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  1. how's the cock and the eagle? where can we have sex? do we need to stay dressed? is it in the dark or other people can see?
  2. i have no idea. thousands and thousands. i'm an escort and love sucking dicks, unfortunately i haventr swallowed as much as i sucked cocks.
  3. wannabegifted Virgin Members 1 8 posts new york Report post Posted June 26 what about the chat? Can we use terms like "convert" or "PNP"? Quote wannabegifted Virgin Members 1
  4. No answer?! One of the mod of this forum is really full of shit! I'm force to understand that they receive threats.
  5. I'm a sub bottom and finally ready to convert. Yes getting hiv is the ultimate goal of a true sub bottom. I'll keep you posted and show more pics of me when it'll be done.
  6. Formerly on prep and looking to get knocked up. I'm a bottom in NYC. Looking for anyone to help me. hit me up.
  7. Hey man I'm in NYC and wanna convert


  8. because i'm now obsessed with it and i need peace
  9. hey i'm a gay guy 43 yo in nyc seriously thinking of converting. i'm looking for dom top who can own me and make me beg to get hiv. hit me up i'm serious about it.
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