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  1. Hey GC pigs! Looking for recommendations for a sleazy motel (motor inn style) where I can go for a chemmed up weekend...
  2. In my opinion, the “porn is educational” thing is the same as looking at a painting of an orgy, for example, and saying, “ it’s not porn, it’s art...” When the moral police are breathing down your neck for distributing smut, the “it’s educational” line gets you off censorship...
  3. OK… so no idea how to bring this in to land! Hopefully, this suffices as an ending to this story! Thanks to those who commented and provided feedback. Thanks to those who provided likes and up-votes - they are appreciated!!! Thanks to those who read and enjoyed the story and apologies to those for whom the story did not develop as they would have preferred! Hopefully I’ll satisfy you next time! Epilogue: Matt: I awoke to find Aaron sleeping soundly next to me. He looked peaceful and content and I hoped he had had a good weekend. Brian came and stroked my hair and asked if he could speak to me. He was dressed in his usual jeans and t-shirt and I was the same. The BDSM weekend was over and we were just two regular gay dudes again - as I said, it was the key to the longevity of our relationship. And it always gave us the opportunity to restore the equilibrium in our relationship after an intense bondage weekend like we had just had. We went to a coffee shop (not that one!) and had something to eat - it was already early afternoon on Sunday and I was ravenous. I had taken a few days off work for the following week and our intention was to head down the Victoria coast and have a few days of recovery before flying back to Brisbane. There was a silence between us and we both blurted out at the same time, me with “What are we going to do about Aaron?” and Brian with, “I want to take Aaron with us down the coast and I would like him to come to Queensland, too.” We looked at each other and had a long discussion about what it meant for us and what it meant for our relationship. Brian: I needed to make sure that Matty was comfortable with this, I already had a relationship with him and I wanted to make sure that I did not jeopardise that by introducing such an unknown into the mix. We talked over a long lunch and eventually agreed that Aaron would come to QLD with us but as a flatmate and friend - we would be unlikely to party with him again. I took out my laptop and booked an extra room down the coast and a plane ticket for the flight to Brisbane. We both exited the coffee shop to talk to Aaron. When we arrived back at the GateHouse, Aaron was just stirring awake. Aaron: I was just waking up when Brian and Matt arrived in the room. I was dreading this moment because I was hoping against hope that they would take me with them. I had no idea how the arrangement would work, but I was hopeful that I could at least get a fresh start in Brisbane. They told me what they had discussed and I practically sagged back to the bed with relief. I broke out in a broad grin and gathered my belongings. We checked out of the GateHouse and ordered ourselves an Uber to take us down the coast. All the affectations of master/ slave and dominant/ sub had disappeared from the dynamic between Brian and Matt and I found myself warming to them as people rather than as particular roles within a scene. Yes, this was going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!
  4. Part 15... Aaron: I felt a butt plug nudging my arse and groaned as it filled me up. I was unsure of the size, but whoever was putting it in me was relentless and I felt my arse snap shut around the base. At the same time, I felt a sound being inserted n my urethra. The sound widened and then narrowed very quickly so that it remained in place like a plug. Very soon, I felt the familiar sensation of current being fed through both plugs and I realised that they were both electrified. I felt something being taped to the side of my mouth. “Say something,” Mike ordered me. “Something,” I responded and felt the tingle though my cock and arse intensify a bit. “Say '1, 2, 3' a little louder with each successive number,” - Mike again. I did so and, again, the intensity of the electro stimulation seemed to increase with the volume of my voice. This could get interesting! “I’ve adjusted it up,” said Brian, “Say 1, 2, 3, again,” I complied - but even at a low volume, the stimulation was intense! Fuck! This was going to get wild! “Say, ‘fuck’ loudly,” “Fuck!” I shouted and instantly felt a massive pulse of electricity through my cock and arse. “Jesus, fuck, that hurt!” I yelled and the stimulation continued. I gritted my teeth and groaned and breathed and willed myself not to make a noise. I had broken out in a fresh layer of sweat all over my body. I could smell the sweat from my pits. Mike retrieved the singlet and wiped me down. He then placed the garment over my head like a hood, bunched up the excess fabric and stuffed it into my mouth. I felt a gas mask being fitted over the top of the hood which gave me a sense of sensory deprivation in that I could not hear well and I could not see. The smell of the garment filled the mask. Someone put a small piece of material into the filter of the gas mask and I recognised the smell of poppers instantly. Fuck me, this was pressing all of my buttons. Then nothing happened for a few minutes. Even the shortest period of time truncates when you cannot see or hear. Suddenly, my back exploded in pain. I had no idea at the time, but Mike was an expert with a single tail whip and was using it on my back. I shouted as much as my gag would allow but it was enough to stimulate the electro devices in my cock and arse via the microphone and I was soon writhing and thrashing in my bonds as the stimulation increased with each sound I made. I was breathing harder and harder which meant I was being fed more and more poppers. Through the massive head rush I was experiencing, I was able to bring my moans under control and grit my teeth. The electro slowly subsided and I stopped my thrashing. Of course, now the only stimulation I was receiving was the feeling of pain radiating from the site where the single tail had contacted my skin and I flexed and stretched to try and relieve the discomfort. Crack! Another blow. This time, I managed to keep the sound to a minimum and only received a minimal pulse from the electro