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  1. Let’s face it - most of the content on this site should be in the fiction section. 


    I’m here because it’s a place I can tell the truth.

    Talk nasty to me about man on man sex - Wickr pdxpervert 

    1. LuciferSubFagPig


      that handle didn't get me to you. subfaglucipig on there for me


  2. I love piss in my ass, and pissing up a guy’s hole so I can suck it out.
  3. I’d love to be your local cum dump

  4. Come to Portland- I’ll fill your ass with piss - drink it out - then pump some dirty jizz in your faggot hole.

    1. FuckNuttChaser


      Fuck yeah, man. I need to visit Portland soon. 

    2. PDXpissdrinker


      Wickr me Pdxpervert 

  5. I’d like to put my dirty cum in your hole 

  6. I messaged you a few weeks ago. Come down - we’ll pig out
  7. Nice profile 

    I like your style. You in Seattle or SF? 

    Seattle would be an easier trip to trade seeds with you.

  8. Trying to become more and more depraved.  I’ve been a human urinal and piss mop for a long time. I started barebacking and chased AIDS till I found it. I’m off meds now and want to pass on my gift to others and collect other strains to share. I need men to tear me down, shit on me in public, write AIDS WHORE on my ass when they fuck me with my head in a public toilet, use me as their ashtray, urinal, hand puppet, fuck hole and trash. I want to learn how to get homeless men to fuck me and piss on me - scrape their needles on my bloody hole and share me.

    This is the life I seek.

  9. Hey - I’m local and looking for a guy to plow my field and spread seed all over it.

  10. Recently stopped taking meds. I want to knock you up

    1. tprbttm4u


      Okay Awesome ?. Can you Host?


    2. PDXpissdrinker


      No - sorry- happy to meet somewhere pervy. Message me get my #. I’m buying boner pills so I can breed holes

  11. In Portland- recently off meds. Let me breed you when you’re here.
  12. Hey - I’m in Portland- going off meds. I’m hot for toxic swapping. I love piss - anything, assplay, sick role play - trying to have more and more depraved sex. Let’s meet up and trade germs.

  13. Thanks for the encouragement! Chat me up with your depraved piss experience and fantasy. I need more ideas of what degrading things I can do with piss.
  14. I haven’t figured out how to post pictures here yet. Message me and I’ll send you a couple pics of the condom and the one decent pic of me getting wet. Hard to do good selfies in a dark glory hole full of piss. I want to find another guy to play around with in public. We could bring some Mountain Dew bottles full of piss around - see what nastiness we can get away with in public. Kik wallace7202 wickr pdxpervert wallace51041@gmail.com NKP Pdxpervert
  15. I like playing with dildos - alone or with others, and deep throating them as they come out of an asshole. I spent hours last night shoving things up a guy’s ass - cleaning them all with my mouth.
  16. Anyone have a good on line source for boner pills without a prescription?
  17. Yeah - cum piss sprinkler. But I’d want all your dirty jizz up my ass.
  18. Part of my piggish nature is to always be taking it lower. Sometimes I go out looking for the grossest man I can find- the worst smell, manners etc - the jerk who was rude on line but is now inside me at a bookstore. It’s degrading to let those sick, smelly bad men be intimate with us. That’s the turn on. I want my pig sex to become more and more humiliating - tear down my self worth as a sexual being and surrender the pleasure control to someone I disrespect. Start jacking off about hot guys you hate. You’ll learn to love it.
  19. Yes - love sucking on any dick that’s been in any hole.
  20. Thanks - in an hour or so when my diaper is full I’m going to use the injector to fill my ass and go to the store. I’m wearing the filthy T-shirt from last night that I used to wipe the wet dirty gh floor. I was sucking it dry last night. What else do you think I should do with piss? Give me some more ideas. wickr pdxpervert kik wallace7202
  21. Next time I’m going to bring my injector so I can put some in my ass.
  22. Anyone want to meet me at the Oregon Theater? It’s always fun to start a scene there. Plenty of anonymous cocks to share.
  23. I’ve found one before at the Oregon theater. Years ago - it was a lot - and warm. I immediately drank as much as I could and poured some on me. Last night I was back there - sucking a lot of cock, asking everyone if they needed to piss. There had been a big event the night before and of course no one had cleaned. I found a condom filled with piss - probably from the night before. I went to a booth where I had already had my face and beard drenched in cum. I took off my hoodie and started chewing on the condom till it broke in my mouth and ran all over my face and body. I jacked off with cum from used condoms from the party - lubed up my hole with it. I wiped up the piss from the floor with my T-shirt and socks - put my hoodie on, and went to smoke. On the way out I dug through the trash can - found several more used condoms, and TWO condoms full of piss. After I came back in, I sucked some more cock and got barebacked, but he didn’t cum. Half hour before they closed I went back to the booth and got naked. I squeezed the cum out of the condoms and pushed it into my butthole. I held a condom up over me as I started to chew it. Half went down my throat- half went all over me. I jacked my dick till I almost came, then I started chewing on the other condom. Not much of that cold piss made it in my mouth because I wanted to be covered head to toe. I sucked on a used condom while I jacked off. I put on my hoodie - wiped up piss with my socks and went home.
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