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  1. Part 5: Brian took my blindfold off and I looked to see who had joined in the fun. There were two new faces in the room. One was around 35 years old, well built, a real piece of rough trade and fucking hot. He had an enormous pierced dick - PA and ladder - and a prominent biohazard tatt. He had a stern demeanour and I knew he would be a formidable master. His name was Chris. The other man simply took my breath away. He was about 19 - a real muscle jock boy. Shaved totally smooth - not a hair on him from the neck down. A really innocent looking face - classic All American jock boy. No tatts; no piercings. He had a huge dick that was as hard as steel. He had a wide-eyed deer-caught-in-the-headlights look to him and he was staring at me - his name was Aaron. Brian grabbed the sodden, sweaty jock strap from the floor and sprayed some Maximum Impact onto it and held it over my nose and mouth. I gave ten huge huffs and was soon flying. Chris walked up to the sling and started to run his hands over my body. He tweaked, pinched and slapped his way around my body and I was loving the pleasure/ pain he was giving me. He ran his hands over my piercings and pulled them and manipulated them. He walked around me and examined my tatts. He took my cock in his mouth and made love to my dick until I was writhing and moaning in the sling. He knelt at my arse and gave me a thorough rim job, pausing every so often to deposit the cum he had licked and sucked from my hole directly into my mouth. The kid just stood and stared. “Your turn, kid,” said Chris as he pushed Aaron in the small of his back (were they a couple?) and he stepped forward to explore my bound body. He grabbed my leaking cock and started to jerk it, making sure to tweak the ampallang and ladder piercing as he manipulated my cock. His hand was soon slick with my precum and he stopped and licked his hand. I groaned. He jerked my dick a few more times and then presented his long, nimble fingers for me to lick clean. He moved onto my nipples and made sure that they got a good workout too - they were going to be sore and scabbed over by the next morning at this rate. He walked over to my exposed pits and started to run his tongue up and down, licking from the tops of my lats, all the way through the pit, to the bicep and back down again, bathing my entire armpit in his saliva. He leaned over and spat in my mouth and kissed me. I could taste my own sweat. He moved over to the other pit and repeated the process. He gave me another deep kiss, and then ran his tongue from my earlobe down along my jawline. He sucked and nibbled my neck and gave me a few hickies on my neck. He licked down to my clavicle and took one and then the other nipple into his mouth, biting them drawing a long hiss from my pursed lips. He was fascinated with my tatts and licked and kissed around them as he caressed them with his hands. He walked back up to my head and presented his cock to me. He smelled like all good young muscle jocks should smell - some sweat, some soap and some crotch funk. He pushed his dick into my mouth and down my throat. “Get it nice and wet, slut, it’s the only lube you’re going to get.” he said in an amazingly deep voice… Fuck, I’m a sucker for young studs with deep voices. Soon I was choking on his meat and I know that there was equal amounts saliva and mucus coating his dick each time he withdrew to let me take a few heaving breaths. The others were watching my oral rape with awe. Chris, in the mean time, was working my arse with his fingers. He had big hands and was stretching me in a big way. He had all four fingers and a thumb up to the third knuckle - I knew it was only a matter of time and he’d have his entire hand buried in my arse. Aaron withdrew just enough for Brian to feed me a few huffs of poppers and then thrust back down my throat to the hilt. As I choked and gagged on his meat, Chris pushed through my hole and had his entire hand buried in my arse. I bucked and strained in my bonds and Aaron mercifully withdrew his cock from my battered throat. I took several heaving breaths as Aaron moved to my exposed arse. He placed his dick next to Chris’ hands and pushed. He was relentless and I felt my arse give way and he was soon buried balls deep. I howled and shook as my arse got used to the invasion. I felt the hand in my arse close into a fist and the kid let out a guttural moan. “Oh Jesus,” he gasped, “You’re jerking me off in his hole…” I knew the kid could not last. I was experiencing sensations through my entire body that I had not experienced before. Brian had moved off and was fiddling with something in the background - I could not see what he was doing. Brian walked up to my head and fed me his dick. I was relieved to have something to distract me from the reaming my arse was receiving. Soon, Aaron thrust deep into my hole, impaling me further on Scott’s dick. I felt Brian let loose a massive load down my throat and felt Aaron shaking as he let loose a massive load in my arse. He shook as he withdrew his dick and presented it to me to clean. Again, he thrust deep down my throat and, as I choked on his massive tool, Chris withdrew his hand. He fed me Aaron’s load by presenting his fingers to me to lick clean. Brian, Aaron and Chris wiped themselves down wth my wrestling singlet. It was now a sodden mess and I knew I would be wearing it around Club 80 at some stage soon enough. Aaron then knelt down and started to finger my arse. By now, it was loose enough to accommodate his hand relatively easily - even though he had bloody big hands. He was an expert fister and was giving my prostate a workout as he got deeper and deeper into my colon. He withdrew his arm so that he was at a normal depth (whatever the fuck that is) and Chris presented his monster dick at the entrance to my hole. Chris had by far the biggest dick out of anyone who had fucked me that evening. He had a massive PA and a ladder down his dick of about eight bars through his cock… I was going to feel every inch of this. He was relentless and bottomed out quite swiftly. I was groaning and babbling quite incoherently at this latest onslaught. As the two worked my arse like a violin, I felt Aaron take Chris’s dick in his hand and start to jerk him off. Soon he was shooting a monster load into my arse. I knew it was big because I could feel it squishing around Aaron’s hand. “When I tell you, pull out of his arse,” I heard Chris say just as Scott and Brian walked up to me and swabbed an arm each. This was going to be interesting… They each found a vein easily and registered. In unison, they both depressed the plungers on the syringes. I felt as though I had been hit by a freight train. As soon as my coughing fit subsided, Scott rammed the entire length of his dick down my throat. As I coughed and choked