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  1. In regards to myself my scar tissue is just there and is visible but is stretched and less visible when my hole is gaping. But no, mine doesn't cause any ongoing issues at all, it's perfectly healed and I don't feel it. It's just a small raised piece of skin like raised scar tissue and is of absolutely no concern. Mine doesn't bleed if heavily fucked so the skin tissue depth doesn't appear to have been compromised. So yes, it's just superficial 🙂
  2. Like Mintyish noted (well explained and illustrated) i've experienced all these issues. I've had injections for haemorrhoids, laser treatment to burn them off, and then surgery to cut them out. It was always at least a couple of months before I felt comfortable taking cock again but I after that I was definitely good to go. While I wasn't into being fisted that should be no different. The fistula was a different matter so maybe at least three to four months out of action. But after healing I was good to go again with no last affect. All I would suggest is that once you've healed up do your bes
  3. A shaved hole can irritate a bit, maybe if it's not absolutely freshly shaved. But I prefer natural although have shaved myself in the past. I haven't had any comments from guys in years about a bit of hair down there although shaved balls are always nicer
  4. Enough guys seem to like a well used cummy hole and if i'm a bit sticky and sweaty as well then all good, I really want guys to know i've been well used. And quite frankly I really get off on being used by multiple guys knowing they're taking over where previous fuckers have left off. In the sling with my legs up it seems a bit harder to keep loads in and the cum does dribble out a bit but normally I keep what I can in. Just annoys me when guys felch me, I want a cummy butt for the next guy.
  5. Normally here guests are allowed but must leave after 10pm. But at a motel earlier this month they had instituted "remote check-in" after 3pm as a Covid precaution and after that time the manager was off site. Getting an easy access room two along from reception I couldn't believe my luck and made the most of the opportunity. But I have had to walk past a hotel reception area around 11pm at night in my skin tight jeans while being glared at by two staff members at the desk. So always preferred visiting guys in motel rooms then I could leave discreetly.
  6. Watched a really hot guy fucking in a sauna, also being watched by a few other guys. After he blew I saw him take off a well filled condom, twist and tie the top, and toss it in the adjoining bin before everyone except me left the room.. I retrieved the condom, locked the door, then broke the tip of the condom and rubbed it all round my crack and pushed it up my fuck hole as best I could before rubbing the last of it over my cock although I made sure I didn't cum as I wanted to stay horny. I got well loaded that night but was hot knowing I had one extra load. Would be keen to do the same with
  7. If i'm hooking up with a guy I at least try to weed out those who are morbidly obese (a weighty guy can really hurt my back) but once a guy appears on my doorstep i've never refused to have sex with him although i've had to kiss a few frogs. I have a lot of sex after dark with low or no lighting and that also helps. And in the context of a dark room, sling or orgy i've taken any and every cock, it's all about getting the loads and being a total slut...
  8. A couple of years ago on a swingers site (hey, I was curious) I was kinda shocked to see the smiling face of a local Minister I knew. By the stats defo him and not a stolen photo plus it detailed exactly what he was looking for. I knew he was single (possibly divorced) but was always a really friendly, happy guy. But his (then) conservative congregation would have flipped out - and tossed him out - had they known. I understand he's retired now. I've always wondered if some people in the Church hierarchy knew but at the end of the day it was all pretty innocuous and more importantly, anything h
  9. Because i've hooked up with a lot of bi guys in the past that's happened a few times and in varying degrees of intensity. It can be quite disconcerting. Guys have been really into it then the minute they cum they totally freak out. That worries me in regards to how they deal with that "guilt" afterwards. I've told guys to message me back if they're still having issues and that they can come back and just talk to me if they want to (and I did mean that). Some have not said a word and yes, are out the door hardly dressed. I've never heard from the majority of those guys again but I haven't had i
  10. I like to keep it in but after a heavy fucking there seems to be a lot of air pumped into you and hard not to fart a bit - or a lot and we're talking wet farts here. In the past when i've gone out for a hookup i've mostly worn lined cycle shorts to absorb any mess on the way home but it's sometimes nice to let a bit out anyway and enjoy the feeling of a wet sticky ass. I have also worn tight black jeans walking home and had no option but to let it out due to cramp but at night only you know you've got a wet bottom and that always makes me hard again. So either way savour the pleasure.
  11. After a good number of hookups and some very sleazy bath house visits, including a full on orgy, which i've added to the record i've been keeping for the last few years plus a very conservative estimate prior to that, i'm now confidant that i've passed the 1,000 mark for taking raw cock in me although the number of guys who have actually cum in me is a bit harder to quantify. I do lose a few hookups when I insist on no condoms and that's not simply to boost my load count but because random raw sex is what really turns me on.
  12. After a recent extended few days and nights in a sauna, much of it face down in the darkroom, I really got far more fucks in the dark than elsewhere, even in the sling. Guys know what you want and are right into it, no questions asked and i've talked before about letting your mind run riot imagining what the guy fucking you looks like. But one hung guy in particular absolutely held me down and hammered me so hard, both ass up and on my back and I did my level best not to push him back but suffice to say, even though I had already been well fucked, it really hurt but perhaps also in a good way
  13. Am just back from a short holiday and spent four afternoons and evenings till late fully naked in a bath house taking almost 50 cocks over that period and almost all in the darkroom. And you know that in a darkroom no one uses condoms. I know I "kissed a few frogs" but some of them were great fuckers. If you can't see them it takes away your visual senses but your sense of touch and hearing are enhanced. Being fucked and loaded by multiple strangers in those circumstances is to me like sex on steroids and i'm totally addicted to it. And not just the variety of men and sex but I do love that fe
  14. Over four extended sessions last few days at a bath house while on holiday, including their monthly Sleaze Party, I took around 48 cocks in me (very easy to lose count though so could be more) mostly in the dark room and sling although obviously not everyone will have cum in me. So if I work on the basis of having in the region of 150 cocks in me so far this year that's conservatively lifted my 2020 load count to at least 100. Feeling pretty damn pleased with myself that despite the earlier Covid lockdown i've already exceeded last year's load count. Also managed to return the favour on the od
  15. Douching is an absolute necessity but either some guys don't want to, don't have the opportunity, or need 'educating' as to etiquette in that area. I make sure i'm douched, washed and Listerine alcohol mouthwash before and after any extended session and have an antiseptic throat spray with me in my locker that I try to use, not only to have fresh breath but perhaps also killing a few bugs too. A quick roll under the arms with deoderant but I don't overdo it. During a bath house session I would have a quick shower every couple of hours or more if I can if a few guys had been in me, it can all g
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