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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Cocks WS fists toys and chems. Daddies are hoT. The rougher more depraved and longer the better.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Slutty little whore who has never said no to anyone - or anyThinG.


    LooKinG for nasTy depraved KinKy raunchy piGs who wanT to desTroy a hole over a lonG session of whaTever you choose To do To me.

    Love beinG a urinal. Fan of The four fluids - and would love To be filmed and sTreamed. I've never said no To anyThinG ...

    Wouldn'T mind meeTinG someone who blurs the line beTween fanTasy and realiTy ...

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    Just some badly shot vids that I junked.
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    Guys who know what they're doing - alThouGh I'm more tHan willing to taKe on beginners as lonG as they can brinG the goods ...

    Extremely poz friendly. Leave the condoms at home (exception being putting them around a vibrating egg and forcing it past my sphincters).

    If you see me wearinG orange as a boTTom, don'T be deTerred, as anyThinG - and everyThinG - Goes.

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  1. @grubbysubby - you and @Gymguy8 are cut from the same cloth (but from opposite ends) 🐗🐗🐗
  2. I was being tested for what was eventually diagnosed as scarlet fever at the time. Cute early-20s nurse stuck her finger up my ass. That night I closed my eyes and pictured my fucking her ass. Shot my load about 3 feet in the air. I was 13.
  3. Give me enough time with you and some chems and you'll enjoy what I can do for both of us.
  4. I was in something that was close to a relationship with an undetectable top a couple of years ago - and I'm negative.
  5. It's legal in Victoria (Australia) - but I've known of very few men who make any sort of money from it.
  6. Cut - and it looks better than uncut. Also easier to keep clean. The women who have seen it tell me that it looks perfect and feels great inside them - and a lot of men have told me that it would feel good inside them. With taking cut cock, the head also feels thicker - and it means that I can still suck while my arms are restrained. There is also the heavenly feeling when my hole is stretched further when the head is pushed in - and when the head is withdrawn.
  7. @pissboybrooklyn - What was his answer in the end?
  8. Is it easier to find a dom ladyboi in a sauna or in a hotel?
  9. It's immaterial as to what I prefer - it's what my top/s want/s that's the only consideration.
  10. Yes to all of the above, and preferably cut cock - don't have to use my hands, and it feels better.
  11. Wonder what would happen if the first slam was just a warm up?
  12. Any btm worthy of the name craves BBC.
  13. Did you end up posting the next chapter?

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