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  1. Fuck! I am loving this story!
  2. Sorry for the long delay and the short chapter… Part 4: I had no idea how long we had been driving. The electro butt plug and electrified cock cage tingled and pulsed randomly and I was alternately moaning in pleasure and shouting in surprise as my tortured dick and ass got the workout of their lives. I could feel that we had left the motorway. I was fucking desperate for a piss but I had no idea how my captors would take me soiling the interior of the van. Eventually, I had no choice and could feel my hot urine filling the inside of the rubber surf suit I was wearing. I groaned as it hit me that I was pissing in my bike leathers… Fuck! I could smell the combination of the sweaty socks I had in my mouth, my own sweat and the piss that now squelched inside the rubber. My cock continued to strain against the chastity device I still wore. I think I was burping out an almost continuous stream of pre-cum from my straining dick. I felt the van come to a halt and voices get louder and then fade away. The interior of the van was stiflingly hot and I was starting to worry about how long they would leave me here. I trusted Brian but I was starting to doubt the sanity of handing me over to these guys. The van doors opened but I was still hooded and blindfolded and could not see my surroundings. I felt myself being lifted from the van and carried to what I assumed was an open patio or verandah area. “Send up straight, cunt,” I heard from behind me. I straightened up. I felt hands unzipping my leathers and helping me step out of them. “Cunt pissed himself,” I heard another voice. He said something else but it was drowned out by laughter. I did manage to catch the word “punished” though and my cock lurched in its cage I felt the surf suit being removed and the smell of my sweat and my piss assaulted my nostrils. I felt myself being bodily picked up and carried. The tingling from the electro stopped and I heard a voice, “Ready, cunt? This is going to be cold!” my whole body tensed up in shock as I felt myself plunged into what must have been an ice bath. It felt like hundreds and thousands of tiny needles were being plunged into my skin. Hands held me down in the freezing water. I then felt myself lifted out of the water after what seemed like an eternity. I was placed onto the floor and I felt my hands and ankles being restrained. I was shivering. “He needs warming up,” I heard and I started to jerk in my bonds as I felt candle was being dripped onto my freezing skin. Fuck, these guys must have literally read my fantasies before bringing me here! I felt a tourniquet being placed around each bicep. Fuck! Were they going to give me MORE? And a double? I felt the familiar pinch of a needle being inserted into each arm and then the pop of the tourniquets being released...
  3. How was your trip @Londonbear? Been dying to visit PS for a loooong time!
  4. Part 3: I felt the blindfold being removed. I looked around the room. Brian and Matt were off to the side, observing; Brian in his full leathers and Matt in his ratty wrestling singlet, the one that made him look like a two-bit slut. There were three other men in the room. Two were young but menacing looking. They were off to one side. But it was the last man who had my attention. He was an older daddy, probably 45, thick muscular arms. He had a gut, but it was not huge and certainly did not detract from the overall hotness. He exuded power. Had I been unrestrained, I probably would have spontaneously dropped to my knees wanting to serve this man! This was obviously the “someone” Brian wanted me to meet. The man was a God and I found myself eyeing him up and down and licking my lips. He smirked as Brian said, “I think he likes you.” He walked over to me and started to run his hands up and down my torso. He stopped at the Thai pain sticks and started to rotate them and manipulate them. My cock, by this stage, was burping out a steady stream on pre-cum and I was sweating up a storm from the chems. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Matt leave the room and soon return with my bike keys and my riding leathers. Brian walked over to me. “This is Master Ken… He is good friend of mine and has been looking for a sub for a while. I think you two will get along. I have decided to loan you to him for the weekend. You are totally free to refuse. If you go with him, you need to know he is hard and you are going to be very sore for the remainder of your time off; but it will be worth it. Nod your head if you consent to going with him.” I nodded my head vigorously - fuck, I wanted to go with this man. “We’re going to go to a motorcycle club about 50km inland from the Gold Coast” Master Ken said to me. “You are going to be the entertainment at our weekend club event. I intend to keep you trashed for the entire weekend. I want you back in the rubber and then I want you in your motorcycle leathers. I’ll ride down to the coast and Chris will take your bike down. Dan will transport you down in the van since you are too wired to ride.” Master Ken reapplied the cock cage and forced me to bend over as he shoved the butt plug back into my abused hole. He then gripped the Thai pain sticks and pulled them off my tits, eliciting a load groan from me. He reached up and twisted and rubbed life back into my tortured nubs and I felt my cock straining against the cock cage. With that, Ken turned on his heels and marched out of the room. Another of the men, I assume Chris, followed him as Matt tossed him my keys. Dan walked towards me and helped me back into the rubber surf suit and leather riding gear. I felt the electro butt plug and cock cage tingle as the electro was turned on. Dan then put a collar, hood, blindfold and restraints on me as I felt myself manoeuvred to the van. Once inside I was secured in a spread eagled position and I felt and smelt a pair of filthy socks forced into my mouth. I moaned. Then the door slammed shut. Fuck! This was pressing ALL my buttons and I could not wait to get to the Gold Coast.
