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  1. mmmm fuck you are such a hot nasty lil twink cum slut! Would LOVE to swap loads with you 😉

  2. i like wearing a jockstrap and athletic socks. ive got a real big player/coach, dad/son fetish so nothing turns me on more than getting fucked in my jockstrap
  3. This is the time I hooked up with 3 bears in one night. I was cruising Scruff for older men looking for a younger twink like myself. You know the types, pale, lean, smooth with very little hair, tight round asses. I found one older guy, Mike, who was looking to fuck someone like me. He was white, fifty-four with a beefy rugby-style kind of build and a self-described "dominant verbal daddy" type. He was perfect for me. We started chatting about all the ways he would "fuck my tight twink ass" and how I would "deepthroat his thick daddy dick" when he messaged me to come over Friday night. So I accept and jack off thinking about what fun I've gotten myself into. A few hours before I went over to his place, he tells me that there's been a change in plans. He told a couple of his friends about me and he thought it would be interesting if he shared me. They were both beefy tops, one white, Tom, and the other Latino, Carlos. I immediately responded that I was definitely up to the challenge of handling three top daddies at once. Soon I arrived at Mike's and he tells me to strip as soon as the door is closed. I obey. Mike starts by kissing me and feeling my body all over, his tongue overpowering mine and his beard rubbing against my shaved face. Tom and Carlos undress while Mike continues making out with me, running his hands over my ass. Tom and Carlos approach me naked where I kiss Tom while Carlos feels my body from behind, his fingers rubbing and prodding my hole. I switch to kiss Carlos while Tom feels me up. Mike comes back over and orders me to my knees. "Suck my cock," he demanded I suck his cock like he commanded. It was a very thick, beer-can thick, nine-inch cock. It was so large I had trouble sucking on it. Mike pushed my head all the way to the base. I gagged as his cock filled my mouth and throat. Tom and Carlos jack off close to my face while I sucked Mike, occasionally rubbing their cocks on my face, their warm pre-cum leaking on to me. I switch to Carlos' cock. It's just as thick as Mike's but a little shorter. It doesn't take long before he pushes on the back of my head to fuck my throat. "I am so incredibly turned on right now", I think to myself. After a few minutes, I switch to Tom's cock. His is skinnier than the other two, but just as large as Mike's but with an oddly big cockhead. Tom leaks a lot of pre-cum and likes pulling out of my mouth to rub it on my face as if to claim that he will be fucking me. After a while of switching between the three, sucking them in the ways they like, Mike goes and grabs an exercise bench and places it in the middle of the room. "Lie on your back," Mike ordered me. I do as I'm told and Mike comes over and stands right above my face, his hairy balls and ass inches from my nose. He orders me to suck his balls. I do as I'm told. His musk smells so manly and intoxicating to me that I almost cum right then and there. I suck his balls for a few minutes before he moves a few inches forward as his balls rest on my chin now, his asshole right above my mouth. I had never rimmed an ass before, so I'm hesitant for a moment. "Lick daddy's ass, boy. Be a good boy for daddy," he tells me. My dick is diamonds right now. I do as I'm told and I start licking and tonguing his ass. Mike start moaning, clearly pleased with his boy's work. Suddenly, Tom starts rimming my ass too, occasionally slapping it as well. I'm moaning and leaking a lot of pre-cum right now. Tom gets my ass nice and wet before he lubes up and places the tip of his cock at my hole. Mike backs up and positions me so that my head is hanging off the bench. He places his cock on my lips and commands me to lick his cockhead all over. I obey. Carlos is jacking off and watching the scene unfold before him as he waits his turn. Mike begins to gradually move his cock in and out my mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper down my throat. As Mike fucks my throat, Tom enters my ass. I squirm not used the sensation of a large cock fucking me. "Good boy," Mike says. Mike gets into a rhythm, slowing moving his cock in and out while Tom gets into his own rhythm. They spit roast me at a faster rhythm. I'm feeling incredible now. At some point, Mike stops and switches places with Carlos. Carlos immediately starts to fuck my throat aggressively, fucking me all the way down his shaft. I'm enjoying every minute of it and I moan like hell at every thrust. Tom starts fucking my ass faster and faster and