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  1. You'll love both and will look great on you. Just my personal experience here. I found the PA piercing more painful as the needle went in then there was another sharp jab of pain again when (I think) it was pulled out. With my nipples it didn't seem so bad, one very quick jab and that's all I really recall. Take two Panadol or a product containing codeine before any piercing but most definitely do not anything that has Aspirin in it as you may bleed (a lot). Make sure the nipple piercings are not too shallow otherwise the rings will slowly 'migrate' out when wearing larger size rings only leav
  2. sexy fucking pig! 

  3. I was being fucked by a hook up who dropped round one Saturday afternoon and my then student boarder arrived back unexpectedly. My bedroom was right off the entrance hall and the bedroom door was wide open. He was gay himself so that wasn't so bad (although he'd never seen me naked) but he had a couple of his friends with him who wanted to see where he was living so they had a good laugh but my hookup was naturally less than impressed. My boarder grabbed the beer he was after and took off again. It's not like either of us didn't occasionally have guys to stay overnight but in the circumstances
  4. Hooked up with a horny German Poz visitor earlier this year who was happy to be filmed as we fucked each other but he wanted the lights right up. Oh well, at least everything is clearly visible. I posted it to ThisVid and kind of get off on others guys watching us breed each other. Not the first time i've been filmed in action though.
  5. Love lounging round or being at the beach wearing low rise Speedos. It's uncommon to wear them at a swimming pool now but at the beach you often see them, mainly on older guys who were of the "Speedo" generation. Otherwise it's figure hugging lycra sports and cycle shorts. I used to wear just Speedos or lycra shorts for hookups but now I just prefer being naked lol.
  6. As a bottom I don't rim much as it get's guys really horny and then they just want fucked. But I really enjoy a good mutual rimming session and especially love being rimmed.
  7. I use a fat dildo before taking an occasional top with the biggest cock I believe i've taken which is slightly bigger than the dildo. I see him as a challenge but any bigger wouldn't be worth the inevitable and painful skin tears. He's a big guy and gets me to ride him which helps as I can take him at my own pace and slowly work up to getting his whole cock in me which is a good nine inches but we're talking fat here. Nice big balls too so you know it's going to be a decent load. Don't think I could take that size being hammered really hard though, least not straight away or unless i'd been we
  8. A friend of my brothers, along with my brother and I, were wandering round our farm sheds just doing what country boys do. Then my brother's friend - and I still recall his name - got an erection and said that if you rubbed it your dick would get longer and it would feel good. So there were my approx 11 year old brother and his friend jacking off behind the implement shed so I tried too but being only about 8 or 9 years of age nothing really happened. Looking back now it all seemed just so innocent and natural, even at that age, but you certainly couldn't be open about that sort of thing with
  9. Heavily overweight and / or very out of shape guys just don't do it for me and I try and screen them out. I take care of my body as best I can and very overweight guys just disgust me, no self esteem. The last guy had such a big paunch that he could hardly get his disappointingly small cock in me. And besides, when a heavy guy fucks me it can be hard on my back as i'm small framed and they tend to really push me around or pin me down (literally). But if i'm face down in a dark room i'll generally take any cock and wouldn't care how butt ugly they are as long as they've got a hard cock and cum
  10. Late 1980's in a sleazy out of my home town gay sauna. I normally topped but using poppers (the old strong version) I felt really horny and badly wanted fucked. Went into a cubicle and fingered my hole with plenty of lube so it wouldn't hurt as much. Then to the dark cruising area and hung around naked feeling very piggy before a hairy guy with a hard cock felt me up then was all over me. Led me in the dark to an area with a pad on the floor and after we both huffed some poppers there was no mucking around and I felt him pushing his cock up my fuck hole. I knew he didn't have a condom on and I
  11. I haven't had a negative comment for as long as I can remember. Even a Doctor friend of mine has seen a couple of my profiles and said nothing specific although honestly I don't go into specifics with him. I do get the occasional guy fuck me raw no questions asked who have definitely had "safe sex" or "condoms" on their profiles so those guys are most definitely out there. I believe stating that i'm a "bareback bottom" or "condoms completely optional" on my profiles gets me more raw cock without having to persuade guys and they know they can just do it. And really, I would rather they know I b
  12. Back to being a dirty whore and soon got bugged up again. Arranged to get tested and treated only to find my usual Sexual Health Doctor, a very non-judgemental man, had left and i'm back with a woman Doctor who, if she doesn't exactly say it, definitely gives the impression that she doesn't approve of barebacking with strangers and asks some very searching questions. This included asking how many men I had had unprotected sex with since the last test and did I know the person who had infected me and I said, well no, there's been a few guys and I haven't known them. Besides, it was dark so coul
  13. A few years back a middle aged bi bottom guy came to my place for a hook up and had mentioned that he had seen the reference in my add to piss play and was curious about that. After he got naked I asked if I could piss on him so got him to lie down in the bath and pissed all over him which he liked. Then pulled him up and took him straight back to the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed while he was still wet. He seemed very surprised that I didn't want him to shower and said as much first but having him covered in piss and the musky smell and taste really turned me on.
  14. Can't wait to get back up. Compared with Menfriends in Christchurch I do find it harder to get fucks at the Centurion orgy nights, really don't know why. Half the time i've just dived into one of the large groups that forms and bend over the rubber pad, usually at least someone feeling horny but just seems easier to get guys to engage at Menfriends
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