  5. The cynic in me (or perhaps it is just fantasy) says that it absolutely IS real and they are just claiming it isn't to get around the legalities of it.
  6. Hey fellas... sub bottom pig here in Brisbane, Australia... Any Brisbane dom tops about, hit me up - grubbysubby on BBRT! I have always loved the piggy side of sex, but have always relied on others to have all the toys and equipment for our play sessions. Over the years, I have bought the odd toy but most of them have been pilfered by cunts... I mean, guys who I have played with! I have therefore started to compile a wish list of things that I would like to buy and hope that there are some sadistic top fuckers who can add to this. So, the below is what I would like to buy in no particular order. The advice I would like is: what order should I buy this in? And what would you add to this list? (I have linked to the sorts of things that I have in mind but will hunt for cheaper options): 1. Harness https://blackrabbit.com.au/black-saddle-leather-chest-harness.html 2. Rubber surf suit https://www.regulation.co.uk/clothing/rubber/rubber-suits/locking-rubber-surf-suit.html 3. Anal Spreader https://www.meo.de/en/anal-hole-spreader/6143-speculum-the-hole-anal-spreader-for-extreme-spreading-ref-1912-00.html 4. Erostek remote electro power box https://erostek.com/products/et302r-dual-channel-wireless-remote-power-unit 5. Eagle Talon tit clamps https://www.mr-s-leather.com/sex-toys/tit-toys/eagle-talon-tit-clamp 6. Elastrator Kit https://www.mr-s-leather.com/sex-toys/tit-toys/elastrator-kit 7. Thai Pain Sticks (got a set of these already.) https://blackrabbit.com.au/thai-pain-sticks.html 8. Blindfold: https://blackrabbit.com.au/padded-leather-simple-blindfold.html 9. Slave Collar https://blackrabbit.com.au/mister-b-leather-slave-collar-padded.html 10. Neck to wrist restraint https://blackrabbit.com.au/neck-to-back-restraint.html 11. Datex Cocksucker hood https://blackrabbit.com.au/mister-b-datex-cocksucker-hood.html 12. Urinal gag https://blackrabbit.com.au/oxballs-urinal-piss-gag.html 13. Deep throat gag https://blackrabbit.com.au/killer-mouth-gag.html 14. Deep throat trainer gag https://blackrabbit.com.au/mister-b-premium-deep-throat-trainer-gag-kit.html 15. Electro pin wheel https://blackrabbit.com.au/e-stim-systems-dual-pinwheel.html 16. Medium electrode https://blackrabbit.com.au/e-stim-systems-premium-medium-classic-electrode.html 17. Electro sound https://blackrabbit.com.au/ultrasound-dipstick.html 18. Sounds https://blackrabbit.com.au/stainless-steel-8-piece-dittle-urethral-sounds-kit.html 19. Violet wand https://blackrabbit.com.au/kinklab-neonwand-violet-wand.html 20. Electro humbler https://blackrabbit.com.au/locking-electro-deluxe-humbler.html 21. Electro Bands x 2 https://blackrabbit.com.au/electroband.html
