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  1. What is the "Den"? Where is it in Atlanta?
  2. [think before following links] https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/index.html
  3. Thanks for the compliments .... this actually did happen to me and how I came out of the closet .... all true.
  4. The CDC data posted 26 June is now combining hospitalization rates of Covid 19, Pneumonia, and the Flu together - why they are combining 3 illnesses together now doesn't make sense to me, and shows data is not being properly tracked. As of the 26th the CDC, per their own COVID 19 site, cited a hospitalization rate for people under 60 without underlying conditions at 98.4 infected per 100,000 infected .... of all 3 illnesses combined mind you - that equates to a percentage rate of .00098 - less than 1/100th of a percent .... check out the CDC site if you don't believe me ... and again - no reason why 3 illnesses are being counted together - other than they are all being classified as an upper respiratory infection. Numbers can be manipulated in any manner to get any result that you are looking for ....
  5. I want to know that feeling and become POZ .... and earn a BioHaz tat ..... just can't find a Toxic top willing to do ..... makes me wonder what I am doing wrong ....
  6. Infection rates are up because testing is up - the more testing done, the higher the number of cases - same as when they came out with a test for HIV back in the 80s and declared a pandemic .... 40 years later and still no cure ... just treatments to control it. What isn't being reported is hospitalizations are down and the mortality rate from the virus is declining. The CDC also published a report 3 weeks or so ago that the average age of Americans who died of COVID-19 was 75.5 years old, and that age and underlying conditions are the main issue when it comes to fighting the virus. Italy reported that 90% of its citizens who died from COVID-19 were over the age of 80, and all with underlying conditions. The media, the WHO, and the CDC have been off on so many things with this virus since it started - from "nothing to worry about - go about your daily lives" (Fauchi), to "human to human transmission not possible" (WHO), to "no need to shut anything down, it is safe to go to movies, bowling, and engage in social event (Fauchi) .... the list goes on and on ... all they are doing is scaring the crap out of people with this. There are those that believed that the lock-down was going to solve everything, and were surprised the virus still existed and didn't miraculously go away .... yes, it is contagious, but those who are healthy have a 98.7% chance of recovering from it. People will continue to get sick until enough of the population builds up the antibodies .... those that are older and with underlying symptoms need to take precautions to protect themselves ... and the mortality rate is about the same as the British Flu epidemic in the 90s .... all things no one wants the public to know .... that is what concerns me. The CDC even got caught last month by the Washington Post for misreporting test results - they were reporting those who tested positive for the anti-bodies as testing positive for actively having COVID-19 .... their response was that it was a data entry issue in their data base that needed to be updated .... Just remember - MILLIONS of us were supposed to be dead by now, yet that didn't happen ... I'm in no way diminishing the loss of those who have succumbed to the virus so far - but the "experts" have proven, to me at least, that they really have no idea what is going on.
  7. I used to be one of those condom-nazis .... but then again I was married back then before I came out - but I always craved raw cocks and cum. The first time I took cum I was hooked and knew I would never use a condom again. I think it is a few things, one of them being a huge double standard in society. Despite the advances we have made in the Gay community and finding more acceptance, we are the ones that still get beat up for unsafe sex. I have a lot of female friends, and can tell you each and every one of them HATE condoms and rarely use them, if at all - and society doesn't beat up on men and women fucking their brains out without a condom ..... Giving and taking cum is an amazing thing, and once you experience it, you are hooked. Those of us who are Pigs and fuck without fear are looked down upon by a certain group within the gay community - the ones who claim to be virtuous and monogamous. Unless you are on a site like BBRT, all the other ones have a lot of fakes and posers who in my honest opinion - not fact - are on those sites because they are either just starting to come out and explore gay sex, are cheating on someone, or are in the closet. It kills me when I am on BBRT and someone says safe sex only .... I don't even reply ... wrong site for that crap. I seldom go on ManHunt anymore, since it rarely pays off, Grinder is a pain in the ass for me - it seems a lot of guys get butt-hurt if you don't text them back the very second they text you ... and A4A just outright sucks to me ... too many guys lying, trying to hustle, or leading you on. I had one guy I let fuck me at FLEX in Atlanta once who used a condom - he had a huge cock .... when he came, I took the condom off and emptied it into my hole - the look on his face was pure shock and disgust ..... it was funny to me. Like most guys have said so far - it is our PREFERENCE - and we get to choose how we have sex and who with. A lot of the haters out there want to take loads, but have probably not gotten the balls up to do it yet - once they do they will be hooked. The other thing they don't realize - if they are in a sex club/bath house, they are among Pigs ... and there are those who will sabotage a condom without the guy knowing and still breed them. That was one thing that got to me about "Queer as Folk" - the show was nothing but pure condom love ..... Our bodies, Our choice ....