on this invader, I heard Chris shout, “One, two three - go!” I felt the kid withdraw his dick and Chris withdraw his closed fist from my cunt in one smooth stroke. I screamed around Scott’s monster as my arse stretched! Scott roared and came buckets down my throat. While this assault on my senses was occurring, Brian was jerking my dick and I convulsed as I came buckets into his hand. As Scott withdrew his still dribbling dick from my throat, Chris brought his hand to my mouth and inserted one finger at a time and I cleaned my arse juices and the kid’s load off his hand. Once his hand was clean, the kid came around and shoved his cock down my throat and ordered me to clean it. I was fucking loving this kid! Scott withdrew his dick and Brian miked my cock as I whimpered and jerked n my bonds. I was spent. The four men wiped themselves and me down with the singlet and looked at me. I was flying - I always thought Brian decreased dosages as the night progressed but that was a huge slam. I’d find out later it was crystal and m-cat and my hole was pulsing with need. “You enjoying this action?” Chris asked Aaron who, awestruck by what was happening, just mutely nodded his head yes… Brian helped me out of the sling. I sagged against him, more from the chems than fatigue,. “One more round and then we can rest,” he promised. He gave me some Gatorade and water and had me stand in front of Aaron. I spent the next fifteen minutes worshipping every inch of this stud. I licked along his jaw as he had done to me, I feasted on his ripe pits and his sweaty dick, balls and crack. I laid down on the floor and he laid down with his feet positioned at my mouth. I licked and sucked each toe and licked and nibbled all the way to each heel and then back again. His feet were clean with a hint of foot sweat that was driving me wild. The kid was moaning. Brian hauled me to my feet and fitted an electro butt plug up my arse and an expanding sound down my urethra. These were both connected to an electro box and the power turned on. He then fitted a ball stretcher that had two eyelets on the sides, presumably to attach weights. He then fitted two sets of nipple clamps - one to each tit - but left the other clamp of each set dangling by the wire down my torso. He then led me to a St Andrew’s Cross and fastened me to the beams. Last, but not least, he fitted a collar and attached the collar to the wall behind the cross. I was completely immobilised. Aaron stared in awe. “You want to try a small slam?” asked Chris. “Fuck, yeah,” said Aaron - his cock lurching. Scott walked up to Aaron and gave him a slam. It may have been small, but the kid was flying. It made him completely pliable and Chris motioned him to stand to one side of me. Soon, Aaron had a similar butt plug and sound and was moaning as the electro stimulation did its work. His low hangers were shoved through a similar ball stretcher and he was manoeuvred in front of me, facing me. he too was fitted with a collar and his arms were manacled to the cross, too. His collar was attached to mine, and our ball stretchers were attached to each other by a carabiner through each of the eyelets. Finally, Brian took the other end of the tit clamp on my right tit and attached it to Aaron’s right tit; and the same with the left. Aaron hissed as his tender nubs were brutalised by the clamp. Any movement each of us made would pull at the tits and balls of the other. Chris gripped a handful of Aaron's hair, “See this slut?” he asked. “We are going to turn you into one just like him - tatts and all!” The kids eyes went wide. Scott and Brian each had a paddle in their hands and in unison brought them down hard on Aaron’s vulnerable butt cheeks. Aaron let out a howl and started thrashing in his restraints, causing both our balls and tits to be mercilessly pulled…
  2. Agreed - sometimes you just run out of steam!
  3. Agree with you mate... love Kink Men - bound Gods and Bound in Public are favourites. Men on Edge is great too! 30 Minutes or Torment used to be a fave till they stopped the updates...
  4. Part 4: We finally got to Collingwood - the suburb where The Gate House and Club 80 were located. It was 1030pm on a Friday night and the streets were buzzing. Scott eventually parked the car about three blocks from the venue. Brian orered me to remove the chastity device and then ordered me out of the car. We already had a bit of an audience; but an almost naked wired guy sweating rivers being ordered out of the car by two men had attracted even more attention. Scott looked at the cum that had dribbled out of my well fucked arse and leaked onto the car seat and ordered me to bend over and lick it up. He walked up behind me and delivered some stinging blows to my exposed arse with a table tennis paddle that he had retrieved from God knows where. It stung like a motherfucker but I was not about to cry out. I think that this just emboldened him and he had soon given me 20 good swats with the paddle on each cheek. My cheeks were certainly red at this point and he encouraged some of the lookers on to cop a feel or have a few swats themselves. Fortunately for me, there were no takers. But there were more than a few camera phones being used to record my humiliation. Brian handed me a leather harness and got me to put it on and then gave me the wrestling singlet which, again, I had to wear with the top half concealing the cut away bit which exposed my arse. "Take the jock of before you put that on, slut," Brian ordered. Naturally, I complied, to loud gasps from the audience we had amassed. The Treasure Island Media cap completed the look. “Scott and I are going to get some party favours,” Brian calmly informed me before handing me the bags from the trunk and directing me on my way. “Log onto BBRT when you get to the Gate House,” was Brian’s last instruction before the two drove away. As I mentioned, Brian is an exhibitionist and there is a certain hotness to it; but it is not something I seek out. I know that this is why Brian makes me do it so much. I think my entire body was blushing scarlet as I walked to The Gate House. The entire journey was spent with guys and girls making lewd comments and propsitioning me as I made my way through the busy streets. I saw plenty of camera phones being used to record my progress. Ordinarily, the humiliation, the fear if being caught by the cops, or being recognised by someone I knew; as well as the fact that I dislike that sort of exposure, would result in my cock being soft and probably a bit shrunken... But, thanks to the quad mix and the fact that my traitorous cock was now free of its prison, had my cock as hard as steel and leaking like a faucet. The front of my singlet tented obscenely and was a sticky, starchy mess of precum and I knew that anyone who had seen me would know I was a hopelessly horny slut. I had a few of the