  7. This is what I imagine when I’m writing about Aaron...
  8. Part 2: I had no idea how many people were in the hallway with me but I sensed two, there could have been more. Someone placed a mask over my nose and mouth. A voice behind me ordered me to breathe deeply. The unmistakable odour of amyl (poppers) assaulted my senses. I breathed deeply. “Again! Don’t stop till I tell you,” the voice ordered again. I obeyed. My head was swimming. I had lost count at 20 massive huffs. I felt heat course through my body, my skin was tingling. Hands pulled the mask away. The mystery man moved behind me and pressed up against my back. “Turn the electro off,” he said, and the pulsing in my arse and dick stopped. I felt the familiar sensation of piss coursing down my back. It found its way in between the rubber of the surf suit and my skin. I felt the person move towards my front and felt his hands move the rubber away from my skin and piss down my chest. Whoever was directing the piss aimed for my mouth and I struggled to swallow as the gag prevented me from closing my mouth. “Good pig,” said the voice as he coated the hood, my hair and my face. If I was to wear this piss for the night, I was going to get pretty rank. My cock lurched in its cage. As the quad mix did its work, I could feel my dick lengthen as far as it was able in its restraints. As it grew, it forced the urethral sound deeper down my shaft and I winced at the invasion. The sound was almost 10.5mm which stretched my piss slit wide as it went deeper. Hands gripped the two zippers on my chest to expose my nipples. I felt a metal rod being run down my face and neck down to my exposed tits. “Thai pain sticks, fucker…” it was the same voice that pissed on me a few minutes ago. Where the fuck were Brian and Matt? I did not have long to wonder what Thai pain sticks were as I felt first the one and then the other stick attached to my nipples. “This isn’t so bad,” I stupidly thought until the hands moved the rubber rings closer to the trapped nipples and the sticks started to seriously bite. I hissed and moaned. The voice and whoever else was in the area seemed to step backwards and I felt two maybe three streams of piss hit me from all sides. It fucking went everywhere and I was dripping it everywhere. They aimed for my trapped nipples - the sensation was indescribable. I fucking love having my nipples worked - and whatever these Thai pain sticks were, they worked with pierced tits too! “Stand up,” ordered the voice, and I felt hands guide me towards the playroom. The piss had mixed with my sweat and I could smell myself more and more with each passing moment. The Brisbane humidity was doing nothing to help the situation. Thankfully, I felt the cool of the aircon when we got to the play room. Sometimes Brian deliberately left the AC off but today he was being more merciful! I felt a set of hands remove the hood (they left the blindfold in place though) and remove the gag. They then helped me out of the surf suit with a squelching sound as the piss and sweat were released from their prison. “Fuck you stink, boy,” was all that was said as this process occurred. Next, I felt someone free my cock from its cage and hands manoeuvred the butt plug from my arse. I was spun around. I was totally disoriented and yelped when I felt hands shove me and I fell backwards onto the bed. I quickly felt the cuffs on my wrists and ankles secured to the bed. Fuck, I wanted to get rid of the blindfold to see my mystery tormentor! I felt someone kneel next to me and I felt pegs of some kind attached to my cock, balls, up my Apollo’s belt, all along my torso, up to my armpits, along my biceps and triceps, I hissed as they were applied to the parts of my nipples that had been left exposed by the Thai pain sticks - fuck those things were diabolical. There were pegs fucking everywhere, all along my traps, down my forearms, along my legs. Fuck! I knew that they were going to hurt when they were removed. “Stay still,” I heard and then felt the familiar prick of a needle. Then the same voice, obviously to whoever else was in the room, “I want this cunt totally off his tits for the night.” The slam must have been huge as I felt my chest tighten and then started a heaving cough as the rush took over. “Ready, fucker?” asked a voice and my world exploded in pain as I felt the pegs being ripped off my body. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” I yelled and then started yelling anew as I felt a riding crop slapping all the sites where the pegs had been ripped off my body. Simultaneously, I heard the buzz of a violet wand as it too was used to randomly zap all the sites where the pegs had been. I was screaming and panting and yelling and writhing as the rush and the riding crop and the pegs and the facing violet wand all competed for attention as my overloaded senses tried to cope with it all. Jesus, this was as hot as fucking hell! When the fuck was I going to see whoever was doing this to me?
