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  1. It should be possible to select more than once answer for this poll.
  2. I know a fair amount about Astrology, and there is a helluva lot more to it than just sun signs. It is an old, deep, vast subject no single person can master in one lifetime. One quick tip, though - the rising signs are more important for compatibility than the sun signs.
  3. You're a lucky fucker. Tell us more....
  4. He's not, though. He advocated for same-sex marriage in Ireland when it was up for referendum. [think before following links] https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/10/31/conor-mcgregor-apologizes-for-homophobic-slur/ He has used slurs of different kinds but he's brain damaged from fighting so he has a lot of erratic behaviors now. I think he used that homophobic slur privately just to console a friend after a loss and only meant it in the general sense of "weak" the way many kids do and not as a direct reference to the guy's sexuality. He came from a rough blue-c
  5. The meds in PReP have quite a long half-life. Depending on your body mass (and I think all medications should be dosed mg/kg), there could still be enough in your system after even a day or two to be effective. I'm not a health professional, though, so this is entirely anecdotal.
  6. He was. He committed suicide last year.
  7. Sorry, man, that's sad. Maybe his perspective will change someday.
  8. I'm game. I've been thinking about a trip to Chicago for a while.
  9. I think we need to hear more about your relationship with your step dad.
  10. No, but several guys have told me they can feel it when I cum.
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