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    columbus, ohio
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    Nastier sex, piss, poz raw cock, pnpT, more. Travel all over us. update, still neg somehow, results received this past Thursday. Who can change me?!
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    I'm a athletic build, half white half thai submissive, mostly bottom, and into being used and fucked. Looking in Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Pa, Detroit, Michigan, . . . I travel all over the US.. Love a Top to use me for piss, bb, and love my men ripe and nasty. Travel through the US and often planning trips in midwest. If you get into sub, raunchy bottoms let me know!
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    homemade raunch kink and piss bb vids for fun
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    In Los Angeles, LA, Columbus ohio, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Detroit, USA, travel all over. Into asty kink and raunch Tops into being Ripe Dom BB Breed and piss Masters for pig boy slaves. Piss, spit, rimming ripe ass, foot worship, smelly pits, bare breeding sex, hair pulling and more all turn me on, most of all, I love to please and get used by nasty raunchy Dom Tops.

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  1. Love a nasty poz guy (uncut a plus) to go around to gay bars or clubs and wipe his balls cock ass and jock on all the smelly piss stained urinal rims he can find. Then i get him hard by wiping my pig whore face nose lips and mouth all over his sweaty ripe piss smelly balls, cock ass jock or even feet. If it makes him hard i get nasty and verbal with it!
  2. Can someone recommend alternatives. Particularly a bath or gloryhole arcade where a nasty bb bottom like can hook up with raw poz guys into nasty sex
  3. Fuckin hot uncut aids stick Youngstownbear(bare)! Thanks for pushing my reputation to very good! That should get me more pozzzzz fluid and maybe finally turned poz! You loved my fact or fiction post so maybe you can be the one?

    1. ytowndaddybear


      I'd be happy to fill that need, but I can't host where I'm at, and finances don't allow for travel though I do have plenty of free time.

    2. nastysubbbbottom


      I would host and can uber u

  4. Thanks for following me. Would love if you read some of my posts and like or upvote them. 

  5. Nice. Poz and not on meds. My kind of guy. Still looking for fluids from this kind of man.

  6. Mmmmm me too puhleeeze? Aids me up like the dirty ho i am
  7. Yes. My fantasies about my being finally pozzed seem too freaky for most guys that claim they are into pozzing.
  8. Would love to be a bb nasty pig for poz porn tops
  9. Love taking loads from a guy who takes tons of anyone's sperm. Being a sperm dump for a "no loads refused bottom" is a fantasy. Anyone want to make it happen?
  10. It all started on a trip to detroit. A poz slam guy into infecting neg subs then using them as his ass sucking, urinal sperm whore read this post and hit me up. Fuckin' aids whore. Come to detroit and let me fuck you full of my full blown aids and watch you go crazy from virus sperm and t. Just like all the breedingzone guys want you. Infected and used like the aids piss whore you are! During the encounter he confessed he actually was undetectable. He said he'd slam his blood into me just like this post. Made me read it over and over. My only regret was he was undet. He had me promise to get tested at one of those anonymous test sites and sign that they could inform by phone. But give his number. When i asked why he said that when the next guy who wants to inject me with blood asks my status to have the guy call him. That way i won't know but the guy i play with will. So months later i meet a really nasty guy into nlood slams evil talk and more. His pics show how aids filled he is. Gaunt, veiny, and fuck! Karposi spots. I eagerly agreed to play. When this aids wretched guy met me tbe first thing he did was load a rig with wayyyy to much. He did half to him, pulled back to produce a huge red flash. I was actually scarec. Fuck what if he had hard to treat strains or more. He asked if i knew my status for sure. Now i had to confess my dirty play with mr. Detroit! He called, said he was witj me and to tell him my status. He looked disappointed and said ok. He looked at me and said, well look at it on the bright side. I cant poz you now! Fuck i got hot knowing that detroit poz slam did it. I wiped my face in this guys ripe crack and rubbed his huge piss smelly cock in my nose ans moaned, fuck, aids slam me anyway and infect me more. He said yeah want my fill blown blood? After that he slid that big fuckin cock in me and started ybe most evilblaugh and said guess what! He told me you were still neg! You just took my huge full blown blood and tina. I fuckin lied so you woildn't back out! I went crazy telling him this news made his poz cock feel better than any fuck ever. As he got closevi looked into his eyes with my own devil's look and whispered, guess what? I have my own surprise. I got tested myself and knew either he or you lied. But i figured it was you. I got so hot for your aids knowing i was still neg and that you lied to make sure id take it. And now after your huge full blown infected flash we lnow you own my aoul! He went crazy as i whispered fuck, thank you for making me your dirty aids slave! Ohjhhj fuck gave you my aids he screamed as my ass started being overfilled with his poz sperm! We rejoiced in sick depravity as u became his urinal, spitoon, foot licker, and rectum licking whore!
  11. Hmmm. Seems like everyone wants me to make it fact. Everyone wants me to take an Aids Masters hot poz slam. Everyone wants this fag breed slave to get high from aids! Now my search is real!
  12. This wasn't a bathhouse. It was a gay bdsm bed and nreakfast called ashford arms. It closed a couple years ago

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