  9. Aaron Finds a Master Part 1: I was jolted awake as the plane touched down in Brisbane. Another week as a FIFO (fly in fly out) worker in Queensland’s mines was done. As an auto electrician in the mobile maintenance department, my work was hot, sweaty, physical; but very well paid and I was looking forward to spending some of my hard earned over the week I had off work. My dick gave a lurch in my jeans as I considered all the possibilities. One of the worst things about work on the mines was the random drug tests, but a week off meant I could have some fun and get away with it. About me… I am Aaron. At the time of these events, I was 27 years old (almost 28) and had been living in Brisbane for almost 6 years. I lived with my two housemates, Matty and Brian. I say housemates. My landlord and his lover are probably a better way of describing them. I met the two of them in Melbourne; we had a weekend of mind blowing sex and then they invited me to come up to Brisbane to live with them. Probably closer to the truth to say that they rescued me from an abusive relationship. They had more or less decided before I even moved in that ours was to be a platonic arrangement. I as always disappointed that we did not play together; but it gave me an opportunity to settle into Brisbane and get my career going on the mines. I smiled to myself as I thought of Matt and Brian - two complete stud muffins. Brian is the older of the two - a real silver fox. Probably around 42 now. A real dominant fucker when he wants to be. Matty is younger at 38. Still hot as fuck. Years of CrossFit and manual labour have honed his physique and he puts most 23 year olds I know to shame. I had been talking to the two of them about finding a master of my own and moving out - the 6 years with Matty and Brian had dealt with all the crap from my abusive relationship and so now I was ready to find someone with whom I could start the next chapter of my life. As the plane taxied towards the terminal, I switched my phone on and it pinged with a new message from Brian. “Come straight home, slut. I have someone I’d like you to meet.” - I groaned audibly, earning me a glance from the passenger next to me. The fact that he’d used the word “slut” suggested what sort of meeting this would be. The terms of our relationship up till now looked like they were going to change. I had stored my motorcycle helmet, leathers and boots while I was away at the Qantas Club (gotta love Gold frequent flyer status!) and I went to retrieve them. I slipped into the bathroom, stripped down, put my full length skins on and poured myself into my leathers. They were very form fitting and I looked stunning in them (if I say so myself) and I got a truckload of appreciative stares from men and women alike as I left the lounge. I just wished some of the boys ogling me would have the guts to approach me! I climbed on my motorbike and rode home as quickly as I could. I walked in the door. The hallway was deserted but there was a rubber surf suit on the floor. The suit had yellow piping, there were black boots with yellow laces, yellow socks, a latex cock sucking hood, also with yellow trim, a large electro butt plug, an electrified chastity cage, an Erostek remote controlled electro device, cuffs for my wrists and suspension cuffs for my ankles. Fuck! I love piss and I love electro. I looked up to see the camera in the hallway blink to life. It took a while, but I managed to force myself into the chastity cage, got the butt plug up my arse, wrestled into the suit, plugged all of the toys into the power box and taped that to my thighs. I was already sweating. I looked at myself in the mirror and, damn, I looked hot! I reached down and switched the power box on. I knew that Brian, or whoever it was who he wanted me to meet, would have the remote on hand. I fitted the wrist and ankle restraints. On the table in the hallway were a tablet, two rigs with clear liquid in each of them, as well as a shot glass with clear liquid and a Coke chaser next to it. Brian was always open and transparent, so the little piece of paper told me that there was a diuretic, a 100mg shot of Quadmix, 2ml of G and a 0.35g shot of tina - this was going to send me into the fucking stratosphere! I shoved the Quadmix needle into my dick, wincing slightly at the pain; I drew back the plunger to make sure i was not in a vein, and made sure I injected all the mixture into my cock. I mixed the G into the Coke and slugged it back in one hit and picked up the tourniquet. I tightened it around my arm and my veins plumped up beautifully. I’ve got great veins. I inserted the needle, registered, and delivered the payload into my bloodstream, making sure the camera captured everything. Holy fucking shit! I felt it hit me like a freight train. I placed the mouth-open gag into my mouth and placed the cocksucking hood over my head and knelt on the floor. As the rush built and built, I felt the toy in my arse and the cock cage start to tingle as the electro was activated. The power increased steadily and I was pouring sweat and a steady stream of precum as my cock and arse were stimulated. I heard the footsteps of several people coming down the hall.
  10. Just found this movie too - damn, that boy gets worked over! Well worth a look! Not sure what is vanilla and what is not, but the movie "Good Boys" is on page three of this list... and it is fucking hot! It is available on PornHub too, just search "Good Boys Scene 2"... https://www.gayhotmovies.com/porn-star/5721/Pete-Ross.html
  11. Hey GC pigs! Looking for recommendations for a sleazy motel (motor inn style) where I can go for a chemmed up weekend...
