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    Into medical play/physicals - getting examined with feet in stir ups, anal speculum etc.
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    Retired military, 6’2” 205, Blond, Blue, furry blond ass.
    Masc, discreet.
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  1. Damn I was thinking got a toxxx load! 😉
  2. I’ve been off of Prep since late May, think I’d never get laid due to Covid. I went to Fort Lauderdale in late June and took multiple loads, plus getting loads here in DC and Philadelphia since September. Got tested last week and no bugs or Covid. Luck maybe?
  3. It’s history. DC sucks now (not in a good way).
  4. If it’s like the Fort Lauderdale & Baltimore Eagle - forget it. It’s full of women and looks like a fucking Applebee’s.
  5. Staying at Inn Leather. Who wants to suck the cum out of my hole?
  6. Damn I just got pounded by this closeted dude I met on Adam4Adam. I usually don’t answer faceless profiles, but he sent me a dick pic. It looked fucking huge. Well I invited him over, and he walks in, and was very nervous. He’s nicely dressed—and wearing a wedding ring. I got on my knees to pull his dick out and holy shit!!! After trying to throat that thick pud, he spun me around and bent me over. Without lube, he spit on his cock and rammed it in my hole. The pain was fucking unbearable!! It only took him about 20 pumps before he let out a groan and shot up my hole. He left withou
  7. I like to wear a baseball/football jersey, jock strap & socks. Face down, ass up.
  8. When the top makes me lick off his cock after he cums in my hole.
  9. I have some in my album. I have vid’s I’ve posted on Silverdaddies.com Ill post to XTube this weekend.
  10. Not worried at all. I get off on being filmed. Especially squirting cum out of my hole.
  11. One FB of mine always fucks me doggy style. When he cums, he grabs my hair and snatches my head back- and then puts me in a choke hold with his elbow so I can’t move- until he’s done squirting. Although I don’t feel it, there’s always a flood of cum dripping out of my hole when he pulls out.
  12. In a relationship, my age or older. Someone to shoot a load up my hole, anyone over 18.
  13. I was contacted by Public Health in California and Maryland. They wanted names, but I told them I hooked up on the internet. Then they wanted to know the name of the website — I told them ‘Christian Mingle’. I did however contact the individuals myself.
  14. I got my hole filled up there today. Wide open space, which is cool if you like being watched.
  15. I always lick off the guys cock after he cums in my ass. I especially like squeezing his shaft to get the last drop of cum on my tongue.
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