but I knew that this would not last and eventually I would cry out. I also knew that the longer I gritted my teeth and kept silent, the louder my scream would eventually be! Mike kept a steady rhythm and I knew my back was likely criss crossed with welts. I was perspiring and breathing heavily. After ten blows I was yelling in the gas mask and my cock and arse were being e-stimmed relentlessly. The salt from my sweat was stinging the sites of the blows. I felt hands caress my back and I shuddered at the tenderness of the moment but also the discomfort that I felt as the fingers of my two torturers prodded my sensitive flesh. “Do you want us to wash the sweat away, slut?” “Yes, please, master,” I croaked - sending a fresh wave of electro stimulation through my cock and arse. “You asked for it,” - Mike again. I howled as I felt the liquid hit my tenderised flesh; Mike had a spray bottle and was spraying an alcohol solution into my skin. Again, I performed a dance as the alcohol caused me to yell and the electro stimulation sent wave after wave of pain through my cock and balls. I got my breathing and yelling under control again and felt the crack of the whip against my skin again. “Don’t break the skin,” I heard Brian say to Mike. Jesus, that painful and they have not actually broken the skin! God help me if they ever do. “You want us to stop whipping your back?” asked Mike. I nodded my head up and down. Crack! I felt a new wave of pain course through my body as I felt the whip strike my abs. I then felt the whip hit just below my armpits, all along the flesh from my pit down, all along my abdominals. Mike was very thorough but made sure he did not hit any part of me that might cause damage to kidneys and the like. I felt a foreign object being drawn along my fresh whip marks and realised with horror that it was the alcohol spray again. Soon, I could hear the tell tale “squishing” sound as the contents of the bottle were sprayed in the air and shouted as the liquid seared my tender flesh. My arms were feeling really sore and I heard Brian ask if I was ready to lie down. Again, I nodded my head yes, and I felt my restraints being released and I was led to the bed. The gas mask and wrestling singlet were removed. I sucked in massive gulps of clean air. Off to the side, I could see Mike readying several packs of needles and he turned to the bed to restrain me once more. I felt panic rise up in me. “I am not sure that that scene is for him,yet,” said Brian and I sagged with relief. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said as he led me to the showers. Brian was very paternal as he lathered his hands and washed the accumulated sweat and grime from the scene I had just endured. He held and soothed me and whispered how proud he was of me and how he wanted to play regularly. I slowly felt tears well up inside of me as I realised that what had been missing between Chris and me was the tenderness and the aftercare. Brian led me back to the room. Mike and his needles and single tail whip were nowhere to be seen. We lay on the bed and Brian kissed me deeply. “Lie back with your arms crossed behind your head and close your eyes,” he instructed. As I lay there, he ran his tongue up and down my jaw, down to my armpits, to my nipples, down to my cock and balls. With his hands, he gently caressed my skin and I was lost in wave after wave of pleasure. Soon, he engulfed my throbbing cock in his mouth and brought me closer and closer to orgasm. He lubed his finger and inserted it in my arse and started some serious stimulation of my prostate. Soon I was writhing as his mouth and finger drove me closer and closer to the point of no return and, soon after, I shouted as I erupted in a massive orgasm. The cum sprayed everywhere. Brian wiped me down and handed me a pair of leather shorts and boots similar to what Brian had been wearing and led me out of the club.
  5. Part 14: Aaron: I slowly opened my eyes - I had been out for ages. Where the fuck was I? I became aware of pain in my nipples and cock and looked down to see the piercings. I was also very aware of an aching in my hole. I was still pretty wired, and I lifted myself up to piss and find something to drink. Damn, I was still as horny as fuck. I was thinking about heading back to Club 80 to see if there was a root I could find. I was having a piss and absently running my hands through my pubes and sniffing my fingers (yeah, I know, weird habit!) when I heard a voice behind me, “Do you trust me?” I spun around - there were Brian and Matt. Matt looked amazing - he had a tight pair of leather shorts that barely concealed anything and a pair of black leather boots. His flawless skin glowed and, although he looked really tired, he still looked incredible. Brian had a pair of leather chaps, a harness, gauntlets on each arm, boots and a cap that made him look more like a master than I had ever seen anyone look before. I stole a glance at Matt who slowly nodded his head up and down. “Yes, Sir,” I replied to Brian. He reached into a plastic bag and removed the sodden wrestling singlet. “Put this on,” he ordered me. My cock gave a mighty lurch as I struggled into the sodden garment. It smelled of piss and sweat but mostly it smelled of Matt and I was turned on immensely. “You’ll be ok?” Brian asked Matt, who nodded and started to prepare some refreshments for himself. Matt and Brian kissed and Brian led me into Club 80. We walked through the venue. I felt hands reach out and caress me; some were practically molesting me. Eventually we came to a room with a sling, a bed and a St Andrews Cross. There was a young guy in the room - fuck, he was gorgeous. He unclipped the sling from the frame and positioned me in the middle. He then took the straps of the singlet off my shoulders and had me step out of the garment. He breathed in deeply, moaning in pleasure. “You should bottle this scent!” he said and threw the singlet into a corner. He then secured me in the middle of the frame with my arms and legs spread-eagled. I was totally exposed. “Did you get more of the same?” Brian asked the kid. “Yeah, but first…” he reached into his pocket and produced a bottle of Coke and a capsule. “Some G and some MDMA” he said and placed them in my mouth. He was rubbing my body, pinching my nipples and jacking my cock. I was still sensitive from the piercings but the drugs were numbing the pain somewhat. “He’ll