more aggressively than when he first started. Tom moans and I feel his hot load spurt inside me. After a minute, he steps out and Mike steps up. Mike slaps his cock on my hole a few times, making me moan, my hole tender from Tom. Carlos stops for a second and Tom places his cock at my mouth. "Open up, boy," Tom commands. I refuse. "I don't really like ass-to-mouth," I say. "You want daddy's cock, boy?" Mike suddenly says as he slowly rubs his cock back and forth on my hole, still leaking cum from Tom. "Yes, daddy," I reply. "Then you better clean that cock, boy" Mike demands. Tom grins as I open up and he places his cock in my mouth. "Place your lips tighter around it, boy," Tom tells me. I obey and I clean his cock. Mike slaps my ass. "Good boy," he tells me, as he continues to tease my hole. Carlos reenters my mouth and I focus on becoming the best fuckhole I can be. Mike slowly enters me and I squirm and whimper. His cock definitely feels bigger than Tom's. Mike shushes me and rubs my thighs and presses on, pushing deep into my ass. Carlos keeps fucking my throat, his musky balls slapping against my face with each thrust. Mike waits until I've stopped whimpering and slowly starts fucking me. For a minute, I'm still in pain from the size of his fat cock, but then I become more accustomed to it, and as it starts feeling better, I find myself in an incredible state of arousal I've never experienced before. Mike starts fucking me faster and more aggressively, dirty talking like a pro as he fucks me. I feel so dominated by these men and it feels so good. They both spit-roast me hard for about 20 or so minutes and then they both start getting close. "You want daddy and his friend to cum in both your holes?" Mike asks. Carlos pulls out for a split second so I can answer. "Yes daddy, please cum in me," I tell them, meekly. Carlos goes back to fucking my cocksucker's throat. "Good boy," Mike says. Mike and Carlos fuck me even faster and more aggressively than I've seen yet. Tom is hard again and is jacking off over my lean chest. They all get closer and closer until Mike finally lets out a loud moan. He cums deep into my ass and I feel his cock gushing load after a load of cum inside of me. Carlos cums right after Mike and I swallow his load to the last drop, like the good slut that I am. As I swallow all of Carlos' cum, I cum all over my chest, a white-hot explosion erupted from my cock. Tom cums all over my chest shortly after. We all sit in the afterglow for a minute or so. Mike chuckles to break the silence. "That was fun," Tom says. Everybody agrees. I ask to use Mike's shower to get cleaned up. As I bathe in the hot shower, I hear a knock at the door. It's Carlos. He opens the door to the bathroom and enters the shower. "You know, with all the excitement, I didn't get my turn with that sweet ass," he tells me coolly. He's ready for round two. He starts grinding on my ass, rubbing his cock up and down my crack. He kisses me hard and deep, his tongue swirling around mine in my mouth. I kneel down and lick his cock. Up and down, moving my tongue and stopping at the head to swirl it around. I move to get ready to suck it and I slowly go to the base. He's gentler this time and doesn't force my head down. He lets me work. His moans muffled by the sound of the shower. "That's a good boy. Right there," he moans. I deep throat his cock and hold it there for a few seconds. I gag and come up for air and he kisses me again. "Now bend over and let me eat that ass," he tells me. I do as I'm told and bend over. His tongue swirls around my hole, probing it deep. I moan and grab his head and force it deeper into my ass. His tongue goes deeper and I moan louder. "Shhhh, not so loud," Carlos tells me. I place my hand over my mouth as Carlos starts to poke my tender and wet hole with his cock. He pushes his head in and lets it sit there. "Do you want the whole thing?" He asks me. I nod my head. He slams his cock into me and I'm taken aback. I let out an audible gasp as Carlos is balls deep inside me. He slowly starts working his rhythm, getting faster and harder with each thrust, grunting as he fucks me. He keeps at it when he grips my shoulders hard and cums deep in my ass. Meanwhile, I cum, too, on to the shower floor. He pulls out and orders me to clean his cock again. I do so. "Don't swallow boy, let me have a taste too," Carlos tells me. I stand up and kiss him. Swirling the cum around our mouths before his tongue pushes the cum to me. I swallow. He pulls away and says, "Damn, your ass and my cum taste good together. We have to do this again sometime." Carlos exits the shower and lets me clean up. My knees still shaking from being fucked thrice in one day. I kiss them all goodbye and tell them we have to do this again.