  8. I had been playing around with men ever since I was stationed on the USS Enterprise in Alameda, California – right across the bay from San Francisco – leave it to the Marines to send a curious kid into the heartland of hot, easy man sex. I played around some while I was there but wasn’t a huge whore – I was always paranoid about being caught and kicked out of the military …. And I was always a condom-freak in those days. I continued to date women while playing with guys on the side – to say I was working things out and coming to grips with who I was would be an understatement. As I struggled with coming out and living as a gay man, I ended up married to a nice woman with huge tits …. The sex was OK – but it wasn’t what I was craving, and eventually I was playing with men again and getting fucked and sucking cocks, and learning I wasn’t alone out there as the internet started to explode. She worked for a hotel in Crystal City, Virginia … and of course worked with her share of gay men – one who was a real man-whore named Tom, and a good-looking guy as well, so obviously I had scoped him out a time or two when I was at the hotel. One day while I was off and she was at work, I was in the chatrooms and started chatting with Tom, unbeknownst to me. After trading dick and ass pics, we sent face pics to each other, and I knew immediately who he was, and he recognized me as well. I was in shock, and envisioned him ratting me out - he must have sensed I was spooked, because he became very reassuring and said he would never "out" me, and asked if I wanted to come over and talk about the ins and outs of being gay – and of course I agreed. I showed up at his place, nervous as hell, rang the bell, and there he was – wearing only shorts, with a huge bulge in them, and a smile. I held my hand out to shake and he took my hand and pulled me in and kissed me – right there in the open door for the world to see … to say I was a little freaked out would have been an understatement. He laughed and said not to worry – that his neighbors knew he was gay and that he wasn’t the only one there who was – that it was OK. He stepped aside a little and our bodies brushed each other as I walked in the door, and he patted my ass as I passed him … things I was not really used to. He asked me if I wanted a drink, and of course I did – I was nervous as shit, which he sensed. He stopped at the kitchen and mixed two Bourbon and Cokes and handed one to me while getting very close and kissed me again. I leaned into the kiss and opened my mouth and kissed him back. We didn’t kiss very long, he broke it off, and I was hard as a rock – and so was he, with a huge wet spot on his shorts. He motioned to the living room and we set down on the couch – not right on top of each other but positioned so we were looking at each other. “Soooooo ….” he said, “I’m guessing Becky has no idea you are here, huh?”, and he chuckled. “Obviously not”, I replied, “and hopefully she doesn’t find out … this is a bit awkward for me you know …” Tom chucked again, took a sip of his drink, and said “Don’t worry … I said we would talk, and see what happens, and whatever happens, stays here – OK?” I nodded and took another nervous swig from my glass. We continued with small talk for a bit, and he could see I was still nervous, and he asked me if I wanted to go – and I told him I wasn’t sure. He nodded, took my glass, and said he would make another round. I sat there watching the music videos on the TV and he came back with the drink and a half of a blue pill and handed it to me. I looked at the pill and told him I don’t do drugs, and he laughed and said it would just help me relax, that a half of an ecstasy tablet wouldn’t do anything to me, and that he had taken the other half in the kitchen. He held it out closer to me, and I went to take it – he smiled and shook his head and said “Nope – open up and let me give it to you.” so, I opened my mouth and he slowly set it on my tongue and told me to swallow it – and I did. Right after I swallowed it a warm wave washed over me, my ears began to ring a little, and I just collapsed into the couch, closing my eyes for a minute. When I opened my eyes, Tom was standing right in front of me without his shorts and a huge hardon pointing straight at my face. Without thinking I leaned forward and began sucking his thick cock. He was almost 8 inches, very thick, and with a nice mushroom head – like a fireman’s helmet with a very defined ridge. I just kept sucking while he sipped his drink and looked down at me, and without warning, he came in my mouth. It was all I could do not to spill his load, taking 3 gulps to get it all down – and damn it was really thick and tasted good. He got up, walked over to the light switch on the wall, dimmed the light some and turned on the ceiling fan – then he turned around with his hard, thick, cock starting to grow again and told me to strip, and said, “I bet Becky doesn’t know how good a cock sucker you are … or that you swallow ….”. I didn’t say anything back to him, but didn't need any encouragement to strip, although a little off balance as I tried to undress. My dick was hard as a rock and he walked over to me, so close that our cocks were touching, he kissed me, and then pushed me back on the couch, dropped to his knees and started to slowly suck my cock. It didn’t take long until I shot my load, he never stopped and swallowed all of it – something Becky would never do. Before I could react, he rose up from his knees, leaned on top of me, and began to kiss me – passionately and deeply – and I was kissing him back. This was all new – usually when I shot my load I was heading for the door, filled with guilt about what I had done. But not now, I was kissing him, grabbing his ass, and wanting more. I’m not sure if it is was Tom, me, or both of us together – but there was a low moan, and we both came up for air. Tom grinned at me and said, “Did Becky and her big tits teach you this, or have you been sucking other men along the way, getting better and better? You like being a cock sucker, and getting yours sucked as well, don’t you bitch?”, he