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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Cocks WS fists toys and chems. Daddies are hoT. The rougher more depraved and longer the better.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Slutty little whore who has never said no to anyone - or anyThinG.


    LooKinG for nasTy depraved KinKy raunchy piGs who wanT to desTroy a hole over a lonG session of whaTever you choose To do To me.

    Love beinG a urinal. Fan of The four fluids - and would love To be filmed and sTreamed. I've never said no To anyThinG ...

    Wouldn'T mind meeTinG someone who blurs the line beTween fanTasy and realiTy ...

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    Just some badly shot vids that I junked.
  • Looking For
    Guys who know what they're doing - alThouGh I'm more tHan willing to taKe on beginners as lonG as they can brinG the goods ...

    Extremely poz friendly. Leave the condoms at home (exception being putting them around a vibrating egg and forcing it past my sphincters).

    If you see me wearinG orange as a boTTom, don'T be deTerred, as anyThinG - and everyThinG - Goes.

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  1. I think that you remember that I'm a permanent "red hood". Just waiting for you to ram it in.
  2. What's up 


    1. takingdeepanal


      Hopefully my thick cut 7 inches in your wife's cunt.

  3. I wish I was born female. I'd be VERY rich. Just one of these things that didn't happen. Stupid life!
  4. The Belgians didn't exactly have the best human rights record when it came to their African colonies.
  5. I'll have to change that perception ...
  6. Anyone ever been there? If so, reports?
  7. Happy to return the favour - or go further - if you're up for it.
  8. Excellent points - and it mirrors my philosophy of being a bottom. If I go into a top's territory either willingly or unwillingly, I know that I have no right to dictate any of the proceedings - and my top knows that if he crosses the "legal line" that nobody is ever going to be told about what happened.
  9. If only it would REALLY happen. @grubbysubby - we've spoken about this and we both know that I need this IRL.
  10. Probably the most intelligent thing I've ever read about those who follow religion (and those who don't).
  11. @grubbysubby - no rest. He hasn't been wicked enough.
  12. I would've taken her off your hands if your dealer hadn't ...

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