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    Charlotte, NC
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    Breeding bottoms daily, literally. Kissing. Fur on fur body contact. Bttms who can hand a multicummer.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Vegan, professional (love what i do, but requires discretion and i cannot [and do not want to] play late night), INTJ, UNC alumnus. Just bought a house near uptown. Can host, but again, no late night, no drugs (poppers are cool). I am looking for more standing days for prospective bb bttms.

    Lean, hairy otter. Greek descent. 6.75” uc thick, uncut cock. Big, furry balls. Thick, untrimmed bush. Thick mat of chest hair that i love raked through while insemenating. Able to shoot multiple loads back to back (usually 7 or 8) before i need a break. I breed *daily* - no bjs, no ‘safe,’ no pullout. My cum belongs deep in furry holes.

    34, 5’7”, 110
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    Otter cumdumps in Charlotte. Love Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Ginger otters and cubs. Kissing, cuddling, verbal. Looking for reliable cumdumps. I breed *daily*, but i prefer to minimize my time on the apps. Like nerdy guys. Poppers are cool, but absolutely no hard drugs and excessive alcohol. Would be nice to have fbuds who enjoy hiking, coffee, trivia.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/uncut-otter-breeds-me-22-times-34918441

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  1. When you are with one, you know you’ll be pregnant.
  2. Bareback top breeder here. Thick, uncut Greek cock. Big, furry balls. Wild, untrimmed bush. Thick mat of chest hair. Multicummer, 7-8+ back to back loads. Love cuddling and making out.
  3. I will be in Charlotte 12/14 and would love to take multiple loads


  4. Think you bred me last June when I was in Charlotte visiting for work. You came to my hotel room and pumped 4 back to back loads in my hole. Was so fucking hot. Wish I was able to be one of your regular cumdumps. 

    1. ucOtterTopNC


      Lmk when you’re in town again.

    2. NYCboycumhole


      Will do! Hopefully I’ll be back there in June for work. 

  5. Bred 8 loads in a daddy while on break today. Headed over to my bf to give him leftovers. I am breeding my Venezuelan daddy fbud tmrw after work. I have bred 538 bttms and 4353 loads since counting 11/4/19. If in Charlotte, hmu.
  6. Wow! What a hot guy! 😋

    1. ucOtterTopNC


      Thank you. Would you keep my flood inside of you?

  7. Bareback greek uncut otter top in Charlotte (own my own house near uptown, live alone, can host). 7 thick uc inches. Big furry balls. bush. Thick chest fur n beard. Prefer breeding other otters, but open to others. Definitely need more reliable cumdumps.
  8. Update: bred a total of 37 loads in my ginger otter fbud while camping this weekend. I fucked him at his place before we headed out, in our tent, up against a tree just before summiting a mountain we hiked, and on a blanket in the woods. He wore these short jean shorts, and sometimes my loads would be running down his thighs. When i got home last night a lean, black bttm with a bubble ass asked me to come over, and i bred four loads in him.
  9. Bred 15 loads yesterday in a quasi-otter (really furry hole), 14 the day before, and 11 on Wednesday. I’ve been hiking around western NC at least two times a week this summer, and have had some wonderful otter bottoms hit me up on Grindr/Scruff and follow through. They are really down to earth and let me pump load after load deep inside. I cum really quick but stay hard and go for back to back loads. They love feeling my thick, uncut cock swell up each time before unloading and are great at pulling me in deep and begging for it. We’ll cuddle, chat, and make out until my cock is back up and i w
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