was having a lot of fun with this. Before I could say anything, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch, kissed me again while grazing my cock with his hand, then without warning, grabbed my dick and began to pull me by it toward the back of the apartment to where I guessed the bedroom was. I asked if he had any water – I was feeling very thirsty and my head was starting to throb a little. He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled, telling me not to worry, as he continued down the hall. It was surreal … I was naked with another man, being led down his hallway to his bedroom by my dick and I was loving it … and I couldn’t help but think how hot his ass was as he walked in front of me. Once in the bedroom I saw that there were a few bottles of water on the nightstand, and two glasses of what looked like Gatorade. Tom walked over and grabbed a bottle of water and tossed it to me, and it was all I could do not to gulp it all down at once. I noticed he had also grabbed a bottle and had gulped a lot of it down. Then he handed me one of the glasses and told me to take a few sips, and when I started to get ready to take a huge gulp, he stopped me and told me to go easy with that stuff …. I had no idea what he was talking about. I got a little dizzy and Tom told me to get on the bed, which I practically fell into, and told me to relax, breathe deep, and to roll over on to my stomach and put my ass in the air. I did all of that, and knew he was going to fuck me – I wasn’t very experienced, but also wasn’t a virgin. He spread my ass cheeks, and then I felt the most amazing thing – he was licking my ass – something no one had ever done to me before. I let out a low moan and groaned “Ohhhh my God ….” Tom kept eating my hole, tongue going deeper, and moving in circles. I was in fucking heaven. He stopped rimming me, and got up on the bed behind me, telling me to move forward to give him some room and gave me a pillow to rest my chest on, putting my ass higher in the air. He grabbed a big bottle of Astroglide off the nightstand and began to rub it onto and into my hole, slowly pushing a lubed finger into me. The lube felt cool on my ass, but also burned, something I had never felt with lube before, but in no time my tight hole was open, and he had two fingers inside me rubbing my prostate with me pushing back onto him. All of a sudden, he pulled his fingers out of my hole and I told him – begged him – not to stop. He chuckled and told me not to worry, that we were just getting started, and then I felt his big mushroom head pressed against my hole. My ass was so hungry for his cock – I had never been this horny or wanted to be fucked so badly before in my life – and it never even dawned on me to ask about a condom or reach back to feel if he had one on. Another squirt of lube in my crack and on the head of his cock, more of the burning sensation, and he began to push into me. I was grabbing the pillow, which was under my chest, and had my head turned to the left looking at the nightstand with the water and things on it. I turned my head to the right as Tom was slowly pushing into my tight, hungry hole and saw a bottle of poppers. I grabbed them – Amsterdam I think they were, and took a really long hit off the bottle and held it in. I let the poppers out in a long exhale, and it was like a wave of warmth and complete relaxation flooded my entire body. It felt amazing – everything felt so right – and it caught Tom by surprise because my hole opened fully and his thick cock slid all the way inside of me, the huge head – that perfect fireman’s helmet – sliding right over my prostate, and he was balls deep. I let out a long low moan as Tom let out a louder “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK ….” And just held his cock still for about a minute. His hands were rubbing my ass and caressing my back, and he said, “Shit Don, you feel amazing – so fucking tight and warm ….” I took another hit of poppers and began to work my ass and hips back against him slowly – getting to know his cock and how he fit inside me. Tom told me to take my time, to relax, and I told him that I could swear his cock was the biggest and thickest I had ever had inside of me before. After a couple of minutes, he started to slowly fuck me, sliding out a little at a time and going back in, and out – and I wasn’t being passive … I was moving with him …. I was in heaven – it felt so amazing, we stopped talking and it became moans and grunts … he wasn’t pounding me, but was going full stroke, almost pulling all the way out before driving back into me. I don’t know how long we were fucking … but I swear it was less than 15 minutes before he pushed all the way inside of me and let out a long groan – his cock was all the way inside me and it felt like he was trying to push himself through my skull. I didn’t feel his cum …. Just the pulsing of the thick head of his cock but knew what was happening …. And it was amazing. Then I felt very wet and slick, and his cock was still hard, him pushing as deep as he could into me, and me pushing as hard back against him. Tom collapsed on top of me, my cock hard and throbbing still, and him still hard … and he kissed my neck and nibbled my ear. Before he could say anything, I said “DAMN …. That was fucking amazing!” Tom chuckled and said yes it was …. And then got serious and asked if he had hurt me. I told him I felt amazing – a little tender but felt great. But then I called him out …. I said, “You didn’t use a condom, did you?” Nothing for about a minute, his hard cock still inside me …. he nibbled my ear and growled “No … I didn’t … and you didn’t ask me to …. