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    Bareback, rimming, breeding, conversion stories, both real and fiction.
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    Verbal top dad here Horny always. Like one on one or group play. Poppers and 420 friendly. Not myself into chem, and how you yourself get your high, whether 420, clouding, slamming or bumping, isn’t my judgement
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    None that I know of. But I think some and know some zhave video cammed us. So maybe I do.
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    Hot man hole pussy to take control of, to worship, to rim and to breed and occasional stiff cocks to be bred hard by! Fellow pigs to session and play.

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  1. Great hot story! I crave more, man.
  2. Thanks for the follow!😀

  3. Thank you for following back, Sir. Its so nice to meet you. Your cock is magnificent. 

  4. Hey great start buddy. That cell phone unexplainably appearing in his desk drawer good plot. Looking for more.
  5. Hot story. I love hot cheaters and helping them out. I love feet and hot boy hole, too. My bottoms usually love it when I’ve got them on their back and I’m sucking on theirs hot feet and toes while I’m pounding and seeding them. Hot that you’re this BBC’s white pussy on the side.
  6. My local bath house is closed. BBRT party and connect sections closed. I’ve slowed a bit too. A bottom buddy of mine stopped over yesterday, smoked some weed watched some porn and his hot hole serviced me. We’re gonna stay just with each other until this thing blows over.
  7. Hot start. Looking for more.
  8. Thanks for following me! Great looking cock in that profile photo -I'd love to have you in me!

  9. I treat my virgin bottoms gently. Missionary position is the most intimate for us. Plenty of time for tough rough daddy talk once he’s becomes the cum slut I crave him to Become.
  10. Fucking hot story. Hope there’s more.
  11. Fucking hot. This top daddy got off real good reading this first part !
  12. I love my PA and the different jewelry. I don’t use my spiked one, unless the request ever emerges for me to use it. I don’t bring the subject up. To date: my bottoms have not requested it. I have never yet used it.
  13. Hot. As a top dad, I love cheating bottoms. They’ve already made the decision to cheat and if not with be its with others. I get so horned up seeding them, trying to outdo whatever their partner isn’t giving them and trying to keep them Cumming back!
  14. I’ve been meaning to try this in hot steamy summer nights when we fuck from the sling below the back deck, at the basement rear doorway stairs. A good cook refreshing fuck for us both. A bit cold in wintertime.
  15. Love sloppy hole. I always ask, and the more he’s already taken the harder I get. But I’m also horned to be the first or among the first.
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