more bold onlookers sidle up to me and cop a feel of either my dick or my arse or generally molest me whenever I was at a set of lights waiting to cross an intersection. Fortunately, by the time this happened, the crowds had thinned out and I was near my destination. Eventually, I walked into Club 80 and checked in and made my way to the room. I know what Brian expected and I unpacked the bags, laying all the paraphernalia out to have easy access. I then logged on to my BBRT account. True to form, Brian had put up a quick connect under his profile, so I knew he would be vetting any respondents… “Seeking dominant tops and vers guys to help me work over a trashed smooth sub slut. Slut is in room 2 at The Gate House. FF, WS, CBT, TT, BDSM, kink preferred.” He had sent me an email instructing me to drink two litres of water, put a blind fold on, leave the door open and hop in the sling. It was not very long (or maybe it was, I had no concept of time) before the door opened and I heard footsteps walk into the room. “Good to see you followed orders, slut,” said a voice I recognised straight away as Scott. “Thank fuck for that,” I thought. I love the thought of some random using me in the sling but really do prefer to have my master or someone else I know to be in the room to look after me. Brian secured my arms and legs to the sling and I knew I was now helpless to whatever they decided to do to me. I know I looked super hot… Brian had paid for me to have laser hair removal from the neck down; so I was totally smooth. I had a tattoo around my hole, the scorpion and TIM skull on my ribs and the biohazard tatt on my pubes. I was deeply tanned except for a very skimpy speedo tan line and the multiple piercings marked me as a real pig. Brian walked up to me and swabbed my arm. I have incredible veins - the combination of good genetics, low body fat percentage and heaps of manual labour and time in the gym - and the veins in my forearms look like a road map. Brian found a vein easily and slipped the needle in, drew back the plunger and then pushed the contents into my blood stream. I know that Brian normally reserves the biggest slam for the first one and I felt my chest tighten, the ringing in my ears, the metallic taste in my mouth and the coughing fit that follows. I was absolutely flying. My entire body craved abuse and I knew I just needed to be used. As I was blasting off, Scott had aimed his massive tool at the entrance to my hole and pushed through any resistance in one smooth thrust. Even with the tina coursing through my veins, I could feel it was a big one and his 00 gauge PA was making me feel every thrust. A loud, protracted moan escaped my lips as he thrust into my hole. Despite the stretching my hole regularly recieved and the stretching it had recieved earlier in the evening, I felt every inch of the monster invading my hole - and the PA was adding to the sensations in my arse. Scott eventually bottomed out, and I could feel his dick pulsing in my hole. He settled into a rhythm that had me gasping. He was fucking me like a jack hammer. I love getting fucked by young, dominant, well hung men. They can go for hours. I’d soon learn that Scott could cum multiple times. He fucked me hard for about fifteen minutes, altering his speed and angling his thrusts so my arse was always guessing. He knew how to angle his thrusts so that my prostate was getting a working over, too, and I was moaning and babbling as he fucked me. “Here comes load one, cunt,” he growled and he slammed into me and stayed there as his entire body shook from what must have been an enormous orgasm. I must say, I envy guys who can actually feel the cum shooting into their arse. I have no such luck. But I could feel a wetness in my hole as a result of the load Scott had shot inside me and it must have been massive. He started a slow thrusting in an out of my hole. I could feel that Scott’s cock had softened slightly but as he worked his cock in and out of my hole and kept up a litany of abuse - telling me what a slut I was, how much he enjoyed using my cunt and how he was going to find a train of hung tops to brutalise me - he started to harden. The workout my arse and prostate had received had resulted in my cock burping out an almost constant stream of precum throughout the whole scene and my pubes and lower abdomen were a mess of dried and sticky pre-cum. I was sweating thanks to the tina and I knew that the entire room smelled of sweat and sex. As he continued to fuck me, he grabbed a hold of my cock. It was slick from the presum and he used the natural lube to work his palm over the head of my dick. I jerked and spasmed in my bonds at this fresh onslought. He then worked my dick, eliciting more moans from me as the ladder piercing on my dick was manipulated. I was in sensory overload. I wondered where Brian was. I need not have wondered for long. I felt Brian position himself near my head and he spat into my mouth and then started to fuck my face. I loved the set up of the sling at the Gate House - it was angled so that my mouth was also available for use and Brian soon had me choking on his meat as Scott fucked me. Scott and Brian had set up a good rhythm between them. Scott would push the sling away from his body until his cock had either escaped the confines of my arse or the head was still just trapped inside and then let the sling go so I was impaled on his girth in one smooth motion. Each time he pushed me away from him, Brian’s tool was shoved down my throat and each time he let the sling down, I was able to grab a quick breath. I was moaning around Brian’s tool as my arse got the reaming of its life. “Here comes load two, bitch,” said Scott and he slammed deep into my arse and his body shook. As he slammed into me, he had effectively pushed my mouth back onto Brian’s dick. As Scott’s body shook, I felt Brian shooting his load straight down my throat. I had the taste of Brian’s cum on my tongue and, again, the wetness around my hole was evidence enough that Scott had blown another respectable load up my arse. He withdrew is cock and walked around to shove it into my mouth for me to clean it. I choked and sputtered as his dick invaded my throat. The PA was certainly adding to my discomfort. I could taste a mixture between my arse juices, his cum, the cum of the others who had fucked me earlier and the salty heady taste of sweat and piss. My cock lurched at the thought that I may even have been sucking the residue from earlier fuckings too. At this point, Brian walked over to my arse. Some cum had dribbled out of my well used cunt at this stage, and he used his hand to scoop some up and feed it to me. I jumped slightly as another voice rasped out, “Fucking hot,” and started to run his hands over my body. “Welcome to the party, boys,” said Brian and I knew the fun was only going to get better...