be sore, so be gentle with the cock and the tits, Mike” instructed Brian. OK… so his name was Mike! Mike walked up to me and hefted my cock in his left hand. With his right, he held what I assumed was quad mix in a syringe and proceeded to inject it into my dick. He then handed a smaller rig filled with red to Brian who inserted it into his veins and drew some more blood and then did the same to himself. He placed the rig in full view and started to attach pegs all the way up and down my torso. He avoided my tits and cock but the pegs still found their way to my chest, my balls, some of my shaft (which was now hardening), all the way up and down my arms, even down my legs. They were heavy duty and I was whimpering, even with the numbing effect of the G and the MDMA. Man, this was intense! Mike and Brian then started to pull and prod at the pegs, making me wince and writhe in my bonds. I had started to stream a steady flow of pre-cum from my dick. It was forming a small puddle on the floor and a long sticky strand of it hung from my dick. Mike slowly started to thread some string through holes in the pegs. I watched him do this, mesmerised and more than a little apprehensive. Mike walked up to my right side with the rig and inspected my arms for a good vein. “How much is in it?” asked Brian. I saw Mike hold up his fingers just on the periphery of my vision. Brian let out a low whistle and said, “Fuck, yeah! It’s going to be hot!" I have to say, this scared me, but my cock gave a lurch. Mike handed Brian a riding crop and inserted the needle into a vein and registered easily. He depressed the plunger and I watched the blood slam being delivered into my bloodstream. My whole world went fuzzy for a moment and I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth. “Holy fucking shit,” I almost shouted. I knew it was a big slam but I also suspected that there was more than a little psychological enhancement to the slam given the blood mixed into the rig. Brian and Mike stood in front of me and grippe the ends of the string. As my rushing hit a crescendo, they both pulled in unison, sending pegs scattering in all directions. I have to admit, I howled. The sensation was intense. Brian and Mike immediately started to swat at the welts where the pegs had pulled my skin with the riding crops and I jerked and spasmed trying to get away. I had started to stream sweat and my cock bounced up and down with my movements spraying pre-cum everywhere. Brian disappeared from view and returned with a hand full of ice cubes which he and Mike proceeded to rub all over my torso. The sensations were incredible and I was delirious with the horniness of it all - this was by far one of the best experiences I had had with pain play in my life. Fuck, I was turning into a pain pig!
  6. Part 13... Brian: I smoothed Matt’s sweat-soaked hair and held him as he shuddered and shook from the comedown of the massive endorphin rush he had just endured with the needle play. I know that Mike, the young physiotherapist who had done the needle play before, wanted to give Matt a whipping, similar to what he had endured the first time we played. I was very conscious, though, that he was going to have a brutal comedown from the massive amounts of drugs we had given him and I did not want him too badly damaged… At the same time, I knew I wanted to see Mike at work. Perhaps I should get him to work Aaron over. Perhaps that was the way to go. I reached into my bag and made sure Matt ate a banana, a tub of yoghurt and I also grabbed him two 500ml Gatorades. I needed to make sure that he was nourished. Every time I wiped him down, he’d break out in a fresh sheen of sweat and I knew I had to get him into some A/C to cool him down. I walked over to Mike, “I think he’s almost done for the weekend, but I have another slut you can play with,” I said. I reached for my phone and showed Mike some shots of Aaron and what we had done to him over the preceding day. “Fuck, he is gorgeous,” Mike said. “How long till I can string him up and work on him with a single-tail?” he asked. “Give me an hour and I’ll line him up. In the mean time, let’s play a little more with my toy…" Matt: I was totally blissed out but become more alert as I felt the restraints attached to my wrists once more. Brian lay on one side of me and the young guy - I had learned his name was Mike - lay on the other side. Mike leaned in and gave me a long, lingering kiss. As we swapped spit for a while, I felt Brian start to caress my still hard cock. I was still leaking pre-cum like a faucet. Brian gathered some of the sticky sap in his fingers and rubbed them over my cock head making me groan. The constant kink over the past few hours had my gonads churning and I knew I would not last long. I felt Brian slip a finger up my arse and massage my prostate. I thrashed and writhed as he brought me closer and closer to a heaving orgasm. Brian took my turgid cock in his mouth and started to suck me off in earnest as he added a second and a third finger up my arse. All the while, he sucked me off, using his tongue to stimulate my cock to the maximum. All the while, Mike continued to kiss me deeply, running his hands over my body. Each time I was brought close to orgasm, Brian withdrew his fingers and stopped sucking me, leaving me in a funk of frustrated lust. I felt Brian spread my hole with his thumbs and start to lap at my hole, shoving his tongue deeper with each thrust. I was moaning and writhing, silently begging someone to jack me off. I felt Mike reach for my cock and give me a few firm strokes. I thrust in and out of his hand as I felt orgasm approaching and moaned as I saw the sexual relief I craved rPIDLY approaching. Again, just as I neared the point of no return, he took his hands away. This pattern continued for what felt like hours. I was nearly crying out of frustration. Finally, they redoubled their efforts and soon I felt an almost constant stream of cum erupt from my aching cock. I was totally spent. Brian slowly undid my restraints and led me to the shower. We cleaned up together and returned to the room. Brian handed me a pair of leather shorts and a pair of boots to put on. It was our little ritual at the end of a play session and I knew my play time was over. Brian, Mike and I hugged and kissed and felt each other up for a few more minutes. “Back in 15,” said Brian as he led me out of the club.