  12. In my opinion, the “porn is educational” thing is the same as looking at a painting of an orgy, for example, and saying, “ it’s not porn, it’s art...” When the moral police are breathing down your neck for distributing smut, the “it’s educational” line gets you off censorship...
  13. OK… so no idea how to bring this in to land! Hopefully, this suffices as an ending to this story! Thanks to those who commented and provided feedback. Thanks to those who provided likes and up-votes - they are appreciated!!! Thanks to those who read and enjoyed the story and apologies to those for whom the story did not develop as they would have preferred! Hopefully I’ll satisfy you next time! Epilogue: Matt: I awoke to find Aaron sleeping soundly next to me. He looked peaceful and content and I hoped he had had a good weekend. Brian came and stroked my hair and asked if he could speak to me. He was dressed in his usual jeans and t-shirt and I was the same. The BDSM weekend was over and we were just two regular gay dudes again - as I said, it was the key to the longevity of our relationship. And it always gave us the opportunity to restore the equilibrium in our relationship after an intense bondage weekend like we had just had. We went to a coffee shop (not that one!) and had something to eat - it was already early afternoon on Sunday and I was ravenous. I had taken a few days off work for the following week and our intention was to head down the Victoria coast and have a few days of recovery before flying back to Brisbane. There was a silence between us and we both blurted out at the same time, me with “What are we going to do about Aaron?” and Brian with, “I want to take Aaron with us down the coast and I would like him to come to Queensland, too.” We looked at each other and had a long discussion about what it meant for us and what it meant for our relationship. Brian: I needed to make sure that Matty was comfortable with this, I already had a relationship with him and I wanted to make sure that I did not jeopardise that by introducing such an unknown into the mix. We talked over a long lunch and eventually agreed that Aaron would come to QLD with us but as a flatmate and friend - we would be unlikely to party with him again. I took out my laptop and booked an extra room down the coast and a plane ticket for the flight to Brisbane. We both exited the coffee shop to talk to Aaron. When we arrived back at the GateHouse, Aaron was just stirring awake. Aaron: I was just waking up when Brian and Matt arrived in the room. I was dreading this moment because I was hoping against hope that they would take me with them. I had no idea how the arrangement would work, but I was hopeful that I could at least get a fresh start in Brisbane. They told me what they had discussed and I practically sagged back to the bed with relief. I broke out in a broad grin and gathered my belongings. We checked out of the GateHouse and ordered ourselves an Uber to take us down the coast. All the affectations of master/ slave and dominant/ sub had disappeared from the dynamic between Brian and Matt and I found myself warming to them as people rather than as particular roles within a scene. Yes, this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
  14. Part 15... Aaron: I felt a butt plug nudging my arse and groaned as it filled me up. I was unsure of the size, but whoever was putting it in me was relentless and I felt my arse snap shut around the base. At the same time, I felt a sound being inserted n my urethra. The sound widened and then narrowed very quickly so that it remained in place like a plug. Very soon, I felt the familiar sensation of current being fed through both plugs and I realised that they were both electrified. I felt something being taped to the side of my mouth. “Say something,” Mike ordered me. “Something,” I responded and felt the tingle though my cock and arse intensify a bit. “Say '1, 2, 3' a little louder with each successive number,” - Mike again. I did so and, again, the intensity of the electro stimulation seemed to increase with the volume of my voice. This could get interesting! “I’ve adjusted it up,” said Brian, “Say 1, 2, 3, again,” I complied - but even at a low volume, the stimulation was intense! Fuck! This was going to get wild! “Say, ‘fuck’ loudly,” “Fuck!” I shouted and instantly felt a massive pulse of electricity through my cock and arse. “Jesus, fuck, that hurt!” I yelled and the stimulation continued. I gritted my teeth and groaned and breathed and willed myself not to make a noise. I had broken out in a fresh layer of sweat all over my body. I could smell the sweat from my pits. Mike retrieved the singlet and wiped me down. He then placed the garment over my head like a hood, bunched up the excess fabric and stuffed it into my mouth. I felt a gas mask being fitted over the top of the hood which gave me a sense of sensory deprivation in that I could not hear well and I could not see. The smell of the garment filled the mask. Someone put a small piece of material into the filter of the gas mask and I recognised the