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    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
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    Couple of lengthy unedited vids.
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    Merciless guys who don't want to listen to any suggestions from bottoms.

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  1. Sole sober hole at a chemsex party hosted by my daddy for his bf's birthday this time 5 years ago. He said that he wanted me not to have any chems for the weekend. It was also the first time that I had ever had all the hair removed from my head and body (apart from my eyebrows). Sometimes it's sluttier if you're completely sober. However, if you want to hear about piggy stuff, that's quite a bit different!
  2. Did your Dom ever post the stuff you mentioned in "Porn Experience"?

  3. I'm glad my little internal cumpig voice told me not to delete my profile.
  4. If you have adequate notice of a playdate, make an appointment if possible with a colonic irrigation place the day of your playdate. It costs a little, but it helps relaxes you mentally. Also, take a couple of Imodium tablets about an hour before your adventures.
  5. I had someone promise to take me to Amsterdam, Sir - but sadly, we had a falling out. I'd love you to take me there instead.
  6. Maybe red to signify a lively fisting, Sir? This whore would endure as much as Sir decides is appropriate, plus more if Sir decides that the previously-set boundaries need to be pushed further.
  7. Just looked at his [think before following links] https://www.gayhotmovies.com/ profile pic. I'd love one camera to be shoved in my face and one filming my hole as he destroyed it.
  8. Ironically, you can now get vaccinated. We can't in Australia until at least late February (and since I'm not in a priority classification), I may have to wait until at least October or November.
  9. Which era do you prefer - Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, or Starship? I could quote "White Rabbit", but not sure whether the mention of substances is against the rules in a non-chems space ...
  10. Sadly, I've never been offered the chance to get pozzed while high.
  11. ALWAYS natural - it's what a Master demands and a sub needs.
  12. @6Demon6Seed6 - your thoughTs? I love having it all recorded on film ...
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