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube …. but you know you wanted it …. didn’t you – BITCH?” I got quiet … almost bolted …. And he pulled me up, so I was almost riding his cock from behind …. and he kissed me and asked me to tell me how I felt … right then … with his cock still hard inside of me. I stammered and said “I’m not sure … you came inside of me …. And I have a WIFE …. How do you expect me to feel?” He actually laughed and shoved his cock in more, which made me yelp … He reached around and tweaked my nipples hard …. Harder than anyone had ever done …. and growled in my ear again “We're not talking about feelings - we are fucking and I want you to tell me how your body is feeling …. how our bodies feel and what we need and crave …. Got it BITCH?” Before I could answer he nibbled my ear and licked my neck, which made me gasp and moan at the same time …. Before I could answer, he said “I’ll ask the questions … and be honest with your answers ….” “Are you hurt, or did I hurt you …” I replied “No” He then told me every answer I gave needed to be finished with “Daddy” …. And asked again … “Are you hurt or did I hurt you ….” “No …. Daddy ….” Tom nibbled my ear again, and whispered “Did you like it?” “Yes Daddy …. But ….” And he gently smacked my ass and said he was the only one asking the questions …. And did I understand?” “Yes …. Daddy” The Daddy thing had me so fucked up …. I didn’t want my father fucking me …. The next whisper in my ear “Are you jealous Becky gets to have cum inside of her and you don’t ….” “Fuck …. So jealous of that ……. Daddy” “DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP!?!” “No ……. Daddy ….” Next whisper …. “Tell me how YOU feel Boy ….” “Very satisfied …. Horny …. dirty …. Daddy” All this time he was caressing my body, kissing my neck … playing with my nipples …” All I could do was moan … I tried to jerk myself off and Tom grabbed my hand and said “Not yet …” Then he told me to slowly ride his cock … as much as I could handle …. All while his hands were all over me …. And I began to move up and down on his cock …. And it was amazing …. I was so open and so slick inside …. No lube had ever made it feel like that … no rough spots …. Nothing but silky … so smooth. He nibbled my ear and told me to describe how it felt … and I did …. And he kissed my neck and let me keep going – my strokes on his cock getting longer, faster, and harder …. Tom told me he was sorry for cumming so fast the first time – but I felt so good and tight he couldn’t help it … but that I was riding him now and I was in charge …. So, he told me anyway …. I moaned and said,“I feel so slick and …… and … slimy …. But … it’s so goooood” Tom started to meet my downward thrust, pushing into me, making me yelp again … and told me “It feels that way because your ass … your hole … is now a pussy …. And you are going to take more cum and cock than Becky would ever think of …. So ride my cock Bitch!” And I did … no track of time … I just kept riding him and loved it all … and just when I thought it would last forever, he grabbed my hips and pulled me down on to his cock HARD …. And he filled me with his second load. The second time didn’t feel it like the first time …. Other than the cum leaking out of my hole …. Now his pussy …. but it was still an amazing feeling, knowing he was filling me with his cum. Tom fell forward on top of me with a groan, and I collapsed under him … him on top of me … just both of us gasping. I felt him go soft and heard the “PLOP” as soon as he fell out of me …. And he actually apologized … said he was sorry, but that he needed a break. He rolled off me, and for the first time in my life I settled into the crook of a man’s arm and caressed his chest …. No talking …. just catching our breath. I looked down at his cock, and he was semi hard … semi flaccid … but his cock was glistening with cum and ass juice … I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. I started to move to go down his torso to his cock … and he grabbed me … and said “We both need water …. Grab a bottle …. For each of us ….” And I did … I handed him a full bottle … it had gone warm, and I looked over at the alarm clock and realized almost 3 hours had gone by … and it only seemed like minutes … WHAT THE FUCK??? He propped himself up and gulped down half a bottle …. And pointed at me and gasped … “You ... drink …. NOW!” And I grabbed a bottle, and almost emptied it … I was shocked at how thirsty I was …. I finished the bottle and grabbed another and downed half of it, and seeing Tom had finished his, handed him the rest of mine, which he sipped on. There he was on his back, propped up, and I was kneeling offset to him to the left – so I could get the water …. I thought I did something wrong …. And as he sipped and caught his breath, I glanced at his slick cock again. Tom never asked me, told me, or anything …. I just went between his legs and SLOWLY licked him clean …. Tasting my ass and his cum … and the lube …. But I was drawn to do that … something I had never done … a day of firsts …. Tom’s face lit up with a huge grin as he moaned “FUCK …. You do have some things to learn …. But damn if you aren’t a natural ….” I was enjoying myself … teasing him … nipping at his cock a little … and he started to get hard again …. I looked up at him, and he asked me “Think you can go another round?” I smiled as I licked the head of his cock and said “Yes Daddy” …. And he laughed and said, “The hesitation between answers and Daddy is getting shorter …. Very nice …” He told me I had worn him out, but to ride him reverse Cowgirl style …. Which confused the shit out of me. He saw my confusion and said, “I guess Becky never did that, huh?” I looked up at him and said, “There is a lot of shit she never did ….” No “Daddy” in the answer … and he didn’t mind or correct me …. Just told me to turn myself away from him, so my ass was right over his cock, and to lube my hole and his cock, and just slowly slide up and down until he was hard again and could get back inside of me … and then to just ride his cock until he could cum again … or we both called it quits …. Which he said could be a possibility …. I grabbed the lube and squirt some down my crack, and into my hand so I could massage his balls and cock, and I felt him getting harder … but not like before …. I had the head of his cock against my hole and I was HUNGRY for him again …. Tom told me to slowly push his cum out of my pussy … yes, he called it a pussy …. And told me it would probably feel weird to me …. So, I started to push out, like taking a