  5. Thanks mate - fee free to offer any suggestions! Not that experienced in this story writing caper!
  6. Part 3… I know I was not exactly wired… but my head was spinning and I was sweating up a storm. I think it was a combination of the one point of that bitch, Tina, the fact that I had only recently had an intense workout and was usually sweating a few hours after I trained anyway, the fact that a random stranger was using me (via the electro) in view of a plane full of people and the nervous anticipation of what was to come (I knew how imaginative Brian could be…) The net result was that I was starting to smell my own pits and I knew it would not be long before my fellow passengers could too. I was silently willing the plane journey to end quickly. “Welcome to Melbourne where the local time is 730pm. Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until the captain has turned off the seat belt sign. If your mobile device is within reach, you may switch it on now.” “Thank fuck for that,” I thought, "I can get off this plane!” Brian stood up and passed my bag to me. He also handed me another bottle, this time full of water and told me to down it as soon as we were off the plane. Scott had the remote again and started to crank up the power as I started to stand up. It was only as I stood up that I realised my condition. My vest was almost completely saturated - it was actually dripping in places (thank God it was black), along with the waist band of my shorts and my jock. The front of my shorts were also soaked thanks to the prodigious amount of pre-cum I had produced during the journey and my nostrils flared with the starchy odour emanating from my groin. I stood up, convinced that there were people staring. I held my bag in front of me willing the people in front of me to hurry up. “Let me help you with that,” said Brian, ever helpful, and relieved me of my bag - the only covering for my bulge and my sweat and pre-cum soaked shorts. I was blushing furiously. The cabin manager was looking at me with undisguised lust and Scott and Brian both winked at him as we departed the plane. Brian handed him a card with my number on it as we walked past. I ducked into the nearest rest room to try and get myself under control. I downed the bottle of water. It was bitter and I knew I had ingested yet more chems. We headed to the baggage claim and awaited our bags. I did not know this at the time, but Scott knew some of the baggage handlers and had arranged a small surprise for me. “Brian and I will wait for you outside,” he said; and with that, both Scott and Brian disappeared out the terminal. Almost as soon as they were gone, a guy in Qantas uniform approached me. He was gorgeous - blond hair, granite jaw line with a neatly trimmed beard, respectable bulge and the smell of someone who had just completed an honest day’s work. “Excuse me, are these bags yours?” he asked me, gesturing to a couple of bags he had in his hands. I checked them out, my stomach doing somersaults, and admitted they were mine. “Please come with us, Sir,” he instructed and I was suddenly surrounded by two other men, also in uniform. They took me to a room off the main terminal. There was a table with three chairs and the three of them sat down - leaving me standing. Off to the side was a long counter. The chems I had swigged down about ten minutes prior had started to kick in. “You seem very nervous and you are sweating, sir,” observed one of the men. “Please open your bags.” With trembling hands, I opened Brian’s and my bags. Brian's bag was full of leather and fetish gear - harnesses, chaps, some wrestling singlets, jock straps (most of them worn and unwashed.) There was a box of nipple clamps, some more electro kit, duct tape, rope etc. It was massively humiliating to unpack everything and lay it all out on the counter for the men to see. My bag was even worse. I had my safety boots, socks and work shirts that were well worn. The whole room was dominated by the odour of unwashed socks and work shirts. I had a tool belt festooned with lewd sex toys - dildos, butt plugs. I had an assortment of gags, hoods, tiny leather shorts and a riding crop and leather flogger. “I think we need to make sure there is no contraband on your person, sir. Please strip.” As this was said, all three stood up and made sure I was in no position to refuse. I lifted the vest off my body. One of the men produced a plastic cup and squeezed the vest, collecting almost a full cup of my sweat as he did so. My shorts and jockstrap were next and were also wrung out - collecting a cup and a half of nervous sweat. The three men whistled appreciatively as they circled me. They started to grope my body. I was frozen in shock. I suddenly regained my composure and started to protest. “You can’t fucking do this,” I started to say but was cut off by one of the men. “Do you want us to tell Brian and Scott that you were uncooperative?” they threatened. I’ve got to admit, I sagged with relief. I actually started laughing. This was a set up. The men grabbed my jock strap and forced it into my mouth. They grabbed the duct tape and taped it in place. They then retrieved some of the rope from our bags and tied me to the table on my back. My head hung off the edge and was at perfect height for someone to fuck my throat. They also used the rope like a makeshift sling so that my arse was totally accessible. I heard a snicker as the first went to finger my arse, only to discover the butt plug that formed part of my chastity device. They removed the plug and were kind enough to use plenty of lube and I groaned as I felt my arse stretch around the massive tool of the first guy to fuck me. He soon settled into a steady rhythm. My mouth was not unoccupied for long and the starchy, pungent tool of the second man was soon invading my throat. He too set up a steady rhythm and I was soon choking on his meat as he fucked me. The three alternated over the course of around 90 minutes and I ended the encounter with two loads from each man. I stood up, I knew I looked a sight - I had red eyes and a tear streaked face from the face fucking I had endured and I know there was a load or two leaking from my abused hole. One of the men re-inserted the anal lock into my arse and gave my balls a thorough squeeze as he did so. “We can’t let you back out in the terminal in that condition” one of the men said and handed me one of the wrestling singlets from my bag and my soaked jock strap. I sighed and squeezed myself into the garments - conscious that they accentuated every ripple and bulge on my body. I was dreading going back out there. I packed the bags again, trying to be as quick as I could. I realised with horror that the security guard had chosen a singlet that had the arse cut out of it, so I was going to have to leave my torso naked and use the top half of the singlet to cover my modesty at the back, but leave myself totally exposed elsewhere. The security guard attached a clamp to each nipple, smilng cruelly as he did so. Soon I was ready to leave. One of the men handed me the cups of sweat and instructed me to drink them… I was turned on and disgusted at the same time. I knew that non-compliance was not an option. The whole episode had taken almost two hours and I had no idea where Brian and Scott had disappeared to. I picked up my phone and the text message from Brian told me the parking bay where they were waiting in Scott’s car. I grabbed the bags and hurried out the room. I knew I must look a sight - half naked, sweating, soaked wrestling singlet, making my way through the airport. I knew that the security guards had been a set up and that I was not in any danger of being busted by security for real, but I was crapping myself none the less. Thank god it was now after 10pm, so the airport was fairly empty. For those who know Melbourne airport, the car park is quite a hike from the terminal. I had certainly had a few cat calls and wolf whistles by the time I reached the car. I knocked on the trunk of the car and Scott opened it for me. Brian got out the car and inspected me with a smirk on his face. He handed me two 600ml bottles of piss. “I am going to get back into the car. Scott will then lock the doors. Strip to your jock, drink the piss and knock on the roof three times. Scott will then wait 90 seconds exactly and then we will unlock the doors.” My cock lurched and I groaned. Brian got in the car and locked the doors. I stripped off the singlet, placed it in the trunk, closed the lid and started to drink the acrid piss. It was mostly cold, they had obviously collected it over the whole time I was being worked over by security. I gagged a few times, but managed to get it down. I rapped on the car roof three times and waited. It was the longest 90 seconds of my life and I had a couple of people stare as they walked by. Thank fuck Australia is the sort of culture where you see all sorts of ridiculous antics, usually the result of bets and pranks gone wrong. Nevertheless, I was relieved to finally get into the car...
