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    columbus, ohio
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    Nastier sex, piss, poz raw cock, pnpT, more. Travel all over us. update, still neg somehow, results recent. I test a few weeks after each play with poz guys. I abstain after taking poz loads til I test because when I get pozzed, I want to know the guy that does it so he can be my Aids master. Who can change me?!
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    I'm a athletic build, half white half thai submissive, mostly bottom, and into being used and fucked. Looking in Los Angeles, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Pa, Detroit, Michigan, . . . I travel all over the US.. Love a Top to use me for piss, bb, and love my men ripe and nasty. Travel through the US and often planning trips in midwest. If you get into sub, raunchy bottoms let me know!
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    homemade raunch kink and piss bb vids for fun
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    In Los Angeles, LA, Columbus ohio, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Detroit, USA, travel all over. Into asty kink and raunch Tops into being Ripe Dom BB Breed and piss Masters for pig boy slaves. Piss, spit, rimming ripe ass, foot worship, smelly pits, bare breeding sex, hair pulling and more all turn me on, most of all, I love to please and get used by nasty raunchy Dom Tops.

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  1. hi would love you breeding me next time im in LA. fully covid vaccinated

  2. hi men. read my post titled "do you walk away or join" in the sex with enhancements (chem sex) section of the backroom. the place where i will do this is slammers! if the story turns u on let me know. would love a hot poz guy to be the one with me in the piss tub!
  3. you are hot. would love your blood slam inside my veins

  4. i'm a nasty piss and aids ho,

    pre-covid poz guys barefucked me lots!

    i stopped due to covid but both vaccine shots i did,

    more than ever poz men give me the hots!

    i'll go anyplace for  poz  high VL,

    sex for me is so hot when it's evil,

    shout "urinal sperm dump", as you poz my neg rump,

    won't you please please infect me 4 real?

  5. does LA still have the gay hardcorr phoneline? the main room was normal stuff and their was a more extreme hardcore room. very easy to find hook ups. when i was using it was unfortunately before i learned how i love poz men wanting to breed me!
  6. i hope i can be your "barefuck chem date!"

  7. he is the hottest. fantasize about running into him in a bathhouse and being bred by him in front of lots of guys he knows!

  8. so where's the best place to meet some of these guys or their breeders 🙂😘
  9. hi guys. if you like my pics or content please love, share or whatever to help me get reputation points. i will return favor!

  10. thanks. the worst part is all the poz guys i stopped from breeding me when i was young but secretly wanted to. how i wish some, who in those days could have been full blown, could reach me now! tell him all the times my fantasies go back to him pozzing me!
  11. no prep. . . but no detectable tops ever. now about four years playing only with poz guys. rawtop suggested i may have natural immunity. hard to find tops as i get older and some think im lying although i offer tests to prove. since this forum is about risk, what are the highest risks? perhaps i must change my game or give up.
  12. read my post "walk away or join" on bug chasers and poz friendly" in the fetish posts

  13. would love to be your aidsslave

  14. ps, still neg as of mid march and have not played during covid. now fully vaccinated and starting again. very hard to find detectable top into breeding negs. have never met full blown but sure hope i do. any interested? puhllleeeeeze?
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