dump, and felt a warm glob start leaking out of me. I was mortified … I thought I was shitting on him and told him that …. And he rubbed my ass and said no … it was his cum I was pushing out, and that was making him hard, seeing that …. I pushed back and the head of his cock worked its way in … a little soft and squishy … but as he slid inside of me, he grew hard again. I didn’t need to be told what to do … I pushed back and felt his reaction … his growing hard, and where he was still soft … and took it slow … working my hips and ass muscles more than anything … while staring at his feet of all things …. Tom finally got to full mast, but he was very controlling in how I rode him … it was slow, but deliberate for close to another half hour, then he grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard again, groaning as he filled me with a third load. Afterwards, he tapped out and said he couldn’t go any more …. That I had worn him out, Which I was OK with at that point. He got out of the bed and stretched … and I just took his body in …. And loved it …. He looked over his shoulder and laughed …. And then told me I really did wear him out … and that I needed to stretch out as well … and while I was at it, to go grab the full bottle of Gatorade out of the fridge and a few more bottles of water. I rolled out of bed, and it hit me … fuck … I felt like I had been beaten by a crowd …. And I slowly stretched and worked my back and shoulders …. And my legs … holy shit …. Like wooden pegs …. So, I did stretch, and went to the kitchen to get the Gatorade and water …. All unopened bottles …. Which I didn’t catch either …. I made my way down the hall to the bedroom … I didn’t hurt, which surprised me, and I could feel Tom leaking out of me …. And I swear I was walking like I needed to be put in heels and put on a corner - I had never felt so opened before. When I got back in the room Tom was on his computer at the small desk …. I was confused and asked if all was OK. Tom assured me it was, but that he was expecting an e-mail, and that sitting in the chair at the desk felt good … and then asked for the Gatorade. He grabbed it and downed about half the bottle … than handed it to me and told me to finish it and asked for a bottle of water … which I gave him …. I sat on the bed for a few minutes, catching my breath and drinking the Gatorade, and Tom looked over and said, “You could get under the desk and lick me clean again while I wrap this up. Needless to say, I did … and while licking him clean and tasting him was great, he wasn’t getting hard, but I didn’t let that stop me from jerking off. He laughed and told me to do my thing, and that the soft licks, kissing, and sucking were perfect …. I shot my load into my hand … what I could catch anyway and got out from under the desk and ate my own load with Tom watching …. He smiled, I leaned over, and we kissed. It was then I noticed an AOL IM window open to “SnowWhite001” …. The ex of a guy I had worked with …. And Tom and Becky’s coworker at the hotel …. my jaw dropped …. And I collapsed on the bed … looking right at Tom … I said, “Nancy knows???” He smiled and said yes … and that he was chatting with her as I licked his cock clean …. BUT … not to worry … that she wasn’t saying anything …. “YET” …. I must have had a beaten dog face on when I said, “Shit … I am totally fucked …” He smiled and said I wasn’t, but that I needed to come out of the closet, and soon. He went on to say that he pegged me for gay right off the bat when we first met, and Nancy, who was a fag-hag, didn’t believe him when he said he was going to fuck me, and they bet $100 on it, and that he had told her she had lost … and she didn’t believe him – Tom had a reputation of being a man whore, and the women loved the stories of his exploits … turns out even Becky did …. But guessed she wasn’t going to like this story when it came out …. Fuck it, I thought. My ass was tender and full of cum, and my mind was spinning …. I looked at him and said, “ALL THIS WAS A FUCKING BET???” Tom saw I was getting spun up quick, and he said, “Yes … no … yes …. But …. FUCK …. It started out as a bet … FUCK … I will give you the money … or fucking burn it …. but …. This … what we did today … THIS … was fucking real …. To me anyway …. And yes … Nancy knows you are gay …. Big fucking deal …. she knows I am gay, and we have 2 crossdressers who work the front desk as well …. She doesn’t give a shit. Actually … she gets pissed at Becky because she acts like the queen of the roost …. And this knocks Becky down a couple of notches …. if she finds out …. So yeah …. This isn’t just about you … or me … or her … or Becky …. Or a hundred bucks. We connected today …. And you know it …. So, go home and think about it … and decide who you are and what you want …. Because, to be honest …. Your pussy fit my cock perfectly and you loved it …. So, don’t try to pretend otherwise or that it didn’t happen …. “ I finished my water and went into the living room to get my clothes and get dressed. As I was about to walk out the door, Tom was there … still nude …. And he kissed me … deep … looked at me, and said, “I want more of you … I’m all in if you are …. BUT … you have baggage you have to stow … so think on that.” I got home fine … Becky was working the evening shift and wouldn’t be home for at least an hour or so. I drank a glass of water, still amazed I couldn’t – or didn’t need to piss – and went to bed. I had popped a Valium, and I was out … didn’t hear her come home, or her attempt to wake me up with a hand job … I was out …. The Next day Becky needed to be in by 10AM …. Typical hotel staff rotation BS …. Meaning she would be home around 6 that evening … and I was off. I didn’t hear her leave in the morning and woke up just after 10, and my bowls were screaming …. I hit the bathroom, and all the damn air farts and cum that came out of my ass amazed me …. as well as finally being able to piss. Once that was cleared up, I showered and all that … and went upstairs and got on the computer – checked e-mail, deleted spam, and started to read the news …. Before going into a chat room. An