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    Taking quick raw loads. Blindfolds are my #1 turn-on. I'm proud to have taken countless loads from total strangers while blindfolded, and happy to spread the love to blindfolded bottoms who don't give a fuck who fucks them as long as it ends in a hot cum load shot up inside them. The more verbal, the better.
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    Been taking and giving anon raw loads for years. More strangers' loads and holes than I can count. Much respect for my breedingzone brothers.

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  1. Bay Bridge Inn (Harrison and 6th) Sat 11/14, 11am-5pm. Quick pump n dump loads.
  2. I wish I could handle long sessions, but I don't have a lot of stamina for it. Or maybe I'm just quantity over quality and prefer quick pump n dumps since I can only host for a couple hours at a time. I don't mind at all when a top pumps for 2 minutes and then floods my hole, leaving it wet and dripping for the next top to slide into.
  3. Yes, sometimes when I'm not feeling it at all, I can log in here and within minutes (seconds sometimes lol), I'm all hot n' horny.
  4. kik manfun456
  5. It's been 6 months (or longer) since I took a load, but today it finally happened. Hooked up with a top from a4a. Masked, blindfolded, pump n dump only. It was ass-slappin', verbal, anon hot time.
  6. Fuck yeah, anon blindfolded ass up is the best.
  7. D - hot new pics my old friend 



  8. Sometimes I like to watch the guy fucking me in the mirror, but my favorite kink is the blindfolded, anon fuck. I've taken many with no idea who, and fucked some too. Now, just putting on my blindfold turns me on!
  9. I love being filmed taking an anon raw load. Still waiting to come across myself on xtube or something lol.
  10. Sweet! Good to know there's hope for whwn restrictions ease up for everyone locally.
  11. Tryin' to be good during lockdown, but it's SO HARD when you're bad.

  12. It's been a few months. Always bareback, so he can shoot his load up inside me - whoever he is! Last guy I invited over to unload in me, he's bred me a few times and I've never seen his face. But I know I love his cock.
  13. Oh yeah, anon face down ass up in a jock is my favorite way to take loads and my favorite way to find a cumdump.
  14. I had an anon top tell me he knows me, just before he bred me blindfolded. He called me by name and said we have mutual friends and that we've met. I still don't know who it was. So, not quite the same, but kinda hot, as is your story.
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