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    Getting fucked bare as often as possible. I want your cum in my ass. 1 on 1, groups, gangbangs, slings, outdoors, public, nudity, bikers, twinks, muscle guys, daddies .... if you have a hard cock and need to get off you can nut in my ass.
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    Tops who want to USE a bareback bottom.

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  1. In Texas they just closed the bars but you can still have sex in the adult bookstores lol

    1. blackrobe


      If I were a cynic, I'd be observing the people they are protecting, and the people they are not protecting and ascribe some reason to that.

    2. lovetobefucked


      That would mean there's a reasoned  thought to the action rather than just bullshit.  Based on the other actions it's pretty much all bullshit. Same in every state.

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