  7. Thanks, mate, you're my biggest fan!!!!
  8. Part 12... Matt: I was flying higher than I ever had before - that last slam had sent me into the stratosphere. I felt an alcohol swab being rubbed up over my nipples - in fact, all over my torso. Off to the side, I could hear packages being opened but I had no idea what they were. I was zoning in and out and I knew I was on the edge of my limit in terms of the amount of drugs I had consumed. “Are you ready to take this up a notch?” asked Brian. “Yes, sir,” I answered, trusting Brian completely. “We’re better off on the bed,” was his reply and I felt myself being helped out of the sling. As I stood up, wave after wave hit me as the rush from the slams intensified. I could feel sweat pouring off me. I stumbled over to the bed and felt myself being restrained again. I felt fingers pinching my flesh just along my rib cage and wondered what was going on. Suddenly, I knew what taking it up a notch meant as I felt a needle being drive into the sensitive flesh near my armpit. I knew I was helpless, bound as I was in the sling. “Breathe, cunt…” - the young guy. Clearly he had a sadistic edge. I’d later learn that he was a very well respected physiotherapist and specialised in dry-needling and loved to use it in kink play. He was totally qualified and knew what he was doing. I felt needle after needle being inserted all the way up my torso. The sensation was incredible as the needle pierced the skin, was pushed a little way and then re-pierced the skin on its way out the other side. I knew that he was going fairly shallow which, even in my wired-off-my-face state was a relief. He had inserted six needles all the way from my armpit to just above my hip bone. He walked over to the other side of the bed. I thought I knew what was coming but he started just above my hip bone, then moved up half way, then back to the hip bone, then to the armpit etc., so that I never knew where the next needle would be inserted. He definitely had a sadistic streak in him. I felt him move back to the side he had started on and start to gently manipulate the needles in my skin. Just the slightest movement made me wince. I felt him pinch the skin again and hissed as I felt a needle pierce my skin. As I could not see what was going on at the time, I did not quite know what he was doing; but a look at the pics later made me realise that he had inserted additional needles at right angles to the others so that I had six crosses all the way up along my torso. He walked to the other side and, again, I thought I knew what was coming. This time, however, he grasped one of my nipples and slowly pushed a needle through it. I gritted my teeth as I felt a bottle of amyl thrust under my nose. I took a good ten huffs of the poppers and felt myself fly higher than I already was. “Swallow this,” - the young guy again - as he pushed something in my mouth. “It’s MDMA,” he continued as I swallowed the capsule down. He placed three other needles through the same nipple, also in a cross formation, before moving to create the six crosses along my torso. The endorphins were fully released and I felt a sense of euphoria, heightened by the MDMA. “Watch this,” he said and started to push on the crosses made by the needles all over my torso. The feeling was incredible as my body released more and more endorphins to cope with the sensation of pressure being applied to the needles. I had done needle play once before with Brian and this was certainly new territory for me. I felt a hand grasp my dick. Oh fuck, no, I thought - he is going to stick a needle down my dick… I had had that experience once before and it was not something I really wanted to try again. I was relieved, instead, when I feel a ribbed sound being fed down my urethra. All the while, the young sadist was pressing down on the crosses created by the needles. I felt another presence next to me (I assumed it was Brian) and two sets of hands started to press on the needles randomly. I was going into sensory overload, and the third set of hands manipulating my balls and the sound down my dick was keeping me guessing. All the hands left my body and I felt the group move away. After a minute or so of muted whispering, they came back. I knew what was coming. I felt hands start to jerk me off, again, with the sound still down my dick. I could feel the cum start to churn in my balls. In the meantime, I felt a set of hands near my hip bone and another near my armpit on the other side. Each set of needles making up a cross were rapidly removed from the piercing site and I let out a long, protracted moan as the sensations overwhelmed me. By the end, all I had left was the sound on my dick and four needles through each nipple. The sound was slowly withdrawn from my dick as a needle was equally slowly pulled from a nipple. I moaned and more poppers were thrust under my nose. As the sound was reinserted, another needle was withdrawn and so it went with the sound being inserted down my urethra as a needle was pulled and then withdrawn for the next needle and so on. Each time, the needle was pulled from either the left or right nipple at random and I had no idea what was coming next from one moment to the next. “You did well, slut,” said the young guy and I felt my body being wiped down. “One or two more games to go,” he said as I felt my restraints being untied and my hood removed. Brian lay down next to me and caressed me, giving me some much needed TLC. I looked down at my torso and could see the angry red sites where the needle play had occurred. I lay back down and settled my breathing.
