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    Bareback, rimming, breeding, conversion stories, both real and fiction.
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    Versatile Top
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    Verbal top dad here Horny always. Like one on one or group play. Poppers and 420 friendly. Not myself into chem, and how you yourself get your high, whether 420, clouding, slamming or bumping, isn’t my judgement
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    None that I know of. But I think some and know some zhave video cammed us. So maybe I do.
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    Hot man hole pussy to take control of, to worship, to rim and to breed and occasional stiff cocks to be bred hard by! Fellow pigs to session and play.

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  1. I love a big cock with a PA in my ass

  2. Awesome chem cloud fuck story! Need more! Thanks.
  3. Fucking hot. Keep going. Like when the other top makes it over and Paul can watch.
  4. A buddy of mine has a brand new sling “in a box” and wants to give it to me. Damn can’t wait I got both basement indoor spot for it and an outdoor spot under my deck outside the basement stairwell for hot steamy summer use Top here and want the awesome control it can give me over my bottoms
  5. So hot! As a verbal top who likes to take control with my young hot bottoms I’m loving this. Keep up the great story.
  6. Great story so far. Crave more of the transformation of Justin
  7. Wrecked bloody hole and half naked at a bus terminal. That’s what homeschooling leads to
  8. Promo for upcoming Fiction Story:  “Two Broke Twinks.”  Meet Travis and Seth. Travis is always looking for the perfect sugar daddy, all night at the club, milking that same drink and avoiding the bouncer he owes cover charges to. And then there’s Seth, more broke than Travis. Seth is straight, so he says and still thinks, but the wife having tossed his ass out and with another baby on the way, he’s a bit less choosy than Travis for a dad with some cash. “Two Broke Twinks,” Season 1, Episode 1, premieres somewhere in the Fiction Section, this fall on Breeding Zone!

    1. PartyandBreed


      Sounds damn hot STLtopDadd!!  Looking forward to it already!!  OINK!

  9. sir! your cock looks so thick, would love to feel you stretching me out.

  10. Just got back from breeding a hot POZ in his basement while his bf was asleep upstairs. He posted in BBRT so his cunt felt nice and juicy and sloppy. I made him beg me for my load and he did. I told him I wanna cum back real soon while his bf is gone so I can fuck that hot cheater again in his bf’s bed.
  11. I hope you still have the PA, and I hope you'll keep it in when you breed my hole.

  12. Verbal Top here. I throw the word bitch around to all my mates whether top or bottom. We’re all bitches like we’re all pigs.

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