smell of poppers instantly. Fuck me, this was pressing all of my buttons. Then nothing happened for a few minutes. Even the shortest period of time truncates when you cannot see or hear. Suddenly, my back exploded in pain. I had no idea at the time, but Mike was an expert with a single tail whip and was using it on my back. I shouted as much as my gag would allow but it was enough to stimulate the electro devices in my cock and arse via the microphone and I was soon writhing and thrashing in my bonds as the stimulation increased with each sound I made. I was breathing harder and harder which meant I was being fed more and more poppers. Through the massive head rush I was experiencing, I was able to bring my moans under control and grit my teeth. The electro slowly subsided and I stopped my thrashing. Of course, now the only stimulation I was receiving was the feeling of pain radiating from the site where the single tail had contacted my skin and I flexed and stretched to try and relieve the discomfort. Crack! Another blow. This time, I managed to keep the sound to a minimum and only received a minimal pulse from the electro but I knew that this would not last and eventually I would cry out. I also knew that the longer I gritted my teeth and kept silent, the louder my scream would eventually be! Mike kept a steady rhythm and I knew my back was likely criss crossed with welts. I was perspiring and breathing heavily. After ten blows I was yelling in the gas mask and my cock and arse were being e-stimmed relentlessly. The salt from my sweat was stinging the sites of the blows. I felt hands caress my back and I shuddered at the tenderness of the moment but also the discomfort that I felt as the fingers of my two torturers prodded my sensitive flesh. “Do you want us to wash the sweat away, slut?” “Yes, please, master,” I croaked - sending a fresh wave of electro stimulation through my cock and arse. “You asked for it,” - Mike again. I howled as I felt the liquid hit my tenderised flesh; Mike had a spray bottle and was spraying an alcohol solution into my skin. Again, I performed a dance as the alcohol caused me to yell and the electro stimulation sent wave after wave of pain through my cock and balls. I got my breathing and yelling under control again and felt the crack of the whip against my skin again. “Don’t break the skin,” I heard Brian say to Mike. Jesus, that painful and they have not actually broken the skin! God help me if they ever do. “You want us to stop whipping your back?” asked Mike. I nodded my head up and down. Crack! I felt a new wave of pain course through my body as I felt the whip strike my abs. I then felt the whip hit just below my armpits, all along the flesh from my pit down, all along my abdominals. Mike was very thorough but made sure he did not hit any part of me that might cause damage to kidneys and the like. I felt a foreign object being drawn along my fresh whip marks and realised with horror that it was the alcohol spray again. Soon, I could hear the tell tale “squishing” sound as the contents of the bottle were sprayed in the air and shouted as the liquid seared my tender flesh. My arms were feeling really sore and I heard Brian ask if I was ready to lie down. Again, I nodded my head yes, and I felt my restraints being released and I was led to the bed. The gas mask and wrestling singlet were removed. I sucked in massive gulps of clean air. Off to the side, I could see Mike readying several packs of needles and he turned to the bed to restrain me once more. I felt panic rise up in me. “I am not sure that that scene is for him,yet,” said Brian and I sagged with relief. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said as he led me to the showers. Brian was very paternal as he lathered his hands and washed the accumulated sweat and grime from the scene I had just endured. He held and soothed me and whispered how proud he was of me and how he wanted to play regularly. I slowly felt tears well up inside of me as I realised that what had been missing between Chris and me was the tenderness and the aftercare. Brian led me back to the room. Mike and his needles and single tail whip were nowhere to be seen. We lay on the bed and Brian kissed me deeply. “Lie back with your arms crossed behind your head and close your eyes,” he instructed. As I lay there, he ran his tongue up and down my jaw, down to my armpits, to my nipples, down to my cock and balls. With his hands, he gently caressed my skin and I was lost in wave after wave of pleasure. Soon, he engulfed my throbbing cock in his mouth and brought me closer and closer to orgasm. He lubed his finger and inserted it in my arse and started some serious stimulation of my prostate. Soon I was writhing as his mouth and finger drove me closer and closer to the point of no return and, soon after, I shouted as I erupted in a massive orgasm. The cum sprayed everywhere. Brian wiped me down and handed me a pair of leather shorts and boots similar to what Brian had been wearing and led me out of the club.

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