  9. Sorry for the long delay, folks... the creative juices have simply not been flowing. This is a short chapter, but I hope to bring this story to a conclusion soon... Matt: I had gone into the bathroom to remove the butt plug. I had had over 40 minutes of them piss brewing n my arse. I knew what pushed Brian’s buttons (as well as my own), so I squatted over the wrestling singlet as I worked the butt plug past my aching hole. A flood of piss poured all over the garment. At the same time, my bladder released and some more warm piss soaked through the flimsy material. I moved the singlet away from the shower and cleaned myself up a little. I made sure I drank almost a litre of water so that I was hydrated for our next session. I struggled into the singlet. God, the smell was even turning me on! I walked over the Brian and held out my arms. I could see him looking at my veins lustfully, I loved how turned on he was by me. He was a picture himself - leather chaps, boots, harness, gauntlet on his forearms and a leather cap. He looked the picture of power and I knew he was going to whore me out for the evening. He quickly registered and depressed the plunger - I felt the familiar rush and felt the overwhelming horniness return. Brian fitted a leather bulldog harness with a cock strap. He placed a collar around my neck and attached a leash to the collar. Lastly, he placed a hood over my face so that only my mouth was available. I felt super exposed and at his mercy. I was still rushing from the slam. I knew I reeked; but I knew I looked as sexy as fuck and I knew I would appeal to the piss pigs in attendance at the time. I was sweating and while the piss was drying, the singlet was still soaked through. We arrived at the front counter and Brian paid for a room. “Is the slut taking loads?” asked one of the patrons at the counter. “Of course,” answered Brian, “If you want to sample the merchandise while we’re here, help yourself.” The man walked up to me. He roughly squeezed my balls and twisted my nipples. They had become even more sensitive thanks to the enlarged piercings inserted by Brad earlier in the day. I heard footsteps coming towards us and I knew there were more people joining the party. “How kinky does this fucker get?” asked a voice. He sounded younger than the others. “What have you got in mind?” asked Brian. Brian and the “young” voice stepped away and I did not hear what was being said. All I could hear was the odd “Fuck yeah” from the two as they discussed how the evening was going to unfold. Brian came over to me and took my leash and led me around for about twenty minutes. Every few paces, we would stop and I would feel hands grope me. I felt myself being pushed to the ground and a cock was inserted in my mouth. I started to bob up and down, coating the dick with my spit but hands held my head still. I felt the slow trickle of acrid, strong piss entering my mouth and quickly swallowed. Fuck, this was strong piss - I was certain that the dude was wired! The cock was getting harder in my mouth and I felt the piss slow to nothing. “Stand up, slut,” - it was the young voice. He turned me around, spat on his dick and I felt him shove into me balls deep. Again, he stopped and did not start to fuck me in earnest. I felt a warmth spreading from my arse and the familiar buzz you get from them piss… damn! This was super hot! My anonymous donor withdrew his cock and I clamped down to hold the piss in my hole. I felt another cock nudge at my arse and he started to pound in and out of my hole. The piss was flying everywhere as he fucked me. Brian ordered me to open my mouth and a gag was fitted to my mouth. It kept my tongue and teeth out of the way and had a tube through which a dude could insert his cock. I felt more hands guide me till I was bent over and a cock was shoved through the gag. I choked and sputtered but the guy held my head in place. Another two guys stood on either side of me and I felt the warm flow of piss over my body. I fucking hope Brian was capturing this on film! Soon, the guy fucking me slammed into me and bred my hole, as did the guy fucking my mouth. The two anonymous piss donors had already departed. “Got it ready,” I heard from behind me. “That was quick,” said Brian, “did you make sure it was really small? He’s already flying,” “Not really small - two and a half points - but it would be a shame to waste it after these guys were so helpful…” “Stand up” ordered Brian. I stood and Brian removed my hood. I could see we were in a room with a sling. There were five other guys there besides Brian and me. The five crowded around me, running their hands over me, tweaking my nipples, squeezing my balls. “These the donors?” asked Brian. “Yeah,” said a voice I recognised... the young guy. And, fuck me, he was gorgeous. Total stud. About 188cm tall (6”2’), 90kg (198#) of pure muscle. Deeply tanned skin, his hair was cut in a skin fade and he had chaps and a harness. The whole package oozed sex! In his hand, he had a syringe with the contents tinged red. Fuck! A blood slam was my ultimate fantasy - high on my bucket list. I am, fortunately, blood type AB; so I can take a blood slam from anyone otherwise Brian would not have allowed this scenario to unfold. He and I had discussed the various risks and I wanted it so damned badly! I never thought he would have organised it! Brian guided me to the sling. He bound my arms and legs. I saw him grab the syringe, insert it in a vein in the young guys arm and draw some more blood into the rig. I felt the familiar swab of the alcohol pad and a prick and watched fascinated as he emptied the contents of the syringe into my arm. It was a different sensation to a normal slam even though I knew the difference was purely psychological. “Five, four, three, two, one…” said Brian and I felt the tina take over as the hood was placed over my head. “Party time!” yelled the others as I felt myself fly ever higher!
  10. Oh, wow! This is beautifully twisted - the brutal enslavement of a pretty boy... love it to happen to me... if I were pretty... and if I were still a boy!