  7. Part 2… Travelling with Brian was always an experience. He was a massive exhibitionist, which usually involved me showing more of myself than I would have personally liked. He would always get me to wear something that would signal to those in the know that I was into piggy sex and that I was a sub. On this occasion, I was wearing flip flops (thongs to the Aussies) and a very loosely cut Treasure Island Media vest. It was one of those ones that left a huge area from the armpit to below the waist exposed on either side. This was paired with loose baggy shorts that sagged a little on my slim hips. I had a Treasure Island Media cap on to complete the look. I actually feel more exposed in these clothes than when I am naked. Even clearing security was a challenge - my piercings and chastity device were usually ok going though security but occasionally I would have to explain my hardware to a smirking security guard. Fortunately, on this occasion, I was clear. But the nervousness would inevitably leave a trickle of sweat down my chest, on my hairline or pits and I almost always caught the appreciative stares of women and more than a few men. We got onto the plane; Brian always took the aisle seat and I always got the middle… just one of the perks of being the sub, I suppose… As I placed our baggage in the overhead locker, the fella sitting at the window looked on appreciatively as my vest rode up my torso, giving him a glimpse of my treasure trail. His eyes widened when he saw my biohazard tatt and I saw him adjust hsimself as he looked at me. He also saw my other tatts... When I lift my right arm, I have a Treasure Island tatt and when I lift my left, I have a scorpion - both on my rib cage. I sat down in the middle and Brian sat down next to me, making sure to place his arm squarely on the arm rest, forcing me to lean slightly into the guy to my left. We made some small talk as I noticed he was wearing a CrossFit themed t-shirt from a competition I had done the previous month and we hit it off almost immediately. Brian got up to use the rest room and my neighbour - whose name was Scott - lifted his shirt to reveal his own biohazard tatt. “What’s the deal with your mate?” he asked me. “He’s my master,” I replied, hoping this was not going to get awkward. Scott smirked at me and told me he’d be speaking to my master later. Brian returned and sat down with a mischievous expression on his face and I knew something was up. He reached into his backpack and took out a bottle with golden liquid in it and handed it to me. It was warm to the touch and I instantly knew what he had gone to the bathroom for. “Sip it slowly,” Brian instructed me and I opened the bottle and took my first swig. It had a bitter, chemical taste to it and I knew he had probably laced it with tina. It was the easiest way to transport party favours. Dilute them in a small amount of water in a bottle. Then, all you need to do is add some more water or add some lube to use it. Airport security never checks the bottles. Each time any of the airline staff walked past, I would screw the top on tight and place the bottle in the seat pocket. All I was fucking short of was one of the staff finding out what was going on. Half way through the bottle, Brian handed me a small satchel and told me to go to the bathroom myself. I placed the bottle into the seat pocket and went to the bathroom. As soon as I locked the door and opened the satchel, I saw the quad mix injection inside. I always hated doing this bit myself. I knew Brian wanted me to use the whole dose, so I stuck the needle into the middle of my cock, drew back the plunger to make sure I was not in a vein, and depressed the plunger. The satchel also contained a few wires that I know would plug into the chastity device. My chastity deveice is similar to this one, but it has some special modifications: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3in1-Male-Chastity-Cock-Cage-Anal-Plug-Penis-Plug-Penis-Lock-Device-With-Removable-Urethral-Sounding/32704282307.html The device has a urethral sound that goes down my urethra (thank God not all the way to the bladder - that would be awkward and I hope Brian never gets one of those for me to wear in public!) It attaches to an ass lock that goes all the way into my arse and then expands, giving me a very full feeling and keeping almost constant pressure on my prostate. One wire would plug into the sound and the other into the arse lock. I applied the wires and tried to hide the evidence as best I could. With shaking hands, I put all the supplies back into the satchel and started to make my way back to my seat. The Tina-laced piss had started to affect me and I was sweating lightly… again, wearing that damned vest made every damned drop visible and I know people would be able to smell me if they got too close. I looked towards the section where Brian and Scott would be waiting for me and I saw them deep in conversation. “This cannot be fucking good,” I thought, but there is little point to complaining. Just before I sat down, Brian and Scott got up to go to the bathroom themselves. I sat down, stewing quietly. I knew something was up. Brian grabbed his backpack from the overhead locker and handed a small device to Scott and then one to me. https://www.mr-s-leather.com/sex-toys/electro-play/power-boxes-electro-play/remote-control-power-box Click the link to see what it was - a fucking remote control, linked to a power box into which the two wires would plug. Some fucking random stranger now controlled the electro stimulation on my dick and in my arse. “Fuck… this is hot,” I thought. I trusted Brian - he knew how to press all my buttons and he had only got better as our relationship had progressed. I felt a light buzzing and knew Scott had turned the power up on the power box. It certainly had the range to be effective even from the toilets. I reached into the seat pocket to grab the tina laced piss but could not find the bottle. Thinking that an air steward had found it, I fought a wave of panic and a fresh wave of nervous sweat. After about ten minutes (which felt like a fucking lifetime), Scott returned.I had to stand up to allow him to access his seat. As he sat down, I saw him take the remote out and start to crank out the voltage. Soon I was squirming and fought not to cry out as I took my own seat. Between the tina laced piss, the electro and the very public unravelling of my mind, I was sweating steadily. I lifted my cap and saw the damp stains around the brim and knew that anyone who looked closely would see I was perspiring by this stage quite heavily. Brian returned (I had lost count of how many minutes he had been away because I was too occupied with not moaning with all the attention my cock and arse were getting. After Brian sat down, he handed me a bottle and, with relief, realised they had taken the bottle when they left earlier. Relief was short lived, though... I looked at the liquid swirling around. The bottle was full again, and I could see the unmistakable swirl of cum in the piss - definitely two loads of cum, and more piss from both of them. Scott smirked at me