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    Nudism, exhibitionism, piercings, promiscuous bareback sex, saunas / bath houses, licking, sucking, rimming, fucking, sex photos, sex on cam
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    Unashamed cock slut and cum whore with an eager mouth and hot piggy fuck hole into taking all cock and cum, dump and go, sleazy anon fucks in the dark, multiple loads, orgies, and sauna dark room fucks not knowing who’s fucking and loading me. No shame, no guilt, and no regrets, just really get off on being a piggy bareback cum dump slut and dirty whore with no morals.
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    Horny guys into sleazy raw fucking and breeding sluts ☣☣☣ Hairy guys, piercings, Prince Alberts, and tattoos including biohazard tattoos are hot as fuck. Always up for being fucked and loaded by horny visitors and travellers and am often pre-fucked and loaded. The more guys you've been fucking the more it will turn me on and am quite open to knowingly or unknowingly being given STi's.

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  1. Over 20 years but fuck, it was worth the wait. A horny young and slim black Zambian and it would rate up there with the best sex ever, beautiful body and cock, and an extended raw fuck and loading. Nice when any "first" experience is memorable and one that you actually do remember....
  2. Last weekend I agreed to hook up with a visiting bi guy for an after dark lights out sleazy encounter. All I knew was that he was middle aged, overweight, was more of a top and liked giving body massages but nothing else doing and I was just feeling slutty. Oiled myself up and met him naked at the door. Could see enough of him from street lighting that he was really fat, longish tousled hair, and was definitely nothing to look at. But I let him in although he didn't say a word. Once in the bedroom needed some deep whiffs of amyl to really get me in the mood. I would however have to say that he was totally clean, a great kisser, remained hard the whole time, and gave me one of the most amazing body rubs i've experienced in a very long time. Maybe not the best fucker but was otherwise the best naked experience for quite some time. So I suppose it comes down to what we will or won't accept sexually and our willingness to experience some variety, both in men and sex. But having said that, if he hadn't been so good at body massage I might have felt differently and i'm actually still in two minds if I really want to hook up with guys that I would otherwise find repulsive and taking their load. But I suppose that really is part of being a total slut.
  3. As a (much!) younger guy and on holiday away from town (and well before the days of Internet) I nervously went to a gay nightclub for the first time hoping against hope that someone would pick me up as I so wanted a guy to fuck me. So it was tight black jeans and all that... In the end it turned out to be the barman that propositioned me. During his rest periods he was all over me, kissing and cuddling me oblivious to anyone else. Early on he asked me to come back to his flat with him but it was very late before we left. I definitely got fucked but he wasn't exactly gentle getting his cock in me. While it hurt quite a bit at first the thought of actually being fucked by a guy overrode everything and the next day I was on cloud nine. I heard later that he picked up all the new guys but I hardly imagined he was innocent and I actually hooked up with him again the next time I visited as he recognized me. But from the US and on assignment he eventually returned home to live. Sadly I was reliably told a few years later that he had died of AIDS thus adding to the sad list of a number of friends and acquaintances i've known over the years. I still have two photos of him including one he sent me from Hawaii with his annual Xmas card. He was in fact a lovely and very generous guy. So, while nothing more than casual sex, my first fuck as a bottom was far from some nameless and forgettable anon encounter and i'll never forget the experience, nor him.
  4. I'm a cum slut and really get off on earning a guys' load but if a guy really works on me I occasionally flip. But if i'm in bottom mode, as I normally am, getting loaded is all i'm concerned about and after one load all I want is more loads in me, nothing else. Although after a very slutty sauna / bath house session and being loaded multiple times I have been known to load a fellow slut just before I leave, especially if there's guys watching.
  5. I often get asked by guys I hook up with if i've been meeting many guys, most of the guys asking being newbies and / or bisexual as I can host. I often delight in telling then how often i'm being fucked or maybe how many guys have fucked me in the previous few days. I love seeing the expression on their faces and if I really want to shock them i'll tell them about my sexual adventures at sauna / bath house orgies and sleaze parties. A horny guy i've met a few times was keen to fuck me and give me his load immediately after I got back from a holiday. While fucking me I told him about attending an orgy night a couple of days before and hanging out in the sauna dark room and how many guys had fucked and loaded me over three days. He just fucked me harder till he blew in me then asked if I had any STi's, I said quite possibly... But having said all that, for some really nice young(ish) guys I perceive the less said the better even though they mostly always fuck bare and have hooked up with me after replying to a sex advert and take my word on it that "i'm clean"....