  11. Part 10: Matt: Brian had made sure I was comfortable. He had given me some Gatorade, some yoghurt, some paracetamol, and heaps of water. He used the rank wrestling singlet to wipe me down. I do not know if it made me smell worse or better… I knew that Brian would make me wear it out in public again. My cock lurched at the thought. I looked over at the sling. Aaron was still being fucked with the dildo. I saw Chris start to withdraw the toy and Aaron moan. Chris shoved some more poppers under his nose and Aaron breathed deeply, and the toy eased out of his hole some more. I knew that his hole was, in all likelihood, sore... His whole body must have been on fire. More and more of the toy was coming out of Aaron’s arse. It eventually exited his hole with a loud plop. Aaron’s gaping hole winked at us as it closed. I’d never fucking seen anything so fucking hot. I walked up to Aaron and licked and kissed my way around his face, his pits, his sensitive nipples. I bathed his cock, balls, and groin with my spit - savouring the sweat and the funk. I love the smell, the taste… everything about chowing down on a man’s cock and balls. It felt good to do this for Aaron. Most other times, I was tied down and some brute was fucking my face! Hot as that was, it was awesome to serve rather than being taken… I spent a long time there distracting him from the come down of such a thorough dildo rape. Brian walked up to Aaron and used the singlet to wipe him down too. Brian steered my face towards Aaron's hole and I made love to it with my tongue and my mouth. Aaron cooed and gurgled appreciatively. Again - nice to do it to Aaron rather than a man of Brian’s choosing. Brian handed me the singlet. “Put it on,” he said. I struggled into the garment. It was filthy and clung to me like a second skin. I know I looked as sexy as hell - well, probably more appropriate to say “obscene.” It clung to me and bulged in all the right places. I caught a glimpse in the mirror. Yeah, I thought, I’d do me! Brian steered me to the shower cubicle and I knelt with my hands behind my head and my eyes closed. First, Aaron walked up to my kneeling frame and started to piss all over me. He pissed an enormous load. It got everywhere - in my mouth, in my hair, it soaked the singlet even more. It was strong. Brian held a jug under Aaron’s cock and caught some of the piss. Next up were Brian, Scott and Brad. All of them coated me more and more. I was in piggy heaven. Brian was next and placed his cock directly in my mouth. He let a slow trickle out and I made sure to swallow every drop. Some spilt, but I managed to get most of it down. “Stand up,” ordered Brian. I stood, still with my legs apart and my hands behind my head. I looked around. Everyone was staring. Everyone except Aaron was holding a camera phone. “What are you waiting for?” asked Brian as he placed the jug between my feet. I started pissing with most soaking the front of the singlet and running down my legs, soaking my shoes and my socks. A fair bit got into the jug - I think that we had collected just over a litre by the time we had all finished. “Turn around and bend over,” Brian instructed. I did as I was told and felt a needle-less syringe poking at my hole. I relaxed and let it in and felt a warm sensation as Brian emptied not one, not two, but three large (200ml) syringes of chem piss into my vulnerable rectum. I felt Brian working the large butt plug into my hole and felt the unmistakable rush as the chems from the piss was absorbed into my body. Fuck! It was so hot! He then life the jug and ordered me to chug the remainder of the piss. When I could drink no more, I emptied it over my face, soaking my hair anew. Off to the side, Aaron was looking on in awe. “We’re going to head to Gold Edition at Club 80,” announced Brian. “Aaron, you should come, too!” I said, looking at Aaron. Chris looked like he was about to object when I heard Brian say, “What an excellent idea, you two get cleaned up and we’ll make our way over there.” Aaron and I walked over to the counter and grabbed some more refreshments. I made sure he was replenishing everything he would have lost via sweat and the chems and then we made our way to the showers. Brad handed me some antiseptic soap for Aaron’s piercings and we spent a good 15 minutes cleaning each other thoroughly. It was a tender, erotic experience; and I found myself really bonding with this kid. When we were finished, Brad handed us some fluffy towels to dry ourselves and I saw that Brian had laid out some clothes for us to wear - a little skimpy, but acceptable. Brian: I watched Matty and Aaron walk towards the showers. Aaron kept casting furtive glances back in Chris’ direction and I put my arm around the younger man’s shoulders and steered him out of earshot of the rest. “You OK with Aaron coming with us? What’s the deal with you two, anyway?” I asked him. I trusted Matt’s judgement and he clearly wanted to get Aaron away from Chris. I was bursting with pride at how he had taken the initiative; and I wanted to make sure that I followed it through with some action. “I picked Aaron up at Club 80 a week ago and we’ve been playing since.” admitted Chris. “I am not even sure myself where I want things to go.” “You’re feeling totally out of your depth, aren’t you?” I asked. Chris just nodded. “Why don’t you let Aaron come with us. You can come too if you want, but Aaron is going to rest up and let things settle; he’s had a big day. You can join Matty and me at Club 80.” Chris looked relieved. I was just pleased that a potentially explosive conversation had gone so smoothly. Chris and I hopped in the shower too and soon we were all squeaky clean and ready to head out. The process was reversed - Chris, Aaron, Matt and I got into an Uber and headed back to the GateHouse. Scott and Brad followed. I have no idea what had happened to the one or two others who had joined over the course of the day. The sun was starting to dip. I checked my bag. I still had some party supplies, and Matt still seemed to ready to party. We got to the Gate House and headed up to the room. I helped Aaron into the bed and gave him some sleeping tablets to help him rest and some anti inflammatories to help the piercings along in their healing. I prepared a rig and told Matty to go to the bathroom and remove the butt plug - he had had almost 40 minutes of the potent them piss delivering more Tina into his bloodstream. When he returned, the rank singlet once again adorned his gorgeous body. I got Matty to hold out his arms. Despite hours of playing and his (probably dehydrated) state, his veins criss-crossed his arms. Fuck, I love a guy with veiny arms. It was what made me lust after him to begin with and they were still a thing of beauty. I quickly found a vein, registered, and delivered the contents of the syringe into his blood-stream. We were ready for more fun at Club 80!