as I took a swig. “Down it,” he ordered and I finished the entire bottle almost immediately. Brian took out his phone and typed in the notes, “that was one point!” Holy fuck - I was going to be wired by the time we landed. Brian reached up and closed all three air vents above our seats and Scott and Brian both leaned in towards me. I had started to fly a little and my body temp had definitely started to rise. As I mentioned, this was pressing all my buttons. Brian reached out and took the remote from Scott. The remote has a “boost” button which increases the power for one second by 25%… he pressed it and was all I could do not to yell out. The tina had affected my dick but the quad mix was working hard to counteract that. I had felt my dick try to harden. I winced as the sound was pressed deeper into my urethra as my cock hardened and it soon reached the limit of what the chastity cage would allow. Each time I moved, the electrodes would move slightly, too, which, as anyone with any experience playing with electro knows, can be quite uncomfortable. After about twenty minutes of this kind of stimulation, Brian took the control back from Scott and turned off the electro. I sagged back in relief. I leaned forward and knew that the back of my vest was saturated. Thanks to the design of the damned vest, I knew that the waist band of my shorts was saturated as well and the ball cap I was wearing showed signs of some fairly heavy sweating too. Getting off this plane was going to be embarrassing. I only hoped I had enough control to get through this without humiliating myself…
  8. Thanks! A story from Matt's perspective a few years on... Sorry, edited a few paragraphs as you replied... 🙂 Gawd, I need to get better at proof reading! There are still heaps!!!
  9. I was laying on the ground, chest heaving, sweat pouring off my body, leaving a sweat angel on the concrete floor of the gym. The sun had heated the roof and heated the interior of the facility to almost unbearable levels and the Brisbane humidity had made sweat inevitable, even if sedentary. Never mind the intensity of the CrossFit open workout I had just completed. My partner, Brian, looked on appreciatively just a few meters away. My shorts had soaked through during the workout revealing my jockstrap and the edge of my biohazard tatt peaked out from the waistband of my shorts. My hand absent mindedly grazed my nipple moving the piercing as my cock gave a small lurch. Every workout these days was an exercise in sexual tension because of the piercings and the friction that intense exercise caused. Brian kept me almost constantly in a chastity device that he had had manufactured for me - it was super comfortable and was designed to be worn long term - but it was also designed for him to bring me exquisite pleasure, exquisite pain or to punish me as he saw fit. Our relationship had grown and developed over the three years since it had begun. He was older than me by five years, he being 30 and me being 25. We had met when I was 21 and had begun our relationship when I was 22. It was a fiery start - some may even say that a relationship begun as ours was was doomed to fail. Not to put too fine a point on it, he drugged me, raped me and tortured me for a whole weekend and we ended up being lovers… Oh, my name is Matthew… Matty as most people call me. I am a landscaper by trade so I have a body honed by many hours of hard physical labour. Yes, there is some serious time put in at the gym, too, but my physique is as much about power and functional strength as it is about aesthetics. I spend a lot of time outdoors and shirtless and so I have a great tan… I used to wear boardshorts but Brian had decided to give me some fairly tight, short shorts that showed off my legs to maximum effect. I got a bit of a ribbing from the fellas at work, but they all knew I was gay as did the guys at the gym. I had closely cropped hear - number one on top with a skin fade and stubble along my jaw. I know I am a hottie - but Brian keeps me in check and so I am not arrogant about it. Brian and I have a really good arrangement at home. On week days, I am Matty… I am good at what I do, I am respected at work, I am one of the fittest men in the CrossFit affiliate where I am a member, I have been to the CrossFit Regionals in Austrlia and competed at the CrossFit Games in America. I have a wicked sense of humour and a good group of friends. I am an avid fan of Australian Rules football and am a good cook. I’m a Marvel fan more than a DC Comics fan; and prefer Star Wars over Star Trek. A regular dude. At home, Brian and I are mostly equals. We go to dinner together, we go to movies, we have a good social life. Admittedly, Brian contributes more to our relationship financially than I do, but that is because he is wealthier than I am and can afford to do so in order for us to live a lifestyle to which he was accustomed when we met and to which I am now accustomed thanks to his generosity. Most weekends, we spend time again either at Brian’s beach pad up the coast; or at home. A couple of times a month, we revert to our dom/ sub personas that were revealed when we had our first weekend of passion and our roles are defined - I am subservient to him. But, for the most part, we leave those roles behind - it is a healthy way to live and has given our relationship the longeivity that many similar partnerships lack. Brian and I are also very good at compartmentalising; and we restrict our partying to the times where we are in our Dominant and Submissive roles. It keeps us grounded and prevents us from allowing “that bitch, Tina” as Brian refers to crystal meth from dominating our lives. Brian walked over to help me up, breathing in the smell of my sweat deeply as he did so… I could see the lust in his eyes as he looked me up and down… an almost possessive stare that let know that the weekend was going to one of those weekends where I was subservient to him and what he said was law. We had not partied for about three months (we only did so four times a year max) and we had been planning the weekend for some time. Easter and ANZAC Day had fallen conveniently one week apart this year, so I had taken three days leave which would give me ten days in a row where I did not have to present myself at work ready to work hard physically. For those who are not aware, ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, a term used ot refer to those who servied in WWI in the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey. ANZAC Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served." We were flying to Melbourne on the night before Easter, staying there to the Easter Monday and then flying home where we’d have the rest of the time to recover. We had booked a room at The Gate House, a gay BDSM establishment made for rough sex. Each room had a mezzanine floor with a bed and the ground floor had a sling and was made for partying. Next door was Club 80, Melbourne’s premier SOPV and the site of many a debauched weekend for both of us. We headed home after our training and quickly showered and headed to the airport to begin our weekend.
