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    Getting fucked bare as often as possible. I want your cum in my ass. 1 on 1, groups, gangbangs, slings, outdoors, public, nudity, bikers, twinks, muscle guys, daddies .... if you have a hard cock and need to get off you can nut in my ass.
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  1. If you believe biden believes this then you have not watched his ACTIONS over the last 30 years. His words in this are good. His actions? His actions show this was written for him and that it is bullshit.
  2. Have you REALLY listened to this question and thought it out? If you really and truly believe that your actions could be the death of someone else how can you justify doing ANYthing contrary to your belief? The truth is that if you even give the flu to someone with a compromised immune system (no matter what the reason is for that compromise) that they have the potential to die? That is not any different from SARS-COV2!! Deaths from both the flu and from SARS-COV2 are 98-99% likely to have pre-existing conditions. How well do you really know the person that is fucking you or that you are fucking? There is no such thing as ethics in fucking when you consider that.
  3. All i'm going to say is that there is a HUGE amount of cognitive dissonance in here regarding biden, hillary and anything bearing any resemblance to truth. If i am going to be banned again for speaking my mind so be it. Neither truth nor the First Amendment prevail here. 😞 If your opinion and the FACTS differs from what the owner and the admin want to believe then you will be banned. Rawtop and drscorpio tell me that us not the truth!
  4. A number of things ... the initial penetration as a top first pushes into the bottom's hole, hearing him grunt as he unloads inside, the bottom's initial look of strain giving way to pleasure as the top begins to fuck him. Bed sheets covered in cum and a bottom who gives himself up for cock after cock.
  5. My coworker has pretty much moved in and we've been fucking like rabbits. When i got home from work today he was there, naked with his hard cock jutting out in front of him. He grabbed me and backed me up against the wall as we made out. I put my arms around him and felt the tight muscles in his back. I love the feel of a man's naked skin and ran my hands over him. Reaching toward his cock he slapped my hand away and said "Don't touch it, bitch!" and then he turned me face toward the wall and i pulled my shirt off as he reached around and undid my pants and pushed them down so my ass was exposed. Lining his cock up with my hole i realized he was already lubed and i relaxed as he pushed into me and then began pounding me hard. He reached around to twist a nipple and i moaned and told him to fuck me HARD! As he fucked he pushed me up against the wall and the friction from the pounding made me cum all over the wall. He just pushed my cock harder into the cum as i heard the door open and close. I started to turn to see who it was but he turned my head back and told me not to look, that they were just here for my hole and he began to piston drive into me. I felt his load lube my ass and he pulled out so one of the guys could take his place. Two guys bred my hole, calling me a fucking slut. After they bred me he let me look and it was 2 other friends that had used me. Pants still around my ankles i short walked the few feet over to him and kissed him passionately. I heard an Oh fuck! behind me and then one of the guys slid back into me and bred me again.
  6. It is higher even than 80% ... but those are almost always people with co-morbidities that the covid19 was simply the straw that broke the camel's back. The flu would have done the same. 😞
  7. Most of the time i don't lose the drive when i come but even if i do then the top gets to finish and by the time he cums i'm horny again. Sometimes a hit of poppers helps. No matter what the top gets to take his time cumming and using me as he wants.
  8. I'm 1 or 5 or 6. Always a cock in my ass ...
  9. Dannyboycmh. No fantasies here and nothing made up. I am truly sorry for your experiences as a child. The men that did that to you should be hung. To continue to blame it for your choices as an adult is equally as wrong. You are now an adult and have a choice in what happens to you and how you interact with others. Do not even begin to presume that the experience of others is 1) a fantasy just because of your experiences or 2) not what we ourselves sought out and understood. You can only speak of your own experiences and of your own understanding. There are things i wish had never happened as a child. Pursuing sexual relations at 12 is not one of them. I make my own choices. Even at 12. Period. And i certainly do not blame others for my choices as an adult. Now, those who take advantage of inexperience and innocence show themselves for what they truly are. That abuse does not belong to any particular race, religion or creed. It does not belong to christianity exclusively as some continue to point out. It also belongs to Islam today with their worldwide willing abuse of children of both sexes, it belongs to the boy scouts and to the Leftists who pursue child trafficking for their nefarious purposes, and to a myriad of individuals who are just sick and twisted. Some of us though actually CHOSE it as youths, knowing what we were doing. We are probably in the minority but don't discount us.
  10. The way i see it is that a lot of men are opportunistic. If a straight guy isn't getting it from his woman then he bn may not care what hole his cock goes in. Its all about getting off. I will gladly offer up my ass to any straight man not getting any!
  11. Went to the truckstop tonight after finding a guy on grindr. Climbed into his cab where he was naked and sporting a nice hardon. I pulled my sweats down over my ass and his cock was quickly pressing up against my hole.and then pushing onto me. He didn't last long before he was coming in my ass. Traded numbers with him as i got dressed. He was still naked and i leaned down to clean his cock off. He got hard again and pulled my pants down before tearing into my ass again. Got his second load which was dripping down my leg as i got out of his truck.
  12. Due to the current environment i've stopped everything except for the coworker who is now coming everyday to drop a load. Its been nice getting to know someone well enough to know his buttons and turn ons. This morning he arrived to find me on my hands and knees with an 8" circumference dildo in my ass. He was so horny he stripped, almost ripped that out of my ass and then plunged right in. His cock felt so great i was making a lot of noise and telling him to fuck me harder. He left 2 loads in me and then we cuddled for a while with him spooning me. I fell asleep and woke up to his cock inside me again slowly pumping deeper into me. That was a nice long fuck and he left another load in me.
  13. I was 11 when i started fingering my ass and putting whatever i could find in it. Was still 11 when i was first fucked and loved the feeling so much that i went looking for cock everywhere. Even though some guys called it a boy pussy i never thought about until a friend got me to top him at 16 and it was then i knew for sure it was all about other guys' cocks in my pussy.
  14. I"ve been home a LOT more lately and while i don't usually entertain at home i've been doing that a lot lately, including the 10 minute fuck and gone guys. The neighbors have noticed and i've answered them with total brutal honesty ... "They are fucking my ass" ... I don't get any more comments lol.
  15. How many of us bottoms are so horny we are taking covid risks? I've been getting on grindr going to truck stops every couple days and getting bred. They never use condoms. And if they know someone else there they like to watch my ass getting bred and used. Big, small, smelly or not, i love trucker cock!

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