  12. Thanks for your tips and critique... helps a lot!
  13. Part 9 Matt: I was exhausted. Brian led me to a sling and strapped me in place. The piercer walked up to me started to rub copious amounts of Crisco around my hole. He started to work his fingers and thumb into my hole. I was pretty loose after all the Tina and all the attention my arse had received to date. I saw Brian walk up to me with a huge dildo that he started to coat with grease. I knew to breathe deeply and rhythmically to relax my arse and I felt the toy breach my first sphincter. Brian placed his hand on my stomach and encouraged me to breathe through it. He placed a bottle of poppers under my nose and instructed me to take a few deep huffs. He continued to soothe me with his voice and coach me through the deep breathing I needed to be able to take the toy. He and I have a great rhythm when it comes to our arse play and I was soon in the zone with my hungry hole sucking the dildo deeper and deeper into my guts. “Fuck, yeah, give me that toy - destroy my guts…” I was saying to him with more and more depraved filth coming out of my mouth as I drew more and more of the toy into my hungry hole. The others watched with awe as I sucked the toy deeper and deeper into my guts. “Look at the whore take it, fuck! I’ve never seen a hungrier hole.” said someone (I could not see who.) “You’d fucking like that, too, slut…” Scott said, directing the comment to Aaron who seemed to be mesmerised. I was still rushing from the Tina and I was sweating up a storm. More and more of the dildo disappeared up my hole. I was actually beyond feeling the monster as it invaded my hole - I had no idea how deep it was. “Fuck, I cannot believe how much you’ve got in him,” said Aaron. He was running his hands up and down my torso, tweaking my nipples and kissing me deeply. He bent down and ate out my sweaty pits, running his tongue up and down my pit, biceps and triceps, sending me into sensory overload. All the while, Brian made sure to inexorably push the dildo deeper and deeper into my guts. Aaron: I watched as Matt’s hungry arse sucked more and more of that monster into his hole. I was fascinated. The sweat was pouring off him - he must have lost litres over the course of the play sessions he had participated in since arriving in Melbourne. I bent down to eat out his sweaty pit again - damn, that boy tasted delicious. I knew that everything that was happening to Matt would happen to me sooner or later. I’d asked for this, of course, and my depraved wish was now coming true. I wanted everything that Matt was getting and more. As if reading my mind, I felt Chris walk up behind me and start to manipulate the butt plug that was still in my arse. He was whispering filth into my ear and reaching around to alternately fuck my arse with the butt plug and lightly run his fingers over my newly pierced nipples. I flinched as I felt Chris start to seriously manipulate the butt plug still lodged up my butt. I knew it was going to hurt having it removed and would probably tear me up a bit when he did so. “Bend down, whore,” Chris ordered and I did what I was told. As I bent down, I closed my eyes as he felt Chris start to pull the butt plug out of my hole. I groaned as I felt the toy stretch my hole impossibly before it snapped closed. I felt strangely empty. Chris reached around and ordered me to clean to toy. It had a faint metallic taste so I knew I had bled. I definitely tasted cum and something else - thank fuck there was nothing nasty. As soon as the toy was taken away from my mouth, I felt a cock nudging my mouth. I opened to admit whoever it was into my mouth. I could smell the funk of someone who had clearly not had a shower in a while. I felt my dick lurch and knew that I would start to leak precum soon. The dick in my mouth was leaking a steady stream of precum and I was loving it. I felt another dick nudge its way into my arse and soon the two dicks had started a steady rhythm of spit roasting me. Whoever was fucking my arse certainly knew what he was doing and I was rock hard. The sensation in my dick was not that pleasant considering the site of the piercing was being stretched by my erection. I was sincerely hoping that this session would not continue for too much longer. The two dicks soon unloaded and I swallowed the load flooding my mouth. I felt the guy fucking my arse slam into me one last time and then withdraw. It was quickly replaced by another and the dick that had just fucked me was presented to me for cleaning. “Fucking nasty whore, cleaning off a dick that has just been in your arse…” - I did not recognise the voice. Had more people joined the party? I looked over to Matt and saw the massive toy being slowly drawn out of his arse. Fuck me, that thing was huge. Matt’s arse gaped as the toy was removed and slowly started to return to normal - that hole would be stretched and tender for days! I felt myself being guided to rim Matt’s arse as it closed. I lapped and sucked and nibbled around the ring. I could almost feel myself start the retch as I was rewarded with a mouthful of lube but a hand at the back of my head forced me to continue the deep rim job. I felt the hand grab my hair and force me to stand upright again. Soon, Matt disappeared from view and I felt myself being guided to the sling. Chris: I helped Aaron into the sling. I secured his hands and his feet. His arse winked at me and I saw some pink cum seep out of his hole. I gathered the cum into my fingers and slowly pushed it back in. He groaned. I saw Scott walk up to him, swab his arm and deliver some more Tina into his blood stream. I pushed a few gobs of Crisco and J-Lube into his hole. I was going to enjoy this. “You need to breathe deeply to relax your hole,” I told him and he nodded his head. I took two of those dust masks you see tradies use when they’re sanding or grinding, poured some poppers onto a sheet of tissue paper, placed the paper between the two masks and then fitted the masks to Aaron’s head. He was now breathing a steady stream of poppers. It would help him relax his hole. “Fucking hot as,” said a voice from my side. I then took the enormous toy. It was coated with lube, cum and assorted other things from Matt’s hole. I did not bother to clean it and started to push it against Aaron’s hole. I felt him pull away slightly and placed my hand on his abdomen. “Breathe, let me in, slut,” I ordered him. I felt him stop resisting and start breathing deeply. Slowly, I worked the toy into his hole. I knew that, as he got his breathing under control, he would start to suck the toy deeper and deeper into his guts. “Take it, slut, suck this toy deep into your guts,” I intoned, encouraging him. Slowly, I felt him open up and more and more of the toy disappeared into his hungry hole. I was not really pushing at all, I was merely guiding the toy. Each time I felt resistance, I would slightly change direction or change the angle of the toy and give it a small nudge. I saw Brian walk up to him and take the mask off his face and offer him a small vial of liquid with a Coke chaser - I knew he’d had been given a small dose of G that would hopefully relax him some more. I grabbed some more lube to rub on the toy and around his hole. As I did so, Scott walked up with some Ketamine in a bag. I grinned at him and withdrew the toy a little so that Scott could sprinkle it and then pushed the toy back into Aaron’s waiting hole. He felt the booty bump of K and groaned. He was totally trashed and I could feel his arse opening up more and more. I knew that Aaron’s arse was damaged by the repeated fucking and fisting earlier in the day. If he was not on his way to being HIV positive by the end of the weekend, I would be surprised. I am not a true sadist - I do not get off on other people’s suffering. But I get off on transforming former boys-next-door into cum hungry sluts and I was enjoying working on Aaron. I continued to work the dildo deeper and deeper into Aaron’s hole. I had no idea whether he’d take it as deep as Matt - I would certainly be surprised if he did. I turned around at all the tops in the room and grinned. I could see a few camera phones going and I knew that both Aaron and Matt’s holes would be famous after tonight.