  10. Thanks @FFRubbrPIG and @Wawa6... I think you’re right... this story ends here. I’ll have to dream up some scenarios for three to five years down the track!
  11. It’s an interesting question... I live in Brisbane, Australia, and the city had four SOPV’s leading up to one closing Jan 2018... I always figured the economics of this city just do not support that many venues. As has been suggested, the market is already diluted thanks to BBRT and similar sites... and then to have too much choice can be bad!
  12. I am not really sure where to go from here - I was thinking of re-writing the story from Matt's perspective...
  13. Part 13 I woke up feeling refreshed and squeezed my hard dick. I walked over to the playroom. I smelled Matt before I saw him – the entire room smelled like a mixture between sweat, cum and piss and he looked a real mess trussed up on the bed. The electro kit was still cycling through its random programme, leaving his glistening, heaving body guessing every second. His turgid cock had burped out a steady stream of precum most of the night and he looked as though he had blown a couple of loads – I would have to ask him how many. The bed was a pool of sweat and urine and I retrieved the jock strap from his mouth to wipe up some of the mixture before shoving it back in again. I went to the counter and grabbed the violet wand and walked over to the bed. I killed the electro and worked the enormous ass lock out of his aching hole. He groaned and his cock burped out some more precum. I lifted his legs and delivered my morning piss directly into his hole and ordered him to clamp his arse tight around my dick before pulling out. I shoved a butt plug up his hole to keep the piss there for a while while I figured out what else to do. I could see he was desperate for release himself but it clearly humiliated him a little and so he had been hold back. I removed the gag from his mouth and ordered him to piss. I made sure the jock was nicely soaked as was the rest of his body, face and hair before reinserting the gag and removing the butt plug, again ordering him to hold the piss in his hole. By now I had a raging hard on and shoved it into his hole and bottomed out in one smooth stroke. He groaned into the gag and I set a steady rhythm of working his hole with my tool. Piss was squirting around my cock and I was in piggy heaven as I fucked all the piss out of him. I then continued to fuck him. I know how to give a bottom slut like Matt maximum pleasure with my cock and his cock was hard and leaking. I lightly ran my finger over his piercings, just hard enough to get his attention but not to hurt him too much. With a roar, I came into his arse, shooting load after load of my spunk into his velevety rectum. As I withdrew, I grabbed some tina laced J-Lube and filled his arse with the mixture. I then inserted one, two, three, then four fingers and then the same with the other hand until I had all eight fingers buried just beyond the third knuckle. I withdrew one hand and started to work the thumb of the other into his hole. There was some slight resistance, so I grabbed the violet wand, turned it to almost maximum, and zapped the site of the guiche piercing. His body arched off the bed but he relaxed his sphincter and I shoved my hand through his first ring. He groaned and his body trembled with this new invasion but he was taking my fist like a champ. I zeroed in on his prostate and started to give him the gentlest of prostate massages. He was groaning into his gag and pushing back onto my fist as much as he was able. I started to increase the pressure on his prostate and used my other hand to massage his balls. I was careful not to hurt or stretch the piercing sites too much – I wanted two loads out of him this way. I used my other hand to run the wand over his body to give it maximum pleasure. I worked my hand up to the second ring. Obviously, I had to put the violet wand down and concentrate fully on what I was doing. I eventually got past the second sphincter and was now almost up to my elbow in his hole. I started to withdraw my hand, making sure to graze his prostate and stimulate his bladder as I did so. He groaned and his dick let loose a river of jizz and he groaned behind the gag. I continued to milk the prostate has I lightly ran my finger around the head of his dick as he jerked and spasmed in his bonds. I withdrew my hands and went to the counter and grabbed an electric toothbrush. I worked the electro butt plug back up his hole and connected it to the power box and turned it on. I used the electro tooth brush on the head of his dick and around the frenum. With all the stimulation, he eventually burped another load out of his dick. I could see he was exhausted so I started to remove all the restraints, the plugs as well as the gag. I half carried him to the shower and directed him to sit on a stool I had placed under the shower head. I turned the water on and gave him a thorough cleaning – I massaged his scalp, washed his hair, conditioned it, I ran the hand held shower around his piercings and made sure he was washed from head to toe. He relaxed visibly and I could see life returning to his exhausted frame. I helped him up, helped him into a huge towelling robe and we walked to my bedroom. He reclined on the bed and I went back downstairs. I grabbed some Gatorade, about to litres of cold water, some yoghurt, some fruit and some coffee and took it to him, making sure he understood to eat and drink it all to nourish himself. I gave him some pain killers for the piercings and everything else I had done to him and went to clean up the play room. I was probably gone an hour and had just got the play room back to its usual pristine state. I had washed all the toys and taken the rank jock, as well as his sweaty work clothes from the Friday and put them all in the wash. Yes, things were returning to normal. Matt slipped behind me and put his arms around my waist. I turned around the planted a wet kiss against his luscious lips. “Are you ok?”I asked him, almost hesitantly. “More than ok,”he smiled and took me by the hand and we walked back to the bedroom.