IM box popped up from Tom. “Are you OK … I have been worried … and it’s not about the money – I’ll talk to Nancy and call it off …. It wasn’t my intention … we got carried away before I could say anything ….” Me – “Yeah … it was good … but maybe next time you use my ass … EXCUSE me … PUSSY … you just leave a hundred on the dresser when you go …. “ I expected a very harsh rebuke but didn’t get one … Tom said it was a fair hit … and asked if he could call me …. That he just wanted to talk …. I gave him the number and he called. I was still online when he called, which I wasn’t expecting – so he did surprise me there. We talked for about an hour … he was very contrite, despite how dominate he had been when we were fucking … and said he wanted to hang out more …. But that I needed to accept I was gay, and that he would help and be a friend through it all. I agreed that we should talk, but that I wasn’t up to driving, and that he could come to my place …. He already knew Becky was working until 6 … so he said he would be there around 1, and no fucking …. Just get things straight, so to say, and maybe establish boundaries. He knew where I lived … we were less than 15 miles from each other, and I told him that would work … as it was just after Noon, it gave me time to think shit though. Not even 10 minutes later an IM box popped up from Nancy …. “FUCK ME” was all I could think. Her and I had chatted and ran in similar circles … we were casual friends … a very attractive blonde from Switzerland with a nice rack … and a wild side … and as stubborn as a mule … Nancy - “Did I really loose a hundred to Tom??? Or – was he bullshitting me???” Me – “Yeah – you did – sorry about that ….” Nancy – “Shit …. sooo – he wasn’t bullshitting me last night?? About any of it?” Me – “Nancy – you already know the answer … not sure what he was telling you …. But we fucked our brains out …. And he was really good …. And it felt amazing …” Nancy – “You were under the desk when he told me I lost???” Me – “Yep …. But I didn’t know he was chatting with you …. But even if he had told me, the mood I was in, I probably wouldn’t have stopped … LOL” Nancy – “I’m more than OK with what happened and the direction you are going … And we are probably going to become closer friends because of this …. But – you better get your shit in order and tell Becky, or I'm going to do it – no bullshit about that.” Me – “I’m still confused over all that …. Going to talk to Tom around 2 today, and go from there …” Nancy – “If you did only half of what Tom said you guys did, then you don’t need a wife … and as much as she pisses me off with her goody-two-shoes attitude …. You need to be honest to yourself … Anyway – if you need to talk, I’m here … don’t do anything I wouldn’t do with Tom this afternoon LOL“ 1 O’clock came and went … and right after 2 O’clock Tom called and said he was on his way … and that he was sorry for not calling but got caught up …. Whatever – I told him if he couldn’t be at my place by 3:30 and gone by 5, not to bother coming. 15 minutes later a knock on the door … I was only wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt … my ass was tender after all … and looking through the peephole saw it was Tom, in a tight t-shirt and shorts. I opened the door, and wouldn’t you know it, the hot Puerto Rican woman who lived in the condo across from me, an Army Staff Sergeant stationed at Fort Belvoir, was also just getting home. Obviously, she looked over as I opened the door – we were friendly after all and saw each other several times a week in passing. Vanessa smiled and said hello, then saw how I was dressed – and how Tom was dressed - Her eyes went wide, but then she winked at me and walked inside her place …. “GREAT” was all I could think … Tom came in, brushing past me, and I could tell he was free balling and was semi hard. I closed the door and as I turned around Tom pushed me back against the door and kissed me – deep – and I didn’t fight it …. Kissing him back as my cock got hard. We broke off the kiss, and I told him to grab a seat in the living room as I went to the kitchen, asking if he wanted anything, because I knew I needed a drink for damn sure. He asked for one as well and brought it in to him. He was sitting on the love seat, and I sat on the sofa – close to him but had my personal space. We talked for well over an hour and had a couple more drinks – him making the last round. When he brought the drinks into the living room, instead of sitting on the love seat he came over to the sofa, handed me my drink as he sipped on his, and I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch and obviously hard cock tenting his shorts … like déjà vu …. It was happening again. Tom just stood there, and after taking another long pull on my drink, I looked up at him and he was smiling. Tom got right to the point and asked, “Did you enjoy our time together yesterday and our fucking?” I told him that he knew I had, but I was still trying to work things out. He did sympathize, telling me that coming out can be the hardest, longest first step to make – but once you do, it’s liberating, although there may be things that have to be cleaned up in order to move forward. I was nodding while he said that, and noticed I was getting a little lightheaded. I looked up at him and said, “You spiked my drink, didn’t you, you bastard?” Tom chuckled and said he took one as well – and that I was just too nervous and uptight, that I needed to relax. I shook my head but took another long sip from my glass. I smirked, and told him, “Well – you won’t be able to fuck me, because I don’t have any lube here … and I am way to tender from last night for you to even think about not using any – so get that thought out of your head.” Still standing in front of me, he reached into the cargo pocket of his shorts and pulled out a bottle of Astroglide and smiled …. All I could think was “FUCK” …. I had finished my drink and set the glass down on the table, then looking up at him, I leaned forward and unbuttoned his shorts, letting them fall to the floor, and just swallowed his cock and got to sucking. Tom