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  1. Ive been turned on by rubber suits never had one on and this turned me on even more
  2. I have always wanted to go to a pride event but never had the chance to but this year i was going to make it. I looked at videos online at many hot encounters there and i knew i needed to experience it for myself. I tried to see if what i truly wanted would be there and i didn't see a whole lot of chatter on your basic site about it but then i was able to see a site that held all the answers i needed to hear. I clicked the link i saw and was brought to a chat room for poz and chaser guys talking about going to pride this year and where to meet up for any fun there. I learned that the host of t
  3. Chapter 2 It took about 2 days for me to get a response from the as and I was surfing the web for Poz stories to help me with the idea of being Poz for the rest of my life. I looked up many first hand accounts of many guys who converted and how they feel it has changed their lives for the better. Looking through I saw how allot of guys described how they felt when the fuck flu hit and how They kept having more sex that it just made them hotter for it. While reading my email pinged to tell I had a new message and it was from the house boy ad. I got immediately hard when
  4. When was the last time you had sex in a public place whether it be a bathhouse, a campground, public park, or any place that has had more than just you and one other person
  5. Thank you everyone for all your comments if you would like to help out a little bit with the story send me a personal message and we will talk
  6. I was 19 and in the army I was going to the airport to catch a flight home for the holidays and got there 12 hours early since the post was 200 miles from the airport. I dropped my things off at the uso there and went exploring the town and found the bathhouse and took the bus that had a stop close by and walked the rest of the way there. I was a bit nervous and the guy at the check-in saw my dog tags and smiled at me and didn't charge me for the room or the entry fee. He actually gave me the best room they had there and as I walked around to get it I could see all eyes on me and allot of guys
  7. Part 1 I was looking to see if anyone was needing a house boy online and I found one article that caught my attention. Looking for a young sexy house boy who does everything asked. Would require to move into the spare room and be a full 24 hour houseboy. Room and board are included and I need one that will be a great cook as well as a good cleaner and would be of service during all the parties I host. The biggest requirement of all is that the house boy needs to be Poz or if they are neg willing to convert to Poz. This is a house of hiv Poz men we have four men living here with
  8. The most I've carried is piss from 7 different guys before I felt any discomfort and pushed it out on a guy whole he was fucking me
  9. I always love being filled with cum and then I wait until the top is soft enough to fill me with their piss, I go to the baths and always bring a butt plug so I can keep it in me as long as I can and add more to it.
  10. I sat there helpless as more and more men circled me feeding me their cocks while others fucked me without mercy. I had about 10 more Poz loads in my throat and ass before my father came back over to the couch and picked me up and carried me over to another couch to take a break. We talked a bit and he gave me some water to drink and a butt plug to hold in all of those loads in as much as i could. He told me that for a while he was monitoring what I was looking up online and watching to see what I was doing in my room at home when I thought no one was around and knew that he was going to be th
  11. Day 1 ( continued) I made it through security with no problems I even got a nice little pat down from a very hot security guard who winked at me when he felt that I had my butt plug inside. I got to the gate and handed the gate personnel my boarding pass and they started loading passengers into the plane. I sprung for first class tickets so I sat snuggly in my first class chair and had a very hot flight attendant come by and offer me a complimentary drink which I took. We made eye contact for a moment and he winked at me just like the security guard did. I sat in comfortably and my mind ran
  12. Day 1 So I got into the cab that was waiting to take me to JFK and was super excited when I saw that the cab driver was super hot and not one of those really old retired guys. I was in the back seat trying not to fantasize about him pulling over in a rest stop or a secluded area and fucking my brains out but that was a little harder to do (pun intended). I was rock hard and I needed to try and make it go down and thought if I could during the drive rub one out in my pants I would just change when I could so I wouldn't have to walk around in cum filled pants. I caught a few glances of the
  13. Part 1 Summer break was about to start in one day and then I was off to college so I made sure to have an awesome plan for my summer vacation. My parents were both doctors and we were always busy with work so they knew we weren't probably going to be able to do anything for the summer so they were perfectly fine with me making whatever plans I wanted to. A little about me. My name is Zack and I am 6'2 I played basketball and football so I was your average jock with the body to match. I have jet black hair that I let grow out so it reached the middle of my back. My blue eyes were
  14. I walked around the campground more and got fucked a few more times before I walked over by the pool area and saw a group of guys getting ready for a game of naked volleyball. I intended on just watching but one of the guys said they needed another bottom player to make even teams and asked me if I was a bottom and wanted to play.i agreed and he said great and said it's tops vs bottoms and we were all planning on an orgy after the game was over. I got excited by that and we got ready to play. The guy who asked me to play went and turned on a foam machine and a black light and it was then befor
  15. It was close to the 4th of July and I really had no plans for the weekend so I decided to call up the local gay camp ground and made reservations for the weekend and booked a camping spot. Once the reservations were made I went around packing up my camping gear as well as plenty of lube poppers and my gear and some toys to take with me in hopes of having some fun. Once everything was packed up I got into my Jeep and started the drive to hopefully a fun weekend. A little about me. My new is Jonas I'm 19 and a freshman in college. I was on the highschool weight lifting team and it gave my 6 f
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