  14. Part 8: Brad (The piercer) I approached the slut’s bound form with the electro pin wheel. What was his name again? Mike? No… Matt, that’s it! Matt was a particularly delicious little morsel… all tied up and ready for me to explore. I had played with Brian and Matt a few times. Invariably, Matt would get several orgasms wrung out of his aching cock. He’d be exhausted by the end of the evening (or weekend); but he’d be blissed out from the intense sexual stimulation. I love working on jocks like Aaron and Matt… all muscles and testosterone… They think that they have mastered their bodies - they push themselves beyond what most of the population can accomplish and think that this means that they are in control. But they are not in control - you can control them… all you need to know is which buttons to push and in what sequence. The other thing I love about these muscle studs is their stamina. You could toy with them for hours and they would keep on going. They’d ride a wave of lust and ecstasy that they could only dream of… but they would have to do it my way. On my terms. They’d readily agree, having little concept of the depths they would have to sink to get their rocks off. But invariably, they’d sink… and sink… and sink. Until really, there was little that they had not done already, so what was one more perversion to add to the litany of perversions already committed? I had a few boys whom I would work over periodically. I was looking forward to breaking Aaron. He was only just stating his journey. But Matt was advancing well. And Matt was my focus for now. I ran the pin wheel over Matt’s glistening torso. He flinched slightly because he had no way of knowing whether it was electrified or not. I lifted the control box and showed him the random setting it was on. Neither he nor I would know as I pressed the device to his skin whether there was any current - the beauty of a random setting. Of course, it would not change my experience one bit - but Matt would be in a terror with each pass - would their be current or not? I held his dick in my hands and ran the pin wheel up and down its length. Even I felt the current as it suddenly pulsed through the device. Matt groaned and his cock gave a mighty lurch as the electricity stimulated it. I continued to run the wheel down his balls and into the sensitive skin right up in his groin. I ran the wheel along his perineum - the sensitive area between the arse and the balls. Again, the current surged and Matt gurgled and moaned. I continued this treatment, making sure to pay special attention to the skin behind the knees, the soles of the feet (he thrashed around when I did that) and his cock and balls. The sweat was glowing freely off his body by this stage. God, he smelled delicious! Matt has the most heady aroma when he sweats - I wish I could bottle it. Better than poppers! Aaron was watching me wide eyed. He would still be very sore - his piercings still very fresh - and I knew that there was little that I was going to be able to do with him tonight. Still, I dragged him over to stand in front of Matt and give him a thorough tongue bath, paying special attention to his armpits. As his cock with its bigger piercing was manipulated by Aaron’s expert tongue, I could see Matt flinch slightly. Good. These studs need to know that their bodies are no longer their own. I walked over to the table and grabbed one of the prepared points - I think it had 0.4g in it. I hefted Matt’s cock and he looked at me with huge eyes. “Are you really going to stick that thing in my dick?” his eyes seemed to ask. The answer, of course, was “Yes, my little boy slut, that is exactly what I am going to do.” I found a vein and registered… and depressed the plunger. Matt: I felt the needle pierce my dick and the contents of the syringe being delivered into my bloodstream. It was the most incredible sensation I have every experienced. My dick seemed to pour a continuous river of precum and the warm, tingly sensations usually associated with a slam radiated from my dick to the rest of my body. I felt as though I was pissing even though, when I looked down, my dick was dry - apart from the precum. I actually felt as though I was having a continuous orgasm. I saw the piercer - I actually do not think I had ever been introduced to him - affix a ball stretcher to my balls, He then approach me with a 9mm sound and start to work it into my dick. It slipped on so damned easily - it surprised me. I had taken an 8mm before but never the 9. Yet in it went. He inserted it all the way in and then affixed a tight glans ring just under the head of my penis. I saw him get another syringe and deliver what I assumed was quad mix into my dick. He slowly started to jack my cock. The sensations flowing through me were incredible. I was still rushing, the glans ring had small spikes that were biting into my dick as it hardened under the piercer’s expert ministrations. The feeling of the sound as my dick was frigged was indescribable. I only now noticed that the sound was hollow and had a 2mm opening, out of which poured a prodigious stream of precum. The piercer picked up the cords that had been plugged into the pin wheel and plugged it into the 2mm hole in the sound. He plugged the other cord into the ball stretcher and switched the current on. Again, it was on a random setting and the waves and peaks and valleys of the changing intensity of the current kept me guessing. It was amazing and I felt orgasm approaching rapidly. “Fuck! Ahhh! Please, sir, I’m going to cum!” I pleaded. My current torturer removed the plug from the sound and started to jack my cock in earnest. Before long, I screamed as I felt the cum practically fly out of my dick. I was completely spent. The man ran his hands and his fingers over the head of my dick and I jerked and spasmed as the sensations overwhelmed me. He had collected the load in his hand and lifted his fingers for me to lick clean. As I was doing this, I felt another set of hands remove the sound from my dick (always an interesting sensation) and the ball stretcher. Brian untied me from the St Andrew’s cross and I sank to my knees. “Please, God, let there be some rest coming up for me,” I silently begged. Brian led me to the bed and gave me some refreshments. To be continued?
  15. Fucking A - what a fantastic start!

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