not to swim in that damn pool. Contracted scarlet fever the same year (most likely from water in the pool), which fucked up my academic future. Then would have skipped forward to 1989 (the year I turned 18), and told myself while I wasn't studying hard to go to the "rough" part of town and enjoy the white smoke while giving myself to every man who wanted me (I had a damn good bod when I was 18 - 5'10", 125 lbs, 8 pack and nice muscular legs) and letting myself be a kept specimen if the older men wanted to suggest such an arrangement. Then I would h
  7. Yes, please, @HogBear
  8. Sorry to hear that! 😞 Pity you can't name and shame.
  9. This is what I wrote under my previous profile
  10. If I meet an older gentleman, I ask him if he wants to be called "Daddy" or "Sir" - and then go from there. It's a mark of respect that I call him what he orders me to call him.
  11. I'd be beyond happy to call you "Daddy" if we ever meet.
  12. @FuckHardSF - do you remember what screen name you used to post the original story? This one is HOT, and I'd like to read the first instalment.
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