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  1. Explains why I've been seeing more loaded vehicles traveling in and through NV. Heard wall-greens were shutting down a lot of satellite location in the city because of the high rate of shoplifting. Not sure it can be called shop lifting? Just lifting and running from whats been on the news I see on youtube. So sad, Been to a few gay prides in SF back when the streets were clean and homeless were helping to keep it clean as well. After going in to YT and watching those video's wow! But I think LA has more homeless and I saw the boarder was wide open to Mexico now too. OMG. I don't just watch 1 or 2 videos I watch hundreds as I don't have cable TV. I thought our party was going to clean this stuff up and stop crime? I'm a proud Dem.
  2. Good to hear, Northern Nevada is getting a ton of people from all over CA. Hot as hell in the summer and some places get snow. I've not been out dating or getting sex with all that's been going on. I'm an outdoors-man, don't mind being alone all the time. Been living on investment properties income. It was hard during the shutdowns. Not been to SF in years, would love to shop at the leather shops again. Not into leather unless its bondage. SF needs to get their groove back. I know Sac is littered with homeless. Sucks, sucks they aren't helped more with the money that was given to the state for that issue. Saw on the news, or maybe it didn't happen because of what ever.
  3. Extremely Exciting and Hot profile picture you have !  Reminds me of Hot times growing up - I was a very submissive male boy , being raised by a divorced mother , having older males teaching me - using me - always looking forward to it !

  4. I heard your state Governor talk about how the crime has dropped 90% and there isn't really a homeless issue with only about 5,000 homeless in the whole city. How much is wash and how much is real? He did a great thing shutting down the entire state for COVID. Even though thousands out of work and lost their family built companies. Can't see that being true. Sure they had enough money to keep till the reopening of California, like so many other states did. Or is what I hear wash?
  5. Love cum in both ends! Love to suck guys off and kiss them with it still in my mouth. Guys suck it out of my ass and feed to me in a kiss, suck from other dudes asses and kiss me. Cum should always be shared in both ends
  6. Sex should always be fun for all involved. Being a BB bttm I've had hookups with random guys that just want to share the fun of sex. I don't ask stats, not a thing really, have found POZ guys do fuck the best and always big loads. Some on med's others not. Had a few POZ fuck buddies & BF's over the years, amazing sex, the bug has yet to find me appealing.
  7. I love getting fucked, most men don't want to date. That's fine! Fuck and fill my ass with your cum is all you want? Fine with me! If you want me more than once even better! I want all the fuck buddies I can find! Have a revolving door for fuck buddies to use and fill me up! Easier than dating. Use each other all we can! I still end up with an ass full of cum! Get them all together and take turns in me. I good with that!
  8. I hate getting off before a top! I rather get the cum fucked out of me than to jack off. I don't like my cock touched while I'm sucking cocks. I do love my ass played with while sucking as well as my whole back side to be touched.
  9. I've dated a few guys who are poz, I mean it doesn't take rocket since to figure that they got it some how, who am I to ask that question. They told me after a few weeks, I cared about them even more. We used those nasty things that covers one cock. Sucks I wasn't chasing back then. They would only cum in my mouth. Some I wanted to convert me, to be closer with them. That scared them off, after getting their Raw cocks in my butt. Had a lot of poz friends on meds, they loved cumming in my butt. The sex was always amazing with all of them. They are people too, everyone needs someone at some point! I'm not one to discriminate.
  10. Extremely HOT and Beautiful profile picture - reminds me a few times with older males - having fun with me - coaching me !  Your back ground profile picture is Simply Beautiful - Delicious - wishing my pussy cunt hole be like yours !  more - more - Please !

  11. Keep the love seed deep inside! See if he can cum again, fresh lube for much more of his love seed
  12. Growing up country boy my buddy only fucked me BB, too far to ride our bikes to the store. Then went Safe for years' I stopped using them as they hurt and my body reacts badly to latex. I say always BB, for me that is. I'm Neg not on prep. Pills for everything
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