  4. To answer your question of "would things have turned out the way they did if clinton won"? To be frank, I don't know. I don't know what the economy would be like under Clinton nor do I know whether or not my taxes would have been as high as they would be under clinton. I don't know if there would be as much social unrest as there currently is. I don't know whether or not there would be as many sensationalist scandals under clinton as there are under trump. The two "right-wing" judges appointed to the Supreme Court just agreed with the left wing judges on the abortion restrictions, LGBT employment issues, and native american tax law. So that point becomes moot. You can literally remove yourself from participating in this crooked and corrupt society where politicians are bought by corporations and bankers. You can advocate for autonomy from the State and fuck off to the woods. You do not have to vote in this system. Focus on your local communities instead because the crooks on Capital Hill do not care for the people. I hate taxes, I hate the government, I hate being told how to live my life, I hate this never ending war. I hate this two party system. I hate gerrymandering and court stacking, I hate how the Federal Reserve has never been audited. I hate how the government will kill its own citizens to push an agenda.
  5. ok so uhhhh im gonna let you in on where i stand on that "tried and true" political compass (u kno the one) so that u understand where i fall politically. i would be considered somewhere in between an anarcho-capitalist and a minarchist. the 2 party system is gay af bcuz it doesnt matter which foot u vote for, ur still getting kicked. I don't vote because there is no Good in voting. There is no 'lesser evil' to pick. There is simply Evil. The politicians have been picked and have backing from the corporations and bankers and various billionaire "philanthropists". Come Election Day, I will go to the polls and write in John McAffee as a show of no confidence in the Election process.
  6. >implying i vote in the first place. Voting is dumb and the only election where your vote actually matters is your local elections. All the senators answer to the lobbying groups. The popular vote is merely a temperature reading of the country. The Electoral College decides the president because the FlyOver Country deserves representation as much as the Left Coast. Vermin Supreme 2020 because John McAfee is still on the run from the IRS about unpaid taxes
  7. No because voting doesnt actually do anything. If it did, it would have changed a lot more by now. Career politicians and political dynasties are the worst.
  8. I hate the government. Completely. 100%. I cannot think of a more dastardly and diabolical organization. Both parties are fucking terrible, it doesnt matter who's in charge. The only politician I've liked is Ron Paul. Ask me about all the conspiracy theories I know. A relevant one right now is how the requisites for whistleblowing changed a month ago to include "rumors and third-hand conversations" which means that the whistleblower who brought forth the Ukrainian Phone Call could not bring it to light 2 months ago. Interestingly enough, the whistleblower is a CIA plant. You know, the CIA, the ones who drugged numerous people with LSD against their will for funsies, torture people for funsies, topple governments for funsies, created HIV/AIDS, etc etc. So why should anyone believe what a CIA plant says when they're not blowing the whistle on all the fucked up shit the CIA does.
  9. Local daddy wants to be your coach boy....perfect trainable ass!

  10. If you own a business, you get to choose how you run it and face whatever consequences you get from running it however you want. Discriminate against some minority? There's a protest against your actions and then you lose business (tho in chickfilas case the counter-protest was larger than the protest so that backfired). It's not about a cake, its about slavery. That's what the argument boils down to is slavery. If I do not serve some group of people and the government comes and forces me to serve that group lest I be punished, that is slavery. These are 'what-if' scenarios. The only hospital in a thousand miles will not turn away a dying man. The only utility company in an area will not turn away business because that's bad monopoly business. Every insurance company will not take a 'no service stance' because thats bad business. One bakery saying 'no I will not conform my morals and support gay marriage, please spend your money elsewhere' is bad business. It's okay to for a company here and there to not support gay marriage when the overwhelming majority do. That's their beliefs. This is anecdotal but there are 10 power companies in my area. There are 7 tv/internet companies that service my area. There are 15 medical centers in my area but only 2 trauma centers. I have the choice to spend my money with whoever.
  11. putitinmecoach


    Conservatives disagree with the lifestyle because they believe that its a slippery slope to other perversions, such as beastiality and pedophilia. LIke, they highly frown upon children being at PRIDE Parades due to fetish culture appearing at them. Leave the leather harnesses and jockstraps at home. Dress like normal sane adults. Theres nothing wrong with being gay, but dont wear your fetish wear around children.
  12. I think both parties are terrible. The government is the worst. So if you follow that political compass chart, I'm somewhere close to the bottom right hand corner. Not full Anarcho-capitalist, but still some reservations about going full anarchy
  13. ok but consider this: you dont have to buy from them. thats it. you do not have to financially support any institution you disagree with. my dad disagrees with the way progressive insurance donates to leftist politicians so he doesnt buy from progressive insurance. some people disagree with chickfilas stance on marriage so people dont buy their juicy delicious chicken sandwiches.

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