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    Getting fucked bare as often as possible. I want your cum in my ass. 1 on 1, groups, gangbangs, slings, outdoors, public, nudity, bikers, twinks, muscle guys, daddies .... if you have a hard cock and need to get off you can nut in my ass.
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    Tops who want to USE a bareback bottom.

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  1. being filled with hot spunk and the guy licking it out and sharing it with me.....horny .....and tasty....

  2. Got off work this weekend and went to Chad's place for the night. We kissed when i walked in and he put a finger on my lips and told me to get cleaned up. I was hard as i showed and cleaned out as this usually means multiple cocks in my ass. When i finally walked out i wasn't disappointed as he had stripped naked and told me some guys were on their way over. We made out a bit before he turned me around and slid slowly into my pre-lubed hole. He wasted no time bending me over the sofa and pumping me hard until i heard him gasp and felt the sudden slickness as he blasted inside me. He pulled out and cleaned him off. He pulled me up and we kissed before he whispered into my mouth "I love that you are such a slut!" He led me to the bedroom and put a blindfold on me and left me on all fours in bed as the doorbell rang. Two guys walked in a few minutes later and the fun began as they began to feel my body with their hands and their cocks. More guys walked in while they were fucking me and one of them turned me on my back. I heard something metallic clink and then a hand was lubing my cockhead. I felt something slightly cool against my piss slit and then it was inserted into my penis. It was moved back and forth and whatever it was was being manipulated to hit my prostate and i moaned with the intensity. "OMG. His cock just swallowed that whole thing!" someone muttered. It was withdrawn and put back it and withdrawn again after a couple minutes and another one put in. That happened a few more times and the guy that was still fucking me said that's fucking hot as another one was slid into my piss slit. I could feel it stretching me as it went down. I felt my cock and could feel something hard in it and could feel a bit of what felt like piss coming up. It was hitting my prostate and suddenly i came really hard. It felt incredible. By the time the last guy was gone i had 7 loads in my ass and i had come twice more. Chad took my blindfold off and showed me the sounds that had been used. We've been playing with them everyday since and i've used them on him too. I'd always been afraid to use them before but had no clue what i was missing out on.
  3. Explain that please. Those are broad brush statements with no supporting facts ....
  4. Saturday night the bf and i went to a friend's birthday party. He grabbed my ass and dragged me to a spare bedroom where we stripped down while making out before he put me on all 4's to fuck me. A couple guys opened the door to peek inside and ended up dropping their shorts so i could suck them. When the bf unloaded in me he invited them to breed my ass. When they were done the birthday boy walked in the now open door and quickly had his pants down and his cock inside me.  By the time the party ended i had had 8 different cocks in me and 11 loads.  My bf gave me another load when we got back to his place 🙂

    1. cumbottom4use


      Awesome!  Nothing feels better than a cum filled ass!!

    2. C123


      I'm really jealous! Your BF is so awesome for loading you up all the time! 

    3. HornDog


      Sounds like you made out much better than the birthday boy!

  5. Why the fuck do you care? And why single him out of all the others posting about fucking?
  6. Jeff 972-523-3861 Text is best as i work odd hours North Dallas Age: 57 Height: 5'10 Weight: 195 Ethnicity: caucasian
  7. ALWAYS NAKED!! Unless it's someplace like a public bathroom and then just drop my drawers and fuck me...
  8. If i'm in a group you are welcome to eat a load out of my ass. If you are asking me on a 1 on 1 basis then go fuck yourself... I want the load.
  9. In Texas they just closed the bars but you can still have sex in the adult bookstores lol

    1. blackrobe


      If I were a cynic, I'd be observing the people they are protecting, and the people they are not protecting and ascribe some reason to that.

    2. lovetobefucked


      That would mean there's a reasoned  thought to the action rather than just bullshit.  Based on the other actions it's pretty much all bullshit. Same in every state.

  10. Cuomo ordered that covid patients be moved into unursing and assisted living homes and thousands of people died as a result but he is refuses to take any responsibility for his own actions.  HE did this, not someone else.  He is a murderer and should be treated as such!

    [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/cuomo-blame-massive-number-of-nursing-home-deaths-on-feds-claims-they-didnt-give-enough-warning/?fbclid=IwAR2Yd3Sjmm4ShJjAVfVV_LeqE8WKoJotkv_ywF_rW2A3RP1P-L6GHDYwaX0

  11. There is no shame for what has happened in the past. The next moment is a chance to change our choices and start something new and wonderful. Nor are you or anyone ever "useless trash". The shame, instead, is on those who would only value you as such.
  12. Bootmanla. Be terrified if you want but stop trying to shame others just because you are terrible at math and listen to the lies of the Clown News Network ... Especially since the epidemiologists and the guys that created the models are all saying "oops" just like every single one of the past epidemics over the last 30.years. These guys are wrong more often then the weathermen!
  13. It used to be recognized that teens will be teens ... though that same thought can get a teen arrested today. When i was a teen i was dared to go naked into a 7-11 about 2am in the morning where the clerk was a known gay. We wanted beer so goi g naked was ok. I walked in naked and was looking at the beer selection when the clerk showed up next to me. When i turned around to face him while sporting a full hardon he reached out to touch me and i remember moaning as he touched me.  Before i thought about it he had his shorts down as he turned me around and penetrated my willing ass. My friends watched as he fucked snd bred me.  He gave us 2 - 12 packs of cheap beer and made me promise he could fuck me again.  My friends had no clue before that i liked to get fucked but they started fucking my ass that night and arranging ways to use my naked body to get beer and had no problems using my ass when they were horny.

    1. melvin0095


      I need some beer hot hot hot

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