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  1. Don’t do it. Don’t get married to her. Just break it off and concentrate on men. You’ll be happier in the long run. There will be no need for a double life with hidden gay side . Too many of us straight men have done it before and end up miserable, either getting a divorce late in life or ruining her life. Just break it off, come out now, it’s easier now than thirty years ago.
  2. I’d like to see what happens when Joey has to tell his husband that he cheated and is now poz.
  3. I love.when a guy takes.the condom.off and looks in my as she's as he puts his raw cock back in me and breeds my ass. It's ironic now many safe only guys do that. To me. But I like it even better when I slip a guy's co k out of my ass and I look him in the eye and slip his condom off and then dare him to Fuck me bareback. The conflict.on his face is usually resolved.when he feels me.slip my ass over the top of his naked cock. Rarely does a guy ever not plunge in naked and Fuck me until he runs deep in my ass.
  4. Tell us about when you had sex with his best friend.
  5. Tell us about when you came back the next day.
  6. Went to a buddy’s condo for the weekend in Fort Lauderdale. His condo is on the eighth floor with a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Went out on the balcony at night bent over the railing and he fucked my ass until he bred me, then fucked me on the lounge chair, then back to the railing.
  7. So what did you do? How did you tell them and what was the outcome?
  8. Interesting premise, but I prefer to catch them when having sex bareback
  9. I’m one of those guys who goes against my better judgment and loses control, but it’s so hot every time. And yes I miss the stories from orlandoneg too....maybe he’s not neg anymore
  10. Hope to read more about the pledge turning into a gay frat slut
  11. Nice setup, but too much work, be a true slut. Just go up to Ryan with your loaded ass and tell him you are ready for him.
  12. I love when a guy slowly sneaks into my ass and then pretends not to cum in my ass, but leaves a secret load in me.
  13. So hot. I wonder when he’s going to find out that he’s been pozzed.
  14. Got fucked yesterday, nice big load from a guy with a big black cock. When I was in bed last night next to my wife under the covers I could feel it straining to come out. Tried to hold it in,but when I farted it leaked out between my cheeks. Has to get up and wipe it up. The next morning she asked why the sheets smelled like cum. I told her I must have had a wet dream...yeah, dream of him cumming in me.
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