  6. Other than sauna / bath house sex I mainly host guys for sex now. I get a few repeats but increasingly I have no memory of ever having already hooked up with them or what we did together, even just a week later when they message me again. It all just seems to become a blur. Either i've been hooking up with way too many guys (which I suppose isn't such a bad thing) or high on poppers - or both. Maybe it's just because of the usual generic sex, which I do enjoy, and often dark with no lights on but it tends to only be a few guys that I really remember well, usually because they were South Asian or black with an accent and / or something distinctive about them like tattoos or piercings or we did something different like oiled up play or sex on cam. I keep a record of the number of fucks I get but I can hardly ever recall any of those guys, even the ones I hooked up with just days ago....
  7. Love a guy pissing up my ass but not after i've collected a few loads, that just seems a waste of cum.
  8. I don't like felching or being felched. And it's always old guys and / or the same guy felching me in saunas. I don't mind the attention so much but cum is a great lube so like to remain sticky down there for the next cock. After being felched I generally have to lube up again. One older guy, nice as he was, kept coming back asking if I had taken another load then he would get his tongue and mouth right up my ass. I let him simply because he was so fucking good at felching and because he told me I was such a fucking whore so, if he wasn't watching me being fucked, it was a huge turn on telling him each time I had taken a fresh cum load. So felching is maybe not always such a bad thing.
  9. I find about one in ten guys I hook up with still ask for a condom. I'll either say I don't have any or just say that guys don't use condoms now. About half of those guys can be persuaded to fuck raw. But for the ones that do insist on a condom i've either put holes through the packet with a needle, or if it's an after dark hookup, have opened the packet and cut the end of the tip off. One way or another i'll do my best to get their load up my ass. "Stealthing" with me as the bottom and occasionally as the top is such a turn on.
  10. Once you've started taking anon cock you'll find there's no desire to stop. The variety, the way they fuck, how they physically and verbally react when they blow their load, and yes, not knowing who they are or even what they look like and if they're married and playing around or neg or toxic poz breeders. And in a way, and it might seem strange, knowing that i'm unlikely to ever see them in any other situation I can really let myself go and be as downright dirty and verbal as I like in a way that I might feel a bit more restrained with a regular fuck buddy, even if they know I fuck around.
  11. BBSlutNZ The site can be quiet in my part of the world and I mostly hook up with guys visiting but at least you definitely know the sex will be raw. The same seems to apply when I am travelling if i've got a travel add, guys hit me up for sex but then travelling to them can be an issue
  12. I've only exceeded 20 loads once - and only just - hanging out all afternoon and into the night (which was a monthly orgy party) in a bath house including in the dark room and sling room. I occasionally got a few loads in quick succession in a group situation while being watched but most were in the darkroom lying on my front, bum up, or actively sucking cocks then getting their hard cocks up my bare arse.
  13. I wank a lot but never like to cum so I stay horny. The vast majority of guys who fuck and load me just want to deposit their load and go, they're not interested in me ejaculating nor do I want to, especially if I can possibly get another fuck before the night is over.
  14. I don't have a partner now but one of my ex's (and only a top) loved watching me getting fucked - and in fact would actively cruise to find guys to fuck me - so he could watch and wank. Then afterwards my partner would happily mount me and tell me it really turned him on knowing another guys' cock had just been up my arse. Sadly he always insisted on safe sex though (although I always tried to work the condom off their cock, sometimes successfully...). But out of four longer term partners he was the only one that was into watching me being fucked by another guy and really getting off on it. And I actually think it made him fuck me a lot harder than the normal everyday sex we had, especially after some of the hard fuckings I got from guys he had picked up.
  15. Deleted the Adam4Adam app. Continually hit up with messages from good looking fake guys who didn't want to message on A4A but wanted my email address because it was "easier" and to "get to know me better". And being a free member every time I logged onto the A4A app their system then sent me a spam message. Grindr is better so you can at least see who's profiles are new and / or too good to believe and block them.... Plus their GPS positioning system seems to quickly re-position fake profiles set up as being local. Maybe A4A works for some guys in the US but anywhere else forget it, there are much better and successful options.

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