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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    London UK
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    raw tops that are into Transexuals with feminine looks and boyish body

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    Not Sure, Probably Poz
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    Versatile Bottom
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    HS! Both my softer Preview Gallery and my Hardcore Sex Gallery are now set to ONLY those I want to see it, although there is a preview of a few photos of the softer gallery as my background image. I have hardcore photos from my hookups and a lot of spermy photos, if you wish to see me please send me a DM and chat to me. I also will chat on webcam to those local considering a hookup with me to fuck me. NO MORE TIMEWASTERS PLEASE if you say you will meet me for fucking please show up or at least text me to cancel so i dont waste my time waiting!

    Thai Ladyboy now living in the UK (Harrow near London) seeking hot raw sex hookups, can webcam or show proof pics.
    5'2" tall, 6" uncut cock, bottom Satanist (LaVeyan), always seeking to get fucked and cumdumped, anal stretching exercises, slutty use
    raw bareback cumdump parties and breeding parties, dogging raw with strangers

    I now do streaming webcam on Skype, no longer on xhmasterlivetrans account blocked for talking of HIV in livechat but I wish private porn or Tops film me getting passed around raw gangbang or dogging or slingsex

    I taken full oath of I WILL LET ANYONE FUCK ME RAW and if you wish switch i can fuck as vers but i prefer to be bottom

    Please ask me anything
    Please ask me to make nude body selfie for you with what ever you wish written on my face, chest, cock, or anywhere on my body for proof i am real

    i just want to get hatefucked by locals and gangbanged raw by strangers and filled with so much cum

    infect me with more and more
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    some private videos sucking & fucking and i was Trans webcam model on xHamsterLiveTrans as PloyPhuckToy but banned because one of shows talking of breeding HIV and that against policy for website
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    raw tops that are into Transexuals with feminine looks and boyish body

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  1. yes so hot, harder to do in real life but a dream to reach that level of switching off a slave camp? How do they pick people? not known of this, is it just in Germany?
  2. run out of comments for today, but thank you, will reply fully tomorrow, nice to meet you both!

    1. Willing


      Mmm yes👱‍♀️💋👿🍆

  3. i am bottom but would try Top to fill you and loved the writing so hot!
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