  14. Part 12... I watched as Matt lay snoozing on my bed. My interest really had changed in him over the course of the evening. I had gone from wanting a disposable toy boy who I could fuck over and discard to wanting to explore a longer term relationship with him - I was falling in love with this man! I woke him up roughly an put a collar on him. I then guided him to lie in a certain spot on my bed and I secured him on his back with his head hanging off the side of the bed. I secured the d-ring on his collar to the side of the bed too… yes, it is a well equipped play space! I gave him a diuretic – it makes you piss like a fire hose – and fitted him with a spider gag. I guided my cock past the spider gag and started a steady fucking of his throat. With the collar secured as it was, he was not able to move his head; and the spider gag gave him no defence against my assault on his throat. His eyes bugged out and he was soon choking on my tool providing me with wonderful natural lubrication to continue my assault. Every few minutes I’d withdraw and he would take heaving breaths to replenish his oxygen-starved lungs. I was getting close, so I shoved my cock as far down is throat as it would go. As his throat spasmed around my cock, I blew an enormous load down his throat and simultaneously ripped the nipple clamps off his tenderised tits. He let out as much of a cry as he could with my cock buried to the hilt as it was and he let loose a firehose stream of piss into the air. Again, he let out a muffled cry – pissing through a hollow urethral sound connected to a chastity cage on your cock is an unusual sensation and probably a first for him. I continued to maul his nipples as I came down from my post orgasmic high. I reached down as he continued to fight for breath and directed his cock so he soaked himself in his own urine. Eventually, I withdrew my now soft cock and let loose a piss stream of my own, making sure to let a healthy amount find its way into his mouth. His cock continued to try to harden in the chastity device, so I knew he was still turned on. I undid the collar and his wrist restraints and helped him to a sitting position. “I want you to be my boy,” I said to him, “I want to be your master and I want it to be real..not some bullshit pretend scenario…I want you to be mine.” I searched his eyes to see if he wanted the same thing. He looked up at me and said he was ready to submit totally. I decided to take it up a notch so I took out my iPad and showed him this link… https://www.piercinghq.com.au/kink-scene-piercings/ My next-door neighbour, Chris, is into all the kinks I am and would come and do a “scene piercing”on Matt if he was up for it. I wanted to make sure he was. He was very turned on by the idea but I also knew it would end all except arse play for the rest of the weekend if I did this – he would certainly be too sore for anything nipple or dick related. I removed the chastity device and his dick swelled to full hardness as he scrolled through various piercings. We eventually settled on a ladder down his cock, a guiche piercing, a piercing in each nipple and an ampallang…I decided that we would do all at once and I promised Matt that I would look after him through the process and through the healing. I had prewarned Chris so he was ready when I texted him and he said he could be there within the hour. I guided Matt to the shower and we cleaned ourselves up for the finale. I took Matt back to the bed and secured him in place using the restraints on the bed. I placed a blindfold on him and guided an anal lock into his hole…it is a nasty bondage device but I figured he may as well get used to arse play as it was all he was going to get for a while after the piercing had ben done. I guided the device into his vulnerable hole and locked it in place before expanding it, leaving him feeling very full. https://bdsmaustralia.com.au/buy/steel_sex_toys/ultimate-steel-ass-lock-p19598.html His cock streamed a steady flow of pre-cum. Man, I wished I had as active a Cowper’s gland as his! Chris arrived shortly after I had secured Matt n place. I have to confess, he was not exactly as concerned with all the consent paperwork as he should have been and we were soon ready to proceed. He is also a bit of a sadist and can make it hurt a little more than usual without doing any damage…I was certainly not going to stop him. I know that Matt’s nipples were very tender after some of the attention they had received and he certainly protested as the needle was driven into his right nipple. Chris grabbed the left nipple and drove a needle into that one too before returning to the right one. He slipped a barbell into the nipple and manipulated it a fair bit eliciting a hiss of pain from Matt. He repeated the process with the right and Matt’s body shone with a light coating of nervous sweat. I retrieved the now very rank jock strap gag from the floor and shoved it into his mouth to stop any further protests. Matt’s cock burped even more pre cum if that was possible. Next, Chris grabbed his dick and stroked him to another massive orgasm – the pain and the sexual stimulaton of the last few hours had clearly had an effect on him. As his cock started to deflate, Chris gave him the ladder piercings. As painful as these sound, it is not the most painful of piercings and Chris barely raised a whimper. He then gave Matt the guiche piercing, whistling in appreciation for the anal lock invading his hole – but again, he barely whimpered. I know that the ampallang would be a different matter as it goes through the head of the cock – almost like a double PA. Chris nodded to me and I gently manipulated the rings in Matt’s nipples, distracting him for a second as Chris drove the needle through the head of Matt’s dick. Matt gave as much of a cry as he could with his mouth stuffed with his sweaty jock but I could see the dick piercing had certainly got his attention! Chris moved to Matt's head, removed the rank gag and drove his 8 incher down Matt's throat - Matt coughed and spluttered around his tool as he mercilessly fucked Matt's throat. With a roar, he came down Matt's throat and as quickly as it had begun, it was all over. Chris slipped out the door and I slipped away to prepare another slam for Matt - a nice 0.4g. I was certain that Matt would be feeling fire in his tits and his dick for a while and I wanted to give him something to distract him. I must confess, I was starting to flag a little – I do not get by without adequate sleep and I decided that I would finish the evening off and get some rest. I placed some electro pads on Matt’s body – he would feel the current through the anal lock and all his piercings as well and set the programme onto a random setting. I found a vein, registered and delivered the slam to Matt’s overloaded system and walked out the door to the sounds of him rushing for what must have seemed to him the hundredth time that weekend.

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