groaned, and said, “The blinds are open – anyone can see us if they look in … “ I stopped sucking, looked up at him while holding his throbbing cock, and said, “Let them –fuck it.”, and I went back to sucking his cock. After 10 minutes or so of worshiping his cock and balls, he backed away from me so I could stand up – looking right at him I stripped, got close to him, and kissed him deep with our cocks rubbing against each other. Tom backed up toward the love seat and plopped down, adjusting himself so that his ass was at the edge of the cushion, then lifted his legs up and back, exposing his ass and his puckered hole. I just stood there starring, and he said, “Get on your knees and eat my ass bitch – eat it like the good cock sucking, cum craving whore you are … eat it until I say you are done …. NOW!” I had never considered eating an ass before – but knew what it felt like from last night when he ate mine. I dropped to my knees, put my hands on his ass cheeks, and tentatively stuck my tongue out until it touched his hole. Tom demanded, “Don’t tease it, eat it like I ate yours last night …. Eat my hole bitch … taste all of me”, and he pushed my face into his ass. I started licking around and over his hole, pushing my tongue into him, and as he moaned, he told me to lube my hole up and play with it, so I would be ready for him when he was ready. As I rubbed the lube into my hole, I began to feel the burning again, which made me want to devour his hole even more …. I don’t know how long I was eating him, but after some time he pushed me back and was smiling. His cock was leaking more precum than I had ever seen before from a cock, and without warning he pushed me back, stood up, pulled me to my feet and spun me around, and sank his cock into my lubed and throbbing hole in one steady stroke as I was braced against the entertainment center – right there in the living room in front of the exposed sliding glass doors leading to the deck. I didn’t care, and I let out a moan and a grunt as his balls pressed against my ass, still tender from the fucking the night before. Tom held his cock still and chewed on my ear, then growled, “I see I broke your pussy in good last night, and you are tender … don’t worry, you’ll be begging for it deeper and harder before long …”, and with that he started to slowly stroke in and out of my hole, taking longer stokes and picking up the pace. He was right, in no time at all I was moaning and begging for him to fuck me harder and deeper, to break me in and make me a true bitch … me on my tip toes trying to push back onto him, and him putting more lube on his cock and my hole. I was in heaven, loving every inch of him inside of me. After some time had passed with Tom fucking me deep and hard, he pulled out and took a step back, and I turned to face him, knowing he hadn’t cum yet. Looking at his cock, slick with precum, lube, and my ass juice, I dropped to my knees and started to lick and suck him clean. He moaned and said, “Just a quick breather – I didn’t want to cum just yet”. I stood up, kissed him, and then remembering the blinds were open, grabbed him by the cock and pulled him down the hall to the bedroom – still not caring if anyone had seen us fucking. When we got in the bedroom, he closed the door most of the way and pushed me back onto the bed, then pulled my legs toward him so my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed and my ankles were on his shoulders. Without any warning he shoved himself back inside me, balls deep, and continued fucking me, but at a slower pace, putting more lube on my hole, and more burning, but I was in heaven, having lost track of all time, staring into his eyes as I moaned and begged for his cock and cum. What seemed like another 20 minutes went by, and I heard the front door open – and I almost leapt off the bed but couldn’t since Tom had me pinned to the bed with his cock buried in me. He smiled down at me and said, “Looks like Becky’s home …. You’re coming out of the closet now …. and you know you want her to see you taking my cock … don’t you …. Because I sure do …” He began to pick up the pace again, and I was moaning – I knew I should stop and have him hide – but it felt too damn good, I was too turned on … and yes … I wanted her to see me with his cock buried balls deep inside of me and how much I loved it. Then it happened … the moment of truth - Becky pushed the bedroom door open, standing there in just her bra and panties and holding her hotel dress in her hand, which she dropped as she said, “What the fuck …. Don …. Tom …. “, and just trailed off. I looked over at her briefly, her huge tits overflowing her bra, her eyes wide, and her mouth open …. In shock and speechless. Tom looked over at her and said, “He’s on my team now Becky …. And damn is he a good piece of ass …” and he started fucking me harder and deeper – I knew he was close, as I was looking up at him, and he at her – the only sounds were the slurping from my ass the slapping of his balls against my ass cheeks. Tom turned back to me and started gritting his teeth, and yelled, “OH FUCK – I’M CUMMING – TAKE EVERY DROP OF MY POZ SEED BITCH – TAKE IT …… FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK”, and he pushed into me and held my legs as I pushed my hips up into him …. Missing his comment about his POZ seed at the moment. He convulsed for a couple of minutes with his cock buried balls deep inside of me, then gave a few more strokes with his cock, the wet sloppy sounds making it obvious he had filled me with his cum, then took a couple of steps back from the bed and cum began oozing from my gaping hole. Becky’s eyes got wide as she saw how big his cock was, and that he was still hard with a long sting of cum hanging from the head of his cock. I slid off the bed, and making eye contact with her, took the string of cum in my mouth and began sucking his cock clean – looking at her and stoking my cock, while sucking his. Tom’s cock began to twitch, and I could feel the head swelling, knowing he was going to shoot another load – he was more turned on than I had seen him so far, and so was I. