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    Uninhibited raw fucking, swapping cum and piss, sucking, rimming, anal play, bondage,poz guys. Top for younger, more bottom for older. Like my nuts being roughly handled and doing the same back. Wanting to get into fisting and looking for poz loads.
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    In shape Bi guy, but have always preferred men. Been playing with guys from a young age and always raw. Sleazy and very open-minded...

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  1. Just blew a massive load reading this!
  2. It was a priest who first introduced me to sex. I was 16 and whilst I admit I 'went to him' cause I knew he was gay, he was the first to fuck me, and raw. He fucked me regularly for about 2 years along with another of his priest friends. Have only ever been fucked/fucked raw with guys all my life.
  3. Give him time and I bet he will be back for more. 🙂
  4. Where can I find a Dave?! This is such a perfect way to be pozzed.
  5. This is such a great story, just taking things slowly, having fun, and gradually building to the main event. Exactly how I would love to be pozzed
  6. Instant boner here. This would so be me, a bundle of nerves, but knowing I am about to carry out my desire to be pozzed!
  7. This is one of the hottest conversion stories I have ever read. Cant wait for more.!
  8. A play session is not complete for me without piss and preferably both ways.
  9. This might be your first story, but fuck is it hot, andI know what my response would be!
  10. That's the sort of neighbour I need!
  11. Boned again after reading this chapter, like how this story is building!
  12. Drinking a really full bladder of piss and not spilling a drop is the best along with the full belly feeling afterwards.
  13. Boned up instantly and leaking reading this! More please...

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