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  1. What makes me a whore? Because I have been one but only with men. The photo is from my agency profile in the late 1990's, smooth shaved body, trimmed pubes, and a light all over tan. Had to kiss a few frogs but if you enjoy fucking and sex and get paid for it and get to fuck a few holes yourself then why not when it helped to pay the bills. I would still do it if I still had that body and looks lol
  2. As Swampboi very sensibly stated, exactly what I would have said, prepare yourself properly then you are doing both yourself and the top a favour. I remember who I lost my virginity to because I let him pick me up in a club knowing full well what would happen. He was American, handsome, athletic, a passionate cuddler and kisser, intelligent, well spoken, and basically seductive and sexy looking. Sure I knew he was promiscuous, but I don't feel that I lowered my standards for my first time, I wanted the experience not a boyfriend. But he actually kept in contact with me afterwards, even after
  3. It's one of my favourite forms of bathhouse sex and the waiting and expectation only adds to the experience. The first time I waited for quite awhile not exactly feeling nervous but my heart was pounding and I felt that I was finally giving up the very last of my sexual inhibitions, like a right of passage. From having had bareback sex with quite a few guys it just seemed like the next natural progression to experience anon and i've never looked back. And one thing I remember is that the guy felt up my arse first and that feeling, I suppose coupled with intense sexual expectation, is something
  4. Had a 30 year old nice long black cock one night a fortnight ago, I didn't ask but he looked Somalian or Ethiopian with a slim, smooth body. Had been ages since i'd sucked and been fucked by a big black cock and he said it was his first time fucking a guy. He kept in contact for a few days and was keen to come back for more then spoilt it by suggesting I pay him a sum of money... Although it wasn't a large amount I told him I don't have to pay for it but do often at least pay 'petrol money'. Have heard nothing more. The bad pic is not this guy but a black guy who fucked me good a couple of ti
  5. Hearing a guy say he's going to cum in me is a total turn on. It absolutely heightens your senses knowing he's about to nut in you and you wait for him to groan and / or his body go into a spasm. It's such a let down to have to ask a guy, "Oh have you cum?". For almost all the guys i've topped I actually couldn't help myself but say that I was going to cum although i'm quite a groaner...
  6. In my younger days I drove to a guy's place for a late night sleazy hookup. I know he put a condom on but after a good few minutes of hard fucking I felt round and couldn't feel the condom. When he pulled out there was no condom and later there was no sign of it having come off inside me. He had a fairly big cock so there wasn't much chance of it coming off by itself. I didn't make a big deal of it and got him to put on another condom. The first thing I noticed some time after was itching round my pubes but i'd had crabs before so did the treatment. But a few weeks later, and after some anal b
  7. Taking anon loads is all about the sex act and just being fucked, nothing more. It simply confirms the fact you've truly lowered yourself to the level of a dirty whore
  8. I had a nervous first timer late on Saturday night. I had told him earlier that a guy had just left but that I was keen for more. When he arrived he asked me if the first guy came in me and I said yes, anyway a cummy butt would probably have given me away had I said otherwise. Once he got into it he was fucking me in no time at all and I kept telling him that it felt fucking amazing. Afterwards I said to him that he wasn't so nervous after all and he said that knowing another guy had just used me gave him the confidence to fuck me as well. He said he had wanted an experienced guy and being use
  9. I've been totally bareback for a very long time now as is my long term boyfriend. I'm not interested (or even turned on) using a condom to fuck a guy and only let a top use a condom on me if it's going to be an absolute deal breaker but physically and mentally it's just not the same
  10. When I attend a bath house or cruise club full on orgy I almost always get STD's. After the first raw cock goes in me I just feel i'm past the point of no return and don't care who or how may guys fuck and fill me after that so might as well make the most of the situation. The same goes for overseas travellers, although they're few and far between at present. If you want to really enjoy a full on bareback sex lifestyle you just have to embrace the risk and make the most of the opportunities presented to you. Could I avoid orgies or go back to using condoms? In a word - No. Once you make the tr
  11. Feeling a cock in me get hard again after blowing his load then fucking my sloppy ass hole again and cumming a second time. Doesn't happen that often but a fucking awesome feeling. If guys can manage it they can really go all out and give you a darn good hammering as they have to cum again so you'll be getting a really hard fucking
  12. I had a text from a bi guy I had chatted with saying he needed to quickly blow a load after rugby practice at a nearby park. I opened the door in my tight lycra sports shorts, went to the bedroom, he pushed me over the edge of the bed, felt up my ass, then pulled down my shorts, dropped his rugby pants, a quick wank, shoved his cock in my lubed hole, fucked me for no more than a minute or two before he nutted, then just pulled out, pulled up his pants, said thanks, and went for the door. Sauna dark room fucks can be fast too but having effectively what is a "walk in" is to me at least way hott
  13. You'll love both and will look great on you. Just my personal experience here. I found the PA piercing more painful as the needle went in then there was another sharp jab of pain again when (I think) it was pulled out. With my nipples it didn't seem so bad, one very quick jab and that's all I really recall. Take two Panadol or a product containing codeine before any piercing but most definitely do not anything that has Aspirin in it as you may bleed (a lot). Make sure the nipple piercings are not too shallow otherwise the rings will slowly 'migrate' out when wearing larger size rings only leav
  14. sexy fucking pig! 

  15. I was being fucked by a hook up who dropped round one Saturday afternoon and my then student boarder arrived back unexpectedly. My bedroom was right off the entrance hall and the bedroom door was wide open. He was gay himself so that wasn't so bad (although he'd never seen me naked) but he had a couple of his friends with him who wanted to see where he was living so they had a good laugh but my hookup was naturally less than impressed. My boarder grabbed the beer he was after and took off again. It's not like either of us didn't occasionally have guys to stay overnight but in the circumstances
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