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I kept my mouth open as he gave it 2 good jerks, and filled my mouth with a nice, thick load of cum. Taking his cum in my mouth, I turned my eyes back upward to Tom, swallowed all of his seed, ran my tongue up his piss slit, shot a huge load with a groan onto the carpet, then got off my knees, and gave him a long, deep kiss. We broke the kiss off, Becky still in shock looking at both of us, and Tom said, “I think I should be going now …” He walked to the bedroom door, and Becky was still standing there, and he had to brush past her, his cock grazing her stomach, and he looked down at her tits and said, “Damn, they really are amazing Becky …” and continued to the living room to get dressed. I followed behind him, Becky having moved out of the way, and I walked Tom to the door once he was dressed – didn’t take long as all he had to do was throw on shorts and a t-shirt and slip into his shoes. I was still nude and didn’t care. I opened the door, not doing too much to conceal myself behind the door, and gave him a quick, passionate kiss. He quietly told me that I could crash at his place if things got to tense, and that he would also be free to talk – and with that he was out the door and heading down the stairs. I closed the door, walked to the living room and put my shorts on, then headed to the kitchen to make myself a drink. All the while Becky just watched me, and I asked if she wanted one, but she just shook her head. I headed back to the living room to sit down, expecting the fireworks to go off at any moment, but all she asked was, “You’re not even going to clean yourself up and push the cum out of yourself?” I looked at her and said, “No – unlike you, I enjoy holding the cum inside of me as long as I can, and don’t rush to the bathroom to clean it all off …. I like it and enjoy that he is still inside of me.” She shook her head and went back into the bedroom, closing the door – and I figured it was best for me to leave her alone at that moment. She came out of the bedroom about 20 minutes later, wearing her robe tight around herself. She looked at me, and said, “I suspected you were curious, and possibly going bi, but it’s obvious you’re well beyond that, this obviously wasn’t the first time you sucked a dick or have been fucked – but for fuck sake – why him …. Why Tom …. I have to work with him … and everyone will know he fucked you – and came inside you …. Please tell me you weren’t fucking me after he – or anyone else came inside you.” I told her that he was the first one to cum inside of me, and that the first time was last night …. And that she had nothing to worry about in that regard. She shook her head again, obviously upset, and then said, “Your cock sucking ass can sleep in the guest room until we figure this shit out …. Fucking faggot!”, and she went back in the bedroom slamming the door behind her. I don’t know why; I knew she was upset and that I should feel guilty – but I didn’t. Instead I made another drink and went upstairs to the loft and got on the computer – I was horny as fuck still. I started looking at porn, surfing, and cruising. I was craving more cock and cum, and in less than an hour found a black guy that was looking and liked the idea I already had a load inside my hole. We met in the woods behind my condo and got right to it – I dropped to my knees and sucked his huge cock until he was hard, and then turned around and leaned against a tree and told him to just use spit. It hurt somewhat, like his huge cock was ripping me in half, but I knew I would get used to it, finally coming to terms with the fact I was a cock loving, cum hungry bottom. I loved hearing the sound of his cock slurping in my already cum filled hole and I begged him to fuck me deep and fill me with his load. He didn’t last long – maybe 10 minutes, but I didn’t care – I knew I was used up at that point for the night, but felt so good about having a stranger fuck me in the woods with her upstairs, never even getting his name. I finally knew who I was and loved it. Becky and I did split up, although it turned out I had knocked her up about a month earlier …. So, we are still intertwined to this day. Tom and I kept fucking for close to a year – we tried to date but found being fuck buddies worked so much better for us. He was on meds and undetectable, so his breedings never took hold, and to this day I am still looking for that load that will turn me into a POZ pig. Even now, there is always something that stirs my cock and turns me on when I know someone is watching me take a cock – especially if it’s a woman watching and knowing I love cock and cum more than she does.
  9. Being gay - a Faggot - isn't a choice ... you either enjoy other men and cocks or you don't .... you don't choose to like sucking a cock, swallowing cum, or being fucked in the ass - it's something you are drawn to. There are tops, bottoms, and versatile men out there .... I know tops that are 100% gay, but don't suck cock or bottom - but they only fuck men ,,,, maybe coming out, and possibly flirting with being "bi" makes men question who they are - but we are attracted to who we are attracted to.
  10. Very hot story - I can't wait until the next chapter ..... keep it cumming!
  11. I'm in Atlanta and would love to be your sub for a few days and have you POZ my hole up Daddy .... willing to travel to any man who will help me earn my BioHaz Tat

  12. I love feeling the head of a man's cock swell and pulse as he cums in my mouth, feeling my mouth fill with his warm cum, and then savor it as I slowly swallow it and enjoy his taste and texture as I look into his eyes ....
  13. I want to be one of your confirmed sons .... and I will travel to you ..... in Atlanta here

  14. I'd head your way from Atlanta for some POZ seed!

    1. evilqueerpig


      Wish I could oblige

  15. Hot profile and pics ... I would be proud to take your POZ seed and carry your strain forever and POZ it forward!  I'm always willing to travel for a good POZ load in hopes of earning my BioHaz Tat!


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